5 Countries That Respond to Rape Victims By Throwing Them in Prison

Many states in the world consistently have failed to uphold women's rights — but it is nonetheless shocking that in these five, governments have gone so far as to imprison rape victims.

8 Ways Video Games Can Actually Make You Smarter

It's time to replace outdated learning methods with educational video games.

Girl-on-Girl Teen Romance Could Land 18-Year-Old in Jail For 15 Years

Kaitlyn Hunt could also have to register as a sex offender for entering into a mutually consensual relationship with a 15-year-old girl on her basketball team.

Texas Judge John Roach: Orders Lesbian Couple to Separate Or Lose Children

Caroline Compton and her partner have lived together and taken care of Compton’s children for almost three years, but a judge is now forcing them apart.

Seeing These 5-Year-Old Black Children Play With Toys Will Break Your Heart

Racism is still very much alive and children begin to internalize it from a very young age.

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Episode 8: Second Sons

Daenerys Targaryen makes some new friends, Sam discovers something useful, and the most awkward wedding ever. Check out this review of the latest episode from HBO's hit series "Game of Thrones."

11 Reasons Why It's Time to Leave Tumblr

Yahoo just bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion, and that's terrible news.

'Star Wars 7' Soundtrack: John Williams Will Make It Epic

It wasn't that big of a surprise, but it is reassuring for fans that at least Abrams will have gotten the music right. Thank goodness!

Fracking: How It Could Save the Climate and U.S. Foreign Policy

Natural gas is continuing to drive down carbon emissions while decreasing our dependency on OPEC nations, freeing U.S. foreign policy from the influence of countries like Saudi Arabia.

Moore Tornado Deaths: 30 Moore Elementary School Students Feared Dead After Tornado Rips Through Oklahoma City

KFOR's Lance West reports that search and rescue operations at Plaza Towers Elementary School have shifted to a recovery mission with an estimated 20-30 fatalities.

Immigration Reform 2013: Does It Prove Congress Can Still Get Things Done?

"Comprehensive immigration reform," as it's called, continues to move forward. What will be the ultimate fate of the bill, and what should its fate tell us about Congress?

5 Times the Founding Fathers Trampled the Constitution

Five lessons from the administrations of the five Founding Fathers, who went on to become president, show that it ain't so easy staying within the enumerated powers in the Constitution.

Watch Ellen Flawlessly Take Down Abercrombie's CEO For Shaming Plus-Size Women

Why's Abercrombie selling size "double zero" clothes? Fitch, please.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Mandatory Firearm Insurance is the Newest Ridiculous Proposal

The classic adage "Car owners carry insurance, why not gun owners?" vies for one of the worst thought-out arguments ever made.

Immigration Reform 2013: Slowed Down By IRS, AP, Benghazi Scandals?

Despite White House scandals, immigration reform treks on, but not without some age-old Congressional conflict.

Illinois Rape Case: 3 Teens Allegedly Film Their Assault Of 12-Year Old and Post It On Facebook

This crime is one in a series of teen rapes that have been posted on social media sites, a phenomenon which makes the event even more traumatic for the victim.

Chicago Teens Accused Of Gang-Raping 12-Year-Old Posted Rape Video On Facebook

Three Chicago teens walked around free for four months after raping and sodomizing a 12-year-old girl.

Moore Tornado: Wild Pictures Of Tornado Ripping Through Oklahoma City Suburbs

An estimated 171,000 people in the path of the tornado. Oklahoma highways were littered with capsized semi trucks, debris, and crashed cars, but that may not be the end of it.

Insanity Workout: Very Hard, But An Invaluable Way to Stay in Shape

Insanity is 60 days long and P90X is a 90-day challenge, but staying in shape is a lifetime commitment.

Immigration Reform 2013: What Do Evangelical Christians Have to Say About It?

The Evangelical Immigration Table is a coalition of some two dozen evangelical denominations, dedicated to seeing comprehensive immigration reform take place. They support the "Gang of Eight."

Marc Carson Killing: Does the Bible Provide Justification For Hate Crimes Against Gays?

The often cited Bible verse Leviticus 20:13 is used to justify homophobia. As a society we have rejected much from the book of Leviticus, shouldn't this verse also be rejected.

Xbox 720 Release: What To Expect From Xbox's Newest System

Xbox 360 is going to bear very high hopes for Microsoft, and the features of the system will likely reflect that.

IRS Scandal: Did the IRS Purposely Keep Obama In the Dark?

Was Obama's 2009 appointee, William Wilkins, Chief Counsel for the IRS aware of the IRS targeting in 2011? Did he intentionally not alert the White House?

Venezuela News: Toilet Paper Shortage a Huge Embarrassment For Nicolás Maduro

A toilet paper shortage in Venezuela is the next humiliating event to occur under Nicolás Maduro's presidency. Are they on a downward spiral?

These 4 GIFs Pretty Much Sum Up the Nightmare That Was the 2013 Billboard Awards

Taylor Swift was absolutely disgusted watching Selena Gomez give Justin Bieber a peck on the lips.

Pete Santilli On Hillary Clinton: "I Want to Shoot Her Right in the Vagina"

In his online radio show, right-wing host Pete Santilli has made ridiculous and violent remarks towards former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying that she should be "shot in the vagina".

Obama Impeachment: Don't Impeach Obama, Indict Big Government Instead

Conservatives need to play the long game when it comes to the administration numerous scandals.

James Rosen Of Fox News Was Spied On By Justice Department in 2009

Obama administration engaged in questionable investigation of leak in 2009 by tracking Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen’s emails and movements.

Lesbian Couple With 2 Kids Forced to Live Separately Because Judge Doesn't Like Their "Lifestyle"

A Texas judge is enforcing a "morality clause" in divorce papers saying a woman can’t have lesbian roommate unless they’re married. Marriage is, of course, illegal in Texas.

Daft Punk New Album: So Who's Behind Those Helmets, Anyways?

Behind the robot masks each listener can see him or herself listening to a history of contemporary music.

Topless FEMEN Protester Burns Crucified Barbie Doll to Protest Pink Dollhouse Opening in Berlin

The Ukraine-based "sextremist" group was trying to denounce sexism, commercialization, and idol worship. But is it doing more harm than good?

Richard DeCoatsworth: Hero Cop Who Sat Next to Michelle Obama Charged With Rape Of 2 Women

A former hero cop who was given a seat next to Michelle Obama at a speech by the president is now charged with the rape of two women and the assault of another.

New Orleans Shooting Shows Our National Hypocrisy On Gun Violence

On Mother's Day, a gunman injured 19 people including 2 children and there was minimal coverage in the media. Read about how the minimal coverage represents a class issue in the United States.

Are You There, Graduation? It's Me, PolicyMic.

In honor of graduation season, PolicyMic staff reveal some of the more unusual roads taken to employment.

Gay Marriage 2013: Republicans Can't Fight It and Remain Credible On "Small Government"

The GOP's message of small government and its message on gay marriage and other social issues contradict each other. If they want to win over millennials, this needs to change.

Justin Bieber Billboard Milestone Award: Let Him Gloat About Winning

The pop sensation was blasted for his somewhat self-congratulatory Billboard Milestone award acceptance speech, but he has every right to be proud and gloat.

Memorial Day Weekend 2013: 12 Kick-Ass Things You Absolutely Need to Do This Summer

Memorial Day Weekend is one week away, and before you know it, it will be Labor Day already. Here's a to-do list for the summer to make sure you make the most of it.

ME ME ME Generation: Stop Blaming Millennials, We Kick Ass

The kids are indeed all right. We’re not afraid, we’re not doomed. Maybe it’s just everyone else’s fear and anxiety about us failing that’s making our successes so hard to see.

Bitcoin 2013: So Much for Deflationary Hoarding

Deflation may not be the issue some Economists think it is.

Rob Ford Crack Video: Gawker's Campaign to Obtain Video a Waste

Gawker is attempting to raise $200,000 to obtain the footage of the Toronto mayor smoking cocaine, and though the video may be funny, its price tag is questionable.

5 Takeaways From the Benghazi Emails That Show There Was No Conspiracy

Now that the emails are out, let's put the 'scandal' to rest.

Tumblr Sale: For $1.1 Billion, Yahoo Might Buy a Major Porn Problem With Tumblr

Yahoo is reportedly in talks to acquire the blogging website Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Yahoo would gain a foothold into the millennial demographic but also acquire acquire a porn problem.

Who Are the World's Worst Anti-Gay Bigots?

To mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Human Rights Watch has released its annual LGBT rights "Hall of Shame," highlighting those promoting homophobic policies.

This Brilliant GIF Previews the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary

Let's face it; it is never too early for us political junkies to start fantasizing about the next election.

Repeal Obamacare: For Republicans, the 37th Time is Still Not the Charm

House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare ... for a 37th time. No word yet on when the 38th vote is scheduled for.

White House Scandals: Republicans Use Manufactured Scandals to Smear Obama

Despite repeated claims by conservatives, the evidence indicated that Benghazi and the AP investigations are manufactured scandals and there is no White House involvement in the IRS story.

Why Breaking a Few Laws Every Now and Then Is Healthy For Civilization

Breaking the rules is totally necessary sometimes. Above law, there is a trust that everyone is capable of doing the right thing at the right time. That's what society is really about.

5 Topics President Obama Won't Dare Address Thursday When Discussing Drones

This Thursday, President Obama will speak at National Defense University in Washington D.C. to address the use of Predator Drones for extrajudicial killings and other counterterrorism practices.

Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg Tells Some Millennials to Skip College and Become Plumbers

Want a outsource-proof and lasting career? According to Mayor Bloomberg, it is plumbing.

Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payments (Liveblog)

Live coverage of Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payments, held May 17th-19th in San Jose, California.

Guess Which World Leader Threw Parties With a Stripper Dressed As a Nun (And Another As Obama)?

Karima El-Mahroug, a dancer, has revealed detailed descriptions of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's parties. And boy, are they salacious!

Meet Betsi Fores, PolicyMic's Latest Breaking News Writer

PolicyMic's first ever city-inspired challenge kicks off in June. Apply today to become one of our new Washington D.C. pundits.

Gun Control Debate: Nucla, Colorado May Make Every Resident Buy a Gun

Is the Nucla, Colo., local ordinance focused on protecting citizens or merely a form of social and political control?

Military Sexual Assault: Rising, But the DoD is Still Slowing Plans to Hire Sexual Assault Response Coordinators

While all departments within the federal government are experiencing cuts of some kind, none seem as alarming, as the cuts made by the department of defense.

Billboard Awards 2013 Winners and Highlights: Justin Bieber Booed, Taylor Swift Shows Class

Last night's winners included Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift, which the top performance was "Thriftshop" by Macklemore, which won Best Rap Song.

Google Maps Helped This Abducted Man Find His Way Home After 23 Years

Luo Gang only had scant memories of his hometown as a child, going off of what he remembered he used Google Maps to locate his birth parents who he was taken from when he was just 5 years old.

Bashar al-Assad: Turkey Won't Depose Syria's Ruler Without U.S. Involvement

Without U.S. committment to foreign intervention in the Syrian civil war, it's unlikely Turkey will lift a finger to help end the conflict.

Google Wallet Needs Millennials to Save Its Business

Google launched a new system that allows users to perform credit cards payments through their smartphone and send money through email. But they need millenials to take the plunge with them.

"Hero Cop" Now in Jail After Allegedly Raping 2 Women At Gunpoint

Looks can be deceiving, and certainly were in this case. Who could have predicted the hero cop who posed with Michelle Obama would be facing such horrific charges?

Malaysia Elections Result: US Recognizes Disputed Outcome

A possible reason the Obama administration supports the BNP could be the fact that relations between Malaysia and the U.S. have warmed considerably under PM Najib Razak's rule.

Real Madrid CF: Who Will Replace Jose Mourinho?

Who will be Madrid's follow-up to the current manager, Jose Mourinho, the "Special One" who wasn't all that special?

Carol Anne Grayson: 'Incident in New Baghdad' Producer Talks Anti-Drone Activism

Carol Anne Grayson talks to PolicyMic about the origins of her activism, her Oscar-nominated film, and drone attacks in Pakistan.

Afghan Lawmakers Say This Awesome Women's Right's Law is "Un-Islamic"

A law that could block women from being sold was shot down by conservative MPs and mullahs over the weekend, potentially putting hundreds of lives on the line.

7 Huge Computer Hacks Which Are Getting the Members Of LulzSec Serious Jail Time

Most of the members of the hacker collective known as LulzSec have been sentenced to serve time in prison. From the CIA to PBS to Rupert Murdoch, these hackers spare no one.

Student Debt 2013: Millennials and Their Parents Are Equally Screwed in This Economy

Youth cannot get jobs to pay for student debt, and parents cannot retire to free up some of the job market. Hooray!

Obama IRS Scandal: Democrats Jumping Sinking Administration Ship to Save Selves in 2014

18 months before the 2014 midterm election, Democrats are jumping ship to distance themselves from Obama and the IRS scandal.

Newseum Dishonors Mahmoud al-Kumi and Hussam Salama, Murdered Palestinian Journalists

On May 13, the names of two Palestinian cameramen, targeted and killed by Israeli air strikes in Gaza last year, were dropped from a dedication ceremony held to honor fallen journalists.

Eric Holder Gets Grilled Over AP Scandal By a 2-Year-Old Baby

First of all, it's boring for 2-year-old Nico. Perhaps he's cute, but his appearance is ultimately distracting.

Is the U.S. Arming Syrian Rebels? Providing Heavy Weapons A Slippery Slope

If the United States is providing heavy weapons to Syrian rebels, that could be a very dangerous foreign policy move indeed.

Trey Radel, GOP Rep., Says Public Enemy's Lyrics Are Just Like the Republican Party Platform

In the Now This News interview, Florida Congressman Trey Radel explains why he relates to a lot of old school hip-hop.

Kelly Ayotte: New England College Students to Protest Her Graduation Speech

Known for her opposition to the LGBT community, Sen. Ayotte will be protested by a group of students.

This Pregnant Teacher Was Fired For Having Premarital Sex

The teacher's school, which is associated with the Southern Baptist denomination, canned Tiarra Dawson for having sex before marriage.

Bitcoin 2013: Wrap up

Last post in my series on Bitcoin.

Guess Which Political Party Has the Strongest Muscles, Literally

A recent study reveals how much a man can bench press is a greater indicator of his stance on redistribution of resources and income than his political ideology.

Can Women Dominate the Tech World the Way They Dominate Social Media?

Will the idea of gender be eliminated through the dominance of female users in the social media space or will men continue to be deemed as the iconic leaders of technology?

Can Social Media Totally Kill the Marketing Industry?

Gone are the days of relying on only hot leads, foot traffic, and word-of-mouth through a human being.

Blame PBR-Swilling Hipsters For That $8.50 Bud Light You Just Ordered

Cheap beer prices have skyrocketed 9.4% since last October. PBR and hipsters are, in fact, the ones to blame. But before you break out the pitchforks ...

Kathleen Mason: Did Tuesday Morning Fire Her For Having Breast Cancer?

Kathleen Mason, former CEO of Tuesday Morning, files a lawsuit against the company for firing her right after she informed the directors of her breast cancer diagnosis.

Hurricane Sandy Victims: Help Cancer Patients Who Went Bankrupt in Storm

Communities affected by Sandy will take years to fully recover, but relief programs can alleviate the financial burden placed on families battling cancer and struggling to move on from the storm.

East Jerusalem Evictions: Palestinians Ordered to Pay Higher Rent Under Pressure From Right-Wingers

Israel's supreme court offered compromise to an East Jerusalem family appealing eviction. This is just the latest in a wave of evictions that are hurting Palestine and Israel alike.

Dove Beauty Campaign: Other Companies Should Do It Too

It's vital that corporations create positive images of beauty and slowly begin to overturn the unrealistic expectations that millions of people have been exposed to.

Prime Minister Harper: Twitter Users Call For His Resignation

Victoria Day has unofficially been rechristened #pmharpermustresign on Twitter with hordes of Canadians voicing their displeasure in 142 characters.

North Korean Pirates: Yes, North Korea Even Has Those Now

Is North Korea about to become another Somalia?

Obama Morehose Graduation Speech: Watch Obama Tell Black Graduates It's Their Time

Personal accountability and the importance of family make this President Obama's most personal commencement speech yet.

Fracking 2013: Obama's Draft Regulations Contains Loopholes

Obama's new fracking guidelines attempts to make both sides happy, but with loopholes for businesses and disclosures for environmentalists, neither side agrees.

Yahoo Buys Tumblr: Everything You Need to Know About the Takeover

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Palestinian Statehood: Can An Interim Agreement Bring Peace?

Israeli government senior coalition partner and Finance Minister Yair Lapid is proposing an interim agreement between Israel and the Palestinians as a way to speed up the peace process.

What It Was Like In Oklahoma When An F5 Tornado Devastated the Town Of Moore

Oklahoma is currently in the midst of the worst Tornado outbreak in a decade. Much of the state is a disaster area and the rest is currently fighting the remnants of the super cell systems.

New Xbox 720: Release Of Durango Means No More Used Games

The possible worst feature of the new Xbox 720? No used games. :-(

Oklahoma City Tornado Damage: 7 Students Found Dead from Plaza Towers Elementary School

20-30 Plaza Towers Elementary School students also suspected dead.

Tornado Live Tracker: Child Pulled from Rubble at Plaza Elementary School

Massive search and rescue continues.

Oklahoma City Tornado: OK Together from OK State

Oklahoma State University shares solidarity with Oklahomans.

Jodi Arias LIVE Stream: Arias to Speak Today During Death Penalty Phase

Jodi Arias is expected to take the stand Monday during the death penalty phase of her trial.

Tornado Live Tracker: 5 States In the Path

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri have all seen or are expecting tornadoes in the last 24 hours.

Moore Tornado Pictures: This Is the Destruction the Possible F5 Caused

Towns just south of Oklahoma City are still reeling from the devastating tornado that touched down earlier Monday afternoon and ripped apart homes and roads.

Plaza Towers Elementary School: 75 Students and Staff Take "Direct Hit"After Tornado in Moore

At least one student and one adult have been pulled out alive from rubble.

Oklahoma City Tornado Path: Storm Cell Hits Moore, Newcastle

More than 171,000 people could be in the path of this "sickening" tornado.