17 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On the Internet

There are millions and millions of websites and web services available online. I sorted through some of the best ones, which allow you to do some pretty cool stuff.

Who Are the Syrian Rebels? A Basic Intelligence Briefing On the Assad Resistance

Syria is a very dangerous place right now, with multiple opposition groups jockeying for power against Assad's Ba'athist government. But rebel factionalism may be keeping Assad in power.

Syrian Execution YouTube Video: GRAPHIC Footage Shows Rebel Atrocities

Warning: very graphic content of captured Syrian soldiers being executed by a rebel.

Google Glass Price: Only Affordable For Wealthy?

When members of the 1% compete for the privilege of paying $1,500 for a pair of glasses, one can’t help but wonder if we haven’t already been transported to an alternate reality.

3 Reasons Why An Ivy League Education Actually Is Worth It

There are significant benefits to an Ivy League education. They may be obtained at other institutions, but perhaps not as easily.

North Korea News: Yes, You Should Worry About North Korea Going Nuclear, But Not For the Reason You Think

The potential for Pyongyang to enter the nuclear business should be of more concern than the amount of warheads it has.

25 Things Every Young Professional Should Know By Age 25

A few years into the workforce, we should have this checklist covered.

Does Sexist Language Not Count As Hate Speech?

A recent study looking at hate in social media didn’t include sexism. Is sexist language not as hate-filled as racist, homophobic, or albeist language?

Zach Braff Kickstarter: Kevin Smith Calls Celebrity Kickstarters Unfair to Indie Filmmakers

Kevin Smith's comments against solvent filmmakers using Kickstarter is an affront to Zach Braff, who is already under fire.

David Sal Silva: Video Confiscated By Police Officers Shows Them Beating Man to Death

Officers beat a man to death, and then confiscate video evidence obtained by bystanders. What this says about police accountability as more departments expand citizen surveillance programs.

Chelsea FC: After Europa League Victory, Will Roman Abramovich Replace Rafa Benitez?

Rafa Benitez, despite winning the Europa League, is out as manager of Chelsea. Who will replace him?

300 Steamy Love Letters Detailing a World War II Affair Make Their Internet Debut

An affair between a handsome doctor and the sweet nurse he fell in love with during World War II is revealed through letters found by their daughter after the mother's death.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Congress Screwed Up Immigration Reform in 1875

If 2013 is finally the year of contemporary immigration reform, let's look back at 1875, the first year of immigration reform legislation.

10 Ridiculously Underrated Videogames

Some great games get a lot of love; these aren't those.

Immigration Reform 2013: Immigration is Making America Majority Non-White

Immigration will overtake natural births as the primary driver of population growth in the near future. The U.S. population is forecast to get less white and older as the years go on by.

Obama Budget 2014: The Most Significant Health Care Cut You Know Nothing About

The Obama administration proposed a massive cut to the way the U.S. helps fund training future doctors. If this cut goes through, will the nation face health crises down the road?

Pat Robertson Thinks That If Your Husband Cheats On You, You Need To "Honor Him"

Think this is just offensive to women? It's insulting to men too.

Immigration Reform 2013: House Republicans Threaten to Quit

Two Republican members of bipartisan House immigration group, John Carter of Texas and Raul Labrador of Idaho, have threatened to quit negotiations if an agreement is not reached on Thursday.

Feminist Weekly: Graduates, Start Your Commencing

This week, PolicyMic writers tackled everything from the post-graduate feminist job market to Senator Elizabeth Warren's student loan bill to abortion rights in El Salvador. Check it out!

This Disgusting New Billboard Sexualizes Breastfeeding

Up in time for Mother's Day, a new billboard on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles sexualizes a baby nursing from its mother, with the words “Jealous?” written in a thought bubble.

Bill Gates: Tax the Rich More to Help Reduce Deficit

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, among others, claim that the wealthy should pay more taxes to help reduce the deficit.

Europa League Final Results: Chelsea Becomes First Club to Hold Simultaneous European Titles

A dramatic last minute header from Branislav Ivanovic lifts Chelsea to a 2-1 victory over Benfica.

10 Tips to Make You a Better Cyclist

Cycling is an adrenaline-filled, low-impact, great way to get exercise. Here are 10 tips to get you in cycling shape.

Kelly Rowland 'Dirty Laundry: Listen to Artist's Song On Abusive Relationships, Detachment From Beyonce

The former Destiny's Child band member sings about having an abusive boyfriend while watching Beyonce's career thrive in dark new song, "Dirty Laundry."

10 Quotes to Remember While Palestinians Commemorate Al-Nakba

While Palestinians commemorate "The Day of Catastrophe," here are 10 Zionist quotes that should never be forgotten.

4 Reasons Evangelical Christians Should Go Ahead and Support Gay Marriage

The only time you'll ever hear anyone deploy the word "sanctity" is in the empty evangelical arguments against gay marriage.

Gun Control 2013: The Quickest Way to Gun Safety Is Gun Education

A followup to "Gun Control 2013: The Debate Isn't About Guns, But Who's Holding Them," which was originally titled "In Guns We Trust."

5 Most Bizarre iPad Products

Because who really wants to brag about owning the iPoop?

Bitcoin Price 2013: How Bitcoin Can Be a Catalyst For Social Change

Bitcoin will change the world whether or not it replaces a single state currency.

Bitcoin Price 2013: Mt. Gox, World's Largest Bitcoin Exchange, Seized By Federal Government

The Department of Homeland Security just issued an order restricting the transfer of funds in and out of Mt. Gox, the world's largest Bitcoin exchange.

Witness Protection Program: Obama Administration Loses Track Of Two Terror Suspects

In another scandal for the Department of Justice this week, two suspected terrorists are reportedly missing from the federal witness protection program.

IRS Scandal: Conservatives Trying to Finger Obama Don't Know the Facts

President Obama has moved decisively to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal. But will it be enough to stop conservatives from asking for his resignation?

Drones: Made in America, Sold to Militaries Everywhere

Surveillance and predator drones are made locally, but sold globally. And that poses some worrying questions for U.S. national security.

Bashar Al-Assad: If You Want to Intervene in Syria, You'd Better Remember Iraq First

Demanding that Obama follow through on the chemical weapons "red line" in Syria shows a persistent failure to understand Iraq's chief lesson: Armed intervention does not end violence.

Obama Wants to Wiretap Your Facebook Feed — Seriously, You Can't Make This Up

The AP and IRS scandals are chump change to this. Obama wants to back a plan that makes online wiretaps as easy as they are in China. Welcome to Obama's America.

Jodi Arias Verdict: Will She Get the Death Penalty?

As the Jodi Arias murder trial moves to its final stage of drama, the jury must decide if they recommend she get the death penalty. A case full of sex and violence may finally be closed.

Najib Razak: Why Malaysia Faces a Difficult Time Ahead

Despite winning the election, Malaysia's ruling coalition faces a challenging time governing the country as it struggles with ongoing allegations of electoral fraud and a restless opposition.

Tayyip Erdogan U.S. Visit: Obama Must Confront Turkish Ally On Human Rights Abuses

With Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's visit to the U.S. on Thursday, Obama should take the time to explain that Turkey must become a global leader — especially when it comes to human rights.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Boat Note: Claims Wars Motivated Boston Bombing, In a Sign Of "Blowback"

A note was reportedly left behind by alleged Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that claims his motivation was in retaliation to U.S. foreign policy. Is this an example of "blowback?"

4 Things That Affect Millennials More Than Benghazi, the IRS, and AP Scandals

These problems deserve intense media scrutiny, but nobody's paying attention.

The Office Finale: 10 Things We've Learned From The Office

What will we remember from the show?

5 Women Who Should Host the White House Correspondents' Dinner

They may not be in the boys' club, but they sure can make fun of it.

Bitcoin Price 2013: Feds Seize Funds Of World's Largest Bitcoin Exchange On Dubious Legal Grounds

In the latest bitcoin news, the largest bitcoin exchange has had its U.S. bank account seized by Homeland Security Investigations for failing to register as a "money transmitter" in the U.S.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Movie: Who Will It Appeal to?

Trekkies or Noobs and does it even actually matter?

Myanmar Muslims: If Myanmar Wants a Democracy, It Must Integrate Its Muslim Minority

Myanmar's communal conflicts are fast approaching a point where its transition towards a democracy is finally tested.

Solar Power: Will Water, Wind, and Solar Power Save Our Electric Grid?

Discussing whether to continue to invest in the current power grid or other energy sources, and how the government is lending help in developing clean energy.

Nawaz Sharif: After Pakistan Elections, New PM Facing Desperate Challenges Against New Government

Skyrocketing unemployment, military uneasiness with civilian rule, and a growing Islamist insurgency are just some of the many challenges facing Pakistan's new prime minister.

Palestinians Smuggle Buckets Of KFC Into the Gaza Strip As the Israeli Siege Continues

A Palestinian company is now offering to smuggle in deliveries of Kentucky Fried Chicken to customers in the Gaza Strip, which is under an ongoing Israeli siege.

Affordable Care Act: Republicans in Congress Vote to Repeal Obamacare

Thursday will mark the 37th vote taken in the House to repeal the Affordable Care Act that was set into law in 2010.

Sexual Assault in the Military: Scandals Represent Obama's "Katrina Moment"

The scourge of military rape and sexual assault is your "Katrina Moment" — a crucible; the meeting of multiple, overlapping crises that test our moral commitments to ourselves.

Texas Tornadoes Kill 6: Are More Coming?

On Wednesday night, tornadoes ripped through north Texas as part of a weather system that killed at least six and injured more than 100 others.

Warren Buffett Says We Need More Women in Business, and a New Study Shows He's Right

Warren Buffett's recent essay in Fortune magazine about the role of women in business is backed up by data about business ethics.

TIME Magazine Millennials: College Graduates Should Expect to Live Long, Healthy Lives In Which They Will Never Stop Working

Wall Street Journal Columnist Jason Gay suggests that the world can wait on contributions from millennials; the current economic system begs to differ.

3 Ways Warren Buffett Can Continue to "Lean In" and Fight For Women

The renowned investor just took a stand for women's equality, but his company lags behind in terms of corporate diversity practices. These are a few ways he can keep on leaning in.

4 Ways to Totally Dominate Post-Grad Life

As you collect your degree, you have two options: wallow in the clichés of glass-half-empty pessimism. Or try something else: trust yourself. Here's how to approach the real world.

San Francisco Rape Kits: Thousands Go Untested By Police Across the Country, and Crimes Go Unsolved

Thousands of untested rape kits are laying around police evidence rooms across America. How many serial rapists go uncaught each year due to police negligence?

War With Iran? New Study Shows Massively Distorted Media Coverage of Iranian Nuclear Program

Drawing parallels to media malpractice during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, a recent report concludes press coverage of Iran's nuclear program has been similarly distorted and dishonest.

Want to Fix Government? The Answer Isn't Bipartisanship, It's Nonpartisanship

Some members of Congress are trying to revive bipartisanship. What would happen if party affiliation was omitted from all elections?

Barbara Hewson: 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty' Applies to Suspected Pedophiles Too

Barbara Hewson is right: The populist outcry in the wake of the Jimmy Savile allegations risks turning Operation Yewtree into a witch-hunt if we ignore the basic principles of justice.

Steven Miller IRS: Acting IRS Commissioner is the Scandal's Fall Guy

The IRS should have investigated the Tea Party, but it should investigate all politically affiliated 501(c)(4)'s. If we don't like that, then we should change the law.

Ryan Fogle: Is Russian Outrage Over U.S. Spying For Real?

Unsettling allegations of espionage against the United States have once again surfaced from the Kremlin, drawing strains in the Russo-American relationship back into the spotlight.

Can Canada Prevent Muslim Women From Wearing the Niqab in Court?

Muslim women are allowed to don the niqab to court, if they can prove their religious beliefs.

Want National Institutes Of Health Research Funding? Better Hope Your Disease is Marketable

Increased research funding is proportional to patient advocacy ... and how sympathetic those patients seem. This concept of "deservedness" puts stigmatized diseases at a funding disadvantage.

David Beckham Retires: What It Means For the US Soccer and the MLS

“There's arguably not a soccer fan on this planet that doesn't know the LA Galaxy and Major League Soccer, and David played a significant role in helping us make that happen."

National Women's Health Week 2013: Government Must Stop Playing Politics With Women's Health

This may be National Women's Health Week, but state and federal governments are acting to hurt women's health. Ironic much?

Heidelberg Project Arson Yet Another Blow to Struggling Detroit

Detroit, a once thriving city, now seems to be on its last legs.

Rogoff-Reinhart: Austerity and Stimulus Together Can Save the Euro Zone

By using austerity and stimulus in those economies with dismal and strong structural integrity, respectively, recognizes the differences within the Eurozone and can produce long-term stability.

IRS Scandals: IRS and AP Snooping Scandals Reeks Of Nixon Era

The larger government gets, the more lawless it becomes.

Euro Crisis 2013: Austerity and Stimulus Combined Can Save the EU

After the release poor economic figures for the EU and doubts about the Harvard austerity study, the EU should reexamine its policies and realize that there is no one size fits all solution.

White House Benghazi Emails Call Into Question Rep. Issa's Motivations

Is Rep. Darrell Issa more interested in the truth about Benghazi or political gain? The White House Benghazi emails, a letter from the ARB, and a new report call into question his motivations.

Press Shield Bill: WikiLeaks Exempt From Chuck Schumer's Legislation

Sen. Charles Schumer's proposed press shield law would only protect "traditional" media outlets from government spying.

This Beautiful Salt Lake Could Make Bolivia a Green Energy Superpower

Salar de Uyuni is filled with the valuable resource lithium, the lifeblood of the electronics industry. This could make it the Saudi Arabia of green energy.

Climate Change: Still Don't Believe it is Happening? Well 97% of Climate Scientists Disagree With You

A new survey of peer-reviewed scientific literature has found that of 4,000 papers on climate change over the past 20 years, 97% agreed that it is happening and is caused by human activity.

Pig Bang Theory: What's Causing Manure to Explode?

Shoveling pig manure just got a lot more dangerous, now that it's recently started exploding as well.

Chris Christie Weight: Why It's Hard to Get Fit (Especially When You're Famous)

Governor Chris Christie is the accidental champion of weight stigma awareness, an unwitting symbol of what it means to be obese in America.

Rep. Mike Rogers: Congressman's Whistleblowing Views Have Changed Again

Rogers announced how valuable the information coming from newly emerging whistleblowers regarding the Benghazi attacks is. But his previous opinion of whistleblowers was not so favorable.

Investors Are Flocking to Latin America For Sun, Sand, and An Economy That Isn't Terrible

Foreign investors are becoming more attracted to Latin America as the U.S. and European economies suffer. But will this turn into tangible benefits for everyday Latin Americans?

Human Rights Watch: Gay Parade Banned in Moscow, Russia Denies Existance Of Gays

Moscow officials have rejected an application by gay rights advocates to hold a parade in the city. Yet another sign of increased oppression in Russia since the 2012 election of Vladimir Putin.

George Will: George Will Hates Big Government, But It's Big Government That Signs His Paycheck

George Will uses his Washington Post column to rail against big government, but a look into the Post's finances reveals that Will benefits from government largesse just as much as anyone else.

Female CEOs Make $600,000 Less Than Male Counterparts in Washington Lobby Groups

Not even the most powerful are immunue. The gender wage gap exists even in the highest positions, such as the heads of D.C. lobbying orgnizations.

5 Ways Blind Partisanship Has Ruined Obama's Potential

Partisanship between Republicans and the president has negatively impacted Obama’s performance in these five pivotal areas.

Bradley Manning: SF Pride's Decision to Exclude Bradley Manning Shows Divisions in the Movement

San Francisco activists protest of SF Pride's refusal to honor Bradley Manning gets support from Supervisor David Campos.

LinkedIn Prostitutes: Ban on Prostitution May Be a Bit Hard to Enforce

Yeah, good luck with that.

Kanye West Rant: Concert Outburst Typical Of Pot-Stirring Rapper

Think twice before you compare Kanye's recent concert outburst to his previous rants. The next time I see him at a show, I hope he’s angrier than he was in this one.

Google Wallet: Newest Feature Will Have E-Commerce Running For Cover

Google announces a new service that allows you to send money through your Gmail account.

Kirsten Gillibrand: Ending Military Sexual Assault Deserves A Crisis-Level Response

Lawmakers and top Pentagon brass in Washington have already figured out that the military has a sexual-assault problem. Are their officers listening?

Google Maps Redesign is Now Slick and Personal

Customized map recommendations. Google Earth 3-D effects. Public transit data. This is not your mom's Google Maps.

Kevin Cramer: North Dakota Congressman Blames Abortion For School Shootings

"40 years ago, the United States Supreme Court sanctioned abortion on demand. And we wonder why our culture sees school shootings so often," commented Rep. Kramer at a recent commencement event.

5 Simple Ways Millennials Can Give Back

Are you longing to make a difference within your community? Here are five easy ways to kick start being proactive!

Bobby Jindal School Vouchers: Louisiana Governor's Program Ruled Unconstitutional

Is it game over for vouchers in Louisiana, and what does it do to Bobby Jindal's presidential ambitions?

Google I/O Conference: Tech Giant Unveils Slick New Social Media Interface, But Will Millennials Care?

Google's latest announcement includes a slew of new apps and services as well as a slick new look for its social media site, but will it be enough to entice millennials?

5 Novels That Explain Everything You Need to Know About U.S. Foreign Policy

Reach for one of these if you're feeling lost in the complex world of geopolitics.

Project Kasai: Just How Much Garbage is in the Ocean?

How much garbage is floating around in the seas? Probably more than you ever thought possible.

Google I/O 2013: Everything You Need to Know About Day 1

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Larry Page I/O Address: CEO Envisions a Technological Utopia (Just So Long As It's Google's)

He then went on to insult Microsoft and Oracle for not getting along with Google the way Google wants them to.

'Scandal' Season 2 Finale: Kerry Washington Says You "Are Not Ready" For It

ABC's "Scandal" airs its season two finale Thursday night, and lead actress Kerry Washington tweeted of the episode, "U ARE NOT READY."

3 Ways Climate Change Will Hit Your Pocketbook. Hard.

Climate change isn't just an environmental issue: it's an economic one. Here are three ways that a warmer climate will sucker-punch your wallet.

Make Today An Awesome Work Day, But Also Focus On the Future

You can take control of your career by making the most of your job today while also looking ahead to what's next.