Human Rights Campaign: Largest LGBT Donors Are Drone Manufacturers

Inequality draped in a rainbow flag is still inequality. LGBT justice is bound up with justice for the people exploited by LGBT corporate donors.

4 Facts About Islam That Surprise Almost Everyone

Myths about Islam remain plenty. Popular topics such as women's rights and violence in Islam have been misconstrued and have led to severe ignorance in many non-Muslim societies.

Peace Corps: What I Didn't Expect to Learn

The world of NGOs and development has massive problems, but committing to solve problems abroad is worth the effort.

5 Loners Who Changed the Course Of History

Here is a list of my favorite introverts and loners that have revolutionized the same societies they are slightly unable to cope with.

Mountain Dew Offends Everyone With "Most Racist Commercial in History"

Is this ad more racist or sexist? I can't decide.

Google Glass Release Date and Price: By 2014, All White Men Will Have a Pair

What the new Tumblr, "White Men Wearing Google Glass" really tells us.

Ishmael Reed: "All the Demons Of American Racism Are Rising From the Sewer"

Author and cultural critic Ishmael Reed reflects on the role of race in national politics.

17 Facts About Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man in the World"

The full story on the Most Interesting Man In The World.

Emily Deschanel Pregnant: Vegan Diet Shouldn't Be So "Controversial" While Expecting

Emily Deschanel's vegan diet has stirred controversy on exactly what is best when eating for two. The diet doesn't seem to be a problem, but the continual criticism of celebrity dieting is.

Carnegie Mellon Parade: National Catholic League Demands Suspension Of "Naked Pope"

NCL is calling for the immediate suspension of a student who walked naked from the waist down and dressed as the pope from the waist up during the Carnegie Mellon parade.

Meet a Muslim and Become An Expert On Islam

Individuals can help eliminate stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam by meeting ordinary America Muslims.

New Immigration Law 2013: Marco Rubio Says Current Bill Cannot Pass the House

Marco Rubio admitted that the current immigration reform bill cannot pass Congress. Although the bill may be changed to make it appeal more to the House it will be a long drawn out process.

New Zealand: No, You Cannot Name Your Child "Anal"

New Zealand recently released a list of baby names rejected ove rthe last 12 years. Which leads us to contemplate: should the U.S. start rejecting a few of our own?

North Korea War: Why It's Not in the News Anymore

North Korea has disappeared from the headlines, and that may mean that the rest of the world has decided the country is just a harmless irritant.

Islam Facts: Why Islam Is Not As Radical As the Media Says

A new Pew Research Center survey proves that Muslims around the world are a peaceful and tolerant society.

Tennessee Lawmaker Casually Promotes Shooting Muslims On His Facebook

You'll never believe what this elected official posted on his Facebook. Okay, maybe you will. He's kind of a dick.

Immigration Reform 2013: Legalization Of Undocumented Immigrants is Incredibly Important

Despite the objections against laid out against it, legalizing undocumented workers with penalties not only makes sense but is integral to setting up an effective immigration system.

Eden Foods Birth Control: The Hidden Agenda of an Organic Giant

Eden Foods' recent lawsuit to reject the birth control mandate under religious exemptions reveals how activism must become integral to the organic movement, transcending class status.

5 Ways Kids Born in the 21st Century Will Be Different From Us

We all have some idea of what it means to be a millenial but what about kids born after the year 2000? How will "Generation Z" be different from us?

'All My Children,' 'One Life to Live' Return 2 Years After Cancellation — Online

Will the internet model suit these soap operas better than the traditional TV set?

UMBowl 2013: Proves Umphrey's McGee is the Most Fan-Friendly Band Around

Throughout the course of UMBowl, Umphrey's McGee proved that they are not only one of the most talented bands out there, but also far and away the most innovative.

Gay Marriage: Why Are Wall Street and the Koch Brothers Pro-Equality Now?

What do Wall Street and the Koch brothers have in common? Their self-interest pushes them to join the marriage equality bandwagon.

Sarah Palin Senate Run? Alaska Tea Party Thinks She is the Perfect Candidate

A Tea Party group has finally come to America's rescue and discovered ­– or rather, rediscovered – exactly what Washington has been missing for the last few years: it's Sarah Palin.

29% Of Americans Believe An Armed Revolt is Imminent

Nearly a third of Americans believe that an armed rebellion might soon be necessary, according to a new poll.

Kentucky Child Gun Death: 5-Year-Old Kills 2-Year-Old Sister With Gun

Another week, another gun death in America.

The Elder Scrolls Online Preview: Is It the Next World Of Warcraft?

Is Bethesda's new The Elder Scrolls Online a World of Warcraft killer? Probably not, but it looks pretty cool anyways.

Vijay Singh Steroids: Golfer Not Suspended for Deer Antler Spray

Ultimately, deer antler spray is probably not as effective as it is advertised and Vijay Singh, Ray Lewis, and others have been more likely duped than doped.

Immigration Reform 2013: Will the Boston Bombing Kill Reform?

The Boston bombing presses a newly driven opposition to the safety concerns at risk with the current immigration bill.

Lethal Autonomous Robotics: UN Calls For Global Moratorium On Killer Robots

A new UN report calls for a global moratorium on lethal autonomous robots (LARs), as experts say killer robots could soon be a reality.

Afghan Girls School Poisoning: 150 Injured in Latest Attack

150 schoolgirls are currently being treated for symptoms they say are the result of a poisoning attack at their school in Kabul, Afghanistan.

National Day Of Prayer 2013: Why Americans Should Embrace It

While America celebrates its freedom of religion, it also has a long tradition of turning to God to ask for guidance and blessings.

'The Americans' Season Finale Review: Brilliant Acting Keeps Show Strong

"The Americans" has been a successful hit for F/X and been renewed for a second season. Though it has some minor inconsistencies, it holds up due to its characters and a solid plot.

Gay Rights: Despite Progress on Marriage, the Road to Coming Out Is a Long One

The U.S. has made strides toward legalizing same-sex marriage, but the coming-out process is often a painful one for LGBT youth.

20 Million People Are Trafficked in Modern Day Slavery – America is Leading the Fight to Stop It

The State Department is using an innovative method used in domestic violence cases to help millions of victims of horrific human trafficking get their lives back on track.

Sharia Law is Not What You Think It Is

A new Pew poll finds that most Muslims in Africa and Asia want Sharia law to be the law of their country. Here's why that's not nearly as bad as you think it is.

7 Government-Sponsored Inventions You Didn't Know About

Government-sponsored inventions aren't just limited to the big stuff. Here are 7 tools you probably have never heard of—but that have made a big difference.

May Day Protests: Occupy Sandy's Fight to Restore New York is Still Going Strong

Amidst the May Day protests across New York, the activists involved in Occupy Sandy are making sure that their comunity-led rebuilding movement has a place at the table.

Morehouse College: Four Athletes Accused Of Sexual Assault

When will the epidemic of campus sexual assault stop?

May Day 2013: Occupy Wall Street Schedule Rallies Across U.S.

Workers are uniting in mass protest to "reclaim your world." Will you join?

Kentucky Derby Post Position Draw Results

One of the most celebrated sporting events will run for the 139th time this Saturday. Get all the latest coverage of the historic event right here in our PolicyMic Live Blog.

Working Families Flexibility Act: Increases Flexibility For Employers, Not Workers

Under the Working Families Flexibility Act, employers would get more flexibility and workers would lose money.

Pakistan Elections 2013: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Of This Major Election

With the much-awaited Pakistani elections approaching, the Taliban is cracking down hard. The quicker the elections are done, the better it will be for the Pakistani people.

An Open Letter to Millennials On Guns and Abortion

Here's a piece of advice to millennials as they turn 30. Guess what? You won't be solving the debate over guns and abortion.

Pink Calls Herself a "Reformed Slut": Why Do Sluts Need Reforming?

The self-identified feminist pop star has settled down, calling herself a "reformed slut," but who says sluts need reforming?

Syria Civil War: What Is Life Like in a Syrian Refugee Camp

Asad Hoammed, and his sick wife, are two of the roughly 13,000 refugees waiting to get into Turkey or for the civil war to end so they can go back and rebuild. This is their story.

8 Ways Over-Worked Millennials Can Still Have a Social Life

You can live a rich life outside the office, even if you're constantly working and go a long time without seeing people who are only a train ride away.

John McCain Lindsey Graham: Senators Demand Syria Intervention, Encouraging Another Stupid War

Republican hawks John McCain and Lindsey Graham are pushing for another dumb war in the Middle East by urging Syria intervention.

UEFA Champions League Semifinal LIVE: Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich and Barcelona meet in the first semifinal of the UEFA Champions League. Look for Bayern to will their way to victory and a third birth in the championship in the last four years.

School Shootings: Masked Men Fire On Unsuspecting Teachers in Oregon School Drill

Unsuspecting teachers at Pine Eagle Charter School in Oregon took part in an active shooter scenario drill on Friday designed to test how they would react to a real attack.

1TDay: Thousands Across the U.S. Rightly Protest Sallie Mae For Skyrocketing Student Debt

In May, thousands of students across America will graduate from college. Thousands will stand up to protest soaring U.S. student loan debt, which totals in at over $1 trillion.

Amanda Bynes: Leave Her Alone!

A heartfelt plea to back off from slamming the former child star. She's a person too.

Cowhead Show: Tampa Radio Show Mocks Disabled Child and Faces $18 Million Lawsuit

Florida radio station WHPT-FM faces a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for the using a photograph of 17-year-old Adam Holland, who has Down Syndrome, for a segment called "Retarded News."

Nick and Jess 'New Girl': Should They Or Shouldn't They?

When it comes to TV romance, sometimes, it's all in the timing.

May Day Holiday: Why Doesn't the U.S. Celebrate It?

Americans don't celebrate May Day, but the worker's holiday was born in the U.S. We should all be more aware of it.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Is This Pro-Gun Billboard Seriously Racist?

Greeley, Colorado has posted two pro-gun rights billboards that show three men in traditional Native American attire with the words "Turn in our arms. The government will take care of you."

Sequester 2013: 4 Cuts That Affect You Whether You're a Democrat or a Republican

Let's take the example of the FAA furloughs reversal bill to heart and make some noise out there to reverse other parts of the sequester cuts that harm Americans.

May Day Protests: 4 Reasons to Hold Walmart Accountable Today

May Day provides the perfect opportunity to review Walmart's notorious anti-worker business practices. Here are four reasons to hold Wal-Mart accountable.

Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov: Did They Help the Boston Bombers?

Three new unidentified suspects are in custody and may have ties to the bombings.

RGIII Twitter: What Did His "Political Correctness" Tweet Mean?

Robert Griffin III, more commonly known as RGIII, sent out a very politically-charged tweet. But why?

German Beer: Could America Provide the Answer to Germany's Problem?

Aging demographics have pushed Germany's per capita beer consumption to its lowest levels since the early 1990s. Some German brewers are looking across the Atlantic for solutions.

A Rape in Rio Becomes An Excuse to Gut Services For the Poor

After a high-profile rape, the city of Rio de Janeiro removes an important source of transportation.

Catholic Church Excommunicates Priests Who Support Gay Rights

Brazilian priest Roberto Francisco Daniel has been excommunicated after resigning from his post in response to the Catholic Church's lack of compassion towards LGBT individuals.

Kentucky Derby Morning Line Odds

One of the most celebrated sporting events will run for the 139th time this Saturday. Get all the latest coverage of the historic event right here in our PolicyMic Live Blog.

Christina Regusters: Daycare Worker Charged With Kidnapping, Raping 5-Year-Old

Christina Regusters posed as the 5-year-old's mother, sexually assaulted her, and left her at a playground in the middle of night with nothing but a shirt on.

Stop and Frisk: Mike Bloomberg Defends It, Compares the NYCLU to the NRA

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched an impassioned defense of the NYPD's controversial stop and frisk policy, equating the NYCLU and the NRA as "extremist" organisations.

WATCH: Lawmakers Throw Punches in Venezuela National Assembly

Amid tensions after the disputed election of Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan opposition members were attacked during a meeting of the National Assembly.

Simpson-Bowles Budget 2013: Barely Making a Dent in the Debt

The Simpson-Bowles plan isn't serious about reducing the debt. Congress should look to do better.

Is Fast Food a Feminist Issue?

We must finally let the choice of how to prepare food for the family be rooted in just that: a choice.

Iraq Bombings: Does the Violence in Iraq Hint At a New War in the Making?

Sunni tribes in the Western part of Iraq are heavily armed, and feeling shut out of Nouri al-Maliki's government and military. Could this lead to a renewed civil war?

This is What #BlackPrivilege Really Looks Like

Suggesting black privilege is similar to white privilege is not only ridiculous, but marginalizes the real struggles continually faced by the African American community.

"This is Personal" Campaign Fights For Reproductive Rights Online

What separates This Is Personal from other campaigns is that it lives almost entirely online and aims to address young women at their level.

Syria Civil War: Violence Abroad Hurts College Student in U.S.

Kenan, a George Washington University student, has aspirations of going to heal the wounded in Syria — where many of his friends and family are dead.

Obamacare Poll: 42% Of Americans Unsure Whether It is Still Law

A recent poll by Kaiser Health has revealed that 42% of Americans are unsure whether Obamacare is law or not, as opponents continue to seek to repeal it and spread misinformation.

China News: Are Chinese Banks Becoming Too Big to Fail?

Majority state-owned Chinese banks have seen greater than expected returns in Q1. But this comes at a time when China is deregulating interest rates and loan defaults are increasing.

Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Mohamedou Slahi's Memoirs Add Personal Voice

Mohamedou Ould Slahi's newly declassified memoirs add a rare personal glimpse into the terrorist detention conundrum the Obama administration continues to navigate.

Syria News: Rebels Are Playing Offense, But the U.S. is Stalling Its Support

As the fractured rebel forces in the Syrian Civil War continue to fight for key airports and air bases, the involvement of al Qaeda and Iran in the conflict are complicating US options.

Census Reform Act: GOP's Solution to High Unemployment? Stop Counting

Representative Jeff Duncan wants to get rid of "intrusive" Census Bureau surveys. His new bill would do that and get rid of unemployment numbers along with other major economic indicators.

Mark Sanford South Carolina: Larry Flynt Endorses Him As "Sex Pioneer"

Is this the endorsement Mark Sanford needs? Hustler's Larry Flint proudly says Sanford's affair has revealed "the sexual hypocrisy of traditional values in America today."

Venezuela National Assembly Fight: Watch the Brawl Break Out, See the Injuries

Have the rules of democracy changed, or is the situation in Venezuela turning from bad to worse?

Unlucky, Screwed Generation Denies Its Unlucky Screwedness

Millennials are all doomed. So what's with the happy?

How I Saw a Miracle in East Baltimore

Recently, I visited and volunteered at a homeless shelter in Maryland. What I was expecting to see and experience was entirely different, leaving me both surprised and touched.

2014 Budget: How Republicans Can Win the Politics Of the Budget Debate

For Republicans, appearing willing to compromise is far more politically important than actually reaching an agreement on the budget.

Tom Corbett: Pennyslvania Governor Claims Unemployment is Due to Drug Use

In an interview with a local radio show on Tuesday, Pennyslvania's Republican Governor Tom Corbett claimed that unemployment in his state is due to drug use.

Mic Check: 3 Stereotypes About Millennials That Are Completely Wrong

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorites stories from around the Web.

Obama Webby Award: Campaign Won the 2012 Election, Now It Won the Oscar Of the Internet, Too

The Obama campaign won a Webby award, the Oscar of the Internet. The award represents the strengths of their data operation and the growing importance of big data in electoral politics.

Egypt News: Government Raises Suez Canal Fees By 5%

In a desperation move, Egypt has raised its rate to travel across the Suez Canal.

Chris Kluwe Wins A Webby: NFL Players Wins the Super Bowl Of the Internet

Minnesota Viking Punter Chris Kluwe won a Webby award on Tuesday in recognition of his online gay marriage activism.

Jason Collins NBA: Breathe a Sigh Of Relief That the Media is Covering His Coming Out Right

The media coverage of Jason Collins is focusing on the fact that Jason Collins is coming out rather than the fact that he is a gay athlete. And that is awesome.