Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Video Blurs the Lines Between Nudity and Sexism

Robin Thicke's new video for "Blurred Lines" features three very beautiful, very naked models, and three men suited up. Somehow this incongruous pairing has become the disturbing new norm.

Immigration Reform 2013: 3 Waves Of Immigration That Changed America

In order to build our future, we must understand our past.

'Hangover 3' Movie Review: Dark, Unnecessarily Violent, Short On Laughs

Brutal animal killings, fatal shootings, stress-provoked heart attacks, life-changing lies to children ... and this is supposed to be a comedy?!

The 6 Best Things About Going to Princeton

Three cheers for Old Nassau!

Jay-Z Illuminati: Epic Publicity Stunt Or Something Darker?

Is the Illuminati controlling the music industry or is this a self-perpetuating pop culture phenomenon? With a shocking lack of evidence for either case, it’s up to you to decide.

Second Wives Club: Why First and Second Wives Are At War

Thought alimony was a battle of the sexes? Think again. Find out how alimony reform is pinning women against each other for all the wrong reasons.

Syria Civil War: Could Syria Become Obama's Rwanda?

In 1994, over 500,000 people died in the Rwandan genocide as President Clinton failed to act. If President Obama fails to intervene in Syria, will his inaction also live on in infamy?

33 Most Ridiculous Charts to Have Ever Graced the Floors Of Congress

Somebody, please teach Congress how to use photoshop. Please, the country depends on it.

Adam Kokesh: New Footage Shows Anti-Prohibition Protester Getting Arrested For ... Well, What Exactly?

New footage contradicts police statements saying Adam Kokesh resisted arrest and assaulted police during the rally.

19 Million People Live in the Least Free State in America. Are You One Of Them?

Data finds America is struggling in the war on freedom, and New York is the least free state.

9 Signs You're At Risk For Domestic Violence

Despite what Chris Brown and Oscar Pistorius's fame might lead you to believe, abuse is never acceptable. Domestic violence is an international epidemic that hits our generation especially hard.

'Blue is the Warmest Color': Film With Racy Lesbian Sex Scenes Wins Palme d'Or At Cannes

French Film "Blue is the Warmest Color," despite the racy, steamy sex scenes, emerges as the winner of the Cannes Film Festival.

Kindle Worlds: Amazon to Sell Fanfiction, But Should Fanfic Writers Participate?

Amazon is going to start selling fanfiction to Kindle users. Sounds tempting, but the fine print of the arrangement should make writers hesitate.

Immigration Reform 2013: Senate Progress Could Mean Nothing If House Blocks Gang Of 8 Bill

The Gang of Eight senators' proposal for immigration reform is moving to the full Senate. But is it only a matter of time before the chance of actual comprehensive change is lost?

Disney Needs to Start Waving Around a Rainbow Flag

In the "wonderful world of Disney," homosexuality doesn't exist, except, of course, when it's a punchline.

DOMA Ruling: As Violent Anti-Gay Marriage Protests Rock France, Will the Same Happen in the U.S.?

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in France to protest legal gay marriage, and it quickly turned violent. Can the same happen in America?

8 Great Short Stories to Read During Your Morning Commute

Short stories are the perfect genre for young people: brief but deep and affecting. Here are eight awesome stories by essential writers in the genre.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev: If We Take Away His Constitutional Rights, He Wins

Fighting for the Constitution in an age of global terror, widespread fear, and public apathy — even when we'd rather not.

Bashar Al-Assad: We Know Who's in the Syrian Opposition, and It's Time to Arm Them

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a bill that could arm "vetted elements of the Syrian opposition." Do we know who the opposition is and should we be giving them American weapons?

7 Books Every Smart Person Should Add to Their Summer Reading List

Summer's here. What are you going to read? How about these picks?

Immigration Reform 2013: What's Next For the Gang Of Eight's Bill

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Immigration Reform 2013: Can Bill Survive Republican-Controlled House?

The Gang of Eight swiftly derailed opponents in Senate committee, but the bipartisan coalition now faces an uphill battle and a tough fight in the Republican-controlled House.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Can the U.S. Stop Homegrown Terrorism?

What is required is a community-based approach to identify threats so that authorities can intervene before radical beliefs become violent behaviors.

#FBRape: 13 Companies That Won't Stand For Domestic Violence On Facebook and Pulled Their Ads to Prove It

Thirteen companies have already dropped advertising with Facebook over its hosting images of domestic violence, thanks to an organized campaign from a coalition of women's organizations.

Lois Lerner IRS: 5th Amendment Invocation Could Mean Scandal is Even Bigger Than Thought

Lois Lerner is hiding behind the Fifth Amendment, and possibly protecting someone else.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6: Show Ending, But We'll Survive Without It

The departure of "Breaking Bad," "Burn Notice," "Dexter," and "Futurama" is a bummer, but we'll have a new lineup of favorite shows before we know it.

Woolwich Attack: Mosque Responds to Extremism in the Best Possible Way

How do you respond to possible violent protesters outside your door? This mosque in York, England shows us.

Mike Jeffries Abercrombie & Fitch: Why the Embattled CEO is Awesome

Finding objectively beautiful people is just smart business.

This is the Creepiest Disney Princess Photo You'll Ever See

Sad news: if you're reading this, you're probably too old to become a Disney princess.

Guess What Chinese Hackers Just Stole From the Pentagon? Everything

A classified Pentagon report has revealed that Chinese hackers have compromised over two dozen critical U.S. military weapon systems, included the F-35 fighter and anti-ballistic missile systems.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Russia's North Caucasus Are a Breeding Ground For Terrorism

Following the Boston bombings, attention has turned to Russia's violent North Caucuses region where years of conflict & misrule have created a volatile breeding ground for terrorism.

Marijuana Legalization: Why It Would Disempower Police and Politicians Alike

Politicians claim to act for our own good. But most of the time, they act to protect their own interests, which is obvious in the War on Drugs.

Benghazi Cover Up: Congress is Asking the Wrong Questions

Instead of investigating the botched security at our consulate in Benghazi and the alleged cover-up, Congress should reconsider the foreign policy that made it all happen.

Syria Russia S300 Missiles: As Russia Arms Assad, the West Moves to Arm Syria's Rebels

Russia is set to send missiles to the Syrian government as Britain and France force the EU to lift its arm embargo on the rebels, leading to fears of a further escalation in the deadly conflict.

Massachusetts Special Election 2013: Gomez Is Getting Last-Minute Help ... From His Opponent

Gomez has been receiving a lot of last minute help, most of which comes from his opponent. Rep. Markey's voting record, tax returns, and hypocrisy are making victory more realistic for Gomez.

IRS Scandal: Conservatives Greatly Exaggerating Nonexistent Electoral Impact

Politicians and media folks are making quite the tempest in a teapot over the agency's targeting of conservative groups. At a certain level, it boils down to a case of 'no harm, no foul.'

10 Most Awesome Characters On TV Right Now

Television has created a horde of intriguing characters. While many are interesting, not all are awesome. These, my friends, are the ten most awesome of them all.

'24' TV Show: Will a Rise In Terrorism Make Jack Bauer As Popular As Ever?

The series “24” will return summer 2014. With Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon fresh in our memories, will fear of more attacks make the show popular again?

What Nas' "Hip Hop Is Dead" Taught Me About Life

This is hip hop 101 with professor Nasir Jones. Whether in the projects of Queensbridge or the suburbs of Fairfield County, Nas can teach us all a thing or two about life in America.

Boko Haram: Africa Terror Group Targeted By Goodluck Jonathan in Massive Counterinsurgency

Unless a peaceful resolution is achieved, the growing offensive against Boko Haram could pull Nigeria apart.

Raha Moharrak: First Saudi Woman to Climb Mount Everest

Moharrak breaks stereotypes by becoming the first woman from her country to climb Mount Everest.

Defense Science Board Hacking Report: China is Hacking Its Way Through U.S. Defenses

It is common knowledge still that China has been pursuing a comprehensive long-term strategy to modernize its military and, by proxy, to overcome U.S. military power.

Pope Francis I: Just Kidding Atheists, No Heaven For You

The pope said atheists can go to Heaven for doing good. The Vatican clarified that all atheists are still going to Hell. Atheists didn't care from the beginning.

Paul Krugman: Reinhart and Rogoff Accuse NYT Economist Of Being "Shallow" and "Uncivil"

Recently embarrassed economists Reinhart and Rogoff penned a long letter in response to Krugman’s criticism in which he called them "objects of much ridicule."

John Dryden: Teacher Faces Disciplinary Hearings For Advising Students Of Constitutional Rights

A high school teacher in Batavia, Illinois is facing disciplinary action in a hearing today after advising students of their constitutional rights before they took a survey.

5 Biggest Pieces Of BS in Obama's National Security Speech

President Obama has proven himself to be a great orator. What he's less skilled at is following through on his promises.

10 Animals You Never Knew Existed

Every year ASU’s International Institute for Species Exploration publishes a list of the top 10 species discovered. 2012 includes gems such as minifrogs and beetles straight out of 'Star Wars.'

Robbie Rogers: Do Gay Athletes Need a Jackie Robinson?

U.S. professional sports are at a point where the sexuality of players should have no effect on the court or field, but rather be viewed solely as a private matter.

New Pundit Allie Van Dine Tells Washington Why It Needs Its Interns

Allie Van Dine is PolicyMic's newest culture writer. We're thrilled to have her join our community of D.C. pundits. "Skinny Minny" Dating: The Dating Event For Literally Only Skinny People

A speed dating site offered a "Skinny Minny" event for women under size 8. Curiously, there were no similar requirements for men.

Obama Goes 0-For-5 At New Jersey Carnival Game, Chris Christie Nails It In One Shot

Who would you want quarterbacking your football team, the lanky Obama or the portly Christie? Stopping by a carnival game on the Jersey Shore, Obama went 0-for-5. Christie nailed it in one shot.

Chinese Bird Flu 2013: Is It Developing Immunity to Our Best Treatments?

The newest strain of the deadly bird flu may be able to develop resistance to anti-flu drugs such as Tamiflu. Medical experts have said that this development is "concerning."

7 Women Who Should Host 'Late Night' Instead Of Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers is the new host of "Late Night" and the late night talk show world remains unchanged.

Joe Cohea: Idaho Resident Demands An End to Crosses On City Property

Crosses on city-owned property may seem harmless, but they're still a violation of the First Amendment.

Memorial Day 2013: Walmart Honors Veterans With Job Offers

Walmart gets a lot of flak, but for Memorial Day, the company offered jobs to veterans, confirming the company's bad reputation is underserved.

Liberty is Not For Everyone, Especially For Those In the Muslim World

It has become apparent that the Muslim world is experiencing an upsurge in Islamism. Can this Pandora's Box be closed?

Drug Lords Reassert Control Of One Of Rio de Janeiro's Biggest Neighborhoods

For the second day, drug traffickers have ordered a curfew with shops and schools closed in one of Rio de Janeiro’s biggest favelas, reasserting their control of the area.

Laura Ingraham 2018? Jeff Flake Has Reason to Be Worried

Sen. Jeff Flake, desperate to find someone else to lead him, seems to be losing the respect of his constituents.

Dutch TV Show Mocks Murder Of British Soldier Lee Rigby in Outrageous Sketch

In a sketch, the Dutch comedy TV show sat two actors waving bloody knives and cleavers at the 'British table' of the Eurovision song contest, a reference to Lee Rigby's murderers.

Immigration Reform 2013: An Inside Look At the Faulty Economics in Obama's Immigration Plan

As retirees and expats move out of the United States to take up residency in foreign countries, immigration may be the only way to strengthen the tax base and fill in our shrinking cities.

5 Ways Your Social Networks Can Help You Pay For College

Student loan debt is a scary thought. Luckily, your friends and family can help you manage the costs of school.

EU-U.S. Free Trade Talks: A Long Road Ahead

The European Parliament called for exemptions with potential to significantly limit the range of the upcoming EU-U.S. free trade negotiations; an undesired early outcome for trade negotiators.

Student Loan Rates: Let's Let the Market Decide, Not Politicians

The Smarter Solutions for Students Act is a long-term fix to skyrocketing student loan rates. Students can't afford to let their financial futures be dictated by Washington.

Sarah Dessen 'The Moon and More': Will New Book Have Feminist Characters?

Most of her YA books follow the same pattern: girl meets boy, they fall in love, problems are solved. But there's more to these books than just teenage romances.

Syria Civil War: Geneva Conference Could Be the Last Best Hope For Syria

With sectarian tensions threatening to tear the Syrian state apart, next month's peace talks may be the final chance for Syria to keep itself together.

Why Do More Americans Die From Suicide Than Car Accidents?

Retirement and the recession may be to blame. Baby Boomers are weaning off their full-time jobs, which for many means a loss of daily structure, social engagement, and a sense of purpose.

15 Ways to Make a Fashion Statement This Summer

Deep down inside of us is a geek waiting to stay inside from the harsh summer sun and social interaction.

Hello, Press Mentions: PolicyMic Community Spotlighted Across the Media

As part of our weekly blog on press mentions, PolicyMic will feature a compilation of the places our community is showing up all over the web.

Is the Supreme Court Giving Corporations More Free-Speech Rights Than the Rest Of Us?

During confirmation, John Roberts pledged to uphold judicial precedent. Now that he's chief justice, his court has shredded it.

Physical Activity Guidelines For Americans Act: Your Next Personal Trainer May be Congress

With the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Act, America's fittest Congressman is trying to make America fit, one law at a time.

Immigration Reform 2013: A Conservative Ponders Personal Immigration Policy

As the immigration bill passes out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and moves toward a summer-long debate, it is important for us to think about what we can do to help the immigrants next door.

5 Most Amazing Moments of Brian Urlacher’s Career

To Chicago fans of my generation, Brian Urlacher was the first sports hero we could call our own. After announcing his retirement yesterday, you couldn't stop me from sprinting down memory lane.

280,000 Children Are At Risk Thanks to Pakistan's Polio Vaccination Ban

Polio exists prominently in only three countries in the world, each with strong terrorist rule. Certain radicals are hoping to keep it that way.

World Hunger Day: It's Time For Obama to Lead the Fight Against Child Starvation

1 in 4 children across the world are stunted due to inadequate nutrition. It's time for solutions.

Careful What You "Like" — It Could Get You Fired

Watch what you click online. Facebook "likes" are not yet considered protected speech.

Accidental Patriotism Ends A Baseball Argument — Why Can't This Happen In Politics?

The song "God Bless America" interrupted an argument during Memorial Day weekend's Red Sox versus Indians game.

Immigration Reform 2013: Can Our Welfare State Bear the Cost of Illegal Immigration?

Probably not, or at least not without more revenues or an economic boom.

5Pointz: A (Hopefully) Premature Obituary

World famous graffiti mecca to be torn down in New York to make more room for more rich people places. Go, New York!

Pussy Riot: Infamous Russian Band Member Hospitalized After Hunger Strike

She went on a hunger strike six days ago after being barred from her own parole hearing.

North Korea Ski Resort: Can Amusement Parks Survive in the World's Most Isolated Country?

Kim Jong-Un's ski resort in North Korea may seem like a useless vanity project, but it could be a sign that the country's ruler has new ideas about modernizing the country.

Peter King Has a Real Problem With Obama's "Moralizing" in Terrorism Speech

New York Rep. Peter King says he was "bothered" by President Obama's speech on counterterrorism at the National Defense University.

Planned Parenthood: Organization's Victory in Indiana Is a Victory For All Women

A much-needed bit of good news for an organization that's been under sustained attack since 2010.

Syria Civil War: Is Russia Supporting Syria Just to Troll the U.S.?

Why exactly has Russia been so supportive of the Syrian regime?

Everybody in the Israeli-Arab Conflict Needs to Take a Chill Pill

Deconstructing popular perceptions of the contemporary Middle East begins with a glance at the past as well as the present.

Thanks, Human Embryonic Stem Cells! A (Formerly) Blind Man Can See Because Of You

Stem cell research has given sight back to a blind man, a huge win for supporters of the controversial practice of human embryonic stem cell research.

Bernard Kerik: Ex-NYPD Boss Who Used 9/11 to Make Money is Freed, Plans a TV Movie and Book

The former commissioner was a Rudy Giuliani protégé, heading the NYPD for 16 months in 2001-02 before being considered for secretary of the Department of Homeland Security in 2004.

Trump 2016: The Donald Spends $1 Million Researching Potential 2016 Presidential Bid

The New York Post reports that real-estate mogul Donald Trump has spent more than $1 million researching a potential presidential run in 2016.

Baghdad Bombings: Dozens Dead As Sectarian Violence Worsens

Dozens were killed in a series of car bombings in Baghdad on Monday, the latest act in the most sustained wave of violence in Iraq since its chaotic civil war days.

George Zimmerman Trial: Jury Selection In Trayvon Martin Case Raises Privacy Concerns

Given the emotion surrounding the trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin, the judge should direct the jury to be anonymous.