4 Ways the Government is Spying On Americans Every Day

Think the AP scandal is bad? Here are four examples of how the U.S. government spies on Americans every day.

'Modern Family' Season 4 Finale: Dunphy Funeral Brings Tears, Laughter

"Modern Family" manages to make an episode about death funny by going for tasteful, not dark, material.

44 Percent Of Millennials Think Marriage is Obsolete

Our parents and grandparents married young and failed. We look at them and we look at our partners and we say, "let's really think this through."

Marijuana Legalization: Washington Farmers Feed Pigs Leftover Marijuana, Get Great Results

Farmers in Washington State are starting to feed leftover roots, stems and leaves from cannabis production to pigs. Giving pigs the munchies is a pretty solid business model.

Star Wars Episode 7: Lessons in How Not to Ruin a Franchise

Disney wields magic frequently, but what about lightsabers? Here's my advice to Disney on how NOT to ruin Star Wars.

Starving Children In North Korea React to Kim Jong-Un Like He's Justin Bieber

Kim Jong-un made a stop in a children's camp in North Korea on his way to diplomatic talks with China. The pictures from that visit show him being greeted by the faces of many crying children.

Your Obsession With Yogurt is Destroying the Environment

Now what will Jamie Lee Curtis eat?

Daryl Raetz: 400 Police Officers Attend Kindergarten Graduation of Fallen Comrade’s Daughter

Police gathered in droves to attend the graduation of Tatum Raetz, the daughter of recently deceased Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz

Why Women Everywhere Should Thank This Republican White Male Anti-Choicer

During the congressional hearing for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) accidentally let slip the ugly truth about anti-choicers.

Alice Eve Star Trek Into Darkness Underwear Scene: Nothing Compared to Standard Hollywood Objectification

Damon Lindelof shouldn't have apologized for the film's half-nude scene, which isn't a big deal compared to Hollywood's omni-present sexism and objectification.

6 Songs That Will Get You Pumped For Graduation

Even if one of them happens to be Vitamin C's wonderfully cheesy "Graduation."

Michael Olumide Adebolajo: Beheading Leads to Racial Tensions and Clashes With Police

Racial tensions are escalating in the aftermath of the horrific beheading of a soldier in southeast London Wednesday by two black men with a jihadist motive.

Lee Rigby Murder: Not Even Our Failures in Iraq and Afghanistan Can Justify This

A British soldier was murdered in London on Wednesday. The attackers blamed British involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, but their real targets were our most important values.

The Hangover 3 Review: Zach Galifianakis Redeems a Dying Franchise

The third installment in the Hangover trilogy is better than the second, but still not as good as the first despite a great performance from Zach Galifianakis.

Boy Scouts Vote Result: Will Allow Openly Gay Members

The Boy Scouts of America voted on Thursday to overturn a 22 year-old ban on openly gay members.

House Panel Debating Whether to Legislate Women's Lady Parts is Made Up of 8 Men

Another all-male panel is dedicated to making medical decisions for American women everywhere. Lovely.

Gay Boy Scout Ban: GOP Congressman Claims Supporting Overturning It Makes You a "Bully"

Opponents of overturning the ban on gay Boy Scouts are spewing hypocrisy, hypocrisy, everywhere but not an ounce of sense.

Anthony Weiner Mayor: Candidate's Wife Faces Accusations Of Muslim Brotherhood Affiliation

Could the allegations that Huma Abedin — Anthony Weiner's wife and Hilary Clinton's protegée — is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood resurface with Weiner's mayoral bid?

Obama Counterterrorism Speech LIVE: Full Updates on President's Address at National Defense University

Watch live as President Obama lays out U.S. counterterrorism policy. The president is expected to address drones, the targeting of U.S. citizens, and Guantanamo Bay in a major speech Thursday.

Steubenville Rape Case: School Administrators Allegedly Protected Ohio Rapists

A Grand Jury is investigating whether the coaches and administrators knew of the crime, as indicated by a series of text messages introduced at trial.

Economic Opportunity For Millennials Starts With Sound State Policy

As youth unemployment continues to ride high, where should millennials go to find work? States that embrace low taxes, free market policies, and limited government.

Umbrella-Gate: How the GOP Became the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf'

Politicizing minor gaffes is a horrible strategy.

Pope Francis Atheists: Francis Says You Can Be Good Without God

During his morning address, Pope Francis stated that all people, regardless of their faith, would be redeemed if they had done good in the eyes of God. Even atheists.

This is What It Now Looks Like In Moore, Oklahoma

I spent the day at ground zero in Moore. Here are the striking and stunning photos of the overwhelming devastation I took while working as a fixer for England's Sky News.

Discrimination Still Exists, and So Should Identity Studies

Women's studies, Black studies, Queer studies... Oh, my! Universities aren't providing much support for these disciplines, which begs the question: How relevant are the identity studies in 2013?

Lee Rigby: British Soldier ID'd in Brutal Cleaver Attack

Britain's Ministry of Defense has identified the solider brutally killed in the streets of London yesterday as drummer Lee Rigby, 25.

Meet the 4 Americans Who Were Killed By the Obama Administration

Three were terrorists. One was a teenager.

Pope Francis I: Now Accepting Atheists?

Did Pope Francis really just give a sermon saying atheism was acceptable, or is this just a misconception by those who don't understand Catholic doctrine?

Man Shoots Up Strip Club After DJ Refuses to Play His Favorite Song

Does this say something about the culture of violence in the United States, or the power of popular music?

Citi Bike Share Review: The Inside Scoop, Revealed By a Test Driver

Citi Bike Share is launching this weekend! Thanks to a PolicyMic press pass, I took one out for a test ride on Friday in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and got the full run-down.

London Attack: British Muslims Must Condemn the Attack With Deeds, Not Just Words

Why don't Muslim groups condemn extremism in a sterner fashion?

Catbeards: Why Are They So Popular?

The weird trend has captured the hearts and minds of internet users but it makes no sense.

This Mississippi Law Could Send You to Jail For Suffering a Miscarriage

This case could set a dangerous precedent for many stillborn and miscarriage births leading to prosecutions in Mississippi and other states.

Obama Drone Speech Channels Don Draper

Obama's speech will attempt to shift attention from the plethora of domestic scandals plaguing the administration to his plans to increase the transparency of national security policy.

Tony Perkins Thinks Military Sexual Assaults Are On the Rise Because Of Gay Soldiers

There is little doubt that Tony Perkins is an anachronism. But publicly lambasting him only adds fuel to the fire.

Why Today's Democrats Are Not Like LBJ

49 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson laid out a grand program to eliminate America's poverty. Where is that leadership today? Has America (and Democrats) capitulated to the do-nothing right?

Gun Control 2013: 70 People Flee Their Chicago Neighborhood For Every Gun Murder

Gun violence costs the nation $2.5 billion each year. This cost could be curbed even the slightest bit by stricter gun control, and that could make a huge difference.

Lee Rigby Murder: Were His Assailants "Lone Wolves" Or Affiliated With Nigerian Terrorists?

The two British citizens suspected of murdering a soldier in London were of Nigerian descent. Were they "lone wolves" or a larger extension of Nigeria's terrorism problem?

New Immigration Law 2013: If the U.S. Doesn't Take High-Skilled Immigrants, Canada Will

Canada's forward-thinking, progressive immigration policy threatens to outcompete America's. Their high-skilled immigrants can get a green card in no time compared to the U.S.

Zach Sobiech Song a Moving Inspiration For All

The creator of the popular internet video "Clouds," a moving farewell to his family, died on May 20th at age 18.

5 Reasons Iran is a Great Choice to Head the UN Disarmament Conference

Okay, so Iran probably shouldn't have chairmanship of the UN Conference on Disarmament. But here are five reasons the U.S. should shut up and pretend it should.

Student Loan Debt: How Colleges Favor Wealthy Students at the Expense of Low-Income Ones

New findings suggest that colleges are spending their money on affluent students, much to the detriment of their low-income classmates.

A Q&A With Millennial Mayor Svante Myrick

Ithaca, New York Mayor Svante Myrick is 26 years old, one of the youngest mayors in New York State history, and a rising political superstar.

Massachusetts Election 2013: Ed Markey Violates His Own Campaign Pledge … Again

In the Massachusetts Senate special election, Markey has been pressuring Gomez to sign the People's Pledge. Though Markey is violating that same pledge, just as he did in the primary.

The Onion Will Now Be Mocking List Articles

America's finest news source is now keen to diss us for our list-making habits.

Michael McClendon: Army Sergeant Accused Of Filming Female Cadets Without Their Knowledge

Yet another case of an alleged sex crime arose within the military this week, as Sgt. First Class Michael McClendon stands accused of filming female West Point cadets without their knowledge.

Koch Brothers Effort to Buy LA Times Protested By Hundreds

Eighteen out of the 20 major news outlets in the U.S. are left-leaning; protesters tomorrow are planning to keep it that way. And they have every right to do so.

Most Americans Don't Blame Moral Decay On Gay Marriage

The majority of Americans do not consider politically charged issues such as abortion or gay marriage to be their main concern regarding the moral values in the country.

Tyler Marcum: Keeping Old Age Away With the Dixie Chicks and Interpretive Dance

Interpretative dance has never been so humorous. Tyler Marcum shows us how to get older with style.

Republicans Can Solve Their Digital Problem By Throwing Money At It

Republicans aren't known for their love of excessive spending, but this is one area they'll have to make an exception.

John McCain Slams Fellow GOP Senator Mike Lee On Senate Floor

John McCain took the Senate floor on Thursday to reply to Mike Lee's criticism of the looming bicameral conference regarding the budget debt ceiling.

Pedro Portugal: Are Latin American Kidnappings Coming to the U.S.?

Queens resident Pedro Portugal was kidnapped in broad daylight and held for $3 million ransom targeted at his family in Ecuador, raising fear about connections to Latin American crime.

Kohl's Class Action Suit: The Company's Loss Is Consumers' Gain

A federal appeals court in California rules that stores can not exploit biases and advertise "false markups."

Syria Israel Air Strike: The West Should Stay Out Until We Know Who We're Helping

Should the U.S. arm the rebel opposition in Syria and risk acting in cahoots with its old enemy?

Obama Morehouse Commencement: What Can the LGBT Movement Learn From the Civil Rights Movement?

In his commencement speech at Morehouse College, the president links the African-American and LGBT struggles for freedom and civil rights.
News and ACLU File Lawsuit Over FBI Docs Detailing Possible Spying On Website's Editors

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit on behalf of, which has potentially been the target of FBI monitoring.

Weiner Mayor: Why Does Anthony Weiner's NYC Mayor Website Have Photos Of Pittsburgh On It?

Anthony Weiner's campaign site recently uploaded an image of Pittsburgh for its banner. But Weiner is running for mayor of New York City ...

Tom Corbett Says He Can't Find Any Qualified Latinos to Serve in His Administration

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett joked that he couldn't find any qualified Latinos to serve in his administration. Wait, wasn't the GOP just doing that whole "make Latinos feel welcome" thing?

Associated Press Scandal: Does the Media Only Care About Free Speech When It Comes to Their Own?

The Fox News/AP scandal has revealed that the media is likely to stand united against threats to personal privacy and freedom of speech. But how does this apply to the rest of us?

El Salvador Supreme Court Could Deny Life-Saving Abortion to Gravely Ill Woman

A 22-year-old Salvadoran lupus patient is carrying an anencephalic fetus that doctors say is killing her. But as Salvadoran laws prevent all abortion, her fate is up to the Supreme Court.

Army Creep Allegedly Videotaped Female Cadets in the Shower

A West Point Army officer has been accused of secretly videotaping female cadets while they were undressing.

Rand Paul Opposes Domestic Drones, But Will He Do So if He Becomes President?

Paul's Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2013 bill is a good move ahead of the 2016 election. Will his position evolve if he does become president?

The Facebook Generation May Be Getting Tired Of Facebook

A new report finds that teens are getting fed up with Facebook. This is bad news for the social network, which is struggling to fully capture this demographic.

London Attack: Authorities Reveal Attacker's Name

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the world.

Boy Scouts Caught Kicking Out Gay Scout On Tape

Although the Boys Scouts of America has voted to allow gay members, openly gay men such as Jones are still be barred from leadership positions such as the one he applied to.

Did 'Will and Grace' Win the Gay Rights Wars?

One view that Joe Biden and Rick Santorum share: the belief that a rich, white, gay fictional character was more important to gay rights than Stonewall, Harvey Milk, and actual gay marriages.

Immigration Reform 2013: Reform Gains Cover From Scandal-Focused Washington

The immigration reform bill gained a degree of cover through anonymity as Washington focused on talk of scandal. But as the bill moves closer to law how long can that last?

Feminist Weekly: Commencement 2013 Edition

This week, activists took steps to end the gender-based hate speech of #FBrape pages, students plan to protest Kelly Ayotte's commencement speech, and millennials' loan debt continues to mount.

It Ain't Easy Bein' Cheesy: The FDA's Double Standard For Kraft Cheese and Real Cheese

FDA bans have some people scratching their head. Find out why they chose to ban an artisan specialty and not food dyes in popular children's lunches.

Obama Drone Speech: Legal No-Man's Land On Drones Could Come Back to Haunt U.S.

The president has the chance to bring some much-needed coherence to his drone policy.

Boy Scouts Gay Ban Vote: Will the Scouts Finally Join the Modern World?

Over 1,400 delegates are gathered in Grapevine, Texas to decide if gay scouts will be able to join. The ban could be fully lifted as soon as next year if the vote goes through.

Ryan Hart: Turns Out Stealing An Athlete's Likeness Without Their Permission Is Illegal

In a victory for former college athletes, a federal circuit court ruled that Athletes have the right to challenge the use of their likeness, raising questions for future NCAA practices.

Obama Counterterrorism Speech: President Renews Pledge to Close Gitmo

In a speech, which included open heckling, Obama also defended the drone program and defined the administration’s new comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy.

Obama Drone Speech: GOP Senator Calls Speech "Victory" For Terrorists

Senator Chambliss (R-Ga.), the vice chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, says in a statement, “The president’s speech today will be viewed by terrorists as a victory."

Do Even Liberal Gay Couples Want to Raise Their Kids in the Country?

Is there something about the country that attracts same-sex couples bent on child rearing? The Williams Institute's study seems to suggest there is, but...

Obama Counterterrorism Speech LIVESTREAM: Economy, Education, Entrepreneurship is the Key to Reducing Terrorist Ideology

After justifying his drones policy, President Obama explains how he's going to address radical ideology.

Obama Heckled: Meet the Woman Who Interrupted Obama Thrice

Code Pink's Medea Benjamin is not new to this.

Obama Counterterrorism Speech LIVESTREAM: Will Obama Close Guantanamo?

President Obama is expected to address his failed promise of closing Guantanamo in today's speech.

Obama Drones Speech: When is President Obama's Speech?

Watch the live stream of President Obama's speech to the National Defense University here.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strikes: Obama Heckled

President Obama is yelled down by a woman that he acknowledges.

Obama Counterterrorism Policy: Homegrown Terrorism is Tough But Important

Terrorism from within the country's borders is an important aspect of President Obama's counterterrorism

Obama Counterterrorism Speech LIVESTREAM: Watch Obama Drones Speech

"Americans are deeply ambivalent about war."

Obama Drones Speech: Obama Defines New Reality of Terrorism

Watch live as President Obama lays out U.S. counterterrorism policy. The president is expected to address drones, the targeting of U.S. citizens, and Guantanamo Bay in a major speech Thursday.

Obama National Security Speech LIVESTREAM: Self-Radicalization is Future of Terrorism According to Obama

Small, homegrown, and self-radicalized terrorists are the new face of terrorism.

Obama National Security Speech: President Obama to Lay Out New Drones Policy

Today's speech to the National Defense University by President Obama is going to be the official announcement of the administration's policy on drone usage.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strikes: Gitmo is an Embarrassment According to Obama

President Obama addresses Guantanamo detainees.

Obama Drones Speech: Drones are Effective

President Obama outlines the new face of terrorism and the justification for drones.

Obama Drone Policy: Obama Equates Drone Casualties to Collateral Damage of War

Drones kill people, but more people would die without them according to President Obama

Obama Drones Speech: Anwar al-Awlaki Would Have Been Detained but Had to Be Taken Out

He discusses the targetting of Americans in his speech.

Obama Drones Speech: President Defines New Face of Terrorism

He is against a lot of things but has allowed all of them to persist.