10 Professions That Attract the Most Sociopaths

Which professions attract the highest number of sociopaths? Do you work in a field best suited for those without emotion or empathy?

25 Sports to Help You Get Active This Summer

With the warmer months upon us, more of us want to get outide when we can. Here are some sports which can be played outside (or inside) during summer to get active.

Reddit Wonders If Bestiality is Okay to Imagine

One Redditor made the front page for wondering if it's okay to imagine if his girlfriend is a goat while he gets intimate with her. What does this say about the internet?

4 Potentially Terrifying Civil Liberties Debates We'll Be Having in the Not-So-Distant Future

Gay marriage and abortion are approaching the final stages of debate. Will we soon be debating genetically modified babies, cyborg citizens, and whether or not to factory-farm insects?

Chad Lesko and 4 Other Victims Of Internet Witch Hunts

When the internet gets involved with criminal investigation, the result is often a nightmare. Here are four individuals who were attacked because of a false accusation on the internet.

Amanda Bynes Pot Smoking: Why We Should Leave Her Alone

Amanda-manda-manda Bynes is either in need of serious concern, or is unworthy of all this attention.

Memorial Day 2013: Do You Know How Many Americans Don't Get the Day Off?

This Memorial Day, we should look at the rather sad state of the American worker.

Karen Finley Exhibition: Sexting is Now More Than Just Smut, It's Art

Two years after a sexting scandal caused former New York Senator Anthony Weiner to resign, feminist performance artist Karen Finley is turning sexts into art in an exhibition at the New Museum.

Grant Acord: Why Did a 17-Year-Old Want to Plant 6 Bombs in His High School?

Grant Acord modified the Columbine attacks to cause more casualties. Could this be another case of a mentally troubled teen turning to violence?

#FitchTheHomeless: Abercrombie and Fitch Sales Plummet, Partially Thanks to CEO's Horrific Remarks

A&F has been doing pretty terribly financially, and their CEO's comments on their "exclusionary" business strategy just doesn't seem like it's going to help.

Nate Howard: LAPD Faces Yet Another Accusation Of Racial Profiling After Breaking Up Mostly-Minority Graduation Party

The LAPD is facing serious accusations from USC party-goers after breaking up a black college graduate's celebration, while leaving a party with white students down the street untouched.

Arrested Development Season 4 Release Date: Where to Watch Online

Get your vodka and toast. Arrested Development's Season 4 is live on Netflix today.

Memorial Day 2013: Is It Unpatriotic to Criticize Our Troops?

While America is divided on the use of American military might, we should all be united in commemorating the men and women who have died serving in the military.

Sergio Garcia Tiger Woods: After Racist Remark, He Owes Tiger More Than 'Fried Chicken'

Sergio Garcia would be nothing without Woods. He should thank Tiger Woods, not insult him.

Arrested Development Season Four Netflix: 10 Most Hysterically Funny Running Gags

SPOILER ALERT: A few of the best re-occuring inside jokes from everybody's favorite cancelled show.

Medea Benjamin: Meet the CodePink Co-Founder Who Interrupted Obama's National Security Speech

Medea Benjamin has gained notoriety for "heckling" Obama during his speech last Thursday. Whether or not you agree with her politics, here's why you should care about her.

Cannes Palme d'Or: Winner La Vie D'Adele is a Huge Cliché

This year, Cannes Film festival gave their top honor to a three hour romance. "I'm surprised!" said nobody.

Iran Elections 2013: Is the Regime Beginning to Collapse Under Its Own Weight?

Iran's Council of Guardians have eliminated two key players from taking part in the upcoming presidential elections. The showdown may amount to political suicide for the regime.

Millennial Unemployment: 3 Ways Government is Screwing Young People Out of Jobs

The U.S. government has enacted a 3-part plan to royally screw millennials out of our voice in policy debate. This has negative implications for our jobs, education, and finances.

Farm Bill 2013: Vitter Amendment Would Starve Convicts For Republican Gain

A new amendment in the Senate would deny all convicted sex offenders access to food stamps for life, essentially sentencing them to the death penalty without directly saying so.

India Communists: Naxalite Rebels Are Country's Greatest Internal Threat

Left-wing extremists famously known as Naxalites attacked a political rally in state of Chattisgarh, killing 27 ministers. Who are they? What do they want? Why are they India's greatest threat?

Xbox 1: 4 Reasons Gamers Are Seriously Concerned

Despite launching the system, Microsoft has yet to give clear answers on a lot of problems; that has to change before anyone pre-orders.

Rand Paul 2016: Paul Claims Obama Lacks Moral Authority to Run the Country

Surprise, surprise, Mr. 2016 himself came out of the woodwork to jump on the scandal bandwagon.

Google Wireless: Company to Bring Wifi Access to 1 Billion People Using Blimps

Who said blimps were just for sporting events?

Neymar Messi: Brazilian Star Not a Good Fit for Barcelona's Offense

The formerly bleached-blonde stallion may need a few tips on style ... playing style, that is.

Arrested Development Season 4 Spoilers: Hints About This Netflix Season

Famous people. More chicken dances. A lot of juice.

Penny Pritzker Commerce Secretary: Did Obama's Nominee Leave $80 Million Off Tax Receipts

To be fair, $80 million is small change for a billionaire, right?

Anthony Weiner Mayor: This Will Be His Biggest Obstacle to Comeback

Yes, Weiner is inserting himself back into the political arena. Little does he realize that his pun-tastically flawed campaign can be saved by following the example of one man: Michael Savage.

4 Things Gay Marriages Can Teach Straight People

Same-sex unions can revive the image of marriage as an institution. Here's how.

Obamacare: Republicans Are Making the Poor Sicker Just to Hurt Obama

Almost 25 Republican states have refused to expand Medicaid, citing entirely false reasons and threatening those Republicans that are willing to work in bipartisan efforts.

India Maoist Movement: Rebels Slaughter Senior Government Leaders in Surprise Ambush

Rebels were seen "singing and dancing" over the bodies of the dead in a disturbing attack that has killed up to 27 people.

Ending World Hunger: Insects Will Help Feed 9 Billion People

Western perceptions about eating insects as gross, horrible tasting, or uncivilized are preventing us from tapping a healthy and potentially abundant food source. So prepare to dig in.

Mary Fallin Oklahoma: Governor Demands Quick Action in Relief Efforts

Mary Fallin wants the federal government to help her get relief to the residents of Oklahoma as fast as possible.