Gas Pump Prank Takes An Amazing Turn When Talented Couple Totally Kills It

Watch this regular prank take an unexpected turn when this talented couple takes over.

Pakistan Election Results: Imran Khan Won't Win Pakistan's Election, and That's Okay

Khan may not have won, but he has certainly arrived. His party will indeed prove to be the strongest opposition the country has seen yet.

Pakistan Election Results 2013: 4 Things That Make This One Historic

Regardless of the outcome, the 2013 Pakistani elections have been a turning point in Pakistan's democratic process.

Pakistan Election Results: Was the Election Rigged From the Start?

The 2013 elections in Pakistan are shaping up to be the country's most violent. What does the violence say about the future of democracy in Pakistan?

Pakistan Election 2013 Results: Nawaz Sharif Declares Victory

Nawaz Sharif, the incumbent prime minister, has declared victory in Pakistan's election in a speech to jubilant supporters.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Nawaz Sharif Pulling Ahead in Early Results

Polls have now closed in Pakistan's historic election and preliminary results are already coming in.

Was Adolf Hitler Gay? Maybe, Says New Evidence, But Does It Matter?

Recently released interviews with Adolf Hitler's physicians show signs of that Hitler may have been gay. What are the implications of such findings?

8 Signs You Should Break Up With Your College Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

In between finals and frat parties, you may not pick up on the obvious signs that your college relationship is broken beyond repair. Fret not, I'm here to tell you what to do like I know you.

Immigration Reform 2013: BuzzFeed and the Koch Brothers Are Now Doing Business

What do liberal-and-cat-biased BuzzFeed and conservative money bags Charles Koch have in common? Apparently immigration debates and beer.

5 Types of People who Still Watch Baseball on TV

These days, major sports channels are dominated by action-packed football and basketball games. Yet there are still plenty of people who enjoy plopping down to watch America's pasttime on TV.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Landmark Election Marred By Lack of Transparency

Rigging and a severe lack of transparency in Pakistan — most prominently seen in Karachi — has marred the election process.

National Masturbation Month 2013: What is It?

Not that we need an entire month to talk about how great masturbating is — but promoting good sexual health is never a bad thing!

Pakistan Election 2013: How Will the World React?

Pakistan's election today is the most exciting in years. Unfortunately, what is being said and done on the campaign trail has numerous countries around the world concerned.

Gay Marriage 2013: It's Not the End-All For the LGBT Rights Movement

With same-sex marriage victories in three states this week, it's tempting to think that homophobia and transphobia are fading away. But statistics about homeless LGBTQ youth prove otherwise.

San Jose State Does Nothing to Discipline Professor Who Sexually Assaulted Student

The pandemic of protecting perpetrators of sexual assault continues as San Jose State University lets a professor keep his job after admitting to sexual assault on his students.

Mother's Day 2013: "Mama's Day" Cards Exclude No One

Strong Families and artists/activists are collaborating to offer alternative vision of what motherhood in the U.S. looks like in a just world ... via Mother's Day cards.

New Jersey Hostage Situation: 2 Dead and 4 Children Held Hostage By Armed Man in Trenton, NJ

State and local police are in their second day of a standoff with a dangerous man holding four children hostage in Trenton, NJ. One other child and the children's mother are already dead.

Amazing Slow Motion Video Captures Adorable Kids Tasting Food For The First Time

This is also the face I would make if someone force-fed me pickled onions.

How Did They Assemble That Google Map Of Hateful Tweets?

Dr. Monica Stephens of Humboldt State University released a Google Map on the HSU website that depicts hate tweets by state between 2012 and 2013.

Meet the Millennials Who Are A Part Of The Fight For Hurricane Sandy Victims

Six months after the storm hit, hundreds of families are without a home. Meet the team working day and night to find them permanent housing.

Glee Finale a Crowning Jewel On the Season That Saved the Show

Season four was a Ryan Murphy experiment on how to progress a high school show past those hallowed halls — and last night's season finale proved that he succeeded.

Minnesota Gay Marriage: Just the First Volley in the 2014 Election Battle

Minnesota's recent passage of gay marriage represents only one brawl that will make for an interesting governor's race in 2014.

Fast Food Strikes: Do You Know How Much the Person That Grills Your Burgers Makes?

St. Louis, New York, Chicago: fast food workers are striking for a living wage around the country. Detroit is following suit.

Tea Party IRS: Agency Finally Admits It Targeted Right-Wing Groups For Fraud

The IRS admitted that conservative organizations applying for tax exempt status were blacklisted during the 2012 election season.

Efrain Rios Montt, Former Guatemalan Dictator and U.S. Ally, Convicted Of Genocide

The former dictator was found guilty of genocide against indigenous populations. The United States supported Montt publicly and sent aid while his forces were engaging in a campaign of terror.

Climate Change: Carbon Dioxide Levels Now At Highest Level in Millions Of Years

Data released on Friday shows that concentrations of carbon dioxide have passed 400 parts per million (ppm), far above the level of 350ppm that is considered safe.

Rand Paul Keynote: 5 Things He Gets Right (and Wrong) About Foreign Policy

Here are five points that Sen. Paul has focused on, for better or worse, in foreign policy.

43 Killed in Car Bomb Blasts near the Turkey's Border with Syria

Two car bombs explode in the Turkish town of Reyhanli near the Syrian border, killing 43 people and injuring over 100. Turkish officials say they suspect the Syrian government is involved.

The Onion is Not Too Mean

The Salon is whining about how The Onion may be getting "too mean," but they're wrong. The Onion isn't mean. The truth just hurts.

Rand Paul 2016: Are His Visits to Iowa and New Hampshire a Big Hint?

Rand Paul appears to be laying the groundwork for a 2016 run. Can he do what his father tried and failed at many times, take the Republican nod for President of the United States?

NASA Spacewalk: See Live Tweets From An Emergency Space Station Repair

In a rare unplanned emergency spacewalk, astronauts fixed an ammonia cooling system link. The spacewalk was planned and executed in record time.

IRS Tea Party: Profiling the GOP Was Wrong

Revelations that the IRS engaged in ideological profiling will perpetuate the political climate of partisan divide and distrust of government.

10 Ways You Know You Won Senior Spring

Did you make the most of your last days before you were forced into the real world?