Lunar Eclipse 2013: What 6 Cultures Think It Means

The eclipse has meant a lot to people over the world. Here are six really cool beliefs related to it, by different culture throughout the world over time.

There Are 535 Members Of Congress. How Many Of Them Really Understand Math and Science?

Ten percent of Congress has some background in a STEM field, broadly defined. That's not enough when it deals with so many critical issues in science and technology every day.

Two Lesbian Moms Raised a Baby in Nevada, and This is What Happened

When the Nevada assembly decided to vote on a marriage equality resolution, Riley Roberts took to the stand to demand recognition and acceptance of his "two loving parents."

The Weight of Being Black At An Elite Northeast College

Each time I step into a classroom or attend a school function, I am reminded just how much of an outsider I really am.

French Open 2013: Predictions, Guide to the Tournament

Find out who's projected to win this year's tennis tournament, and who could lead a big upset.

Sweden Riots: Islamism Sends Stockholm Up in Flames

Sweden is suffering from multicultural policies which are a direct threat to a peaceful and prosperous society.

Elite British Boarding School's Entrance Exam Asks 13-Year-Old Boys About Killing Innocent Protesters

If you want to win a scholarship to the prestigious Eton College, you'd better be prepared to think like a politician, even when politicians are committing heinous crimes and even if you are 13.

Immigration Reform 2013: Menendez Tells Univision That the Votes May Not Be There

Senator Bob Menendez told Univision that immigration reform currently does not have 60 votes in the Senate. This may be the first bump in the road for the immigration-reform bill.

Obamacare: California Releases 'Lower Than Expected' Rates On Obamacare, Debunking Conservative Myths

Obamacare opponents and proponents are closely watching California's health insurance exchanges.

Alabama Mystery Illness: It Wasn't the Bird Flu, So What Was It?

Physicians find out what caused the cluster of hospitalizations in Alabama.

Notice Anything Fishy About These 4 McDonald's Ads Aimed at Children?

Using athletes of color, culturally inappropriate stereotypes, and hip-hop culture, McDonald's is systematically preying on young black children in its marketing ads.

The Fort Hood Terrorist Gets Paid $275,000 By the Military to Sit in Jail, While His Victims Get Nothing

The suspected shooter in the 2009 Fort Hood massacre is making thousands while his victims suffer. What's gone wrong?

Joe Biden Gaffe: VP's Jewish Comments Were Not Anti-Semitic

Biden extolled Jews' influence upon all the spheres of American life and culture. Somehow this is a problem.

Chelsea Fearce: Homeless Georgia Valedictorian Officially the Most Impressive Person Ever

Seventeen-year-old Georgia senior Chelsea Fearce graduated from Charles Drew High School as valedictorian in spite of being homeless throughout much of her high school career.

March Against Monsanto: Thousands Participate in Global Day Of Protest Against the Biotech Giant

Thousands of people have taken to the streets around the world today in a coordinated global day of protest against the biotech giant Monsanto. Check out some of the highlights.

Judge Michael Cook: Illinois Judge Charged In Drug Ring Proclaims, 'Bad Is My Middle Name'

Illinois St. Clair County Circuit Judge Michael Cook plead not guilty to charges of heroin and gun possession. This arrest is a part of a federal investigation involving the FBI and DEA.

Moore Tornado: Hate Group's Website Is the Victim Of Serious Pwnage

Hacker owns the notorious hate group Westboro Baptist Church by hacking their "God Hates Oklahoma" website and redirecting users to the donation page of the American Red Cross

USC Rape: Sexual Assault On Campus Isn't Just a Crime — It's a Culture

Colleges and universities are facing media attention after rape cases have surfaced in high numbers. However, these cases only reflect a much larger societal issue that needs to be addressed.

20 Heartwarming Photos of Hope From Oklahoma

The scene from Moore, Oklahoma has begun turning from one of heartbreak, to one of generosity, kindness, and the goodness of the human spirit.

Obama Scandals: AP, IRS, and Benghazi Have Sent Obama's Ratings Down the Tubes

Public opinion polls strongly reflect the distrust Americans are feeling towards the Obama administration in light of the recent scandals. This is bad news for Washington Democrats.

26,000 People Ranked Their Favorite Country In the World. Find Out Who Won

This country is known for its beautiful landscapes, bratwurst, Oktoberfestivities, and economic triumphs!

'Does Someone Have to Go?' TV Show: Mean-Spirited Fox Show Has People Fire Their Colleagues On Air

"Does Someone Have To Go?" is an uncomfortable new Fox reality TV show that has employees of failing companies confront each other and decide who to fire.

Illinois Sex Education: State Bans Abstinence-Only Sex Ed in a Victory For the Real World

In a victory for common sense, Illinois has passed a bill that bans abstinence-only sex education in public schools throughout the state. Governor Pat Quinn is expected to sign it into law.

The Most Outrageous U.S. Government Scandals, Mapped Out in One Amazing Chart

Following the current scandals facing the White House, Mother Jones has created the "Ultimate White House Scandal Matrix." Where do you think the Benghazi, IRS, and AP scandals fit?

Memorial Day 2013: Time to Make the Military Safe For Women

Honoring troops who gave their lives for our country means helping to make the modern military a place where sex offenders are held accountable.

Gay Marriage 2013: Can Gay Marriage Be a Federal Right? Just Ask Interracial Couples

Can the federal government declare same-sex marriage to be a constitutional right? The Supreme Court's decision on an interracial marriage case suggests it might be able.

Robbie Rogers Gay: Out Soccer Star Signs With LA Galaxy

Robbie Rogers became an instant role model today as the first openly gay active male athlete to play for an American contact sports team.

Christian Fundamentalist Bryan Fischer Calls for Renaming the Boy Scouts "Boy Sodomizers of America"

Conservatives are taking to Twitter to express their outrage that the Boy Scouts lifted their ban on gay scouts.

Cannes 2013: Roman Polanski Says Birth Control Pill 'Masculinizes' Women

And female equality is "idiotic." Because Roman Polanski knows women.

3 Lessons from Evanston High School's Handling of a Sexting Scandal

For once, we have an example of a high school that appropriately handles a sex-related scandal involving its sports team. What other schools can take away.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Federal Judge Orders Arpaio to Shut Down Racial Profiling

Federal court rules that Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio violated the constitutional rights of Latinos by engaging in systematic racial profiling as part of his aggressive anti-immigration efforts.

Military Sexual Assault 2013: Chuck Hagel At West Point Calls Sexual Assaults 'A Scourge That Must Be Stamped Out'

Secretary of Defense Hagel spoke at West Point's commencement and said that sexual assault is a "scourge must be stamped out." The remarks come amid a wave of high profile sexual assault cases.

Brazil Rape: Protest Movement Against Sexual Assault Growing Rapidly

Brazil is the latest country to start a national dialogue on sexual assault in response to a string of rapes in the past few months. Here's hoping the world is headed for a sexual revolution.

Donald Rumsfeld: Former Secretary of Defense Gives F Grade to Obama on National Security

When analyzing national security policy on CNN, Rumsfeld graded Bush as a D- and Obama as an F. But he couldn't manage an actual reason for why Obama had "failed."

Louis Gohmert: Congressman's Strong Anti-Abortion Stance Comes From Personal Experience

Congressman Louis Gohmert claimed that a mother should have allowed her child to have a chance at life, even if the child had a medical abnormality.

Taliban Attacks: Taliban Tries to Seize CIA Building and Ends Up Attacking a UN Compound

Taliban goes on the offensive as American troops start to withdraw.

San Antonio Flooding: 1 Dead, 1 Missing, and Over 100 Rescued Following Torrential Rain

One person has been killed and over 100 have been rescued following flooding in San Antonio after it received almost 10 inches of rain overnight, the second wettest day ever in the city.

'We Steal Secrets' Movie: WikiLeaks Slams New Documentary About the Organization

A new documentary on Wikileaks by award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, "We Steal Secrets," has been strongly criticized by the organization for being full of "factual errors and speculation."

Gay Rights 2013: Ukraine Holds First Gay Pride Rally in a Country Known For Homophobia

Ukraine's first every gay pride rally was held in Kiev. The country has a strong anti-gay presence and counter protesters attempt to disrupt the small march.

College Graudation 2013: Don't Have a Job? Try Outsourcing Yourself

With the job market bleak at home, millennials should remember that overseas positions are viable alternatives.

College Graduation 2013: For Poor Students, Staying In College Is Often Harder Than Getting In

Even after poor students get into colleges, the road to graduation is a difficult one.