Abu Sakkar: Syrian Rebel Cuts Out and Eats Soldier's Heart In Ghastly Propaganda Video

The video which appears to show a Syrian rebel biting into a dead soldier's heart highlights the country's descent into sectarian violence

Where is Benghazi? 39% Of the Americans Who Think Benghazi Is a Big Deal Don't Know Where It Is

A new poll finds that 39% of those who think Benghazi is the biggest political scandal in American history cannot even find Benghazi on a map. Hint: its not in Iran or Cuba.

Angelina Jolie BRCA1 Mutation: Why Is the Breast Cancer Test At the Center Of a Supreme Court Battle?

Myriad Genetics has a patent on the genes that cause malignant breast and ovarian cancer, and their brutal defense of this patent this has blocked early detection, treatment, and research.

Feminism Needs Men, Too

Male feminist allies may be few and far between, but they are important to the future of the movement, and feminism needs them.

'Highway Don't Care': Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift Music Video Shows Dangers Of Texting and Driving

The country superstars come together in the "Highway Don't Care" music video, which is about the dangers of using the phone behind the wheel.

Young People Would Ditch Whole Foods If They Knew the Truth About CEO John Mackey

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey coined the term "conscious capitalism" to describe his more humane, ethically conscious business model. But is Whole Foods as conscious as they claim to be?

Gas Pump Prank Fake: 'The Smoking Gun' Says Video is Bogus, Who Cares?

Investigative journalism requires valuable time and effort — and it’s best reserved for events and individuals much more troubling than the married actors with an empty gas tank in California.

5 Reasons Angelina Jolie is a Feminist Hero

Angelina Jolie's bold op-ed paves the way for women everywhere.

Union Of the Snake: How California's Prison Guards Subvert Democracy

The California Prison Guards Union won't let anything stand in its way. Including the Constitution.

Bitcoin Price 2013: How Bitcoin Could Help the World's Poorest People

Despite Bitcoin's association with the developed world, its greatest contribution may be in offering a low cost alternative payment system to the world's struggling poor.

What is a Mastectomy? Angelina Jolie's Preventative Cancer Treatment Understood

Angelina Jolie has announced that she underwent a double mastectomy surgery. Here's some quick facts that you need to know if you are thinking about the procedure as well.

AP Scandal: Why the IRS and Associated Press Scandals Should Scare You

Aside from frightening civil liberties issues, these very serious scandals are going to be dumbed down in the fight for 2016 rather than discussed and debated as they should be.

Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal: Ryan McHenry Created Viral Vine Video

Filmmaker Ryan McHenry put together the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" Vine video to make his friends laugh and ended up creating the next big viral meme.

Is Hating Hipsters Now Cooler Than Being a Hipster?

I CAN’T KEEP UP. A recent Public Policy Polling survey showed only 16% of Americans have a favorable view of hipsters, with 42% of respondents viewing the group unfavorably.

Gay Marriage: If Being Gay is a Choice, So What?

Supporters and opponents of gay rights spend a lot of time talking about whether being gay is a choice. But, even if it was, would it matter to the debate?

'The Great Gatsby' Movie Review: Jay-Z Songs Prove This is Our Generation's Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann creates a deeper love story and darker Gatsby using two and a half hours of your time and a lot of Jay-Z songs.

6 Groups That Just Love Florida's New Ban On Internet Cafes

It's been a month since Florida lawmakers banned strip mall casinos, and any adult arcade that resembled one. Unintended consequences are already piling up, but gambling is alive and well.

What is BRCA1? How Companies Are Patenting Your Genetic Code

Angelina Jolie recently made headlines for announcing she had a masectomy after discovering she had the breast cancer-inducing BRCA1 gene. But the test cost $3,000 ... because of patented genes.

Without the Feminist Movement, Feminist Laws Wouldn't Be On the Political Radar

A study shows that mobilization and citizen activism goes much further in the movement to end sexual violence than legislative change, political equality, or a healthy local economy.

'How I Met Your Mother' Finale: Cristin Milioti is the Mother

After eight seasons and eight years, the mother on "How I Met Your Mother" was revealed in the season finale.

Eric Holder AP Scandal: What the DOJ Was After

The backstory behind the Department of Justice's seizure of Associated Press phone logs could prove far more interesting than even that troubling development.

Gun Debate 2013: This Administration Has Given Us Reason to Cling to Our Guns

Why is it crazy to fear the government abusing our Second Amendment rights? Take a look around. The Obama administration alone has provided reason to fear government tyranny and abuse.

4 Reasons AMC is the King Of TV

AMC has scored three cable hits with "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead," coming out of nowhere as a contender in the television world.

Wayne Brady: Bill Maher's Racially Charged Joke Enrages Actor

Bill Maher recently insinuated in a joke that actor Wayne Brady is an extreme example of a black man who acts "non-black," sending the comedian into a rage.

New York Public Library: Why New Yorkers Are Rallying to Save It

On May 8, New Yorkers rallied for a somewhat surprising cause — to save the New York Public Library from being dramatically redesigned and downsized.

Google Glass Release Date: 4 Designs You'd Actually Want to Wear

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Immigration Reform 2013: Fox News Needs a Lesson in Style — AP Style, That Is

Basic inconsistencies between the language used at Fox News and its Latino News site beg the question: who are they really writing for?

Immigration Reform 2013: Bill Goes Through Grueling Amendment Process

The Senate has begun the long and slow process of going through the 300 amendments that have been filed regarding the bill.

5 Reasons Stephen Colbert is My Favorite Feminist

In honor of Stephen Colbert's birthday, I wanted to list the top five reasons why he is my favorite feminist. Yes, men can be feminist and yes, Colbert is part of our tribe.

Calling All Millennials: Weigh In On Higher Education and Social Justice

As millions of millennials begin to matriculate, PolicyMic hosts a special discussion on social justice and higher education next week. What's your take?

Kenneth Waltz Dead At 88: One Of World's Greatest Political Theorists Dies

Dr. Kenneth Waltz, best known as the father of the neorealist theory of international relations, passed away from complications of pneumonia and congenitive hearth failure at the age of 88.

Gun Control 2013: The Debate Isn't About Guns, But Who's Holding Them

Whether you put your faith in the Second Amendment's "well-regulated militia" or the federal government's role in dissolving them, you are putting your faith in guns. Or rather: in guns we trust.

'The Mindy Project' Season Finale: Still Figuring Out What Makes a Good Sitcom Great

"The Mindy Project" is on its way to becoming a great sitcom.

5 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand Online

Everything you need about building your brand.

Manchin-Toomey 2013: Why I Opposed Universal Background Checks, and Why I Was Wrong

As a libertarian, I opposed Manchin-Toomey because I thought it created a national gun registry — an Orwellian prospect. Now I know my fellow Republicans misled me.

Angelina Jolie Mastectomy: Brad Pitt Says "This is a Happy Day For Our Family"

Brad Pitt has spoken out about Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy.

WATCH: Michele Bachmann Clears Hillary Clinton, Blames God for Benghazi

The conservative congresswoman from Minnesota says that the terrorist attacks on New York City, Washington DC, and Benghazi were the result of God's judgment. Sadly not satire. Watch the video.

Marijuana Legalization 2013: Drug War Hardliners Won't Be Swayed By New Scientific Evidence

A recent study has found that marijuana may be less likely to cause bladder cancer than cigarretes. It's dust in the wind to everyone who might be able to enact policy. Who cares?

White People 150% Wealthier Than Everyone Else Compared to 4 Years Ago

Whites are now, on average, six times as wealthy as people of color. Four years ago, they were four times as wealthy.

Nakba Day 2013: The Importance Of Commemorating "The Catastrophe"

May 15 is Nakba Day, the "day of the catastrophe" in Arabic, which commemorates the forcible expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their lands in 1948.

Benghazi Cover-up: Republicans Are in Danger Of Overreaching and Alienating Voters

Republicans are at risk of overplaying their hand in the Benghazi affair.

Ryan Fogle: Russia Spills the Beans On Alleged CIA Spy in Its Custody

In a story worthy of a spy novel, Russian authorities have claimed that they captured a CIA spy that was attempting to recruit a Russian agent by bribing him to spy on Russia.

Reince Priebus: Why Millennials Should Turn to the Republican Party

Read my responses to two PolicyMic commenters on why the GOP is the protector of millennial values and interests, and why President Obama is failing young people.

Benghazi: Poll Says the Only People Who Care Are Republicans

A recently released poll says that the only people who think the Benghazi investigation is more important than other affairs of state are Republicans.

Angelina Jolie Double Mastectomy: Actress Had Surgery to Prevent Breast Cancer

The actress reveals in she got a double masectomy to prevent breast cancer, and this sets a great example for women at high risk of the potentially terminal condition.

Gun Control 2013: We Can't Keep Stalkers From Getting Guns Without Mandatory Background Checks

Representative Janice Hahn (D-Calif.) introduced new legislation that would make it illegal for stalkers to purchase guns.

Stop Hating Your Body Tumblr: Creator Annie Segarra Discusses Popular Blog

The popular blog Stop Hating Your Body allows thousands of submitters to share their journeys toward self-love, and PolicyMic sat down with creator Annie Segarra to chat about it.

Mass. Senate Polls: Close Race Between Newcomer Gomez and Tenured Markey

Public Policy Polling has Democratic Rep. Markey ahead of GOP Gabriel Gomez by four points, a meager lead when comparing resumes between tenured Markey and newcomer Gomez.

Millennials Have Already Won On Gay Rights, Abortion, and Immigration — What's Next?

Plenty of debate is still to come about economic issues, but on social ones, the verdict is in — millennials have made America a more tolerant and egalitarian place.

Rand Paul 2016: Paul Throws Libertarians Under the Bus in Outreach to Evangelicals

Rand Paul isn't always the libertarian he pretends to be ... and especially not when talking to evangelical Christian leaders.

How Volunteering Stops Millennials From Actually Changing the World

Volunteering is often detrimental to social justice movements. What can nonprofits and volunteers do to create a happy volunteering experience?

Gay Rights 2013: Support For Gay Marriage Growing in Conservative State of Arizona

In a further sign of changing attitudes to marriage equality across the nation, a new poll has found that a majority of people in Arizona now support same sex marriage, 55% to 35%.

Elizabeth Warren Student Loans: Bill a Good Start

Warren's bill is a craft political statement intended to incorporate an impending issue about the student loan bubble and further rally students to become more active political agents.

Feminism Isn't One-Size-Fits-All

In the same way that we cannot expect one feminist to speak for all women, there cannot be a uniform feminism that speaks to all women.

Angelina Jolie Breast Cancer: Actress Inspires CNN Anchor to Open Up About Her Own Mastectomy

Zoraida Sambolin thanks Angelina Jolie for allowing her to open up about her own struggles with breast cancer.

Angelina Jolie Double Mastectomy: Support Her Health and Recognize Her Privilege

When we celebrate Angelia Jolie, what are we celebrating? Who isn’t being celebrated?

IRS Scandal: Obama's Underlings Take His Administration Further Down the Rabbit Hole

In an era when both parties incessantly hunt for scandals, the Internal Revenue Service's discriminatory treatment of conservative groups is distinguishable: Obama has strongly condemned it.

Angelina Jolie Mastectomy: Why Did the Star Actress Get This Major Breast Operation?

Angelina Jolie writes in the New York Times about why she made the choice to undergo a double mastectomy to reduce her odds of having breast cancer.

Steph Curry: Is He the Playoff MVP?

Stephen Curry has established himself as a top-1o player in the NBA. Looking at his past, its no surprise that he has become one of the most exciting players in the league to watch.

NYC Mayoral Race: Are Developers Consolidating Their Grip On New York?

Most New Yorkers don't know enough to the multi-million dollar real estate transactions that disrupt the physical, economic and housing cityscape. Their learning can begin this Mayor's race.

Ed Markey: I Will Fight For Millennials in Massachusetts

I first ran for office at the age of 24, and now I'm running for Senate in the state of Massachusetts to ensure the millennial generation is more educated, healthy, prosperous, and more just.

Kermit Gosnell Case: Abortion Doctor Proof We Need More Safe Abortions

I hope Gosnell rots in prison. But restricted access to abortion, especially among the lower-class individuals upon which he preyed, is exactly why Gosnell was able to do what he did.

IRS Scandal: Pro-Israeli Right Wingers Were Also Targeted, But Whose Fault Is It?

Z Street claims the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigated it because it is pro-Israeli. Blame the War on Terror, not liberals.

Pablo Pantoja: Florida RNC Hispanic Outreach Director a Democrat Now

The RNC is spending heavily to gain minority voters, but can’t convince their own minority outreach staff that the GOP’s culture is inclusive.

Mead Treadwell: Debunking ThinkProgress' Ignorant Attacks On the Alaska Senate Candidate

Josh Israel of ThinkProgress calls Alaska Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell "the male Sarah Palin." Libel, or just stupid?

4 Anti-Science Politicians In Charge of Our Science Policy

A look at the anti-science bent of four U.S. representatives in light of Lamar Smith's proposed legislation to alter the merit review process of National Science Foundation research grants.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Free Elections Don't Mean a Free Country

After the first peaceful transfer of power in Pakistan we must remember elections do not equal democracy.

Canadians Are So Nice, Their Cops Cry Over the Death Of the Town Drunk

This is a heartwarming story, brought to you by those ridiculously polite guys just north of us.

Scotland Independence Vote: Could It Be a Feminist Utopia?

If the people vote for independence from the UK in 2014, the people of Scotland will be given a new, written constitution. Could Scotland's constitution be the first feminist constitution?

New Pundit Chelsea Dias Thinks Millennials Need Better Access to Capitol Hill. Do You?

New pundit Chelsea Dias shares why she would provide easier access to White House tours, Supreme Court hearings and Capitol Hill tours as part of her application to our D.C. City Challenge.

Michael Bloomberg: New York Mayor Proposes Pro-Business Sick Day Law

New York's billionaire mayor is treading the lines between the parties with his pro-business sick day proposal, and when you try to please everyone like this, you occasionally slip.

Pablo Pantoja: RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Becomes Democrat

It's almost as if the GOP doesn't want the Latino vote.

Bill O'Reilly and Wolf Blitzer Think It's Ok For the Government to Spy On Them

What do Bill O'Relly and Wolf Blitzer have in common? They've both dissented from the majority opinion in the press and supported the Justice Department's irresponsible seizure of AP records.

A Visual Representation Of a Month In the Life Of Twitter

A new study maps the geography of the world's tweets over a month long period in 2012, creating a visual representation of a month in the life of Twitter.

Millennium Development Goals: World Bank President Jin Yong Kim Says Our Leaders Must Fight Poverty

The World Bank president said during a Global Voices on Poverty event that we need a movement to end poverty. Whether leaders have the political will to actually get moving remains to be seen.

5 TV Couples That Took Forever to Get Together

There are always TV couples we root for. Through their ups and downs, we just know they’ll end up together in the end. Here are some of our favorites.

USC Rape: Administration Sweeps Assault Claims Under the Rug

A sit-in this week at the University of Southern California claims that the university is unwilling to properly deal with rape allegations against its students.

Ted Cruz 2016: Is He a Pretender or Contender?

The question with Senator Cruz isn’t will he or won’t he; rather, it’s a question of how formidable a contender will he really be in 2016?

Mother's Day 2013: 5 Things Millennials Owe Their Mothers

Our mothers fought for rights we take for granted. It’s time to pay it forward.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Know Why the U.S. Will Approve It? 35 Billion Dollar Bills

Environmental concerns aside, $35 billion in lost "crack spread" is the reason the U.S. will almost certainly approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

66 Members of Congress Get Most of Their Money From Out of State Donors

“No taxation without representation” — But are constituents’ interests represented when their members of Congress receive most of their campaign cash from donors who do not live in the state?

Military Sexual Assault Scandal Can't Be Handled By the Military Alone

The United States military clearly cannot fix the problem of sexual assault without outside assistance. Regulatory agencies need to step in and do some of the heavy lifting.

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo: An Interview With One Of Cuba's Biggest Dissident Bloggers

An interview with dissident Cuban blogger Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo on his past and present, his thoughts on modern Cuba, and his dreams for the future.

IRS Scandal: Obama Promises More Accountability, But is That Enough?

A draft audit by the Inspector General reveals the IRS conducted unfair audits and denied conservative groups seeking tax exemption.

5 Things You Should Know About the GMOs You're (Probably) Eating

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, show up again and again in the news, online, and in popular media. Be an informed consumer and brush up on the basics.

Bloomberg News Privacy Breach: Matthew Winkler Admits Reporters Had Client Information Access

The editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News admitted that reporters have been able to access sensitive information from clients.

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