This is What Budget Cuts Have Done to Detroit ... And It's Freaking Awesome

The city of Detroit is proving the spontaneous order, civic cooperation, and peaceful market forces that take over when government isn't around and people take their liberty back.

The Studies Are In, and Obamacare is Failing Miserably

President Obama bet trillions of dollars and our nation’s entire health care system on his socialized health care plan. Early results show it's a big flop.

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Recap: 7 Moments Die-Hard Fan Will Appreciate

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 has been a great season - check the recap here as we prepare for Episode Nine, "The Rains of Castamere."

Why Rape Jokes Are Never Funny

While Daniel Tosh may disagree, rape jokes actively prevent survivors of sexual assault from seeking help or speaking out. They should be taken seriously.

8 Life Lessons We Learned From Chandler Bing

Could you *be* any more thankful for Chandler Bing?

5 Most Foolish Reasons Why People Go to Law School

If you find yourselves uttering any of these platitudes, your career as a lawyer may be over before it begins.

'Game Of Thrones' and 'Mad Men' Make Women Characters Out to Be Mothers, Whores, and Little Else

'Mad Men' and 'Game of Thrones', two of cable's best offerings, feature dynamic, strong female characters. So why is it that they must either use sex or masculinity to get their power?

'Ladies Night' and Other "Benefits" to Being a Woman That Actually Suck

Female privilege doesn't exist. It's benevolent sexism repackaged as a consolation prize for the absence of real institutionalized power.

Supreme Court Affirmative Action: Why We Still Need It Today

As affirmative action is challenged in the courts, can American colleges afford to move past active efforts to increase campus diversity?

Immigration Reform 2013: Will the "Take Back Our Country" Movement Kill the Bill?

Immigration, same-sex marriage, feminism, the economy and radical Islam are challenging the notion of Americans being open, tolerant, and caring.

Obama Impeachment: Articles Of Impeachment Must Be Issued to Recover Faith in Government

Congress must make itself relevant again; otherwise no president will fear anything and the executive branch of will become more and more tyrannical.

George Zimmerman Trial: Release of Trayvon Martin Text Messages is Racist and Reprehensible

Zimmerman's attorneys have used shameful tactics trying to associate Trayvon Martin with harmful stereotypes of black people in order to prove his innocence.

How I Respond to the People Who Are Making Gay New Yorkers Fear For Our Lives

Over the past three weeks, there have been eight anti-gay hate crimes in New York City. What can be done to stop this rising hatred?

Immigration Reform 2013: John Boehner is Congress's Only Hope

The House talks on immigration reform are fraught with argument, teetering on the brink of collapse. The Speaker of the House may be the only one who can save it all.

DOMA Ruling: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Warns Against Acting Too Fast

One of the most liberal Supreme Court justices thinks that marriage equality may be an overreach, even as the cause gains national support. Why?

Lois Lerner: Meet the Self-Serving Whistleblower At the Center Of the IRS Scandal

Lois Lerner, the embattled IRS official at the center of the scandal, has gone from career civil servant to self-serving whistleblower in a matter of days.

North Korea News: Kim Jong-un Will Not Give Up Nuclear Weapons Anytime Soon

A North Korean special envoy recently visited China and reportedly promised that Pyongyang would re-start six-party nucelar talks. But, there is little reason to be optimistic.

AirBnB Illegal: NYC Ban Restricts Innovation at Expense of Consumers

New York City's hotel law, which prevents residents from renting out rooms for less than 29 days at a time, should be scrapped. And so should market protectionism.

Boy Scouts Gay Ban: Make No Mistake, the BSA is Still Anti-Gay

The BSA's new policy does not apply to adult scouts above age 18, which means the organization really has not changed its antiquated ways.

'Punching Your Girlfriend in the Face' and Other Awful Pages Facebook Thinks Are 'Funny'

While Facebook zealously blocks all racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic content, pages that encourage rape and gendered violence are protected under Facebook's guidelines.

5 Female Characters From Your Childhood You'd Never See On TV Today

Nowadays, there is a shortage of heroines that are portrayed as equally strong and smart as other male characters. Bring these five feminist characters back.

Citi Bike Share Map: Where the Terminals Are Located Around NYC

Check out these station maps to find the Citi Bike terminal closest to you.

Bradley Manning Trial: Will Justice Prevail?

On 3 June, Bradley Manning will face court martial. But, is American democracy the prosecutor or the defendant?

Grant Acord: 17-Year-Old Arrested for Trying to Blow Up Oregon High School

17-year old West Albany High School Student Grand Acord was arrested Sunday and will be charged on multiple counts for attempting to recreate the Columbine massacre at his Oregon high school.

Memorial Day 2013: Jersey Shore Reopens After Hurricane Sandy's Devastation

This Memorial Day, remember the fighters that did not wear uniforms or train in the military. Remember them for being brave and selfless people, the heroes of Hurricane Sandy.

Memorial Day 2013: A Day Mixed With Sadness, Pride and Even Anger

As you and I hit the holiday sales and enjoy a day off from work, please pause, only for a moment if you will, and let a little gratitude come out.

Student Loans 2013: Debt is Crushing Female College Grads

College debt is a startling issue that affects the masses of young graduates entering the work force today, and millennial women are hit the hardest.

Climate Change 2013: The Earth Has Only 16 Years Before We Reach the Tipping Point

That's not 16 years left to begin approaching the issue, that's 16 years left to stop emitting greenhouse gases altogether.

Yahoo Tumblr: Why Teens Are Ditching Facebook and Flocking to Tumblr

No wonder Yahoo's Marissa Mayer dropped $1.1 billion to acquire the blogging platform.

11 Random and Wacky Photos From the Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath

While covering the tornado aftermath in Moore, Oklahoma, I took quite a few photos. Here are the most outlandish and entertaining ones.

Iran Election 2013: Ayatollah Bans Ahmadinejad's Candidate

Iran has rejected the bid of Esfandiar Mashaei, top aide of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, reflecting the animosity between the Ayatollah and the current president.

Republican Bob FitzSimmonds Says Sex-Ed Increases STDs

Another day, another white male Republican makes a ridiculous and non-sensical statement on contraception and sex education ... shocking absolutely no one.

Climate Change 2013: Scientists and Citizens Must Rally Together to Stop Rising CO2 Levels

As CO2 levels continue to rise, global warming is becoming imminent. While climate denial exists, most are consensus about human-caused global warming and what must be done to combat it.

37 Failed GOP Attempts to Repeal Obamacare and Counting

And now, Republicans are trying to probe HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius' fund raising for Enroll America. They just won't quit.

Memorial Day 2013: Every 18 Hours, a Service Member Commits Suicide

On Memorial Day, the wars abroad are winding to a close, but there is a new war at home that civilians and military personnel have not been able to confront: the skyrocketing rate of suicide.

Phil Jackson Finally Compares Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Find Out Who Wins.

In his new book, Phil Jackson finally compares Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Unsurprisingly, Jackson determined that Kobe failed short to the standards that Jordan had set while playing.

Could This Cool New Tracking Tool Make Twitter Less Homophobic?

GLSEN has created a tracking tool for Twitter after seeing how many Tweets contain homophobic slurs, and their results are striking.

'Before Midnight' Premiere: 3 Reasons I Go to Celine For Relationship Guidance

When it comes to relationship advice, Richard Linklater's film heroine Celine, played byJulie Delpy, has as much to offer viewers as she has to offer co-star Ethan Hawke.

6 Crises That Are Turning Obama's Hair Gray

These are the issues that keep the presdent up at night.

Memorial Day 2013: LBJ's 1963 Speech is Still Applicable to Downtrodden Americans Today

Lost amidst a series of other historic speeches, Lyndon B. Johnson's 1963 Memorial Day speech reminds us that we must not wait patiently for change, but create it ourselves.

6 Things You Never Knew About Anthony Weiner

Sometimes scandals make for the only story. But if he's going to be NYC's next mayor, Weiner's past should get more attention than 15 minutes of social media fame.

5 Celebrity Workouts to Get You in Shape This Summer

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities and star athletes do to stay in shape?

Immigration Reform 2013: Will Evangelicals Save the GOP From Itself?

Despite anti-immigration rhetoric from yesteryear, evangelicals in the Republican right are beginning to support immigration reform on moral and legal grounds.

Immigration Reform 2013: Hundreds Of Men, Women, and Children Die Trying to Immigrate Each Year

Migrant deaths are up as border crossings continue to be increasingly perilous. Solutions are needed to solve this humanitarian crisis.

College Graduation 2013: How Much Money Will You Make From Your Major?

According to Pay Scale's recent College Salary Report, the majors that produce the most income for its students rest in the engineering, math, and computer science fields. No shocker there.

Why Desperate Terrorist Groups Have Turned to Slaughtering Innocent Elephants and Rhinos

Terror networks aligned with interntional criminal gangs are organizing the slaughter of African elephants and rhinos to finance terrorist activity. We can and must stop this.

Obama Terrorism Speech: How 4 Leading Republicans Reacted

Prominent Republicans took to the Sunday talk shows this week to voice their criticisms of Obama’s national security speech last Thursday.