10 Life Lessons from Calvin & Hobbes

Embrace Your Weirdness, Boys Are Gross, and other valuable lessons from the world's worst-behaved child and his stuffed tiger.

Think American Apparel Isn't Sexist? Maybe This Will Convince You

See what happens when a Swedish blogger switched the gender of the models. The result will surprise you.

Philippines Economy: Booming, But Poverty and Unemployment Remain Problematic

The Philippines is no longer the “Sick Man of Asia,” but there are still huge challenges in “trickling down” the growing economic pie.

Kai the Hitchhiker: Viral Star Arrested on Murder Charge

Caleb McGillvary, a viral Internet celebrity better known as Kai the Hitchhiker, was arrested and charged with murder on Thursday after allegedly beating a New Jersey man to death.

Google Glass Price: Why Pay to Look Like An Idiot?

The price for Glass might be too high for the American ego. Plus, it's ugly and dorky, and who wants to pay to look that way?

Men Are Hurt By Sexist Ads Too, New Study Says

A new study says prints ads encourage men to express their masculinity through excessive body building, partying, and violence towards women.

D.A.R.E. is No Longer Anti-Marijuana, But Can This Save the Unpopular Program?

Will people start taking the historically unpopular program a little more seriously now?

Immigration Reform 2013: As the House Reaches a Deal, Is That Even a Good Thing?

It's great that both parties are finally pushing an immigration bill forward, but at what cost will this be done?

6 Reasonable Arguments For Why Gay Marriage Will End Civilization

In celebration of the 9th anniversary of gay marriage's first victory in the US (Massachusetts 2004), I have compiled a few timely predictions from the right.

Stop Policing and Questioning Beyonce's Feminist Credentials

When white liberal feminists label Beyoncé as anti-feminist, they are simply perpetuating the same racist partiarchy they're supposed to be combating.

Rob Ford Crack Video: You Have to See It to Believe It

Reporters from the Toronto Star and Gawker have been shown cell phone footage of what appears to be the city’s mayor, sitting in a well-lit room, inhaling from a glass crack pipe.

Homelessness is Your Problem Whether You Recognize It Or Not

Homelessness affects everyone and we should all take measures to end it.

YouTube Twerking: A Scientific Analysis Of the Viral Dance

A scholarly shake at the infamous dance move.

Republicans Try to Repeal Obamacare For 37th Time, Obama Crushes Them in a 3-Word Tweet

Republicans attempted to motivate opponents of Obamacare with a Twitter campaign #ObamaCareinThreeWords. They got crushed.

IRS Scandal: Democrats Who Encouraged IRS to Target Conservatives Now Feign Outrage

As the unconscionable actions of officials at the IRS are being made public, the same senators who urged the IRS to target conservative organizations are now feigning outrage.

NAACP Leader Julian Bond Calls the Tea Party "the Taliban of America"

Former NAACP Chairman (from 1998 to 2010) Julian Bond claims the Tea Party "is the Taliban of America," and says they're racist, hostile to women, and obey a "Stalinist religion." Really?

Khalid al-Hamad Explains Why He Ate a Pro-Assad Soldier's Heart

Khalid al-Hamad (known as Abu Sakkar) explains a widely-circulated video in which he defiles the corpse of a pro-Assad fighter, taking a bite out of the lung. Now he's here to explain why.

Caleb “Kai” McGillvary Arrested: Viral Hitchhiker YouTube Star Wanted For Alleged Murder Of Joseph Galfry

The Hatchet-wielding YouTube sensation has wielded his last hatchet.

Deficit Size: U.S. Debt is Decreasing, But Nowhere Near Fast Enough

On Tuesday the CBO released updated projections to its 10 year budget outlook which shows an improved situation but it's only part of the story for Millennials.

7 Reminders Of What Real U.S. Government Scandals Look Like

With the manufactured Benghazi scandal tying with the IRS for the story that our corporate-sponsored media is freaking out the most about, it’s worth looking back at some real scandals.

IRS Scandals: Liberal Media is Right to Be Disappointed in Obama

Liberals have become increasingly discontent with Obama's leadership amid many scandals and legislative failures. Has Obama lost his magic touch with Liberals?

IRS Scandal: Conservatives Should Learn From Democrats, and Use the IRS to Their Advantage

Republicans need to expand their use of IRS to target opponents, not restrict it.

The War On Terror Will Continue For "AT LEAST Another 10-20 Years"

A senior Obama administration official said on Thursday that the ever expanding "war on terror" will continue for at least another 10 to 20 years, despite the already staggering costs.

Sanal Edamaruku: Backlash Against Indian Skeptic Shows the Tyranny Of Religion

An Indian skeptic faces three years in prison for revealing "holy water" to be pollution. What a horrible person!

Grad School Is a Bad Idea, But So Are Many Things Worth Doing

Certain careers are hard. But they're worth doing because they need saving.

Would This 1946 Oscar Winner Still Win Best Picture Today? Yes

In my quest to become a movie buff, I'm watching and reviewing every Best Picture winner. This week's pick is "Best Years of Our Lives," and the plot would definitely resonate with viewers today.

5 Most Offensive Things Said This Week

From standing by the "n-word" 100%, to calling sex slaves necessary, these are some of the most outrageous things comments made over the last seven days.

10 Troubling Rob Ford Moments That Suggest He Should Be in Rehab, Not the Mayor's Office

Is it possible Toronto's mayor has even deeper-rooted problems than getting caught on camera smoking crack? Enter the wild world of Rob Ford, where it seems like anything outrageous is possible.

Meet Robby Barthelmess, Outdoor Enthusiast, Libertarian, and Pundit Of the Week

Robby Barthelmess is a writer, photographer and pundit of the week. As part of the "pundit of the week" blog, we spotlight one PolicyMic-er to share personal experiences with the community.

'Brave' Merida: Disney Redesign Of Character Ruins Film's Message

Disney's redesign of Merida from the film "Brave" undermines the progressive messages of the film and supports problematic ideals of beauty and feminine fulfillment.

What is Bitcoin? Regulating Bitcoin Legitimizes It As a New Currency

You know when you've truly made it when the government wants to regulate you.

Jurassic Park 3D: Why Triple D's Don't Excite Me Anymore

A year after Martin Scorsese said he wished "Taxi Driver" could have been filmed in 3D, the technology has gone from being an industry game changer to an expensive novelty.

Help Gawker Raise $200,000 to Buy the Rob Ford Crack Tape

Do you want to see Rob Ford smoking crack? There's a kickstarter (or shall we say, "crackstarter") for that.

Does God Exist? How Religion and Science Are Actually in Agreement

Are Christians backward, are scientists godless, or are science and religion intertwined and complimentary?

WikiLeaks Wouldn't Be Protected By Charles Schumer's Press Shield Bill

In response to the outrage over the Department of Justice covertly gathering press correspondence, the government has presented a bill to protect the press. Here's why it won't.

Bitcoin Price 2013: Digital Currency is the Future Of Payments

As Bitcoin gains acceptance among retailers and other vendors, it seems poised to become the future of online transactions, but how certain is that future?

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan: More Proof That Islam and Democracy Go Together

Some Westerners perceive that democracy and Islam are incompatible. While religion plays a vital role in Muslim countries, Muslims strongly believe that Islam and democracy can coexist.

These 3 States Are Fighting Back Against Anti-Abortion Legislation

Three states are fighting back at increasingly restrictive anti-abortion legislation, which continue to challenge how far a state can go against Roe v. Wade.

Gun Control 2013: Congress's Proposed Solution Comes Straight Out Of James Bond

Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.) proposed safe gun legislation that would require newly manufactured handguns to be personalized so they are operable only by the owner.

Bashar Al-Assad: A No-Fly Zone Is the Only Way to Stop Assad

The US response to the Syrian civil war has been a complete failure that has not only deepend the conflict inside Syria's borders but has dragged the whole region down with it.

IRS Scandals: To Prevent Another One, Abolish the IRS and Replace It With Fairtax

Stories of IRS abuse are both legendary and historically accurate. It is time to repeal the income tax and the Internal Revenue Service.

4 Most Interesting Books Of 2013 So Far

It's only May, but here are 2013's most interesting reads so far.

Benghazi Emails: Should ABC News's Jonathan Karl Reveal His Misleading Source?

ABC News's Jonathan Karl reported that the State Department had led officials to edit talking points on the Benghazi attacks, but it wasn't true. Shoud he reveal his source?

Carla Hale: Bishop Watterson Catholic High Teacher Fired For Being Gay

Carla Hale was fired for being gay and violating religious teachings of the school at which she worked. Read more about it and decide for yourself if she should or should have been canned.

'Devious Maids' TV Show: Will Eva Longoria's Lifetime Program Perpetuate Latina Stereotypes?

Will the Eva Longoria-produced show, "Devious Maids" be just another bad example of what happens when a white male in a white male-dominated Hollywood writes our stories?

Arne Svenson: Is This Camera-Toting New Yorker a Progressive Artist Or a Peeping Tom?

TriBeCa residents are being photographed without their knowledge, and the artist is legally in the clear.

Jason Collins Comes Out: What is the Future For Gay Professional Athletes?

With many professional athletes and public figures coming out as gay, the future seems positive for LGBT equality in sports.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Will It Affect Southern Farmers?

The impact of the Gang of Eight's new immigration bill will be felt strongly in the south and agricultural regions. It will legalize migrant workers, but could also create a workforce loss.

YouTube Granbury Tornado Video: 110 Homes Destroyed, 6 Dead in Spring Twister Surge

It is believed that hundreds have been left homeless as at least 10 tornadoes hit Texas overnight on Wednesday.

Fisher v University of Texas: Is the Supreme Court Getting Ready to Kill Affirmative Action?

The Supreme Court will give a decision on affirmative action in college admissions this summer or next. Signs indicate it could go either way, but we may not be ready for race-blind admissions.

RS Scandal: A Tea Partier's Open Letter to the IRS

The IRS scandal has demonstrated yet again that large, unaccountable government bureaucracies cannot be trusted — with anything.

Social Media Users in Saudi Arabia Have "Lost This World" and the "Afterlife"

As the growing use of social media in the country continues to concern authorities, the head of Saudi Arabia's religious police has reportedly condemned Twitter users.

Benghazi Attack 2013: Fortress Embassies Don't Work, and It's Time to Stop Building Them

Since 2001, there have been eight attacks on U.S. embassies and consulates, mostly in the Middle East, so we should take a long look at our foreign policy before we just build more.

AP Scandal: Why Haven't Republicans Decried It Like Benghazi Or the IRS?

Compared to the universal fury over the IRS and Benghazi scandals, the Republican response to the AP scandal has been much more muted.

'Arrested Development' Season 3: 3 Things the Cult Show Taught Television

“There is always money in the banana stand” is not the only lesson 'Arrested Development' has taught us about television and life.

IRS Scandal: Benghazi, IRS, and AP Reveal Obama's Contempt For Ordinary Americans

The three scandals are ruining the Obama presidency.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Movie Review: J.J. Abrams Film Explores Uncharted Space

"Star Trek Into Darkness" has less to do with space than the people who traverse it and is a study of what drives us in the face of despair: family, obsession, justice.

Coolest Mom Ever Chases After Daughter's Kidnapper and Wins

The last person you want to mess with is the mother, dude. Don't even try.

'The Office' Series Finale: Show That Started Out Awkward Developed a Big Heart

While "The Office" might not be exactly the same prickly, uncomfortable show it started out as, its last episode proves that it grew into a big-hearted comedy about the lives of average people.

Bitcoin 2013: The Booths

Booths, booths, and more booths at Bitcoin 2013

Why Does Obama Want to Go "Bulworth?" And What Does "Bulworth" Mean?

With Benghazi, the IRS scandal, failed gun control legislation, and DOJ's the "investigation" of the Associated Press hanging over President Obama's head, he expresses the desire to go rogue.

Baz Dera Bombing: Attack on Mosques Shows That Pakistani Violence Isn't About to Stop

Blasts targeting two mosques in northwestern Pakistan highlight the newly elected government's monumental challenge of addressing deadly militant violence launched in the country.

Farrah Abraham: Chrissy Teigen Of Sports Illustrated Calls Her a "Whore"

Twitter users expressed outrage at Chrissy Teigen's recent negative comments concerning the former "Teen Mom" star's sex tape.

Star Trek Into Darkness Review: Read What People Are Saying Across the Internet

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the web.

David Beckham Retirement: 3 Soccer Stories That Are More Important

Here is a brief list of stories that surpass Beck's retirement this week in importance by leaps and bounds (and kicks, and dives).

Benghazi Emails: Republicans Fail to Prove Cover-Up

Now that White House emails prove there's no explicit cover-up will Republicans finally give up on trying to make Benghazi a scandal?

Watch These Local Ducks Crossing the Road Interrupt a Crazy Car Chase

Portland Police show that they are guardians of all creatures: human, animal, and avian.

DOW and S&P Index: With Daily Records, is the U.S. Overdue For a Correction?

Recent news has indicated that the Federal Reserve are aiming to decrease the money supply in response to positive economic growth. Will this policy create a stock bubble?

IRS Scandal Will Make Conservatives a Lot Of Money

Republicans and Tea Partiers have hit the jackpot with President Obama's scandals this week.

3 Pro Tips For Millennial Freelance Writers

While freelancing presents its challenges, millennials may be in a prime position to face these down.

Christopher Nolan James Bond Film: Why He Won't Direct It

Nolan is past the fancy franchise stage in his career ... at least I hope.

LulzSec Trial: Hackers Sentenced in Desperate Attempt to Prove a Point

A comprehensive guide to LulzSec, the formerly-shadowy hacking collective which wreaked havoc across the internet.

LIVE From the PolicyMic Community, the Summer Culture Skillshare Takes Off

PolicyMic's summer culture skillshare is underway. Stay tuned for updates on our new pundits and engage with an online community of culture enthusiasts.

Bitcoin 2013: Registration

The Bitcoin 2013 conference gets started.

Gay Rights 2013: The LGBT Movement Has Come Farther, Faster Than Anyone Imagined

Since Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage, nine years ago today, the political and social climate have altered, and support for marriage equality has grown exponentially.

This New Law Student Project Gives Innocent Prisoners the Freedom They Deserve

The Innocence Project, a national litigation public policy organization staffed by legal interns, has freed 306 people so far, 18 of whom were on death row.

Meet Fizza Joffrey, New Culture Pundit

Fizza Joffrey is a One Direction lover, UC Riverside graduate, and new PolicyMic culture pundit.

New Culture Writer Stephen Roper Spills the Beans On Last Minute Pundit Success

Stephen Roper made it into PolicyMic's summer culture skillshare, but just barely. He explains how to become a new pundit at the absolute last minute.