10 Ridiculous Facts About How Rich Bill Gates Is

The world's richest man, Bill Gates, can do a heck of a whole lot with his $72 billion worth.

10 Life Lessons from Calvin & Hobbes

Embrace Your Weirdness, Boys Are Gross, and other valuable lessons from the world's worst-behaved child and his stuffed tiger.

NRA Vendor Sells Ex-Girlfriend Target That Bleeds When You Shoot It

Does the NRA want to be make sure you can practice before you shoot your ex-girlfriend? Really?

'The Bling Ring' Movie: Where is the Real Life Bling Ring Today?

"The Bling Ring" hits theaters in June, but before you check out the film based on celebrity robbers, see where the original Bling Ring members are today.

Twerking YouTube: San Diego High School Students Suspended for Twerking Video

33 high school students from Scripps Ranch H.S. have been suspended for filming a "twerking" video on school grounds. Did this high school take their punishment too far?

Graduation 2013: 8 Best Graduation Speeches Of All Time

To celebrate all the commencement speeches that will take place this year — the good, the bad, and the forgettable — here are some of the most memorable in recent history.

This is What Budget Cuts Have Done to Detroit ... And It's Freaking Awesome

The city of Detroit is proving the spontaneous order, civic cooperation, and peaceful market forces that take over when government isn't around and people take their liberty back.

10 Professions That Attract the Most Sociopaths

Which professions attract the highest number of sociopaths? Do you work in a field best suited for those without emotion or empathy?

Zong Qinghou: China's Richest Man Eats With His Workers and Lives on $20 a Day

China's richest man, Zong Qinghou, is worth $11.6 billion but he still lives on $20 a day. What can the U.S. learn from him?

17 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On the Internet

There are millions and millions of websites and web services available online. I sorted through some of the best ones, which allow you to do some pretty cool stuff.

13 Benghazis Happened Under President Bush and Fox News Said Nothing

There were no calls for Condoleezza Rice's removal for overseeing 13 attacks on her State Dept. consulates, collectively, killing over 100 people including American citizens and a U.S. diplomat.

Mother's Day 2013: We Should Totally Get Rid Of Parent Days

Because everyday should be Mother's (and Father's) Day.

Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Video Blurs the Lines Between Nudity and Sexism

Robin Thicke's new video for "Blurred Lines" features three very beautiful, very naked models, and three men suited up. Somehow this incongruous pairing has become the disturbing new norm.

How Much Does a 3D Printer Cost? Still Expensive, But Becoming More Affordable

Amid the growing concerns about the prospect of 3D printer guns, how much do 3D printers actually cost and how accessible is the technology?

Think American Apparel Isn't Sexist? Maybe This Will Convince You

See what happens when a Swedish blogger switched the gender of the models. The result will surprise you.

"ME ME ME" Generation: Top 5 'TIME' Magazine Cover Parodies

The internet strikes back, this time against TIME magazine labeling an entire generation as "lazy, entitled narcissists."

5 Of the World's Most Elite Mercenary Armies

Who are they and who do they protect?

Google Glass Release Date: Coming Out in 2013, But Who Will Buy?

Google Glass won't be available to the public until 2014, but how many people will buy it then?

North Carolina Rapper Busted For Possession ... Of An AriZona Iced Tea

Rapper Xstrav was arrested April 29th in Fayetteville, NC by a plainclothes cop who demanded he over his Arizona Ice Tea. The cop turned hostile when Xstrav refused.

Mansplaining 101: How to Discuss Politics and Feminism Without Acting Like a Jackass

Every woman on Planet Earth has dealt with mansplaining - when dudes explain something to you without knowing how much you know - and every man has mansplained. Find out how to avoid it.

5 Duties Of a U.S. Citizen Few Americans Are Aware Of

All Americans have the following five obligations, whether we remember it or not.

Philippines Economy: Booming, But Poverty and Unemployment Remain Problematic

The Philippines is no longer the “Sick Man of Asia,” but there are still huge challenges in “trickling down” the growing economic pie.

Who Are the Syrian Rebels? A Basic Intelligence Briefing On the Assad Resistance

Syria is a very dangerous place right now, with multiple opposition groups jockeying for power against Assad's Ba'athist government. But rebel factionalism may be keeping Assad in power.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Deadline For Change Is August

Immigration reform is the perfect real world example from your Civics 101 class on how a bill becomes a law. If immigration reform doesn't happen now, it will never happen.

Oscar Pistorius Case: Graphic Photos Of Reeva Steenkamp Murder Crime Scene Released

Graphic photos showing the aftermath of the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius have been released. See the photos and the tragic story they tell.

10 Bizarre Facts You Didn't Know About North Korea

You probably did not know that North Korea does not consider itself as a communist country anymore.

Gas Pump Prank Takes An Amazing Turn When Talented Couple Totally Kills It

Watch this regular prank take an unexpected turn when this talented couple takes over.

'Blachman': Most Sexist Show In History Showcases Unattractive Men Judging Women's Naked Bodies

Would you want these guys to judge your naked body? That's what I thought.

Gabriel Fernandez: 8-Year-Old's Beating Death Points to An Entire City's Failure

Despite multiple abuse referrals from relatives, teachers, and even other mothers at school, social workers failed to prevent the brutal torture and death of an 8-year-old boy.

'The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack: Jay-Z and The XX Make This An Epic Album

This soundtrack will push this movie from extremely impressive and groundbreaking to ridiculously over the top. Here are the songs in the film.

'The Great Gatsby' Movie: A Side By Side Comparison Of the 1974 Cast and 2013 Cast

Baz Luhrmann's "Gatsby" isn't the story's first time on the big screen. See how this year's crop of actors stack up against their 1974 predecessors.

Human Rights Campaign: Largest LGBT Donors Are Drone Manufacturers

Inequality draped in a rainbow flag is still inequality. LGBT justice is bound up with justice for the people exploited by LGBT corporate donors.

Westboro Baptist Church Blames Kevin Durant For Oklahoma Tornado

Both televangelist Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps, Jr. have weighed in on the question of where God was during Monday's tornado in Oklahoma. Absurdity ensued.

Syrian Execution YouTube Video: GRAPHIC Footage Shows Rebel Atrocities

Warning: very graphic content of captured Syrian soldiers being executed by a rebel.

Pakistan Election Results: Imran Khan Won't Win Pakistan's Election, and That's Okay

Khan may not have won, but he has certainly arrived. His party will indeed prove to be the strongest opposition the country has seen yet.

MERS Symptoms: What You Need to Know About This Virus

The new SARS-like virus, a respiratory infection, has been found in 49 confirmed cases as of Thursday, with 27 of those patients dying.

10 Plus Size Models That Don't Look Plus Size At All

The fashion industry has been showcasing more plus-size models recently, but why are so many of them so skinny?

10 Russell Brand Quotes That Are Oddly Profound

Despite his boyish exterior, here are ten Russell Brand quotes that are suprisingly self-referential and ... deep.

Abu Sakkar: Syrian Rebel Cuts Out and Eats Soldier's Heart In Ghastly Propaganda Video

The video which appears to show a Syrian rebel biting into a dead soldier's heart highlights the country's descent into sectarian violence

4 Facts About Islam That Surprise Almost Everyone

Myths about Islam remain plenty. Popular topics such as women's rights and violence in Islam have been misconstrued and have led to severe ignorance in many non-Muslim societies.

China News: 4 Ways China's Military Stacks Up Against the U.S.

Or rather, how it doesn't. China's military growth continues to impress, but it still has many years to go before it can match the United States in strength, quality and technology.

The Studies Are In, and Obamacare is Failing Miserably

President Obama bet trillions of dollars and our nation’s entire health care system on his socialized health care plan. Early results show it's a big flop.

6 Politicians You Never Knew Had Tattoos

The perception of tattoos has changed dramatically over the years, but how do our views on them change when they show up on our civil leaders?

Immigration Reform 2013: 3 Waves Of Immigration That Changed America

In order to build our future, we must understand our past.

5 Shocking Origins Of Disney Classics

Everybody loves Disney movies, but you probably didn't know that many of them derived from other stories and tales.

Fred Biery: Texas Judge's Strip Club Ruling Titillates America With Its Sexual Innuendos

Judge Fred Biery decided to have some fun when it came to issuing an opinion on a San Antonio ordinance regulating strip clubs.

Citizen Koch: PBS Kills Koch Brothers-Critical Documentary For Fear Of Offending Them

PBS has bowed to pressure from the powerful Koch brothers and pulled funding from a documentary critical of their growing political influence.

Mayflower Oil Spill: Exxon Doesn't Want You to Know People Are Getting Very, Very Sick

We now have proof that Exxon lied about the status of the waterways in Mayflower, Arkansas: Mayflower residents are getting sick.

5 Countries That Respond to Rape Victims By Throwing Them in Prison

Many states in the world consistently have failed to uphold women's rights — but it is nonetheless shocking that in these five, governments have gone so far as to imprison rape victims.

Kim Jong-un is a Typical Western Teenager Who Became the Supreme Leader

In many ways, Kim Jong-un sounds more like a high school senior in the United States than a totalitarian leader.

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Recap: 7 Moments Die-Hard Fan Will Appreciate

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 has been a great season - check the recap here as we prepare for Episode Nine, "The Rains of Castamere."

Kai the Hitchhiker: Viral Star Arrested on Murder Charge

Caleb McGillvary, a viral Internet celebrity better known as Kai the Hitchhiker, was arrested and charged with murder on Thursday after allegedly beating a New Jersey man to death.

Happiness Study: Money, Sex, and Alcohol Are the Keys After All

Two recently released studies offer insight into the causes of happiness: one rejects old wisdom about the link between income and happiness; the other finds sex and partying to be most fun.

Where is Benghazi? 39% Of the Americans Who Think Benghazi Is a Big Deal Don't Know Where It Is

A new poll finds that 39% of those who think Benghazi is the biggest political scandal in American history cannot even find Benghazi on a map. Hint: its not in Iran or Cuba.

Katy Perry Just Apologized to Chief Keef, the Rapper Who Threatened to Beat Her Up

Here's what happened when Katy Perry told a 17-year-old rapper she didn't like his song.

Where Does the U.S. Rank Among the World's Most Racist Countries?

A recent study by Swedish economists measures the correlation between countries' levels of economic freedom and their racial tolerance. The results will surprise you.

War With Iran: We Can Afford to Let Iran Have Nuclear Weapons

Iran's desire to have nuclear weapons is a natural response to a volatile part of the world.

Google Glass Price: Why Pay to Look Like An Idiot?

The price for Glass might be too high for the American ego. Plus, it's ugly and dorky, and who wants to pay to look that way?

Angelina Jolie BRCA1 Mutation: Why Is the Breast Cancer Test At the Center Of a Supreme Court Battle?

Myriad Genetics has a patent on the genes that cause malignant breast and ovarian cancer, and their brutal defense of this patent this has blocked early detection, treatment, and research.

7 Genetically Modified Animals That Now Glow in the Dark Thanks to Science!

These seven genetically modified animals glow in the dark thanks to science. But what are the implications of the proliferation of such genetic experiments?

5 Ways to Make Sure That Your Porn is Ethically Feminist

The second wave is long gone! Sex-positive feminism is reclaiming porn as a tool of empowerment. With ever-increasing options, how do you ensure that your porn is both respectful and really hot?

'Iyanla, Fix My Life' Review: Iyanla Vanzant and the Show Won't Fix Your Life

Iyanla Vanzant’s pursuit of higher TV show ratings has rendered the “fixing” she promises to do on "Iyanla, Fix My Life" a secondary concern, if a concern at all.

Fabio Martinez Castilla: Abortion is Worse Than Child Rape, Says Mexican Archbishop

Mexican Archbishop alleges "abortion is much more serious than rape of children by priests" in a recent homily.

Everything You Need to Know About GIFs, Explained in GIFs

GIF-alicious, definition, make those blogs go crazy.

Jeff Bliss Video: Texas High School Student Demands An Education

Duncanville Texas high school student Jeff Bliss launched a YouTube student revolution when he stood up and demanded an education from his World History teacher Tuesday.

Peace Corps: What I Didn't Expect to Learn

The world of NGOs and development has massive problems, but committing to solve problems abroad is worth the effort.

5 Loners Who Changed the Course Of History

Here is a list of my favorite introverts and loners that have revolutionized the same societies they are slightly unable to cope with.

The Bizarre Sleep Habits Of 8 Highly Successful People

Common knowledge tells us most people need about eight hours of sleep a night, but these famous and successful people seem to prove that wisdom wrong with their surprising sleep habits.

10 Ways Google Glass Will Change Us — Whether We're Ready Or Not

From law enforcement to online dating, the changes will be massive and unprecedented.

Mountain Dew Offends Everyone With "Most Racist Commercial in History"

Is this ad more racist or sexist? I can't decide.

How Many People Has Barack Obama Killed With Drones?

With Obama's drone policy, there are serious questions regarding international law, the wisdom of the policy and Obama’s failure to own up to the lethal gap between what it says and what it does.

Pakistan Election Results 2013: 4 Things That Make This One Historic

Regardless of the outcome, the 2013 Pakistani elections have been a turning point in Pakistan's democratic process.

MERS Virus: Why Doctors Are Calling It a "Threat to the Entire World"

A new disease has health authorities worried due to the lack of firm information about the disease. Could it start a global pandemic?

25 Best Weiner Jokes On Twitter

I got your Weiner jokes here! Get your Weiner jokes.

Adam Kokesh: Planning Gun March in Washington For July 4

The libertarian is organizing an armed rally in Washington D.C., for July 4. Surely nothing will go wrong!

'Hangover 3' Movie Review: Dark, Unnecessarily Violent, Short On Laughs

Brutal animal killings, fatal shootings, stress-provoked heart attacks, life-changing lies to children ... and this is supposed to be a comedy?!

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: The Climb Kills

Ambition is a dangerous thing, and the climb to the top can kill you, as we learned in the sixth episode of season three of HBO's "Game of Thrones."

College Football 2013: Predictions Ahead Of BCS Rankings

In 106 days college football will be back. In the meantime, dig into some of these daring predictions for the upcoming season.

Supercapacitor Phone Charger: Eesha Khare's Invention Charges Phones Instantly

18-year-old Eesha Khare was awarded a $50,000 prize for creating a device that may revolutionize our experience with mobile phones.

Why Rape Jokes Are Never Funny

While Daniel Tosh may disagree, rape jokes actively prevent survivors of sexual assault from seeking help or speaking out. They should be taken seriously.

The 6 Best Things About Going to Princeton

Three cheers for Old Nassau!

4 Ways the Government is Spying On Americans Every Day

Think the AP scandal is bad? Here are four examples of how the U.S. government spies on Americans every day.

5 Things No One Tells You About Life After College

Post-graduate life can be an exciting and liberating time, but parts of it are tougher than you expect. No one told me just how hard it might be, so here are five things to look out for.

Jay-Z Illuminati: Epic Publicity Stunt Or Something Darker?

Is the Illuminati controlling the music industry or is this a self-perpetuating pop culture phenomenon? With a shocking lack of evidence for either case, it’s up to you to decide.

Pakistan Election Results: Was the Election Rigged From the Start?

The 2013 elections in Pakistan are shaping up to be the country's most violent. What does the violence say about the future of democracy in Pakistan?

Google Glass Release Date and Price: By 2014, All White Men Will Have a Pair

What the new Tumblr, "White Men Wearing Google Glass" really tells us.

Feminism Needs Men, Too

Male feminist allies may be few and far between, but they are important to the future of the movement, and feminism needs them.

Stephen Hawking Israel Boycott: 7 Celebrities Who've Done It Too

Celebrated British physicist Stephen Hawking joins the protest agains Israel's treatment of Palestinians. But he's not the only notable to have done so.

Random Access Memories YouTube: 6 Of Daft Punk's Most Overt Rip-Offs

Daft Punk is not doing anything out of this world with their music, as these samples prove.

25 Sports to Help You Get Active This Summer

With the warmer months upon us, more of us want to get outide when we can. Here are some sports which can be played outside (or inside) during summer to get active.

Men Are Hurt By Sexist Ads Too, New Study Says

A new study says prints ads encourage men to express their masculinity through excessive body building, partying, and violence towards women.

Pakistan Election 2013 Results: Nawaz Sharif Declares Victory

Nawaz Sharif, the incumbent prime minister, has declared victory in Pakistan's election in a speech to jubilant supporters.

Cameron D’Ambrosio: High School Student Charged With Terrorism Over Facebook Post

Did Methuen High School cross the line by getting worked up over this student's Facebook rap post, which included the lyrics "everybody you will see what I am going to do, kill people"?

Google Glass Price: Only Affordable For Wealthy?

When members of the 1% compete for the privilege of paying $1,500 for a pair of glasses, one can’t help but wonder if we haven’t already been transported to an alternate reality.

Cicadas 2013: 17 Years Of Peace Comes to Abrupt End For East Coast

The Summer Blockbuster that scientists have predicted for 17 years is about to take over the East Coast.

Kimberly Miale: Meet the Most Powerful Woman in Jay-Z's Life Not Named Beyonce

Her name is Kimberly Miale. And she is the buffer protecting him from breaking NFL recruitment rules with his company Roc Nation Sports. But nobody seems to know who she is...

29 States Let Your Boss Fire You For Being Gay

Louisiana's House Committee rejects a ban on discrimination against state employees based on their sexual orientation while Congress considers a bill outlawing the same.

Ishmael Reed: "All the Demons Of American Racism Are Rising From the Sewer"

Author and cultural critic Ishmael Reed reflects on the role of race in national politics.

Watch This 9-Year-Old Totally Own the Politicians Who Want to Close His School

This 3rd grader just gave the best speech you've ever seen.

8 Life Lessons We Learned From Chandler Bing

Could you *be* any more thankful for Chandler Bing?

'Highway Don't Care': Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift Music Video Shows Dangers Of Texting and Driving

The country superstars come together in the "Highway Don't Care" music video, which is about the dangers of using the phone behind the wheel.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Nawaz Sharif Pulling Ahead in Early Results

Polls have now closed in Pakistan's historic election and preliminary results are already coming in.

Koch Brothers: Billionaires Place 3-Story Pile Of Petroleum Coke in Detroit

A three-story tall eye sore has taken over the sight line of Detroit's Ambassador Bridge thanks in part to the Koch Brothers.

Kate Upton Body: Sports Illustrated Values Realistic Looking Women Like Her

The famed swimsuit models have a reputation for being much curvier and, quite frankly, healthier looking than most runway models.

10 Reasons Men Should Love Feminism

By identifying as a feminist or a feminist ally, men can join conversations that will help shape equality and make their lives fuller, richer, and happier.

5 U.S. Citizenship Test Questions You'd Probably Fail

In order to become a citizen, I had to take an American history and civics test. I was shocked to learn that some of my American-born friends didn't know some of the answers.