Canadian Man Sexually Assaulted By Four Women, Showing Rape Goes Both Ways

A man was sexually assaulted by 4 women, and the consequences of his coming forward to report the incident shows just how far we have to come when it comes to the sexual assault of men.

Margaret Thatcher Dead: She Was the Worst Feminist Ever

Margaret Thatcher wasn't just a bad feminist, she was the worst. Here's how Liz Lemon would react to the Iron Lady today.

Why Facebook Needs To Lean In and Fix Its Woman Problem

Facebook bans pictures of women breastfeeding while allowing content trivializing rape. It's time for Facebook to take its own advice and lean in.

Wilcox County High School Segregated Prom Proves Racism Will Never Fully Die

It's 2013 and Wilcox County High is only now getting its first non-racially segregated prom, a reminder that racism may never totally go away.

5 Law Schools With the Best Employment Prospects

These are the law schools where graduates have optimal employment prospects and, subsequently, in which students are likeliest to be happy.

Silk Road: Where You Can Buy Illegal Drugs Anonymously Online

How Silk Road has been a game changer for Bitcoins by promoting a truly free, decentralized market for any product or service (much of which is drugs and other illegal deals).

Jodi Arias LIVE: Murder Trial Live-stream

Live streaming of the Jodi Arias murder trial in Phoenix, Arizona.

Immigration Reform 2013: Gang Of 8 Close to a Finished Bill

A bipartisan group of senators known as the "Gang of 8" may release their proposal to reform America's immigration policy by the end of this week.

The Non-Religious Case Against Same-Sex Marriage

The Heritage Foundation and Princeton University's Ryan T. Anderson and co-authors Robert P. George and Sherif Girgis appeared on CNN's 'Piers Morgan Live' to promote traditional marriage.

100 Iconic American Companies Exploiting Prisoners to Sell You Products

Companies are drawing on a new source of cheap labor to bring jobs back to the states: prisoners.

Bill Gates Condoms: Microsoft Founder Offering $100,000 in Condom Improvement Contest

Bill Gates is offering big bucks to a creative mind that can create the next generation of — not computer software — but condoms.

National Championship 2013 Live Stream: Watch NCAA Title Game Online

The Michigan-Louisville championship game is expected to be fast-paced and exciting. But who holds the edge?

North Korea War: The U.S. is Giving Kim Jong-un Exactly What He Wants

By responding seriously to his ludicrous threats, the Pentagon is only making the North Korean leader look credible.

YouTube Jack Hoffman: 7-Year-Old Runs 69 Yards For An Amazing Touchdown

With the clock winding down in the 4th quarter of the University of Nebraska's Annual Red/White Spring Game, something completely unexpected happened, restoring a little bit of faith in humanity.

Don't Fear the Reaper: The Benefits Of Assisted Suicide

With medical costs and the dependency ratio of aging Americans being one of policy makers' greatest fears about the future, assisted suicide may oust some of these issues.

What Does "Iron Lady" Mean? Unbreakable Will

Lady Thatcher’s nickname, the Iron Lady, may have stemmed from the Falklands war, but there was never a moment during her premiership that her actions did not measure up to the name.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Term "Illegal Immigrant" is Perfectly Acceptable

The Associated Press has dropped it from their stylebook, and many people are cheering on the decision. But there's nothing wrong with the term "illegal immigrant."

Brilliant! A Scotland University Wants Students to Cuddle With Puppies to Curb Exam Stress

Aberdeen University will be the first school in the United Kingdom to bring in puppies to calm down students during finals, with many U.S. and Canadian schools already taking part.

7 "Big Government" Laws That Failed to Strengthen America

A PolicyMic pundit recently penned an article that purports to demonstrate seven good laws that "Big Government" has given us. Here's why none of these laws actually improved the human condition.

Outrage Grows As Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Ritual Gives Newborns Herpes

In the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, a practice known as metzitzah b'peh is the cause of herpes infections among newborn infants.

Accidental Racist by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J is the Worst Song Ever Recorded

Because something this horrible needs to be heard with your own ears.

Vladimir Putin Enjoys Anti-Government Protesters As Long As They're Naked

No caption necessary. Putin admits that he "liked it" when topless protesters approached him with anti-government slogans.

Immigration Reform 2013: AP Ban On "Illegal Immigrant" Is Absurd

The AP banned "illegal alien," "an illegal," "illegals" and "undocumented" from its stylebook. But these aren't slurs or insults, and the AP is now just banning the language of legality.

Life in North Korea: Similar to What It Was Like Living Behind the Iron Curtain

A heavily regulated currency, uncompetitive economy, inflation, and the ghost of Eastern European socialism suggest that North Korea is in for tough times ahead.

Reasons My Son is Crying Tumblr: Dad Documents All The Funny Reasons His Son Cries

He asked me to put butter on his rice. I put butter on his rice.

Immigration Reform 2013: Business Interests Trump Human Rights In This Debate

Washington has reached an "agreement" on immigration reform, mostly because of renewed interest in guest worker policies. Now, will the legislation serve the greater good?

Obama Gun Control Speech Live Stream: Watch the President's Latest Push From Connecticut

President Barack Obama is set to speak later today at the University of Hartford on gun control. Here's a preview and some context on what's up and what to expect.

DOMA and Prop 8: 51 Percent Of Americans Support Gay Marriage, So Where's the Legislation to Prove It?

According to a Quinnipiac poll, more than half of Americans support gay marraige. That's why the Supreme Court should overturn DOMA and pave the way for marriage equiality.

Jana Winter: Fox News Reporter Faces Jail Times For Refusing to Reveal Sources

CNN journalist Jim Spellman and the Daily Caller called out anti-Fox News media bias, as Fox reporter Jana Winter faces jail time for her reporting in the trial of James Holmes.

Margaret Thatcher Dies: The "Iron Lady" Helped End the Cold War

One of the Britain's most prominent politicians, Margaret Thatcher, has died from a stroke at the age of 87.

Roger Ebert Funeral: Westboro Baptist Church Vows to Picket Legendary Film Critic's Burial

WBC calls Ebert a "f*g enabler" in a press release and calls for a protest of his funeral. Crazy town.

Immigration Reform 2013: Can Republicans Agree On a Way to Achieve It?

One thing is certain: Republicans overwhelmingly support the idea of fixing the immigration problem, but they do not agree on how to achieve that.

Climate Change: Why Do Most Americans Think It's Not a Threat In Their Lifetimes?

A recent Gallup poll shows just 58% of Americans are worried about climate change. We need more than just awareness of climate change: we need a movement.

Tyler the Creator 'Wolf': Album Proves He Can Succeed Solo

Perhaps for the first time, the Odd Future band member's music can be taken at face value, and it’s pretty damn good.

Who is Margaret Thatcher? 5 Facts About the Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979-1990, died Monday at age 87. Here are five facts about the so-called "Iron Lady" to help you look smart today.

Anonymous Hackers: Hacktivists Begin Anti-Israel Campaign

"Hacktivist" group Anonymous begins an anti-Israel campaign. Will cyber terrorism or "hacktivism" help move the political process forward?

Khalid Mishal and Hamas Are Keys to the Israel-Palestine Conflict

With the recent election of Khalid Mishal, Hamas has shown its willingness to be more pragmatic, further asserting the need to include it in future negotiations on the decades long conflict.

Mayflower Oil Spill: ExxonMobil Should Be Held Accountable, But They Won't

In a single week ExxonMobil has been responsible for an oil spill and a chemical spill, and also received a safety award. It's time to hold Exxon responsible and make them bleed.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Desperate Situations Get Worse

"Dark Wings, Dark Words" is the second episode of Season 3. It has some interesting character and plot developments, helping set the table for things to come.

War With North Korea: Brazil's Top Political Party Endorses Kim Jong-Un [Full Transcript]

Brazil's top political party just sided with North Korea on the ongoing nuclear crisis. Get me out of this country already!

Rand Paul Libertarianism is the Hot New Thing For Millennials

Libertarianism surging among millennials, and almost as cool as the harlem shake. Is this the future of the GOP?

Will Chris Webber Be At the 2013 NCAA Championship?

The Michigan-Louisville championship game is expected to be fast-paced and exciting. But who holds the edge?

'The Legend Of Korra' TV Show: One Of TV's Best New Programs

Social upheaval and political intrigue abound in one of last year's strongest new shows, "The Legend of Korra" on Nickelodeon.

Meryl Streep Margaret Thatcher: A Look Back At Her Stunning 'Iron Lady' Performance

As a tribute to the late prime minister, here's a look back on Meryl Streep's performance of the leading political woman in "The Iron Lady."

It Feels So Darn Good to Be a Basketball Fan In Kentucky Today

Basketball fans in Kentucky are usually divided on which team to root for in their state. On Monday night all Kentuckians stood with Louisville.

Will Political Reform Help Burma Rise From the Ashes?

Once one of the continent's leaders in health care and education, Burma – formally known as Myanmar – is now one of the world's least developed nations.

Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum: What Do He and Tom Woods Want to Teach Your Children?

Surprise! As it turns out, it's mostly "liberty."

'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere: 5 Amazing Peggy Olson GIFs

Check out these amazing gifs of Peggy Olson channeling her inner Sheryl Sandberg and leaning in during the "Mad Men" season six premiere.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Cuba Trip: Investigation is a Waste of Time

Congresses desire to waste time and money shows no mercy as Representatives call for an investigation into the Carters recent trip to Cuba.

Lance Armstrong Cyclist: Will He Ever Be Allowed in Sports Again?

Because of his long history of doping, officials at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency made the right decision by banning Armstrong because leniency would send the wrong signal to other athletes.

Obesity Crisis: Could This New Discovery Help Cure It?

A new discovery brings about the possibility of rewiring appetite controlling neural circuitries and potentially offers a more effective solution to eating disorders such as obesity.

Climate Change: Is Fusion Power Our Last Hope to Avoid Disaster?

China is investing heavily in nuclear fusion technology. The U.S. would be wise to follow suit.

Have Millennials Given Up On An Ideal America?

While millennials are a generation scarred by war, financial crisis, and a broken political system, they are every bit – maybe more – idealistic than older generations.

Tilda Swinton MoMA Sleeping: Toronto’s Queer "Bed-In" Might Prove More Artistic

Who needs to see Tilda Swinton sleeping in a museum when we can see Reena Katz's exhibit promoting sexual equality that re-imagines John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s iconic bed-ins?

Margaret Thatcher Feminist? No, But Her Career Was a Step Forward For Women

Could Margaret Thatcher have done more for women's rights?

Egyptian Jon Stewart: 'Daily Show' Host Condemns Youssef Bassem's Arrest

Jon Stewart — the real one — took to his own show, "The Daily Show" to condemn Youssef Bassem's arrest and to call out Morsi for jailing those with opinions differing from his own.

NCAA National Championship 2013 Predictions: Odds Favor Louisville

The Michigan-Louisville championship game is expected to be fast-paced and exciting. But who holds the edge?

5 Things Every Michigan Fan Needs to Do to Make Sure the Wolverines Win the Championship

It all comes down to the number "5" for Michigan.

North Korea War: Nobody Should Play the Country's Game Of Chicken

North Korea has been purposefully escalating the tense situation to wear out stakeholders’ patience and get them to chicken out from the race.

Thatcher Reagan Relationship: Two Were "Ideological Soul Mates"

The two global leaders, who were close allies during the course of their eight overlapping years in office, shared the same instincts, same world views, and in particular, and same ideologies.

Jew in a Box Exhibit: Controversial German Art Installation Could Help Eliminate Stereotypes

A “Jew in a Box” might be controversial and uncomfortable, it might feel gimmicky or contrived, but it is also encouraging dialogue within a typically skirted subject.

6 Cities Where You Won't Worry About Walking Around At Night

A Gallup study found that people feel safest in these six cities.

Idaho Teacher Under Right-Wing Attack For Using the Word "Vagina" Also Under Attack For Teaching Climate Change

A Dietrich, Idaho science teacher faces a state investigation and made headlines for using the word "vagina," but the complaint also includes claims he taught climate change. Really?

What Time Does Louisville and Michigan Play?

The Louisville men's and women's team are both in the NCAA championship this week.

13 Pictures That Show the Iron Lady's Soft Side

Margaret Thatcher, the first and only female prime minister of the UK, has passed away. Though she was known as the "Iron Lady," these 13 photos show her other side.

Beyonce Jay-Z Cuba Trip: When Black Celebrities Visit Communist Countries Who Cares?

U.S. politicians have leveled significant criticism against Jay-Z and Beyoncé's recent trip to Cuba. But in the history of black celebs' trips to Communist countries, theirs is hardly subversive.

Is Technology Ruining Job Prospects For Law School Grads?

Globalization, better communication, and innovative computer programs are radically altering the job market for recent law graduates.

Annette Funicello Dies: Baby Boomers Lose a Memory Of Our Youth

Annette Funicello became an icon as the captain of the Mickey Mouse Club. She was a mainstay of American pop culture throughout the 1970s.

5 Reasons the Wolverines Will Win the NCAA National Championship

Yes, Louisville may be the favorite, but any true basketball fan will tell you that the Michigan Wolverines have it in the bag. Here are 5 reasons why.

Margaret Thatcher: 5 Unlikely Ways she Became a Feminist

Love her or hate her, she was a political force unto her own.

'Rush' Movie Trailer: The 8 Best Racing Movies Of All Time

The car racing film has consistently proven itself a definitively American genre, on par with the Western and the gangster film. Here are some of its highlights from years past.

New York Church Buildings Ban Sex Ed Or HIV/AIDS Classes For Schools Renting Rooms

In New York, schools are not allowed to teach any classes on sex ed or HIV/AIDS in a building rented from a church, leaving many students to walk across town to go to this state mandated course.

Why is It So Easy For Millennials to Fall in Love Online?

Without the obstacles of mundane physicality, crushing on someone on the internet is too easy.

6 Cities Where You Can’t Let Your Guard Down

A Gallup study has discovered 6 of the most dangerous cities in America. Why these areas are particularly unsafe.

Is Using Your GPS Just As Dangerous As Texting While Driving? California Thinks So

A new interpretation of California state law has all but outlawed any practical use of a mobile phone while driving.

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" — A Very Special (And Awkwardly Personal) 25th Anniversary Tribute

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit," one of the greatest films of all time, enjoyed its 25th anniversary party this weekend. In celebration, here's an uncomfortably personal tribute and fact sheet.

Drone Testing: States Vying For Locations On U.S. Soil

Fifty different groups in 37 states have entered into the FAA's competition for the approval of drone testing locations on U.S. soil.

War in Afghanistan: NATO Airstrikes That Kill Civilians Undermine Fight Against Taliban

A recent NATO airstrike killed 11 children and earned the condemnation of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. NATO and the United States might be doing more harm than good against the Taliban.

Conservatives Should "Tolerate" Marriage Equality, But Not Support It?

A conservative op-ed calls for more "tolerance" of marriage equality, but not the endorsement of it.

What Suit Will Rick Pitino Wear?

The Michigan-Louisville championship game is expected to be fast-paced and exciting. But who holds the edge?

Lilly Pulitzer Dies: Fashion Icon Leaves a Legacy Of Colorful Prints That Define the Spring Collection

Lilly Pulitzer was a designer who paved the way for many of the colorful spring trends we see in today's fashion.

A List Of Entitlements Obama Would Probably Axe to Appease Republicans

Liberals are rightly incensed at President Obama's willingness to cut Social Security in exchange for tax increases. But that's not the only benefit our so-called progressive president would cut.

Mic Check: What It's Like to Cry In Space

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and the most interesting stories from around the Web.

Anne Smedinghoff: Diplomat's Death a Reminder Our Situation in Afghanistan Remains Dim

Recent events show that American and Afghan forces have failed to establish a stable government and efficient forces, and the country will be prone to civil war as American troops withdraw.

Margaret Thatcher Dies: Good night, Iron Lady

Thatcher's achievements were no small feat. She herself once declared that she thought in her lifetime, Britain would not see a female prime minister. She bucked that prediction herself.

Montrezl Harrell: Monster Dunk Defies Physics

The Michigan-Louisville championship game is expected to be fast-paced and exciting. But who holds the edge?

Will Kevin Ware Cut Down the Nets If Louisville Wins?

The Michigan-Louisville championship game is expected to be fast-paced and exciting. But who holds the edge?

How Old Was Margaret Thatcher?

England's Iron Lady has passed away, leaving a long and controversial legacy behind. How old was she?