How Much Does a 3D Printer Cost? Still Expensive, But Becoming More Affordable

Amid the growing concerns about the prospect of 3D printer guns, how much do 3D printers actually cost and how accessible is the technology?

10 Plus Size Models That Don't Look Plus Size At All

The fashion industry has been showcasing more plus-size models recently, but why are so many of them so skinny?

Jeff Bliss Video: Texas High School Student Demands An Education

Duncanville Texas high school student Jeff Bliss launched a YouTube student revolution when he stood up and demanded an education from his World History teacher Tuesday.

Kate Upton Body: Sports Illustrated Values Realistic Looking Women Like Her

The famed swimsuit models have a reputation for being much curvier and, quite frankly, healthier looking than most runway models.

Ohio Kidnapping: Elizabeth Smart Has Advice For the 3 Kidnapped Women in Ohio and the Rest Of America

Elizabeth Smart speaks out about her experience in captivity and offers advice to the three women held captive in Ohio.

Is Being Gay a Choice? Watch As the Question is Reversed In This Video

Is homosexuality a choice? See what happens when a question that gay people are often asked is reversed.

NSA How-To Guide Perfectly Explains How to Hack Everyone's Google Accounts

An NSA guide explains how to use Google to access sensitive information. Apparently there is a lot of it just sitting right in the open, in easy sight of prying eyes.

TIME Magazine Millennials: Why Millennials Have Every Right to Be Cynical

People say we're the most cynical generation yet, and we're right to be given the example society has set for us.

7 Ways Elizabeth Warren Has Been An Awesome Senator So Far

Elizabeth Warren has only been a Senator for four months, but she has already made great accomplishments and proven she is fighting for us.

Michelle McKnight: Ariel Castro Allegedly Forced Abortions 5 Times By Punching Her in the Stomach

How can we give Castro's victims back control of their lives after they have been deprived for so long? For one, by respecting them.

Adam Kokesh Open Carry March: What Liberals Can Learn From This Revival Of Civil Disobedience

Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh is planning a protest in Washington, D.C. against "tyranny."

7 Canonical Books on International Relations

These seven articles and books are must-reads for anyone who wants to weigh in on the topics of international relations, conflict, or policy.

Immigration Reform 2013: I Just Want to Live in America Someday

I don't want to take anything from you. I just want opportunity.

Drones Over America: Is It Legal to Fly Your Own?

It's becoming increasingly easy for the erstwhile hobbyist to build and fly his own unmanned aerial vehicles. But is it legal?

'Community' Season 4 Finale: The Series Finale Too?

NBC's "Community" had its season four finale on Thursday, hoping to secure a fifth season by appealing to the show's rabid fanbase.

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie: Why Is a White Actor Playing An Indian Man in 'Star Trek'?

Welcome to Hollywood, where anything is possible (as long as you're a white actor).

'Magnificent Century' TV Show: Middle East and Balkans Are Soaking Up Turkish Soap Operas

One of the new and unexpected cultural trends spreading across the Middle East and the European Balkans is the reemergence of Ottoman culture through soap operas.

Gun Control Debate 2013: A Majority Of Americans Wrongly Believe Gun Killings Are Going Up

According to Pew Research, the gun homicide rate has dropped by 49% in the last twenty years, with gun crimes plunging 75%. Pew also found that 56% of Americans incorrectly believe the opposite.

Failing At Its Job Is The Best Thing the CIA Has Ever Done

The CIA has ironically served the world and Americans best not by succeeding, but by failing and making those failures clear to all of us.

Pakistan Election 2013: Pakistani Court Rules U.S. Drone Strikes Constitute a "War Crime"

A Peshawar High Court judge has issued a ruling saying U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan are "criminal offences" that constitute a "war crime," ordering the Pakistani government to take action.

6 Greatest Cosmo Magazine Cover Parodies

It's almost too easy.

Immigration Reform 2013: Republicans Attack Reform Bill

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Female Candidates Trying to Change Status Quo

More than 160 women are running for office, a 129.8% increase since 2008. The passion and precedent set forth by them shows the possibility of change in urban and rural Pakistan.

Bangladesh Building Collapse: This Is What Happens in a Libertarian Paradise

Details are emerging that expose a lack of factory regulations and oversight in Bangladesh. Is the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory an indictment of libertarian policies?

You Don't Become An Adult Until You're Off Your Family's Phone Plan

Millennials are getting married, buying property, and registering for health insurance, yet their parents are still financing their phone plans.

Pakistan Election 2013: 3 Reasons This Is Pakistan's Most Unpredictable Election Yet

Imran Khan's emergence as a serious politician, the youth and women's participation in the election process and the Taliban's dangerous threats have made this the most unpredictable election yet.

Immigration Reform 2013: Author Of Heritage Foundation's Racist Immigration Study Quits

Heritage Foundation's Jason Richwine has quit his post after increasing criticism of his belief that Hispanic immigrants have lower IQ than non-Hispanic whites.

Twitter Hate Speech: Map Shows Areas With Most Homophobic Tweets

Students at Humboldt State University mapped out the frequencies of certain racial, homophobic, and ableist slurs, and none of it is particularly comforting.

Immigration Reform 2013: Bipartisanship Reigns In Senate Judiciary Committee During First Votes

The Senate Judiciary Committee held its first round of mark-up hearings. Bipartisanship is clearly in control.

If Baltimore Were A Country, It Would Be Namibia

A new report uncovers some disturbing data about the United States.

'The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack: Jay-Z, Will.I.Am Belong On It

Many are criticizing the "Great Gatsby" score for having rap music from Jay-Z and, but the songs are appropriate and right on key.

Immigration Reform 2013: Everyone Agrees That Things Are Terrible, But That's It

Americans agree that immigration policies need a significant overhaul, but agree on very little else, revealing just how delicate the issue remains in Washington.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Was Ali Haider Gilani Kidnapped to Derail Elections?

Ali Haider Gilani of Pakistan's moderate PPP party has been kidnapped by suspected Taliban militants two days before the election.

2014 Senate Races: 4 States Where Democrats Are Terrified Of the GOP

The DSCC is struggling to recruit Democrats to run for Senate, and their picks are not pleasing their base. 2014 is going to be an uphill battle for Democrats.

Will Star Trek Go Into Darkness: Abrams and 9 Other Great Directors That Have Made Atrocious Films

With "Star Trek Into Darkness" hitting theaters soon, now is the perfect time to look up the failures of Hollywood's best and brightest.

Gun Control Debate 2013: No, Missouri Can't Just Ignore the Feds On Guns

The Missouri legislature has just passed a bill which may be close to nullification, a dangerous notion that states may disregard federal law. This is clearly unconstitutional.

Mother's Day 2013: $20.7 Billion To be Spent on Moms This Year

Electronics and flowers apparently will equally make $2.3 billion this Mother's Day. Make something homemade instead!

Gun Control Debate 2013: Guns and Gun Violence Go Hand in Hand

Don't listen to Dr. John Lott or his cotingent of pro-gun supporters. The evidence demonstrates beyond any doubt that stricter gun laws reduce gun violence.

Mark Welsh: Air Force Commander Says "Hookup Culture" Influences Military Sexual Assault

Air Force commander Gen. Mark A. Welsh III recently said the “hookup mentality” explains high rates of sexual assault in the military, and this is an insane correlation.

Reince Priebus Redefines Chutzpah With PolicyMic Op-Ed

Reince Priebus refuses to stand up to his party's extremist wing, even at the cost of the American economy. And yet he expects millennials to stand with him?

Arrested Development Netflix: A .gif Journey Through Buster and Lucille Bluth's Relationship

Lucille and Buster Bluth have always had an... unusual relationship, but a few unbearably creepy instances make Lucille and Buster look less like a family, and more like an Oedipus Complex.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: We Haven't Ended De Facto Slave Labor, Just Outsourced It

Tragedy in foreign factories has prompted some consumers to re-evaluate the things they buy, use, and wear — and the ethical standards they expect manufacturers to hold.

Your State's Highest Paid Public Employee is Probably a Football Or Basketball Coach :-(

Do coaches of losing teams — even winning teams — need that $3 million paycheck? Or are we rewarding them simply for being a figurehead?

Mother's Day 2013: 8 Notable Moms Throughout History to Remember

Warriors, artists, empresses, thugs: they were all mothers.

Why Are Millennials So Optimistic? Because They've Got Nothing to Lose

In spite of economic hardships, millennial are an optimistic generation. Here's why.

Femen: It's Wrong and Alienating Women Of Different Views

Femen has failed in its feminisitc revolution because it excludes certain voices from public discussion.

Claire McCaskill: Congress Plays An Important Role in Ending Sexual Assault in the Military

Read my responses to two of the most Mic'd PolicyMic commenters on how Congress can step up and play a larger role in ending sexual assault in the military.

Trump Rape Tweet: It's Part Of the Problem

After the Pentagon released a report on sexual assault in the military, Donald Trump tweeted his two cents. Those two cents? Incredibly offensive.

Obama Answers An ACLU Request For Government Transparency With a Blacked-Out Memo

Documents obtained by the ACLU under a Freedom of Information Act request "paint a troubling picture of the government’s ... surveillance practices," to put it mildly.

Write(h)ers Writing Program: The Feminist Future is Happening Online

Duke University's Write(h)ers program teaches aspiring feminist writer-activists the how-to's of blogging. Online feminism is the future.

Kristen Wiig 'SNL' Return: 4 Classic Characters She Should Play

Rejoice, comedy fans, because this weekend, NBC’s "Saturday Night Live" is bringing back Kristen Wiig to host. Here are some classic roles she should reprise.

Rand Paul 2016: Fight Against Tax-Haven Bill Could Hint At Presidential Run

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is blocking a bill cracking down on offshore tax havens in an attempt to stop the IRS from developing a database of Americans' financial assets.

Tesla Motors Stock (TSLA): Hits All-Time High, And Has Car Called "Best Ever"

Wave after wave of good news about Tesla Motors washed over it today. It is a very good day for CEO Elon Musk and a bad one for the company's critics.

Yousaf Raza Gilani: Former Pakistan PM's Son Ali Haider Gilani Abducted

Pakistani former prime minsiter, Yousaf Raza Gilani's son has been kidnapped by gunmen allegedly part of the Pakistan Taliban.

Marketplace Fairness Act: Everyone Loves It But Ebay

Everyone's on board with the Marketplace Fairness Act to install an online sales tax ... Democrats, the Tea Party, and Amazon. Everyone, that is, but Ebay. Why?

Donald Trump Hair: Quit Criticizing It

A personal plea for all to ignore the hair of the Donald, and maybe the Donald himself, as well.

Teacher Appreciation Week: Loss, Service, and the Obligations Of a Teacher

A teacher ruminates on a week dedicated to those practicing the noblest profession, set in the context of service and the specter of tragic loss that accompanies the graduation season.

Cut It Out Non-Profit: How Hairdressers Could Help Spot Domestic Violence

The non-profit, Cut It Out, trains salon professionals to recognize the signs of domestic violence that will efffect one in four women in their lifetimes.

Malcom Shabazz Dead: Malcolm X Grandson Killed in Mexico

The troubled life of 28-year-old Malcolm Shabazz was ended Thursday in a botched robbery attempt.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Millennials Are the New Authors Of Pakistan's Future

In one of the more consequential elections in Pakistan's history, the youth will play a major role in shaping the future of this growing populace.

6 Scandal-Plagued Politicians Who Somehow Got Reelected

By winning back his old seat in the House of Representatives, Mark Sanford is adding to America's rich heritage of reelecting people who arguably have no business holding public office.

'The Great Gatsby' Movie Review: Turning Books Into Films Never Quite Works

The book's stature means that any adaptation is going to be placed under intense scrutiny from critics and fans.

3D Printed Guns: Some States are Already Moving to Ban Them

Lawmakers in some states are moving to outlaw 3D printed guns as downloads of the blueprint for the first 3D printed gun reached 100,000 and the State Department orders the files be taken down.

Benghazi Cover Up: No, There Was No Cover-Up — But Obama Must Own His Mistakes

Obama has the ability to take the politics out of the Benghazi hearing by showing some mettle and assuming responsibility for his actions.

Biebermania? Poll Shows Broad Dislike Of Justin Bieber Across Political Spectrum

A recent PPP poll found Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can come together in their hatred for Justin Bieber. Looks like he'll never fulfill his dream of running for office.

Chain Gangs: Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey Bringing Them Back to Prisons

The reinstitution of chain gangs in southern states has shades of slavery.

Employment Non-Discrimination Act: Religious Hate Towards Gays is Still Hate

No matter what the Supreme Court says, religious people shouldn't have a special right to exclude gay people or anyone else. Discrimination is still discrimination, not "religious freedom."

Kevin Grayson Gay: Is This a New Revolution in Sports?

A college football star's confession suggests more athletes should break gay stereotypes. "Doesn't mean you can't go out there and go just as hard as anybody else, if not harder," Grayson says.

Solar Eclipse: When and Where to Watch the Annular Eclipse Over Australia On Friday

The annular eclipse happening now, over Western Australia and islands in the Southern Pacific. Watch it live online.

Ariel Castro Death Penalty: Does Accused Cleveland Kidnapper Deserve It?

Alleged Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro may face the death penalty, but should he get it?

Reshma Begum: Miracle Survivor Of the Bangladesh Factory Disaster That Killed 1,000 People

The remarkable story of how a Bangladeshi woman survived a building collapse and defied the odds.

7 Totes Most Legit Overused Words in, Like, the Whole World

These words have been overused so much, they've lost their meaning.

Reince Priebus: You Are Failing Us Too

Leaders on both sides of the political spectrum are failing millennials, not just Democrats. The GOP needs to realize this if it wants millennials' votes.

Hispanics Beat Whites in Rate Of College Enrollment

A record 7 in 10 (69%) Hispanic high school graduates in the class of 2012 enrolled in college that fall.

Planned Parenthood: Is GOP Wrong About Its Mission?

Members of the GOP have made false claims about Planned Parenthood services and have used them to reignite the debate over government-funded abortions.

Cannes Film Festival 2013: Will It Recognize Female Filmmakers?

With the Cannes Film Festival on the horizon, awards season is officially on. And the picture isn't promising for female filmmakers.

Massachusetts Family Shocked to Find It Can't Drop F-Bomb On Son's Tombstone

A Massachusetts family is upset because they can't inscribe their son's tombstone with an f-bomb. They're pushing a First Amendment case, but it's one they're likely to lose.

University Of Montana Rapes: Why Did Another Football Team Get Away With It?

Football players at the University of Montana are under the spotlight for assaulting female students and not being prosecuted for it.

Meet Rachel Lesser, Sketchbook Artist, Set Designer, and Pundit Of the Week

Rachel Lesser is an artist, student and PolicyMic's pundit of the week.

N.C. Bill Would Falsely Teach That Abortion Leads to Premature Birth

In multiple, states, the GOP is pursuing legislation to change sex education. The new language will reflect their values and promote abstinence and emphasize the risks of abortion.

What is Waze and Why Is Facebook Bidding $1 Billion Dollars Against Apple To Buy It?

Facebook is reportedly preparing to acquire the Waze app for $1 billion dollars. The acquisition would be a clear signal that Facebook wants to get into the rapidly growing mobile market.

Western Wall Arrests: Israel Doesn't Arrest Women Protesters In a Big Step For Religious Equality

Orthodox Jewish custom says only men are allowed to wear prayer shawls, yarmulkes, tefillin, and carry and read from Torah.

10 Questions With Debut Novelist Julie Sarkissian

Millennial writer Julie Sarkissian's novel 'Dear Lucy' is one of the most exciting works of fiction I've encountered this year. Sarkissian joins us to talk about her novel, and life as a writer.

6 Popular Tumblrs That Landed Book Deals

What makes for a Tumblr that is so successful that it's made into a book? Probably a lot of pop culture references — but not necessarily.

Hello, Press Mentions: PolicyMic Community Spotlighted Across the Media

As part of our weekly blog on press mentions, PolicyMic will feature a compilation of the places our community is showing up all over the web.

5 Ways You Can Change Twitter to Make It a Reliable News Source

Only you can help prevent questionable tweets!