Pakistan Elections 2013: 7 Videos Proving Election Was Rigged

These rigging videos went viral over the weekend. It's disheartening to see that when democracy does get a chance, it is exploited, distorted, and mutilated by people and politicians alike.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: When Will Americans Realize "Blowback" is Real?

America will continue to be targeted by "terrorists" until we learn as a society that others resent our government's actions.

'Revenge' Season 2 Finale: Yes, Guys, Emily Thorne is Still Seeking Revenge

The 2-hour season finale is set to air Sunday evening. Will Emily Thorne finally get the revenge she's been seeking for two seasons?

Game Of Thrones Live Stream: Where to Watch GoT Online

Game of Thrones airs at 9 p.m. EST on HBO. But I'm not gonna tell you where to watch it online until you click!

Gun Control Debate: 5 Reasons Millennials Should Teach Their Children to Shoot

Everyone should teach their children how to shoot, and here's why.

Rolling Stone Readers Call Nirvana One Of the Worst 90s Bands

The memory of Nirvana remains positive. Can Rolling Stone say the same thing about their publication?

Minimum Wage Bill: Obama's $9 Proposal Won't Increase Unemployment

Since Obama called to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour, a set of conservative arguments about the negative effects of minimum wage hikes has appeared, and most are false.

Mother's Day 2013: Arrested Development's Lucille Bluth's Invaluable Parenting Advice

Mother's Day advice from Lucille Bluth? She doesn't understand the question and she won't respond to it.

NOLA Mother's Day Shooting: 12 People Injured, Including 10-Year-Old

A 10-year-old-girl is among those injured in a shoot out that occurred at a Mother's Day Parade in the 7th Ward of New Orleans at around 2:00 pm on May 12.

3D Printer Gun: The Liberator More Of An Abstract Danger

The DIY weapon has a better chance of creating arguments than taking lives, as criminals have easier access to stolen, professionally manufactured firearms than they do a 3D printer.

Dare Magazine: Awesome College Student Launches Mag For Plus Sized Women

The fashion industry is saturated with size 2 models, so Diana Di Poce has started a magazine hoping to help the average woman find clothes she can actually wear.

White Girls Club At Franklin High School Got "Out of Hand"

By "probably," I mean definitely, without question, not the extracurricular you want.

Mother's Day 2013: 8 Famous Women Who Stayed Childless

This Mother's Day, let's not forget that motherhood isn't the be-all and end-all experience for all women.

Sean O’Malley: A Dying Fetus is More Valuable Than a Living Woman

The extreme anti-woman positions of Sean O'Malley and the Catholic Church come to the forefront in a spat regarding Ireland PM Enda Kenny's invitation to Boston College's commencement.

Gun Control Debate: 71 Kids Have Been Killed Since Newtown

A new graph reveals the number of the kids who have been killed by guns since the unthinkable tragedy, and it should tell you we're failing our children in some way.

9 Famous Books Wrongly Accused Of Being Pornographic

If you're looking for some steamy beach reads now that the weather's heating up ... well, you should probably look elsewhere.

Mother's Day 2013: 5 Important Things to Remember This Holiday

Remember, mothers: motherhood is a blessing and a choice.

Rand Paul 2016: Latest Fundraising Email An Irresponsible False Flag

Rand Paul sent a conspiratorial, insane email to his donor base on Saturday. If this is what gets him money, he's not going very far.

Kristen Wiig 'SNL' Recap: 5 Of the Best Skits

Don't make me sing ... about this episode of "SNL."

5 Reasons Obama Just Can't Seal the Deal

Obama has a flawless record closing the deal during his election campaigns. But that’s where Obama’s stellar record as a closer ends.

Rand Paul Lincoln Day Dinner: 5 Ways He Upheld Lincoln's Memory

Rand Paul did "Honest Abe" right in his Lincoln Day Dinner speech, proving he could potentially be our future president.

Mother's Day 2013: 10 Things Our Moms Taught Us

Happy Mother's Day!

Nokia Lumia: Ed Sheeran Does Private NYC Concert to Promote Innovative Smartphone

Ed Sheeran sang for a small crowd in NYC to spread the word on the Nokia Lumia, an advanced smartphone with sharp photo quality and moving images, among many other things.

College Graduation 2013: 5 Ways to Ace Your Post-Grad Job Interview

With the slew of new graduates applying for work, any interview mistake could cost you the job. Here's how to ace it.

Mother's Day 2013: Make Sure Dad Knows He's Loved Too

Mother's Day means flowers, cards, and appreciation for the woman who is essential to our growth and survival. In all that mom love make sure dad gets a pat on the back, too.

Mother's Day 2013: Cleveland Kidnapping Highlights Mothers' Courage

The mothers of the three Cleveland kidnap victims were dogged in their determination to find their daughters.

Mother's Day 2013: 5 Most Influential "Moms-in-Chief"

In honor of the day that celebrates the women who brought us into the world, let's have a look at five of the most influential "Moms-in-Chief."

Mother's Day 2013: 10 Last Minute Gifts For Millennial Moms

Millennial moms have particular tastes, needs, and interests. Here are ten gifts you can order right now to make someone very happy.

SWUG: College Students Describe Senior Girls As "Washed Up"

No wonder 20-somethings feel like old maids; we’re now considered "washed up" at 22 if we don’t manage to succeed at our college dating scenes.

9 Books You Must Read Before You're 30

You may not ever find time to read "War and Peace," but these are nine books you'll be glad you made time for. No classics required.

4 Smart Comedians Who Are Great At Playing Idiots

A list of of the most intelligent tellers of stupid jokes.

Mother's Day 2013: 7 Places Where Mothers Still Can't Live Free

Mothers make up a significant portion of women in prison around the world.

Mother's Day 2013: 6 Ways Moms Nag Their Children

Every mother pesters her children in a different way, methods that vary based on proximity and genetic predispositions toward neuroses. How does Mom show us her love? Let us count the ways.

Seth Meyers Replacing Jimmy Fallon On 'Late Night'

Oh my gosh, turns out we were actually right about this one.

Colleges Where Graduating is a Goal, Not An Expectation

Graduation is a goal for many people. These are colleges where, more often than not, that goal is not met.