"ME ME ME" Generation: Top 5 'TIME' Magazine Cover Parodies

The internet strikes back, this time against TIME magazine labeling an entire generation as "lazy, entitled narcissists."

10 Ways Google Glass Will Change Us — Whether We're Ready Or Not

From law enforcement to online dating, the changes will be massive and unprecedented.

10 Craziest Michele Bachmann Anti-Gay Quotes

Gay marriage is legal in Minnesota. Eat it, Michelle Bachmann!

'How I Met Your Mother' Season 8 Finale: Will Mother Be Revealed?

After eight years on air, it's about time we learn the identity of Ted's wife, so are we finally going to get some answers?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: #FreeJahar Movement Claims Boston Bomber Too Beautiful to Be Terrorist

Teenagers have taken to the internet to claim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is "too beautiful" to be a terrorist. As we all know, being "too beautiful" prevents people from committing acts of terrorism.

Pakistan Elections Results 2013: What Nawaz Sharif Will Do For Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistan Muslim League are closing in on clinching the elections amid congratulations from India and the U.S. What does this mean for Pakistan's future?

Immigration Reform 2013: LGBT Discrimination and National ID Showcase Republican Hypocrisy

Republicans, the party of family values and civil liberties, are holding immigration reform hostage over their desire to exclude LGBT families from the bill and install a DNA-based national ID.

'Mad Men' TV Show: 5 Don Draper Quotes That Prove Love Doesn't Exist

How does Don Draper get away with his fabulous lifestyle? Simple. He doesn't believe in love. Here are five quotes from our favorite protagonist to prove it.

Disney Gets Slammed For Its Sexy Makeover Of 'Brave's' Merida

Are Disney princesses becoming too sexy?

TIME Magazine Millennials: Why The Story Isn't Totally Right About Narcissism

Millennials aren't lazy, and if they are narcissistic, it's of a different sort — social narcissism. Stein doesn't seem to see why this could be a good thing.

Bangladesh Building Collapse: Why It Should Scare Americans

The Rana Plaza factory collapse shows beyond a doubt that our international demand for cheap goods is killing workers, especially young women.

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Episode 7: The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Episode 3.7 of the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones" lacked much action, but, hey, there was a fight with a bear!

National Institute Of Mental Health Forsakes the DSM, the Bible Of Psychiatry

Researchers are letting go of imprecise categories like depression. What could this mean for millions of Americans with depression or ADHD? Or the future of our over-medicated society?

The 5 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Ever Show Some Serious Problems With the Millennials Generation

The top 5 most viewed videos have a lot to tell us about this generation's interests ... and its quite disappointing.

Graduation 2013: How to Navigate the Feminist Job Market

With graduation season here, many seniors are hunting for that perfect job. Those looking for a feminist-friendly work environment may have an even harder time, but here's how they can find work.

4 Countries Where Condoms Are Still Considered Immoral

These countries' leaders blast condom use as dangerous, and their anti-condom rhetoric is bringing everyone down.

Elizabeth Warren Student Loans: Bill Would Include Failed Policies That Caused Housing Bubble

Elizabeth Warren's student loans bill repeats the same failed policies of minimizing lender risk through taxpayer subsidies while keeping interest rates artificially low to encourage more loans.

9 Super Embarrassing YouTube Attempts to Get Into College

More students are finding themselves on waitlists as entry into college becomes more competitive. Here are nine examples of what not to do, should you ever find yourself on the dreaded waitlist.

AP Phone Record Probe: Obama White House Continues to Be a Disaster For Civil Liberties

In the wake of the Benghazi and IRS controversies, it was revealed that the Justice Department has seized private phones records of Associated Press reporters.

ME ME ME Generation: Millennials Are Diverse, So Why Isn't Media Coverage Of Them?

With the United States more racially diverse than it has ever been, why isn't the representation of millennials more equitable?

Syria Crisis: More Than Just a Civil War Or Arab Spring Conflict

The Syria crisis is certainly more than just another Arab Spring conflict or civil war. Syria presents a large scale humanitarian crisis for the region.

Pakistan Election Results: High Turnout Despite Violence

A reported 60% of eligible Pakistani voters, including many women and the young, turned out to vote despite national violence against secular candidates.

To Smash Sexism, Don't Shame Sexists

A group of women recently took over a formerly sexist Facebook page and got to shaming its sexist fans. But does public shaming actually solve sexism?

'Mad Men' Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Dark Don Draper is Back

In the seventh episode of the sixth season, Don shows the darkest side of himself, and it's bone chilling.

Immigration Reform 2013: Will Dems Give Up the Same-Sex Amendment to Save Reform?

In the case of immigration reform, pragmatism may take a front seat to equality in order to ensure that compressive immigration reform is passed.

Immigration Reform 2013: Republican Infighting Is the Latest Problem For Marco Rubio

Perhaps the most dangerous thing you can do in the Republican Party today is to take a stand one way or another on immigration reform.

3 Ways 3D Printing Anxiety Resurrects Unfounded Fears From 2D Printing

In the hope of stopping crime before it happens, politicians want to ban offensive 3D models from the Internet. Similar fears of 2D printing caused a flurry of laws that has impacted tech before.

Europe Unemployment: 55% Of Millennials Are Now Unemployed in Spain

More than 6 million Spaniards are now unemployed, and most affected are young people below the age of 25.

'Long Island Medium' Season 4: What Should Happen This Season

Theresa Caputo's gifts are being wasted on The Learning Channel. If it were up to me, here's what I'd have her doing.

90% Of All Americans Agree On These 12 Things

Now if we could just agree on the other billion issues out there ....

Turkey Kurd Peace: What Lies Beneath Turkey's Peace With Kurdish Rebels?

Kurdish rebels are withdrawing from Turkey after 30 years of armed conflict. Is establishing a new homeland the next step?

North Korea Nuclear Threat: Why Re-Deploying Nukes to the Peninsula is a Bad Idea

'Foreign Policy's' Bennett Ramberg argues for the re-deployment of American nuclear weapons to the Korean Peninsula in order to check Pyongyang's rhetoric. This is a bad idea, and here's why.

Bitcoin Price 2013: Could Bitcoin Destroy Government Control Of Currency?

As Bitcoin gains wider acceptance, monetary officials will face increasing competition from digital currency and from the way in which Bitcoin tears down the barriers between financial markets.

S-300 Air Defense: Don't Expect Russia to Stop Shipping Arms to Assad

Israel requested Russia stop its shipment of S-300 air defense systems, but Russia is unlikely to halt its sale without receiving anything in exchange.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: How Women Can Make Their Voices Heard in Politics

Read my responses to the most Mic'd PolicyMic commenter on activism & how women can make a difference on the issues they care about.

Mayor Of Osaka Calls Forced Prostitution During WWII "Necessary"

Yes, this actually happened.

These Are the 2 Unexpected Symbols of Liberation For North Koreans

Sleeping and suicide pills, black markets full of Choco Pies — two unorthodox but effective ways North Koreans gain access to the outer world and fight against the Pyongyang regime.

NCoV: New SARS-Like Virus Stumps Public Health Officials

The World Health Organization is closely monitoring a district of one million people in Saudi Arabia as the new SARS-like virus continues to spread.

Euro Crisis 2013: Rise Of UKIP Party Fuels Talks Of "Brexit" in the UK

On May 2, UKIP took 23% of the vote in the 2013 County Council Elections. This is not a "protest vote," but a revolution against centralized power and capital in Europe.

The Last Mile: This Startup Accelerator For Prisoners is Creating the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Prepare to feel both proud and unaccomplished in front of these inspiring entrepreneurs from San Quentin Correctional Facility.

Uhuru Kenyatta: Kenyan President Should Face Prosecutors At the ICC For Crimes Against Humanity

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is attempting to shrink away from international scrutinty by appealing to the UN Security Council for political help. But charges must be pressed, nonetheless.

Pakistan Election Results: A Positive Step For a Burgeoning Democracy

Saturday's election was an historic and extremely important moment for Pakistan, but it is only the beginning of a much-needed transformation.

This Artist Could Find Your DNA and Land Your Face in An Art Gallery

Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg collects genetic material left on gum, hair, and cigarette butts left on New York City streets to analyze and construct 3D models of faces.

Street Harassment: Don't Let Companies, Or Anyone, Trivialize It

One of the barriers to ending street harassment is society’s reluctance to admit that it is a problem. Often they need to be shamed into action.

Guantanamo Hunger Strike: Doctors, Nurses Made to Brutally Force-Feedings On Prisoners

An official document reveals that doctors and nurses are being made to administer the inhumanity of the force-feeding process for striking prisoners in Guantanmo against their ethical codes.

3D Printed Guns: Feds Take 3D Gun Blueprints Off the Internet

The Feds demanded that Defense Distributed remove its how-to guide for making a 3D-printed gun. They are kidding themselves if they think it will actually disappear from the Internet.

Citi Bike Share: Why the Program Will Improve NYC

Citi Bike Share is finally hitting the NYC streets on Memorial Day Weekend, prioritizing bicycles over cars in the city of over 8 million.

What Liberal Hipsters Don't Know About Apple's Labor Practices

Apple is cool, but its labor practices aren't. Can the company justify its hip, popular image when its products are built at the hands of underpaid, overworked workers?

National Nurses Week 2013: Stop Undervaluing the Work Of Nurses

I realized only recently that my mother’s career as a full-time caretaker doesn't preclude her from being a leader. Just because our culture undervalues her work doesn't mean we should.

Gay Marriage 2013: In a Few Years, the Debate Will Be Over

Republicans and conservatives still hate gay marriage, but the rest of America's on board in support of legalization.

Banksy Street Art: When Street Art Is in a Museum, What's the Point?

The reclaimed Banksy murals that were a cause of controversy last year were reported to still be on their way to a private collection in America in a complete disregard for what street art is.

Steve Stockman Gun Contest: "Win the Gun Obama Wants to Ban"

Wait, what? Let's talk about this.

Gun Control Debate: Kutztown University Lifts Gun Ban, Other Schools Won't Follow

Kutztown amended its laws to authorize students and employees with permits to carry concealed guns. Given the nationwide push for more gun control, it's unlikely other schools will follow suit.

Novel Coronavirus: 30 Infected With Deadly Virus, is This the Next Pandemic?

A new strain of coronavirus is infecting people across the Middle East and has even spread to the UK. Is careless use of biotechnology to blame for these new superbugs?

Benghazi Cover Up Doesn't Warrant Impeachment ... Yet

Senator Inhofe and others have mentioned the possible impeachment of Obama due to Benghazi. This might be far too early, but we should remember to always be skeptical of government.

Minnesota Legalizes Gay Marriage: Love Is In the Air, and There Is No Stopping It

Minnesota has legalized gay marriage. Can I get a woot woot?

Immigration Reform 2013: Here's How the Tea Party Will Kill It

Republicans will vote 'no' on immigration reform claiming lax border security when in reality they'll be trying to protect their red state sits from Tea Party primary challengers.

Sequestration Cuts 2013: A Major National Security Threat

The Army is looking at a 14% reduction in end strength and a 40% reduction in Brigade Combat teams. Would these cuts impact national security?

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Bradley Manning: SF Pride Still Doesn't Get Why People Are Upset

After the community protests, SF Pride shows it still doesn't understand why members of the LGBT community are protesting Bradley Manning being snubbed by Pride.

Minnesota Gay Marriage: Mayor Chris Coleman Renames Bridge to Honor Gay Marriage

Mayor Chris Coleman renaming the Wabasha Bridge the Freedom to Marry Bridge to show solidarity for the state's marriage equality bill expected to pass this week.

Senator Warren Student Loans: Is Her Bill a Bridge Too Far?

Senator Warren's first standalone bill would give students the same deal on federal loans as the big banks. It's a bold idea but what will it do to the July 1 deadline?

Meet the Millennial Women Who Could Shake Up Computer Science Forever

The lack of women in computer science is not only an issue of gender equality but also an issue of economic competitiveness. Meet the women who are working to change that.

Iran Election 2013: Economy Will Determine Results

Regardless of what political maneuvering takes place prior to the election, one thing is for sure, economy is the foremost issue for the Iranian electorate.

4 Great Parodies Of the Ubiquitous Jesus Fish

"I really, positively, absolutely NEED you to know I'm a Christian."

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: 1000 Are Dead, But How Many Lives Has International Investment Saved?

However tempting it may be to slander corporate greed and Western investment, we must recognize Bangladesh's enormous benefits through international trade and cooperation with Western retailers.

Kermit Gosnell Guilty: Will He Face the Death Penalty?

The jury deliberating the Kermit Gosnell's abortion trial has reached a verdict after five weeks of testimony and ten days of deadlock.

Ambri Battery: How This Massive Battery Could Transform the Nation's Energy System

By putting purpose ahead of profit, disruptive companies like Ambri will lead to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Minnesota Legalizes Gay Marriage: 12th State to Adopt Marriage Equality

Any way you slice it, same sex marriage is here to stay.

Pakistani Election Results: Nawaz Sharif Firmly Won Over Imran Khan

Nawaz Sharif declared victory Sunday after electoral results showed his party clearly ahead of Imran Khan's — his closest rival. This brings an end to a election

Benghazi Cover Up: Former Defense Secretary Gates Calls Critics' View Of Military "Cartoonish"

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates told CBS's "Face The Nation" that much of the criticism of the military response to the Benghazi consulate attack betrayed ignorance of military matters.

Israel Orthodox Laws: Why is Israel Moving Away From Them?

Since the 1990s, Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews have attempted to impose their rigid religious views upon public spaces. The latest move to ban such discrimination is a sign of changing times.

Detroit Bankruptcy: Can China Come to the Rescue?

Detroit's emergency manager just released a report saying the city is spending more than it is earning in revenue.

Facebook Open Compute Project: This Time With Hardware, Facebook Tries to Change the Game Again

Facebook has pioneered the way we communicate and share the happenings in our daily lives. Can they make a similar impact in the more insular world of network infrastructure?

15 Steps America Can Take to Create Jobs Now

America needs to take economic development, education, and entrepreneurship to the next level. Here are 15 steps American can take to create new jobs.

26,000 Sexual Assaults in the Military in 2012, But How Many Held Accountable?

Why it doesn't matter how this relates to civilian assaults.

Mother's Day 2013: Paid Maternity Leave is a Must For Moms

The United States is one of just three countries in the world to not require paid maternity leave. How could this be good for moms?

Summer Movies 2013: 22 Films You Can't Miss

With dozens of movies coming out each week over the course of the summer, we picked 22 of the best and most noteworthy hitting the silver screen.

Plan B Ruling: Judge Defies the Obama Administration by Refusing to Block Ruling

A judge has refused to stay a decision on universal access to the emergency contraceptive, Plan B. He went as far to as so say that the whole situation was politically motivated.

Boston Bombings: Tsarnaevs' Friend Is Being Held, But Where's the Evidence?

Robel Phillipos is being held in a Boston jail for his connection to the Tsarnaev brothers, but the charges against him amount to nothing but paranoia and hearsay.

7 Clear Examples Where Republicans Sabotaged Women to Hurt Obama

The Republican Party is adamantly opposed to Obama's agenda. That's fine — but as these example show, the GOP's tactics are questionable.

4 Scientific Advancements That Could Change the Way Moms Give Birth

Technology is changing the way mothers will be having babies in the future.

Cannes Film Festival 2013: 8 Awesome Things to Do There

Cannes is known for its glamour and ritz, so what should you do if you find yourself on the Cote D'Azur mid-May without your yacht and premiere tickets?

Steven Thomas: Judge Rules in Favor of Bible-Quoting Cheer Squad

In a victory for free speech, a Texas judge ruled that cheerleaders who inscribed biblical verses on their banners at football games were acting within their constitutional rights.

Student Debt 2013: Pew Research Center Predicts Hefty Bills For Spring Graduates

The amount of U.S. households owing money on student debt loans has more than doubled since 1989. Costs are still growing, and very quickly.

Obamacare 'Death' Panels: Republicans Refuse to Appoint Members

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) have pulled a symbolic gesture that, however, it's political gold.

Mother's Day 2013: Teen Moms Were Forgotten

When teen moms are marginalized, discriminated against and bullied at school, it violates Title IX and leads to high drop-out rates of these students.

3 Best Tips For Being Productive While Working From Home

Planning ahead can help you be your most productive while working from home.

Top 3 Trailblazing Athletes Of All Time

These athletes continued to prove themselves year after year, became household names, and are legends in the world of sports.

Obama Press Briefing LIVESTREAM: Iran, IRS Expected to Be Hot Topics

President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron are holding a press briefing Monday at 11:15 am EDT, to give updates on the Syrian civil war. Iran and the IRS could also be on the agenda.

Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer: Watch It Here

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Federal Spending 2013: It's Not How Much Debt You Have, It's How You Use It

Policymakers have obsessed over the size of the deficit. Policymakers need to consider that quantity of our debt is not the only thing to be concerned about in handling fiscal policy.