Rick Pitino Affair Has Been Virtually Whitewashed By the Media

Rick Pitino's affair with a woman who later tried to extort him after he paid for her abortion, has been totally missing from reporting on the Cardinals' tournament run.

'Bates Motel' Episode 4 Recap: Sex Temporarily Solves Everything

In the fourth episode of "Bates Motel," Norman and his mother get frisky with their respective partners, a nice change of pace from all the violence and scariness this season.

5 Reasons We Should Eliminate the SAT

The SAT is a terrible, overstressed measurement for college admission and it is totally ineffective in actually analyzing the students themselves.

9 Funniest Kim Jong-un Memes

As North Korea continues to rattle the world, Kim Jong Un’s chubby little cheeks and lovable demeanor are finally trending on the web. Here are some great memes of him.

'Mad Men' Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Death is in the Air

The celebrated AMC show had its penultimate season premiere Sunday night, and the TV drama has its end in sight. After all, Don Draper only has 24 episodes left to live.

Daddy Yankee Gay: What His Fake Coming Out Tells Us

The "Gasolina" singer is embroiled in a homosexuality controversy, but the story of his fake coming out should be an entry point into the reality of actual LGBTQ Latino individuals.

March Madness 2013: LIVE Updates, Predictions, Brackets, and Commentary

Louisville won the championship game on Monday 82-76 against Michigan. Rick Pitino become the first coach to win a championship at two different schools.

For $99, This Kit Lets You Map Your Entire DNA

A cool new DNA mapping kit allows you to learn about your genetic makeup for less than $100.

Jim Wallis Gay Marriage: Evangelical Pastor Announces Support For Marriage Equality

Evangelical pastor Jim Wallis has reverse his stance on gay marriage — and if the statistics are any indication, more Christians are sure to follow.

Mike Tyson Seeks Pardon For Jack Johnson, World's First Black Heavyweight Champion

In 1913, heayweight champ Jack Johnson was vilified by white supremacists and wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit. Reid, McCain, and Tyson are calling for a presidential pardon.

Lone Star College Mass Stabbing: 6 Reasons Why Knives Are Not as Deadly as Guns

At Lone Star College 14 people were stabbed in a knife attack. The issue of knives being as dangerous as firearms will likely enter the gun control debate. However, this comparison utterly fails.

Yes, Size Does Matter

Really, a team of scientists have finally answered the age-old question.

China Wants to Be Pakistan's New Best Friend — But Will It Backfire?

China is making serious strides to be a Pakistan's biggest and most valuable strategic partner. But will China tire of regional instability, like Russia and the U.S. before it?

Immigration Reform 2013: It Could Actually Hurt Recent College Grads

If Congress decides to dramatically increase the amount of H1B visas issued every year, the employment situation might worsen for recent college grads who have enough trouble finding work.

16% Of Millennials Continue to Be Unemployed Because Of Big Government

The most innovative and creative generation in history is being stifled by government policies that deny us access to meaningful work.

Why Was a 10-Year-old Indian Rape Victim Put Behind Bars?

Two policewomen detained a 10-year-old when she attempted to file a rape complaint, just days after India passes new anti-rape laws.

#FemFuture: The Feminist Revolution Will Be Online

Online feminism is not a distraction from the broader movement. It’s the greatest mutation of it yet.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why is There Still Opposition?

Congress is nearing bipartisan agreement on comprehensive immigration reform. There is also strong bipartisan support among the electorate. Yet some are still strongly opposed.

Immigration Reform 2013: How the GOP is Using Immigration to Put Obamacare in the Crosshairs

Immigration reform will add 8 million people to Obamacare at a cost of up to $464 billion. Could this be the beginning of the end for the Affordable Care Act?

Accidental Racist Lyrics: In Defense Of Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's New Amazing Song

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's new song 'Accidental Racist' is originating an unjustified online backlash. Here's why:

'The Mindy Project' is the Best New Show On TV

We have another month left until the first season of "The Mindy Project" ends, but the show's unusual humor, smart dialogue, and up and comers make it the best new addition to television.

'Hannibal' TV Show: Hugh Dancy is the Best Part Of Show

I need a side dish to make this show more palatable, but luckily Hugh Dancy keeps things interesting.

Ron Paul Supporter Takes Alaska GOP HQ Hostage

The chairwoman of the Alaska GOP has taken the party HQ hostage. This is what happens when you put Ron Paul-supporters in power.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Candidates Must Take Muslim Piety Test

According to Pakistan's election commission, requirements for running for elections now include reciting verses from the Quran, performing rituals and answering Islamic history trivia questions.

Immigration Reform 2013: Immigrants to Be Subjected to Biometric Verification System

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is implementing a new identity verification system involving biometrics.

North Korea War: Will China Finally Crack Down On North Korea?

For a whole host of reasons, China stands to gain immensely by taking a more proactive and decisive role in solving the North Korean crisis.

5 Legendary Writers Share Their Writing Advice

From William Faulkner to Ernest Hemingway, check out what advice the literary greats have to give. Who knows, maybe their words of wisdom will be exactly the inspiration you need.

Secret Audio Tape Exposes Mitch McConnell's Plan to Attack Ashley Judd

The 11-minute long audio recording shows political calculation at its absolute worst.

What Kind Of Porn Does the Vatican Download? You'll Be Surprised

In the name of science, TorrentFreak has tracked what the Vatican City is watching in the porn department.

Masters Tournament 2013 Results and Predictions: Can Tiger Woods Get His 5th Green Jacket?

The 77th Masters field is loaded with sleeping giants, fan favorites and big hitters. Is this Tiger Woods year?

Xbox 720 Release Date: Is the Durango In For Big Trouble?

Rumor has it that the next generation Xbox will require an active internet connection just to play, and that will turn the console into the gaming world's Titanic.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Meet the GOP Senators Opposed to a Gun Control Filibuster

Unlike Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, some in the Republican Party want to see at least a debate on gun control. Here are some of those Republicans.

Homeless Man Wins the Lottery, Chooses to Stay Homeless

This homeless man is taking most lottery winner's desire to "keep a modest lifestyle" to a whole other level.

Nutella Stolen: Is This Someone's Best Breakfast Ever?

German thieves have swiped 5.5 tons of Nutella from a location that also recently lost a few tons of energy drinks. Is there trouble afoot?

House Bill 180: Susana Martinez Thinks Gay Soldiers Don't Deserve Full Benefits

Gov. Susana Martinez (R-NM) on Friday vetoed a bill that would provide career assistance for gay and lesbian military spouses, while signing one that would ensure such for straight spouses.

Pope Francis Offers the Catholic Church the Hope For Renewal

Pope Francis is exactly the pope the Church and the world need. Combining fidelity to Church teaching with a pastoral approach, he shows that a lived Catholic faith is possible.

In Performance At the White House: While Sequestration Ravages Families, Obama Hosts Timberlake and Latifah For Huge Concert

With many American families struggling to make ends meet and sequestration forcing a suspension of White House tours, why is President Obama hosting an invitation-only concert in the White House?

Gay Conversion Therapy Founder Gets News From Son: "I'm Gay"

Coming out is never easy, but being the son of the founder of gay conversion therapies makes it a lot harder.

Tax Day 2013: This is How Much You'll Have to Make Up For Big Corporations

Paying taxes on April 15 is part of what it means to be an American, and most of us are going to do it because we play by the rules and we believe in our system — most of us.

Toronto Dad Banned From Watching Daughter's Swim Lessons Due to Muslim Practices

A Toronto dad was told he could not watch his daughter's swim lessons due to the cultural practices of other students in the class.

Equal Pay Day: This is Why Women Still Make Less Than Men

With a recent study suggesting that the disparity in men and women's salaries can't be explained by factors like career choice and motherhood, Equal Pay Day is more important than ever.

Lone Star College Stabbing: 14 Injured, One Person Detained

LSC-CyFair is on lock down after a stabbing incident involving two suspects. The police have detained one suspect and are on the look out for another.

Chained CPI: Why Liberals Are Wrong When It Comes to This Social Security Debate

Liberals who oppose President Obama's Chained CPI proposal are making bad arguments and showing their fundamentally reactionary nature.

Rand Paul Gun Filibuster is Just Like His Last One — Weird

Paul has a history of building up his reputation on the basis of diatribes aimed at no one in particular, so his gun filibuster is no surprise.

Why Can't People "Just So Happen" to Be Gay in Movies?

Films these days often highlight gay characters' sexuality above all else, teaching non-gay people that those characters don't have a life outside their sexuality.

"Ag-Gag" Laws: Proposed Legislation Would Make Videotaping Animal Cruelty Terrorism

Industrialized animal agriculture is grasping at increasingly desperate measures to keep animal cruelty and other unsavory practices of factory farms hidden from public view.

Immigration Reform 2013: Bilingual Instruction Defines Our Education System

In this week's Research Radio podcast, the New School's Natalia Petrzela explores bilingual education's rocky past and bright future.

4-Year-Old Picks Up a Gun at Family BBQ and Accidentally Kills Wife of Sheriff's Deputy

It happened at a family BBQ, when the child picked up a gun and accidentally killed the wife of a sheriff's deputy.

Gay NFL Player: This Celebrity Says He Won't Be Accepted When He Comes Out

What is it about the rap and football world that still shuns and holds gay men back?

Meet 3 of PolicyMic's Amazing New Pundits Who Won the April 50 Under 30 Challenge

PolicyMic's April 50 Under 30 Challenge welcomes three sensational new recruits.

War With North Korea: Could a Nuclear Test Trigger It?

All signs indicate that the North is not kidding around. Another nuclear missile test is likely at any moment.

Iran Earthquake: Could We See a Bushehr Nuclear Plant Crisis?

An strong earthquake hit nearby an Iranian nuclear facility, but officials say the plant remains unharmed. Still, the event brings up memories of Fukushima.

Four CEOs Who Have Created the 'Coolest' Work Culture

How do you determine what a "cool" work culture is? Do you want to work for gadgets and games ... or do you want to be valued for what you bring to the table?

Iran Nuclear Talks Failed Because Of U.S. Arrogance

Once again, the P5+1 talks with Iran have failed to jumpstart peace. And it's because of the U.S.

Want Equal Pay For Women? Raise the Minimum Wage

The federal government can take a number of steps to help close the wage gap, but one of the fastest ways to do so would be to raise the minimum wage.

Guan Tianlang: Is This 14-Year-Old the Next Golfing Superstar

This eighth grader has won more awards and championships at 14 than most people will in their life.

National Spelling Bee 2013: Contest Now Includes Vocabulary

Scripps has officially added a computer-based vocabulary section to the National Spelling Bee.

'Mad Men' Season 6: 4 Ways the Show Changed Television Overtime

"Mad Men" season 6 premieres March 7. To say that "Mad Men" changed television is an understatement. It reintroduced us to life in the world of 1960s advertising and brought us Don Draper.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Pro-Woman Talk is All Pandering

Hillary Clinton recently gave a speech at the fourth Women in the World Summit in which she conflated national security with women's rights. Could she pander any harder?

Chained CPI Would Reduce the Growth Of Future Social Security Benefits

In order to keep Social Security solvent for millennials, we need generationally balanced reforms of the program – including Chained CPI.

Women Make Up Half the Population, So Why Do They Only Hold 20 Percent Of Elected Offices?

Women are 51% of the population, but hold less than 20% of elected offices. A new book seeks to change all that.

Obesity Crisis: This Service Lets Your Boss Track Your Grocery Purchases

A new venture enables employers to keep tabs on their workers' grocery purchases and habits. Is this crossing the line in the fight against obesity?

Venezuela Presidential Election: 4 Facts You Need to Know

On Sunday, socialist Nicolas Maduro and center-right opponent Henrique Capriles will face off to determine who will be the next president of Venezuela after Hugo Chavez's death.

2013 Federal Budget: Is the Budget Process Broken or Evolving?

With the president releasing his budget two months late, we have to ask how the budget process is changing and what consequences we may face.

At Swarthmore College Commencement, Liberal Political Correctness Wins Out

Former Deputy Secretary of State and President of the World Bank Robert Zoellick was invited to give a commencement speech at Swarthmore College. But protests made him decline.

T-Mobile iPhone Release Date: Take a Look at the First SmartPhone Ever

With the release of the iPhone 5 upon us, let's see how the first smartphone stacks up.

URI Police Respond to Report Of Gunman Armed With Pepper Spray

At the University of Rhode Island, campus police had to respond to a report of a gunman armed with batons and pepper spray because of a school policy against firearms on campus.

85,000 Arkansas Unemployed Could Soon Be Subjected to Humiliating Drug Tests

An Arkansas bill requiring drug testing in order to receive unemployment benefits has passed the Senate and is headed for the state's Republican-controlled house.

Obesity Crisis Will Transform the Airline Industry and Flight Costs

Is charging passengers based on weight a fair policy?

Hillary Clinton Channels Margaret Thatcher in 'Women in the World' Speech

Hillary Clinton opened up the 'Women in the World' conference, sponsored by Tina Brown and the 'Daily Beast,' stirring more rumors of a presidential run in 2016.

5 Reasons You Should Be Glad Louisville Won the National Title

Louisville has triumphed in the 2013 NCAA championship, and they completely deserved it. From a loyal Kentuckian, here are five reasons why.

Keystone XL: Is the Pipeline Really in the National Interest?

With the process in review again, how will President Obama decide on the Keystone XL pipeline?

National Equal Pay Day is the Height Of Obama's Hypocrisy

Obama talks a big game when it comes to women's rights. So why the lack of real action on equal pay for women?

Gun Control Debate 2013: Will a GOP Filibuster On Guns End Up Hurting the Party Big Time in 2014?

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell joins group of Republicans in filibustering gun control legislation this week.

In Post-Revolution Egypt, Sexual Assaults Are On the Rise, Along With Blaming the Victims

Reports indicate an uptick in sexual violence against women in Egypt. Who are the women being attacked and what are the responses of important Egyptian figures?

The U.S. Ranks 55th When It Comes to Women in Power (India Ranks 17th)

The U.S. ranks 22nd overall on the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index, indicating that we are under-using our human resource pool and restricting our global competitiveness.

A Quick Travel Guide For Your Visit to Hell

Italian archaelogists recently discovered a cave in Turkey with inscriptions dedicated to Pluto and toxic air that kills anything trying to enter. Here's your guide to Greek hell.

A Bunch Of Awesome High Schoolers Are Transforming the Criminal Justice System

Zero tolerace policies in schools are ineffective, so a California high school is taking a different approach by giving troubled students the option of engaging in "talking circles."

'Artificial Ovaries' Developed in Lab, Signalling Possible Breakthrough

Researchers may be on the brink of engineering functional artificial ovaries to potentially increase fertility options and provide alternatives to hormone replacement therapy

Need to Know Act: California Bill Could Force Companies to Disclose That They're Sharing Your Info

The California legislature will address a bill that will force corporations like Facebook to reveal the information they share with third parties.

Spring Fling Festival: Macklemore Tells Attendees to Push Gay Rights On White House

At a joint Calvin Harris/Macklemore concert in D.C., the "Thrift Shop" rapper urged attendes to rush the White House with "House of Cards" actor Kevin Spacey in support of gay rights.

HIV Treatment: South Africa Unveils Revolutionary Anti-HIV/AIDS Drug (and It's Just $10 a Month)

In a country with one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world, South Africa's new $10 once-a-day pill has implications for extreme positive change.

God Particle: Stop Calling the Higgs Boson That!

Peter Higgs, who conceptualized and discovered the Higgs boson — or "God particle" — gets miffed when people refer to it by the "religious" nickname.

Mic Check: Researchers Accuse Kids Of Insider Trading

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on today's top news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Hakken Cuba Kidnapping Could Prompt International Incident

The search for Cole, 4, and Cody Hakken, 2, has now moved to Cuba, where their parents supposedly kidnapped them from their grandparents' house.

This South Korean Duo Is a Match Made in Movie Heaven

Like the prolific duo of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, the director-actor partnership of South Korean pair Bong Joon-ho and Song Kang-ho will go down in film history as among the best ever.

Jew in a Box Exhibit is Controversial, But Not Offensive

Being a "Jew in a Box" is just another way to create dialogue.

7 Central Parks Couldn't Hold All the Stuff We Buy Online

Online shopping is growing at a tremendous rate, but is it healthy for us to lose the face-to-face interaction of buying something at a store?

There's a Little Bit of Hell in Paradise

I just visited Antigua, and though it was beautiful, its lack of tax enforcement served as a reminder that places that look like paradise aren't necessarily as perfect as they seem.