Twerking YouTube: San Diego High School Students Suspended for Twerking Video

33 high school students from Scripps Ranch H.S. have been suspended for filming a "twerking" video on school grounds. Did this high school take their punishment too far?

Mother's Day 2013: We Should Totally Get Rid Of Parent Days

Because everyday should be Mother's (and Father's) Day.

North Carolina Rapper Busted For Possession ... Of An AriZona Iced Tea

Rapper Xstrav was arrested April 29th in Fayetteville, NC by a plainclothes cop who demanded he over his Arizona Ice Tea. The cop turned hostile when Xstrav refused.

10 Bizarre Facts You Didn't Know About North Korea

You probably did not know that North Korea does not consider itself as a communist country anymore.

Fred Biery: Texas Judge's Strip Club Ruling Titillates America With Its Sexual Innuendos

Judge Fred Biery decided to have some fun when it came to issuing an opinion on a San Antonio ordinance regulating strip clubs.

Fabio Martinez Castilla: Abortion is Worse Than Child Rape, Says Mexican Archbishop

Mexican Archbishop alleges "abortion is much more serious than rape of children by priests" in a recent homily.

Iron Man 3 Movie Review: It's Self-Absorbed and Half-Assed, But Still Great

Director Shane Black didn't bring his full game into this. Fortunately, his half-game is still enough to hold the movie together nicely.

Jamestown Cannibalism: 3 Most Horrifying Cannibal Incidents in History

That Jamestown settlers turned to cannibalism is abhorrent, but we should not be quick to judge them or any other people in such extreme situations. Here are three other times it happened.

'Iron Man 3' Movie: The Greatest Weaknesses Of Our Greatest "Super" Heroes

These weaknesses make these awesome superheroes a lot like us. Well, almost.

Romney Southern Virginia University Speech: “Get Married, Have a Quiver Full Of Kids”

At Southern Virginia University, Mitt Romney encourages new graduates to go out and have a bunch of kids. Thanks, but no thanks Mitt.

Light Bulb Study: Why Republicans Don't Want to Buy Greener, Costlier Light Bulbs

The Light Bulb Wars are on the horizon as consumers rely on party identification to tell them if they are going to go with cleaner, cheaper light bulbs.

5 Real Life Issues College Does Not Prepare You For

The moment you graduate from college, you are a freshman again. And this time, there' a lot less hand-holding. Class of 2013, listen up!

Kiera Wilmot: How Her Arrest and Expulsion Exposes America's Racial Discipline Gap

Straight-A-student Kiera Wlmot tried to conduct a science experiment before school one day, now she's been expelled and facing two felony charges.

Racist Mountain Dew Commercial Video: Is This the Most Racist Ad Ever?

PepsiCo's latest faux pas involving hip-hop artists and African-American representation has resulted in what some are calling 'the most racist ad ever.'

'Rodham' Movie: 7 Actresses Who Could Play Hillary Clinton

Whichever actress is selected to play young Hillary in this biopic will have some big shoes to fill.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: 60 Days In, the Situation Is Growing Increasingly Dangerous

Physiologists say 60 days is considered the rule of thumb for how long someone fasting can survive as detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp continue their hunger strike.

Andy P. Hart Suicide: Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike Possibly Led to Attorney Shooting Himself

Amid a growing hunger strike at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, an attorney has committed suicide. He left behind a suicide note and thumb drive believed to be related to the case.

5 Things Not to Say to a Depressed Person

Non-depressed people have a hard time talking to depressed people in a way that is supportive rather than patronizing or accusatory. Here are five things you shouldn’t say to a depressed person.

Lamar Smith Peer Review: How One GOP Lawmaker Wants to Ruin the National Science Foundation

Lamar Smith, creator of the Stop Online Piracy Act, is looking to remove peer-review requirements from the National Science Foundation's grant application.

Grant Study: 6 Keys to Happiness From the Legendary Harvard Study

The famous Grant Study, which followed 268 Harvard sophomore men for more than seven decades since 1938, reveals the long sought-after secrets to happiness.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: How Benetton and International Retailers Are Responding

The response of international retailers to the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh have varied from attempts to downplay involvement to pledges to pay compensation to families of victims.

'Iron Man 3' Movie Release: And Other May Things to Be Excited About

The month of May is a big one for entertainment. From "Iron Man 3" to Dan Brown's "Inferno" to the Kentucky Derby, check out what's going on this month.

Mohamed Salim: Muslim Cab Driver Assault Caught On Camera

A Muslim U.S. Army veteran was assaulted by a belligerent passenger who called him a "jihadist" and punched him in the jaw.

Obama Plan B Ruling: Throwing Teen Girls Under the Bus to Appease Extremists

The Obama Administration has betrayed its pro-choice base by appealing a federal judge's ruling to make emergency contraception available over the counter and to all ages.

North Korea Amusement Park to Be Built While Millions Starve

Pyongyang launches a highly ironic initiative to build a “miniature world” amusement park to educate its citizens of the world, amidst ongoing starvation in the rest of the country.

YouTube Psy Gentleman Video: Filled With Product Placements From Top Brands

The Korean pop star's latest music video is ridden with bizarre product placement — but he's not the only offender. Judge Says You Can't Make Site With Name Similar to Facebook

A California judge ruled that domain names similar to must be turned over to Facebook. Facebook will also get almost $2.8 million in damages.

Immigration Reform 2013: Supporters Hold May Day Rallies Across the U.S.

From California to Connecticut, immigration reform supporters held rallies on May Day. They come as the Congress debates the possibility of immigration reform for the first time in years.

5 Ways Improv Will Change Your Life

Through games and exercises, improvisers learn to leap, to not think, to trust themselves and each other, and to play.

Greg Laurie: Outrage Mounts After Anti-Gay Pastor Chosen to Lead Pentagon Prayer

Pastor Greg Laurie lead several National Day of Prayer events on Thursday. Groups have protested his choice due to controversial statements he has made in the past.

Immigration Reform 2013: Gang of 8 Bill Excludes Same-Sex Partners

With the Gang of 8's immigration reform bill, gay marriage inclusion faces an uphill battle.

Houston Airport Shooting: Man With AR-15 Shoots Himself At Bush Intercontinental Airport

A Man with AR-15 shoots himself at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Immigration Reform 2013: Lawmakers Use Terrorism to Shape the Debate

Illegal immigration and the Boston bombings are two distinct issues. So why are fearmongering politicians like Kansas' Kris Kobach trying to link them?

Catherine Zeta-Jones Bipolar: This May, Let's Rethink Mental Illness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Use this time to think about and end the stigma surrounding mental illness. Consider mental illness a brain disorder.

Warren Buffet Twitter: Warren Is In the House

Warren Buffet joins Twitter in classic Buffet fashion. Read what he tweeted.

Parents Taking Pictures Of Their Kids With Their First Rifle Is A Thing

These kids are way too young to be holding rifles. What were their parents thinking?

Immigration Reform 2013: Can Immigrants Assimilate?

Legislators are busy arguing over the morality of legalizing more than 11 million undocumented immigrants, but everyone seems to be ignoring the problem of a growing language barrier in America.

Washington Redskins Name Change: This is Political Correctness Run Amok

If D.C. is doing this to prevent itself from looking racist, it's too late.

Illinois (Finally) Pushes Pension Reform — But Only Because the House Speaker Wants to Get His Daughter Elected

After years of inaction on public pension reform — a festering problem destroying Illinois' finances — Speaker Madigan is now pushing a solution just in time for his daughter's run for governor.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iranian President Arrested! Or Not, As it Turns Out

According to an article on the Guardian Express, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was arrested and held for seven hours on Monday. Except that there is no evidence for this claim.

Massachusetts Senate Election: Markey Campaign's Latest Attacks On Gomez Reek Of Desperation

Hours after Tuesday's Massachusetts special election primary results, the NRSC began using creative techniques to enhance substantive attacks, while the DSCC launched non-substantive attacks.

India Rape: 4-Year-Old Dies After Sexual Assault

On Monday, a four year-old girl died at a hospital in Nagpur of cardiac arrest inflicted by injuries from a sadistic rape by a 35 year-old man.

Caught On Camera, Police Snatch Child Because Parents Sought Second Medical Opinion

Who knew that seeking a second opinion could get your child taken by authorities?

Amanda Bynes Crazy? Police Visited Actress' Apartment, Says Jenny McCarthy

After Bynes posted semi-nude pictures on Twitter, publicist Jonathan Jaxson called the police to intervene. Given the recent hoopla surrounding her odd behavior, we need to help, not mock, Bynes.

Immigration Reform 2013: E-Verify Could Sink Gang Of 8 Plan

Gang of Eight members have said the inclusion of E-Verify is a non-negotiable facet to any proposed immigration reform legislation, but the current bill does more harm than good.

Assata Shakur Is the First Woman to Make the FBI's Most Wanted List

Black Liberation Army's Shakur escaped from prison in 1979 with the help of her brother (and the late rapper Tupac's stepfather) Mutulu Shakur. The FBI placed a $2 million bounty on her.

Kermit Gosnell Trial: His Actions Poisoned the Abortion Debate

What Gosnell did was undeniably murder, but that should not be a reason to discount the countless physicians who work professionally to ensure that late-term abortions are performed safely.

iPad 5: Why All Tablets Are Bad Apples

Are tablets the pogs of the electronic world, or is BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins just a sore loser?

Kentucky Derby 2013: Top 5 Moments in Kentucky Derby History

From Secretariat to Winning Colors, these are the five greatest races in "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports."

'Iron Man 3' Movie Review: The Third Time's a Charm

Here are five reasons "Iron Man 3" will be better than its predecessors. Keep 'em coming, Shell Head!

National Day Of Prayer 2013: Protest With National Day Of Reason

You could spend the National Day of Prayer praying, or you could do something that actually matters!

The Unlikely Internet Fame Of Every-Girl Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles rise to the top isn't all about looks. Being able to sprinkle a little truth went a long way for her stardom.

Syrian Civil War: Things Are So Bad That Refugees Are Fleeing to Gaza

Palestinian refugees in Syria, used to getting shoddy treatment wherever they go, are seeking refuge in a place where they can be with other Palestinians. In other words, they're going to Gaza.

Carolyn Moos: Jason Collins' Former Fiancee "Shocked" He's Gay

The press caught up with Carolyn Moos, Jason Collins' girlfriend of eight years, to ask for her thoughts on him being the first active NBA star to come out as gay.

PolicyMic Launches the Summer Culture Skillshare

PolicyMic's Summer Culture Skillshare will help writers interested in arts and entertainment build a portfolio for their work and engage in a culture-oriented community.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Does the New Bill Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples?

As a new piece of immigration legislation comes to a vote, the president urges lawmakers to stay away from recognition of same sex marriage.

Kiera Wilmot Arrest: Racial Inequality Arises From A Science Project Gone Wrong

Kiera Wilmot, a 16 year-old girl from Florida, has been arrested and expelled from school for conducting a science experiment that accidently got out of hand.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch: Sketchy Poll Group Smears Candidate

"SSI Polling" has been running hypothetical smear questions to voters on Busch, asking things like, "What would you think of Busch if I told you she had an abortion?"

Barbara Lee: Climate Change Could Lead to Prostitution

Rep. Barbara Lee argues Congress should take gender into account when dealing with the effects of climate change, as women will face disproportionately harmful effects from it.

6 Signs It's Time For You to Graduate From College Already

It's hard to leave college behind, but if you've experienced any of these signs first-hand, it's really time for you to say goodbye. It's for your own good.

Greece News: Athens Erupts in Protests After Extremists Hand Out Free Food to Greeks Only

Extremist Greek far-right party Golden Dawn tried to set up a "Greeks only" soup kitchen in Athens and started a riot as poverty continues to stoke anti-immigration sentiment.

Obama Plan B Ruling: Obama's Plan B Game Puts Politics Before Women's Health

Once again politics trumps science and common sense as the Obama administration tries to keep in place unnecessary and burdensome restrictions to backup birth control.

Gun Control Debate: "Keep the Door Locked In Case There's a Shooting" Is the Newest School Rule

Education in America: blast-proof white boards, simulated slaughter drills, and "lock the door or we die."

Rhode Island Gay Marriage: Major Vote Set For Thursday

Rhode Island is expected to pass same-sex marriage bill on Thursday, making it the 10th state to enact marriage equality.

Coronal Mass Ejection: NASA Records a Giant Solar Wave On May Day

NASA has captured video of a gigantic rolling solar wave, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), erupting from the sun over a two and a half hour period on May Day.

Facebook Censorship: Aaron Swartz's Prediction Comes True As Facebook Censors Video

Facebook has reversed its decision and will now remove videos of decapitations filmed in Mexico after family groups protest.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: Pope Francis I Condemns "Slave Labor" Conditions

Pope Francis has condemned the working conditions of those who perished in the Bangladeshi factory collapse as "slave labor." Francis also criticised putting personal profits above all.

Kermit Gosnell: Abortion Doctor Debate Needs Feminist Faith

To ensure reproductive freedom and health for all women, pro-choice advocates need to discuss God. Feminist faith recognizes both the sacred and secular reasons for reproductive choice.

April Jobs Report Data: Signs Point to a Disappointing Figure On Friday

Preliminary numbers about private-sector employment aren't looking good, as sequestration kicks in. We'll have a conclusive answer when the BLS jobs report comes out Friday.

Feminist Weekly: May Day, Sallie Mae Protests, Marriage Equality, and More!

This week, PolicyMic Pundits weighed in on sexual assault awareness and prevention for our special week of coverage, but our social justice coverage didn't stop there. Check it out!

Obama Birth Control: Plan B Court Decision Appealed By Justice Dept.

The DOJ appealed on Wednesday a federal judge’s decision to direct the FDA to lower age limits for Pan B access, putting the administration's stance on birth-control access into question.

Rhode Island Gay Marriage Vote: House Passes Marriage Equality Bill, Governor Will Sign Into Law

The Rhode Island House approved a measure on Thursday to legalize same-sex marriage. Governor Lincoln Chafee will sign it into law.

Steve Smith Death Penalty: Let's Use Capital Punishment a Little More Sparingly

We must start to create a more reasonable approach in using the death penalty.

Sometimes $1 Million Just Isn’t Enough

Many of us have overlooked the real victims of the financial crisis: bankers. As a result of the highly competitive nature of the financial industry, bankers explain why they should earn more.

Israel Nuclear Talks: Egypt Walks Out Over Alleged Israeli Hypocrisy

Egypt expresses anger about a lack of progress on nuclear disarmament in the Middle East.

Drones in America: States Compete to See Who Can Bring On Police State Quickest

Faced with economic problems, the states are now racing to see which is the most attractive for future drone test sites. But are they overlooking privacy in the process?

Online Sales Tax Senate Bill Shouldn't Be That Controversial

Marketplace Fairness Act will place the responsibility to collect taxes on sellers not purchasers. Um... does anything seem out of the norm here?

Why the Mission Might Never Be "Accomplished" in Iraq

Ten years ago, President Bush gave his infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech. "Cool," I thought, as a Marine in the combat theater. "Let’s go home." But we didn't. And we really haven't.

Mic Check: 29% Of Voters Think Armed Rebllion Might Be Necessary

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on today's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Treasury Bonds: Is There a Growing Bubble?

What is the bubble economists keep talking about? Why is it important? How will it affect me?

Jeb Hensarling: Congressional Overseer Of Banks Takes Vacation With Bank Reps

Newly minted chair of the House Financial Services Committee, representative Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), joined banking lobbyists for a posh ski vacation and fundraiser.

Drones Over Africa: Mapping America's Expanding Military Presence in Africa

America's military involvement in Africa has been quietly, but steadily, growing over the past decade. This "scramble for Africa" has accelerated under Obama, shown by a map of the U.S. presence.

Millennials Can Lead the Way In Promoting Civil Debate

Civility is a cause that makes progress slowly at best. Millenials should realize that they're uniquely positioned when it comes to promoting civil debate.

5 Ways Millennials Will Fall in Love With Your Brand

What do Skittles, Oreo, Doritos and Old Spice have in common? They speak the language of millennials.

GOP Wants to Suppress College Voting in Ohio

Nothing says "Republican agenda" quite like trying to suppress the right to vote via the institutions that teach us how to think.

Brown-Vitter 2013: Senate's "Too Big to Fail" Legislation Is Actually Too Big to Succeed

Brown-Vitter, a bill sponsored by one Democrat and one Republican, places the strictest requirements yet on big banks. Despite its bipartisan pedigree, it's not likely to go anywhere.

Jobs Numbers: Today's Unemployed Are Better At Managing Risk Than Business Leaders

Unemployed people are more enterpreneurial and risk-taking than our business leaders.

A Shocking 4 in 10 Americans Want to Sacrifice Their Personal Liberty to Fight Terrorism

A CNN poll on national security conducted two weeks after a terrorist attack on American soil is asking for skewed results. How do you think we passed the Patriot Act?

Israel-Palestine Peace: New Talks Are a Test For the Netanyahu Government

Just over a month after taking control of a new coalition government, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a test. Is he serious about peace or are his critics right?

This College Student Alliance Aims to End Sexual Assault Before It Happens

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month. But somewhere, it was too late.

Medicaid Study: Mixed But Promising Results From the Biggest Deal in Health Policy

A massively important study of Medicaid results in Oregon has just published its first results. They're mixed, but promising.

Jodi Arias LIVE: Closing Arguments Underway

Closing arguments in the Jodi Arias murder trial begin in Phoenix, Arizona.