'The Bling Ring' Movie: Where is the Real Life Bling Ring Today?

"The Bling Ring" hits theaters in June, but before you check out the film based on celebrity robbers, see where the original Bling Ring members are today.

Gabriel Fernandez: 8-Year-Old's Beating Death Points to An Entire City's Failure

Despite multiple abuse referrals from relatives, teachers, and even other mothers at school, social workers failed to prevent the brutal torture and death of an 8-year-old boy.

Kimberly Miale: Meet the Most Powerful Woman in Jay-Z's Life Not Named Beyonce

Her name is Kimberly Miale. And she is the buffer protecting him from breaking NFL recruitment rules with his company Roc Nation Sports. But nobody seems to know who she is...

My Breasts Are Responsible For a Lawsuit Against New York City

I am the woman responsible for a recent lawsuit filed against New York City, citing incidents where the NYPD showed ignorance of a 1992 ruling allowing women the right to go topless in public.

7 Absurd Michele Bachmann Moments She'll Always Be Remembered For

Republican Representative Michele Bachmann has announced that she will not seek re-election next year. A lot of people are going to miss her. Here's why.

54% Of Americans Have Sex With Coworkers — Let's Just Let It Happen, Already

The survey shows massive support for tolerance of sexual relationships between co-workers, proving that old workplace policies might be on their way out.

Gay Marriage 2013: Marine Corps Captain and Boyfriend Say "I Do" In Seattle

5 months after their groundbreaking engagement at the White House, a gay Marine captain and his lover were married in Seattle.

How RuPaul Became a Leading Icon in the Gay Community

RuPaul is a talented performer and a fierce drag queen, but we should credit his fame to his mastery of marketing, branding, and self-promotion.

Bradley Manning Trial: An American Hero Gets Court-Martialed On June 3

On June 3, the highly anticipated court-martial of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who was arrested for leaking hundreds-of-thousands of classified documents to the website WikiLeaks, will take place.

SheZow: The New Gender-Bending Cartoon That Has Conservatives Outraged

A new show set to appear on the children's TV network "The Hub" depicts a boy who turns into a girl whenever danger approaches.

Obesity Crisis 2013: Is The American Diet Causing Mental Disorders?

Judging by the evidence, the answer might be yes.

Jason Collins and Chris Broussard: How Telling Christianity's Truth About Homosexuality Makes You a Bad Guy

A man is praised for announcing he's gay. Another man is lampooned because he believes the Word of God's stance of homosexuality. You be the judge.

American Apparel Sweatshops: Anti-Sweatshop Policy Hurts Developing World

American Apparel boasts of its sweatshop-free labor, but the truth is that sweatshops are beneficial to developing nations.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Secure Is the U.S. Border With Mexico, and How Secure Should It Be?

Thousands of undocumented immigrants cross the border onto U.S. soil every year. Hundreds of them never make it to the other side. This is story of one man who did.

Facebook (FB) Stock Rise: How Facebook's IPO Cost NASDAQ $10 Million

The SEC has fined the Nasdaq $10 million due to violations in company policy and securities law during the Facebook public offering (IPO) last May.

'Epic' Movie 2013: Why Adults Will Also Love the Kids Film

If anything can restore your faith in this year's crop of movies, it's "Epic."

Why Going Gluten-Free is Not a Good Choice For Everyone

The diet is at best unhelpful and at worst unhealthy for those without gluten intolerance.

Al-Qaeda Employee is Chewed-Out By His Boss For Not Filing Expense Reports, Poor Job Performance

Al-Qaeda may need to invest in an HR department if it wants to keep its feuding prima donnas in line. Read this wild office scandal within their organization.

Facebook Vows to Stop Hate Speech Against Women, and Feminist Icon Sheryl Sandberg Says Nothing

Online feminists scored a huge victory in their campaign to end gender-based hate speech on Facebook, but why hasn't Facebook COO and corporate feminist "it girl" Sheryl Sandberg weighed in?

New Immigration Reform: 111 Economists Can’t Be Wrong

Last Tuesday, 111 economists addressed an open letter to the House, detailing economic benefits from reform. Flexible laws that respond to U.S. labor market needs are essential to this process.

West Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Even After Tragedy, Texas Still Bans Fire Codes in 70% of its Counties

Despite the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas which killed 15 and injured 200, nearly 70 percent of counties in Texas are still banned from adopting fire codes.

Tesla Motors (TSLA) Stock: Business Is Booming, But Can Electric Car Make a Difference?

Tesla is posting record profits, but to become the Ford of the 21st Century they should look to driverless car technology to get all Americans into the backseat.

Missing Man Walks Up to News Crew Reporting On His Disappearance

An adorable 73-year-old man with dementia, missing for nearly 16 hours, was found safe when he walked up to the very news crew who was reporting on the story surrounding his disappearance.

Iran Presidential Election 2013: Saeed Jalili Is No Different Than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Always remember that the president of Iran, regardless of who takes the throne, has little power if the Ayatollah diverges from their viewpoint.

Arrested Development Season 4: The Best Jokes From the New Season

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Beyonce Butt Slap: Germany Concert Attendee Smacks Singer's Rear End At Show

The inevitable happened: a front row concert goer touched Beyonce's butt. Beyonce, ever fearsome yet ladylike, told the grabby man that he would be escorted out of the venue, and rightfully so.

Saudi Arabian "Self-Help" Writer Calls For All Working Women to Be Molested On Twitter

A prominent Saudi Arabian self-help writer called upon his Twitter followers to molest any working women.

Hitler Tea Kettle Sells Out in Days, Thanks to Reddit

In a startling demostration of the power of the internet meme, this curious looking tea kettle went from internet sensation to sold out within days.

Nicolas Maduro: Venezuelan President Now Officially Runs His Country's Entire Media System

This marks the end of the last opposition broadcast in Venezuela, officially setting the beginning of an era where the government has a complete monopoly of information.

Princeton Meningitis Outbreak: Reunion Hookups Carry Extra Risk

Princeton has issued a note of caution to the estimated 24,000 people attending the annual alumni reunion this weekend.

Immigration Reform 2013: The 9 Critical Things You Need to Know

With the new immigration reform bill making waves in the Senate, here's a comprehensive list to everything you need to know about it.

7 Reasons That Prove Obama Is A Substandard President

How does Barack Obama rank among other presidents like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan? Not that great.

Benghazi Scandal: How the Obama Administration is Completely Ignoring Globalization

If the Obama administration intends to combat Al-Qaeda affiliates, it needs to get a basic lesson in the ever-changing world of Globalization.

Immigration Reform 2013: Anti-Immigration Lobby Finds Fewer Conservative Friends On Capitol Hill

The anti-immigration lobby is engaged in a struggle against immigration reform. But they are finding that they have less friends then they have had in the past.

Steven Seagal: Actor Visits Chechnya, But Can the Unofficial Diplomat Improve U.S.-Russia Relations?

Hollywood star Steven Seagal is taking time off from thwarting terrorists on the silver screen to focus on his new gig as unofficial U.S. diplomat to Russia.

Pregnant Boys PSA: Will It Lower Teen Pregnancy Rates?

Chicago has recently launched a PSA with photos of pregnant boys with the goal of lowering its high teen pregnancy rates. Will it work?

Marijuana Legalization: Just As Colorado Legalizes It, a Stronger Version Gets Hot

Colorado will start regulating weed for recreational use, but how will concentrated THC-rich wax play into the regulation?

Redskins Name Change: Why It Needs to Happen

The term Redskins functions in a very similar fashion to other derogatory terms assigned to Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Jews, and others, so it has no place in the football team's name.

This Gay Mormon is Happily Married to a Woman

Josh Weed, who has known he was gay since he was eleven, fell in love with a woman, got married, and fathered three kids. And he's happier than ever.

Does Facebook "Like" Women?

It took public shaming and 15 companies pulling ad revenue to convince Facebook that protecting the hundreds of millions of women who use their site daily should be a priority.

Immigration Reform 2013: Republicans Want to Force Undocumented Immigrants to Buy Health Insurance

House Republicans are considering a health insurance mandate for noncitizens in their immigration reform bill ... one that sounds suspiciously like Obamacare's.

EU-U.S. Free Trade Agreement: TTIP Gets a Boost From Brussels Summit

The European Parliament finalized policy towards the EU-U.S. free trade agreement last Wednesday, with significant impacts on future transatlantic trade.

According to Politifact, One Political Party Has Their Pants On Fire. Guess Which?

A recent study finds that Republicans out-lied Democrats by a 3 to 1 margin in the first four months of Obama's second term. Is there anything to this claim?

Wali-ur-Rehman: Predator Drone Kills No. 2 Terrorist Leader – Again

This latest blow to militants shows that being a terrorist's No. 2 is the most dangerous job in terrorism.

Euro Crisis: Spain Isn't Far Behind Greece in Terms Of Collapse

In some countries, the Euro Crisis has reached a level at which not even tourism helps much anymore.

Bloomberg Ricin Attack: Don't Overreact Just Yet

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has received an anonymous threatening letter that contained the presence of the poison ricin. We should not jump the gun just yet, however.

Marijuana Legalization: Colorado Governor Signs New Laws Despite His Own Opposition to Them

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signs into law measures that will regulate the growing, selling, and taxation of marijuana, despite his own opposition to legalizing the drug.

5 Ways to Feel Like a College Student Forever

You don't have to stop learning upon obtaining your degree. Take a free class online, listen to a podcast, or use Twitter. Whatever works for you, as long as you never stop learning.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Major Fundraisers Sign Onto "Ready For Hillary" Super PAC

A Super PAC named Ready for Hillary signed three major fundraisers to show that it is serious about convincing Clinton to run. Clinton has given no indication on where she stands on the issue.

Benghazi Scandal: Can Republicans Subpoena Their Way Out Of All the Time They've Wasted?

With over 25,000 pages of documents not giving him the "smoking gun" that he wants, Chairman Darrell Issa has turned to subpoenas to try to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

UEFA Under-21 Championship: Activists Demand It Be Moved From Israel

Activists are calling for UEFA to cancel plans to stage the European Under-21 football championship in Israel, citing Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

Racist Arizona Law Claims There's a Secret Plot to Abort Minority Babies

Civil rights groups are challenging a racist abortion law which relies on myths, conspiracy theories and untrue stereotypes about women of color.

'Arrested Development' Season 4: Netflix Show Unsurprisingly a Letdown

The show shot itself in the foot by releasing another season on Netflix.

Boy Scouts Gay Ban Policy: Don't Forget the Gay Adults Who Are Still Banned From Scouting Forever

The Boy Scouts of America’s most unfair, unhealthy policy isolates gay and bisexual Scouts, vilifies them as criminals, teaches bigotry to all Scouts, and hurts society.

George Takei Facebook Page: Using Social Media For Humor, Tolerance, and Empathy

Prolific actor George Takei took to his Facebook page to express his heartbreak over comments that are insensitive and forgetful of the continuous struggle faced by the LGBT community.

This High School Student Built a Fully Functional Submarine

And what did you do today?

Jan Brewer: Governor Upholds Moratorium, Stops Signing Bills Until Arizona House Passes Medicaid Expansion

In response to continued stalling in the AZ House, governor Jan Brewer has made good on her threat to veto all incoming bills until they pass Medicaid expansion.

3 Celebrities Who Dabbled in the Sex Worker Industry

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Hey, D.C., Guess What? It's Time to Write for PolicyMic!

PolicyMic's first ever city-inspired challenge kicks off in June. Apply today to become one of our new Washington D.C. pundits.

Michele Bachmann Relection: Will She Be Remembered As GOP Everywoman?

While processing Bachmann's retirement, it's important to remember that she was a four-term Congresswoman who was an unabashed voice for women in a male-dominant movement.

#FBRape Campaign: How Misogynistic Do Photos Have to Be Before Facebook Bans Them?

Women, Action and the Media (WAM!) is urging Facebook users to contact advertisers and ask them to remove their ads from Facebook, citing the blatant disregard of women's safety.

GOP Slow-Motion Train Wreck Continues With Week Of Spectacular Infighting

An increasing number of current former Republican members of Congress have been speaking up about the state of the GOP, and it isn’t pretty.

Bulletproof Backpacks: Are They Coming to a School Near You?

Companies that market bulletproof vests to children aren't just lying about their effectiveness, they're needlessly fearmongering too.

Julie Hermann: Is Rutgers University's Athletics Department Asking For More Scandal?

Julie Hermann, the recent hire to Rutgers University's Athletics Department, may not be the woman for the job.

Bill Kintner: Women Are My Biggest Mystery, But Men Are Simple

According to the Senator Bill Kintner in a personal questionnaire for Nebraska's Lincoln Journal Star, women remain his biggest mystery, while men are actually quite simple.

Cannes Film Festival 2013: How Film Festivals Alienate the Average Movie Goer

The event itself and the films screened distance us from that world.

Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau: France's First Gay Marriage

Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau tied the knot in Montpellier, France, becoming the first same-sex couple to exchange marraige vows in the country.

Massachusetts Welfare Audit: Don't Be Shocked When Huge Welfare Systems Get Abused

A recent investigation into Massachusetts' Department of Transitional Assistance found $18 million in dubious benefit payouts and other instances of fraud and negligence over the past few years.

Trump 2016: OK, So is the Donald Running For President Or Not?

Trump has not announced if he will share his birth certificate yet.

8 Ways to Tell a Brit From An American

They might speak the same language, sort of, but Brits and Americans are culturally very different from each other.

11 Quirky Facts About This Year's Spelling Bee

The annual Scipps National Spelling Bee is finally underway. This year, 281 young competitors will take the stage as they compete for the chance to win $30,000 and a trophy.

Empire State Building IPO: How You Can Buy a Piece

The iconic Empire State Building is being included in a $4.2 billion real estate investment trust set to go public.

15 Ways to Treat Everyday Life Like a Master's Degree

These fifteen things will help you acquire the skills you need to get ahead (no tuition required).

Anthony Weiner Mayor? Weiner Shoots Up in the Polls, But He's Peaking Prematurely

Anthony Weiner is hoping to earn redemption from scandal in his bid to become mayor of New York City.

Hulk Hogan Has a New Career As a Weather Reporter

A local Tampa meteorologist shares his green screen with world champion wrestler Hulk Hogan. He predicts impossibly large biceps, dancing pectorals, and wearing sunglasses inside.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama and Christie Have a "Master-Servant Relationship"

In an example of what has been driving so many away from the GOP, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh says that Obama and Christie have a "master-servant relationship."

Women Now Top Earners in Record Number Of Homes, But Many Americans Think This Is Bad For Society

The poll reveals a strong gender bias when it comes to child rearing and shows that lower-income households and women of color are more likely to be single parents.

Why a Career Will Kill Your Professional Goals

America's prized institutions falter because they are run by self-serving careerists rather than selfless professionals.

Texas and Oklahoma Tornadoes: Path Winds Right Through Densely Populated Cities

In the wake of the devastating Moore tornado and the flash flooding in San Antonio, the Weather Channel is forecasting more severe weather over the next few days.

Lincoln Chafee: Rhode Island Governor Will Soon Be a Democrat

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, a former Republican Senator who won the Governorship as an Independent in 2010 plans to join the Democratic Party. He supported Obama in 2008 and 2012.

New Pundit Marianna Sotomayor Wants You To Know That D.C. Has A Secret

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