Mansplaining 101: How to Discuss Politics and Feminism Without Acting Like a Jackass

Every woman on Planet Earth has dealt with mansplaining - when dudes explain something to you without knowing how much you know - and every man has mansplained. Find out how to avoid it.

Katy Perry Just Apologized to Chief Keef, the Rapper Who Threatened to Beat Her Up

Here's what happened when Katy Perry told a 17-year-old rapper she didn't like his song.

10 Reasons Men Should Love Feminism

By identifying as a feminist or a feminist ally, men can join conversations that will help shape equality and make their lives fuller, richer, and happier.

MSNBC Ratings: Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes Drop Up to 18% in Viewership

"All in with Chris Hayes" ratings have nosedived since the shows' first episode. Can the journalist turn it around without sacrificing his integrity?

Medea Benjamin: Obama's Heckler Deserves Credit For Standing Up to Drone Warfare

During President Obama’s speech about the use of drones, there was a courageous woman who interrupted and demanded an explanation. It was none other than Medea Benjamin, Code Pink co-founder.

Anonymous Monsanto March: Can the Hacker Collective Bring Down a Food Giant?

Effective protests and political strategy combined with a rowing public awareness have a serious impact and provide a great PR problem for Monsanto and corporatist giants everywhere.

An Open Letter to Abercrombie and Fitch from a Formerly Homeless Kid

A former homeless youth and current PM Pundit gives his take on the loathsome #FitchTheHomeless campaign.

'Before Midnight' Movie Review: This Franchise Tackles Sequels Like No Other

Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and Julie Delpy hit it out of the park once again with this stunning sequel to 2004's "Before Sunset."

A Shocking Look at the Way Saudi Arabia Deals With Its Immigrants

In light of Saudi Arabia's most recent public "crucifixion," why haven't U.S. leaders lost their stomachs? Perhaps because capital punishment isn't so very foreign.

Immigration Reform 2013: House GOP Refuse to Hear Gang of 8's Bill

House Republicans were always planning to block bipartisan reform from the Gang of 8.

9 Things Two Professors Wish You Would Understand About the Real World

Attention, college grads: everything you ever wanted to know about the real world, courtesy of two social scientists.

Obama Morehouse Speech: Was the President Unintentionally Transphobic?

At his recent commencement address to Morehouse College, did President Obama end up being inadvertently transphobic?

I5 Bridge Collapse Video: People and Cars Plunge Into Skagit River

An Interstate 5 bridge located 60 miles north of Seattle has collapsed, sending people and vehicles into the Skagit River below.

Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly: "The Republican Party is in the Hands Of the Wrong People"

In an exclusive interview with PolicyMic, one of the founders of the American conservative movement talks about the civil war taking place within the Republican Party today.

Boy Scout Gay Ban: Why Lifiting the Ban is No Cause For Celebration

Don't mistake the Boy Scouts of America's decision for progress. It isn't.

Gabrielle Molina: 12-Year-Old Hangs Herself After Being Bullied Online

One in six high school students has been cyber bullied. Why isn't more being done to fight this growing issue?

Gun Control Debate: Democrats, Independents, and Republicans All Support Universal Background Checks

A new study shows the idea of background checks has high support from Republican voters. However, specifics are a much more complex question.

How the Son of Immigrants Became A Boxing Champion at Georgetown

Adan Gonzalez is a Georgetown student and the founder of a non-profit that mentors disadvantaged youth. He speaks out on why every kid deserves access to higher education.

iPad 5 Rumors: Lighter, Better, Faster, Stronger, and Coming Soon

We don't know exactly when, but iPad 5 is coming.

Sergio Garcia "Fried Chicken" Comment: Intentional Or Not, Joke About Tiger Woods Is Offensive

Sergio Garcia stated that he would serve fried chicken to Tiger Woods for dinner. The historical origins of blacks and the "fried chicken" stereotype make his comment racially offensive.

No Online Education Technology Will Ever Replace the Value of an Amazing Teacher

While certain developments in education technologies seem to seek to eliminate the role of the teacher, such an approach is impractical, impossible, and unwise.

Woolwich Attack: London Islamophobic Attacks Spike After Machete Attacks

Following the horrific and brutal murder of British solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich, England on Thursday, attacks on Muslims in Britain have spiked in a racist and misguided outpouring of outrage.

Student Loan Bill: The Absolute Worst Thing Washington Can Do For New Graduates

On Thursday the House passed a bill that would dramatically affect the nature of student loans in coming years, moving loans from a fixed to a floating rate. This could have drastic consequences.

Lee Rigby Murder Was Not an Act Of Terrorism

Drummer Lee Rigby was a soldier and was targeted because he was a soldier. So however awful the killing was, it was not an act of terrorism.

Obama Forgets to Salute a Marine Before Boarding Marine One — But Should He Have To?

This morning Obama forgot to salute the Marine at the steps of Marine One, returning to shake his hand and engage him in conversation. Question is: should the president even salute troops?

Iran Election 2013: Everything You Need to Know About the 8 Candidates

Eight candidates have been cleared to run in this year's election to succeed outgoing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Hobby Lobby Lawsuit: Since When Does Your Boss Have a Right to Dictate Your Health Choices?

When is a personal decision not your own? When you work for a pseudo-religious organization, like Hobby Lobby.

AUMF Repeal: Obama Once Again Stands Up For Democracy

While Congress seeks to expand the mandate that provides unlimited power to the government, President Obama is taking a stand for the American people, for the Constitution, and for democracy.

I5 Bridge Collapse: Our Infrastructure Woes Are Endangering American Lives and Business

Infrastructure drove America’s growth in the 20th century, and with both the America’s economy and lives at risk, initiates to fix our crumbling infrastructure should be a priority in Congress.

Immigration Reform 2013: Immigration Bill is Dead in the 113th Congress

The House bipartisan group working on a comprehensive immigration reform package is falling apart. Partisan GOP action will stop reform in its tracks.

Obama Scandals 2013: The Real Scandal Isn't Obama, It's Big Government

The Obama presidency is by no means short of scandals. By prematurely inflating the latest three, we may be depriving ourselves of an opportunity at real solutions.

Arrested Development Netflix Season: Unleash Your Inner Lucille Bluth With This Drinking Game

Even if it's a vodka martini before breakfast, make sure you've got a glass in your hand while you watch the return of the Bluth Family this weekend.

It's Not Even June, and Saudi Arabia Has Executed Almost 50 People This Year

Five individuals were decapitated and hung on Tuesday in Saudi Arabia. This is part of a disturbing rise in execution.

Ted Cruz: "I Don't Trust the Republicans"

Sen. Ted Cruz's no-compromise ideology has earned him favoritism from the Tea Party, but come 2016, there is no chance firebrand Cruz could take the White House.

Marijuana Legalization: The War On Drugs Doesn't Just Destroy Non-Violent Users, It Destroys the Police

The War on drugs is a miserable failure on every front: it violates constitutional rights, corrupts the police, punishes victimless crimes, and brings forth unintended consequences.

Zoe Saldana: The Next Great Action Hero?

From Pandora to the Enterprise and now the Marvel Universe, Zoe Saldana is taking over. Now she is poised to become Hollywood's next great action star.

Eric Garcetti LA Mayor: Have Democrats Finally Had Enough With Unions?

California and Illinois, states where unions have long held influence over lawmakers, are drowning in red ink. Recent events show that even Democrats are now pushing back against union greed.

Stand Your Ground Law: Montana Man Kills Intruder With Single Shot

The homeowner fatally wounded the burglar, in a case that will add to the national conversation on balancing citizens' right to protect their home with the problem of gun violence.

March Against Monsanto: Worldwide Protests Against the Biotech Company Set For Saturday

Activists are planning a worldwide day of protest on the 25th of May against the multinational biotech corporation, Monsanto, with events set to take place in over 250 cities.

Britain Terrorist Threat: Fighter Jets Scrambled After Suspicious Incident on Plane From Pakistan

British fighter jets accompanied a flight from Pakistan as it was diverted to a different airport. Two arrests made.

Glenn Beck Will Save Us All From CNN's Secret Atheist Scheme

Glenn Beck thinks CNN's Wolf Blitzer was fed false information about an interview subject by a producer who wanted to spread support of atheism.

Ken Cuccinelli and Bishop Jackson: Meet Virginia's Extreme Right-Wing GOP Nominees For Governor

Cuccinelli, who wants to outlaw sodomy, and Jackson, who has compared Planned Parenthood to the KKK, are running for Governor and Lt. Governor of Virginia.

Pröst! Germany Is the World's Most Popular Country

Is your country popular? Take a look at the BBC's latest Country Ratings Poll and what it says about the coolest countries on the block.

Meet Lindsay Funk, News Junkie, Washington Native, and Pundit Of the Week

Lindsay Funk is a Stanford student, news junkie, and pundit of the week. As part of our pundit of the week blog, we spotlight one awesome PolicyMic-er to share their story with the community.

Immigration Reform 2013: Conservative Economists Say It Would Boost Economy

Conservative senators looking for cover could use these economists' analysis as an excuse to support immigration reform.

Elizabeth Warren: Bill to Cut Student Loan Rates Is a Hit With Everyone But Republicans

Are you listening, GOP? Sen. Warren does not mess around.

Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act: Why Can't Students Pay the Same Interest Rates as Big Banks?

With interest rates on student loans set to double on July 1 and neither party doing much about, Representative Elizabeth Warren wants the country to invest in education as much as big banks.

Is Hitler Funny?

Did you know Hitler had terrible flatulence?

E.W. Jackson: Virginia's Newest GOP Candidate Thinks Gays Are 'Ikky'

The Republican nominee for Lt. Gov. in Virgina has a Twitter account and it is an unmitigated disaster.

Every Post-Grad Should Take a Babysitting Job At Least Once

Babysitting may be primarily for high school aged students, but taking care of children can teach millennials more than a professional job.

Tim Cook Senate Hearing: Are Apple's Tax Avoidance Schemes Savvy Or Scummy?

Congressional criticism of Apple for using perfectly legal tax loopholes is lazy and misguided.

MOOCs: Will Online Courses Help More Students Stay in School?

Critics of massive online open courses (MOOCs) are right not to prematurely praise online education, yet online certification programs could help some students stay in school.

Boy Scouts Gay Ban: Organization to Allow Openly Gay Youth

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorites stories from around the web.

Arizona Abortion Law: What Arizona's Failed Abortion Ban Means For Roe v. Wade

Arizona's ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, which was struck down by the Ninth Circuit Court on Monday, was explicitly designed to challenge Roe v. Wade. What's next?

Weekly Culture Round-Up: The Very Best Of This Week at PolicyMic

A round-up of the top PolicyMic culture stories of the week. Get in on the action!

Interstate 5 Bridge Collapse: Bridge That Collapsed Was Not Even Worst in the State

The Washington bridge that collapsed was rated as "functionally obsolete." The bad part is that is not the worst grade that it could have gotten and hundred of bridges are worse.

Tom Tancredo: Can a Hardcore Conservative Still Win in Colorado?

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo's announcement Thursday to run for governor of Colorado may be a bit premature, as he needs to asses the direction Colorado is actually heading in.

Tennessee Apparently Believes Sexual Exploitation is Less Serious Than Speeding

Tennessee authorities have handed Republican representative Scott DesJarlais, a physician, a paltry $500 fine after finding that he had broken several state laws by sleeping with patients.

Darrell Issa: Don't Hate Obama's Nemesis in Congress For Doing His Job

It's easy to hate on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, but distrust of government is in our DNA as Americans. Conservatives and liberals should both celebrate it.

Gabriel Gomez: GOP Senate Candidate Calls Congressman Markey "Pond Scum"

A day after Massachusetts GOP Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez called his opponent, longtime Representative Ed Markey, “pond scum,” the Republican finds himself trailing by 10 points.

'Bashing' App: How This Smartphone App is Helping End Anti-Gay Hate Crimes

The new 'Bashing' app allows users to record the time and location of gay-bashing incidents and share it with the world. Could this technology help police predict where bullies will strike next?

BSA Gay Ban Policy: Why the Boy Scout Gay Policy Is Still Abysmal

The Boys Scouts' decision to approve gay youth membership while retaining the ban on gay adults sets up an environment that teaches gay youth to discriminate against their own community.

Obama Naval Academy Commencement: Military Sexual Assault Scandal Looms Large in Obama's Speech to Graduates

Obama addressed the graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy on Thursday, and his remarks touched on the sexual-assault epidemic currently shaking the Military.