Where Does the U.S. Rank Among the World's Most Racist Countries?

A recent study by Swedish economists measures the correlation between countries' levels of economic freedom and their racial tolerance. The results will surprise you.

5 Ways to Make Sure That Your Porn is Ethically Feminist

The second wave is long gone! Sex-positive feminism is reclaiming porn as a tool of empowerment. With ever-increasing options, how do you ensure that your porn is both respectful and really hot?

Fair Sentencing Act: Are Crack Cocaine Laws Intentionally Racist?

Federal appeals court rules that sentences for people convicted of crack cocaine offenses should be retroactively reduced, calling existing drug sentencing laws intentionally discriminatory.

Immigration Reform 2013: Bill Or No Bill, America Will Still Have a Farm Labor Crisis

The Gang of Eight's immigration bill allows for future farm workers, but industry experts say it won't be enough to satiate the need for farm labor, so solutions must be found.

Obama Umbrella: Umbrella 'Controversy' is Right-Wing Desperation At Its Worst

This week another devastating scandal erupted in the Obama administration. This will surely be the final nail in the coffin for the Obama administration.

Armed Forces Day 2013 Reminds Us How We've Failed Our Heroes

Armed Forces Day 2013 falls on Saturday. On this day, we remember our veterans from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. America has neglected our most upstanding men and women.

Merida Makeover: Disney's 'Brave' New World Meets a Backlash

Disney announced Merida would be part of its official “Princess Collection.” The new title came with a sexy makeover for her character and heavy criticism for Disney.

Bitcoin 2013: Winklevoss Twins Keynote Speech

Keynote speech from the Winlevoss twins.

Obama Administration Reaps $51 Billion Profit From Student Debt Loans

Overall, the Department of Education has made $120 billion in profit from student debt loans over the last 5 years.

This Graph Shows the Unintended Consequences Of Raising the Minimum Wage

Only 2% of wage earners in America work for minimum wage. Raising the rate from $9 to $15, or more, will create economic mayhem for the remaining 98%. Here's why.

Jorge Rafael Videla Dead: Did Pope Francis Sit Idly By During Argentine's 'Dirty War'?

Former Argentine military dictator Jorge Rafael Videla recently died in prison while serving a life sentence for his crimes against humanity. But did Pope Francis just watch him commit them?

NY AIDS Walk 2013: Cure for HIV Isn't Within Reach

Although recent studies show promise and progress toward discovering a cure for HIV/AIDS, a cure is still a long way off.

Ted Cruz 2016: Presidential Run Would Put Birthers in a Bind

Ted Cruz is an American citizen, but he wasn't born in this country. This should put the birther wing of the GOP in quite a scramble to explain why they'd love him for president.

Obama Recess Appointments Are Unconstitutional

But every president has made more recess appointments than President Obama. So what gives?

Japan Tsunami: By Rebuilding After Disasters, Is Japan Putting Its Coast At Risk Again?

After the 2011 tsunami, authorities in Japan have begun rebuilding and expanding seawalls and other coastal defenses, which environmentalists say will further damage coastal ecosystems.

Benghazi 'Cover Up', IRS, and AP Scandals Could Doom the GOP If They Mishandle Them

The trifecta of scandals — Benghazi, IRS, AP — now facing the Obama administration has the potential to do more damage to the Republican Party than the Democrats.

Mars Rover Opportunity Breaks NASA Record and Keeps On Truckin'

This week the Mars rover Opportunity broke a 40-year-old NASA record and is poised to shatter the overall world record in longest off-road off-planet drive ever.

Strongbox Launch: How Aaron Swartz is Still Defending Your Internet Privacy

The late internet activist Aaron Swart's project with the New Yorker launched Wednesday. Strongbox lets users share information, messages, and files with writers and editors anonymously.

France Gay Marriage: Which Will Be the 10th European Country to Legalize Gay Marriage?

The French Constitutional Council rejected challenges made Friday by conservative lawmakers over the constitutionality of the Marriage for All bill passed by French Parliament in April.

John Edwards: Re-Entry Into Public Life Proves You Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Because an illegitimate child, an extramarital affair, and allegations of misuse of campaign funds keep no man down.

Cannes Jewelry Heist: $1 Million in Celebrity Jewels Stolen

Emma Watson swears it wasn't her.

Revenge is Best Served On Wikipedia

"Revenge editing" of Wikipedia pages hurts the online encyclopedia's already shaky image as a reliable and accurate source of information. What can be done to make Wikipedia legitimate?

Bitcoin 2013: The Lightening Room Recap Pt 1

First half of the day in the Lightening Room at Bitcoin 2013

TIME Millennials: Don't Complain — Get An Education and Prove You Can Succeed Too

The author advises millennials to buck up, pursue an education, and stay confident in themselves.

Powerball Winner: 8 Things More Likely Than Hitting the $600 Million Jackpot

You have a better chance of being hit by a meteor. Bruce Willis not included.

World Whiskey Day: Celebrate it Today, Because Ron Swanson Said So

Today, May 18, is the second annual World Whiskey Day. So it's time to get appreciating.

Reading the Classics Will Make You Better at Gaming

Reading Austen, Shakespeare and Tolstoi will improve your brain function and make you better at theories of games and economic behavior. True story.

Benghazi Talking Points: Congress Knew About Lack Of Cover Up Well Before Witchhunt

Congressional sources have revealed that lack of evidence of a Benghazi cover up was known before the White House released related e-mails. The GOP's cover up charges are coming into doubt.

North Korea Missile Launch: Kim Jong-Un Fires 3 New Missiles in Renewed Provocation

North Korea launched three missiles on Saturday. The latest missile launch by North Korean come as tensions between North Korea and South Korea and its allies remains high.

4 Companies That Are Making Mad Money While Also Saving the World

What is a benefit corporation? The way millennials are saving the world while also turning a handsome profit.

5 Stocks That Could Pay For Your Student Debt Loan

Tired of the market gaming against you? It's time for some payback.

News Genius Quotes of the Week: May 12-18

The week of May 17th, 2013 pits IRS scandals with phone hacking, Kanye West, stem cells, and David Beckham, leaving shocking news for every type of person.

Iraq Bombings: Over 70 Killed On Friday As Iraq's Destabilization Continues

Bomb blasts on Friday killed over 70 people in Iraq, bringing the death toll for May to 300 as fears that the violence will descend into civil war grow.

To Truly Celebrate Mother's Day, Think Of the People Who Are Too Busy to Celebrate It

The culture of Mother's Day revolves around very particular images of who mothers are, what they do, and what they want. That should change.

Bitcoin 2013: The Lightening Room Presentations

Lead up to the Lightening Room presentations at Bitcoin 2013.