Google Glass Release Date: Coming Out in 2013, But Who Will Buy?

Google Glass won't be available to the public until 2014, but how many people will buy it then?

'Blachman': Most Sexist Show In History Showcases Unattractive Men Judging Women's Naked Bodies

Would you want these guys to judge your naked body? That's what I thought.

10 Russell Brand Quotes That Are Oddly Profound

Despite his boyish exterior, here are ten Russell Brand quotes that are suprisingly self-referential and ... deep.

Cameron D’Ambrosio: High School Student Charged With Terrorism Over Facebook Post

Did Methuen High School cross the line by getting worked up over this student's Facebook rap post, which included the lyrics "everybody you will see what I am going to do, kill people"?

Pakistan Election 2013: Imran Khan Becoming Pakistan's Game-Changer

Imran Khan has been gaining momentum unlike any other and if polls are any indication, this election could be exactly what Pakistan needs to break away from the status quo and turn things around.

Psy Gentleman Lyrics: Is the Song An Attack On Korean Women?

"Wet Psy" chooses to ignore a dark secret in order to sell his country to the world.

Alex Jones Takes a Break From Conspiracies to Trash Transgender People

Radio host Alex Jones warns that allowing transgender people equal rights could mean anarchy in public restrooms.

1 in 8 Black Men Are Currently in Prison in Wisconsin

According to an alarming new study, black men in Wisconsin are incarcerated at nearly double the national average.

What Do Bitcoin and Mutually Assured Destruction Have to Do With Each Other?

A fascinating new site allows people to exchange fiat money for Bitcoins directly with each other without having to use a third party exchange.

5 Great Music Festivals You've Never Heard Of

Find something worth listening to somewhere you've never heard of.

Climate Change Weather: Why is It Snowing in May and Does It Have Anything to Do With Global Warming?

All I know is that my weekend plans have changed from having a picnic to going sledding.

Blackberry Security: Passes Department Of Defense, So Why Can't iPhones?

Blackberries have now been cleared as secure by the Department of Defense. What does this say about the security of the rest of our handheld devices?

Syria Chemical Weapons: 4 Things the U.S. Can Actually Do in Syria

Full-scale intervention in Syria would not accomplish the goal of increasing regional stability and security. Instead, these four options may be the only choices.

Budweiser Bow Tie Can: 11.3 Ounces Of Pure Marketing Genius

Why drink beer out of a cylindrical can when you can drink it out of a bow tie-shaped can?

Does Canada Deserve the Public Shaming It Just Received At the UN?

When countries with bad reputations for human rights violations come to mind, I think of North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia … but Canada?

Carl DeMaio: Openly Gay Politician Gains GOP Approval in California

DeMaio represents progress within the party that is well on its way to a Republican Renaissance, so to speak.

A Clueless Mom Explains 'The Matrix'

There are fewer joys more precious than watching someone's mom trying to explain a sci-fi movie she clearly barely understands.

Jason Collins: Putting Chris Broussard's Criticism in Context

Chris Broussard accused Jason Collins of "walking in open rebellion to God" on ESPN, and his comments reflect widespread African-American attitudes on religion and homosexuality.

Immigration Reform 2013: We're So Close, But is It Out Of Reach?

The left and right have come together to propose a well-thought-out and reasonable compromise on comprehensive immigration reform. Is it all falling apart?

Mountain Dew Commercial Controversy: Ad Wasn't Funny Or Smart

In response to the public outrage and condemnation of the recent Mountain Dew commercial, CNN decided to post a commentary defending the commercial, causing even more problems.

Meet Adam Hogue: Artist, Expat and Our Pundit Of the Week

Pundit of the Week Adam Hogue is a writer, world traveler, and exceptional member of the PolicyMic community.

Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theories Aren't Even Theories, Just Paranoia

What's wrong with conspiracy theorists? Well, for one, their theories are designed to be impossible to debunk.

Obama Budget 2014: The Most Significant Health Care Cut You Know Nothing About

President Obama's 2014 budget contains a significant health care cut to a program you likely know nothing about, but it will change your care more than any other measure.

Kentucky Child Gun Death: Why Guns As Gifts Are Always a Bad Idea

How about giving them a book instead?

Tsarnaev Brothers: Why'd 'The Week' Draw Them in Brownface?

The most recent issue of The Week blatantly darkened the skin of the Tsarnaev brothers on their cover caricature. Why would the publication do that?

MeetAtTheAirport App: Bringing Speed Dating to the Airport

Now, while waiting for a flight, there is an app that plays on the fantasies of many — unexpected love at first sight, the thrill of meeting a stranger.

Barcelona and Lionel Messi: Are They No Longer the Best in the World?

Doubts spread about Barca, the soccer world's mega team, after their huge defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

139th Kentucky Derby: Who Should You Bet On, Orb Or Verrazano?

With 20 horses in this year's field, it can be difficult narrowing down your choices. Mike Calabrese peers into his crystal ball, hoping to join you in the winner's circle at Churchill Downs.

Millennials Should Stop Muslim-Shaming

Telling Muslims they need to "do more" to stop religious violence is a kind of shaming, and it would be really cool to stop it.

Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories Even Being Spouted By the Government

Countless conspiracy theories have emerged to explain the Boston Marathon bombings. But the newest one is being spouted by the government itself.

Mother's Day Gifts: Offbeat Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is May 12. Do you have your gift ready yet?

Queen Creek High School: "Redneck Week" Held to Boost School Spirit

Queen Creek High decided to hold a "Redneck Day" to boost school spirit during prom week. Because what could go wrong?

Giant Corporation Threatens to Decimate Iowa's Hills For Frac Sand

Land rife with "frac sand," a resource necessary for hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is in the crosshairs of an industry prepared to turn Iowa into the "New Saudi Arabia for Frac Sand."

Lipstick Toxins: Study Finds High Contents Of Lead, Metals in Lipstick

A recent UC Berkley study examined 32 different lipstick products and found an alarming amount of heavy metals in the products.

Money Buys Happiness Study: There's Still More to Life Than Cold, Hard Cash

A recent study has found a link between money and increased happiness. While money certainly helps, it is doubtful that it is a one-to-one linkage between the two.

Immigration Reform 2013: Rubio Calls Conservatives "Pro-Legal Immigration"

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our analysis of the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Daily Currant: Who's to Blame When Real News Outlets Report Fake News?

Yet another news outlet has picked up a fake story put out by satirical news website the Daily Currant, and some are blaming the satire for not being "funny" enough. That's not the problem.

Robert Downey Jr. 'Iron Man 3': Will The Film Be As Funny As 'The Avengers'?

Will 'Iron Man 3' have that comedic genius that was in the original or 'The Avengers?'

'Iron Man 3' 4DX: Is This the New 3D Experiecne?

“4DX” cinema technology augments the motion picture experience by adding environmental effects such as seat motion, smoke, jets of air/water, strobe lights, and even stinky smells.

Coachella 2013: Daniel Ralston Challenged LA Weekly Over Sexist Coachella Story

LA Weekly recently posted “The Hottest Dancing Girls at Coachella, as GIFs.” Because if there’s one thing that the music industry's been lacking, it’s misogyny in GIF form.

Immigration Reform 2013: U.S. Hospitals Have Deported Hundreds Of Sick Immigrants

U.S. hospitals deported hundreds of immigrants every year without consulting local or federal agencies. How do immigration and health care reform impact this unregulated arrangement?

Immigration Reform 2013: How Obama is Selling It in Mexico

Mexican President Nieto will avoid making any emphatic statements about the ongoing immigration debate during President Obama's visit. And that's exactly how immigration reform will pass.

This Man Wants to Turn Men Into Feminists

Can this man turn you into a feminist? There's only one way to find out.

'Parks and Recreation' Season 5 Finale Review: Drumming Up Drama For a Sixth Season

NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' has it's season 5 finale on Thursday, and it's no secret that Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman want to be back for another season.

Kentucky Oaks 2013: Princess of Sylmar Wins in Second Biggest Upset in Kentucky Oaks History

One of the most celebrated sporting events will run for the 139th time this Saturday. Get all the latest coverage of the historic event right here in our PolicyMic Live Blog.

Summer 2013 Movies: Why Do Summer Blockbusters Ignore Women?

The lack of female-driven action films has always been apparent, and with the success of "The Avengers" and a Justice League film in the works, when will the women have their turn?

Euro Zone: Greece Asks Germany for WWII Reparations

Despite the EU's best efforts to put the demons of Europe's past away, Greece is coming to Germany and asking for reparations from World War II.

Why I Ran For Public Office, and You Should Too

Millennials, step up or watch the American Dream slip away.

Gun Control Debate: Making Up New "Phobias" to Avoid Making Arguments

Hoplophobia is the irrational fear of guns. Is it real, or just a pathetic attempt at name-calling?

Ben and Leslie 'Parks and Rec': TV's Perfect Couple is Rather Dull

Ben and Leslie on 'Parks and Recreation' have the type of relationship that would be wonderful ... in real life. But does a happy couple make for good TV?

Hello, Press Mentions: PolicyMic Community Spotlighted Across the Media

As part of our new weekly blog on press mentions, PolicyMic will feature a compilation of the places our community is showing up all over the web.

Obama Plan B Ruling: Banning EC Won't Prevent Teen Pregnancy

President Obama appeals a federal district court's ruling that allows teenagers 15 and up to access emergency contraception without a prescription. This decision has disappointed liberals.

Obama Drone Strikes: Former Bush Lawyer Ironically Accuses Obama of Overusing Drones

John Bellinger, the lawyer who designed the legal framework for lethal drone strikes under Bush, has accused the Obama administration of overusing drones and under-utilizing Guantanamo Bay.

Islamic Radicals: Sean Hannity and Panelists Have Incoherent Yelling Match On Extremists

Hannity says we're living in the age of the rise of radical Islam and gets into a screaming fight with his fellow panelists about it.

This West Virginia Lawmaker Thinks Children Should Have to Work For School Lunches

A West Virginia lawmaker feels elementary school students should have to work for their lunch, because according to him there shouldn't be an "easy way out."

Clarence Thomas Says Obama Was "Approved" By The Media — Is He Right?

Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that without the approval of moneyed elites and the media, Barack Obama would have never had a shot at the White House.

New York Gun Law: Would Make Sure Hollywood Couldn't Use Guns in TV, Movie Production

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may have forgotten to exclude one kind of gun from this tough gun control bill: props.

U.S.-EU Free Trade Zone: It's Necessary to Compete in a Global Economy

U.S. and EU trade representatives are beginning negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership that would create a free-trade zone encompassing 54 percent of world GDP.

How Millennials Became the Foodie Generation

Millennials are constantly sharing photos and reviews of food and restaurants, showing our love for food. Why are we the foodie generation?

Before Schools Test Kids on the Common Core, Shouldn't They, Uh, Teach It?

Showing common sense with Common Core implementation.

Obama Predictably Picks Billionaire Penny Pritzker For Secretary of Commerce

Putting a billionaire in your cabinet in return for campaign contributions ... Mr. President, are you sure that's such a good idea?

Beauty is in the Eye Of the Beholder, Unless You Write For Slate

Slate sounds off about attractiveness, and how it's apparently something you can quantify. Here is my response.

Bangladesh Building Collapse: How Can Safer Buildings Be Built?

An interview with Jo Ashbridge, architect extraordinaire, working and living in Bangladesh to realize a dream of giving better, safer and longer-lasting shelter to low-income families.

Mona Seif: Egyptian Activist Could Lose Rights Award Over Anti-Israel Tweets

An Egyptian activist has been nominated for a human-rights award for her participation in the Arab Spring, but her Tweets about Israel show that she's okay with violence when it suits her needs.

Will Work For Booty: What's Next For An Unemployed Pirate?

Mohamed Abdi Hassan was one of the most notorious pirates in the world, but he's now positioning himself as a businessman.

Kentucky Derby 2013: Should Gambling Be Illegal?

What are the adverse effects of gambling? How does it affect society? Should gambling be illegal? Let's take a look at the reasons why gambling should NOT be illegal.

How American Excess is Destroying Lives Overseas

Excessive and unfair U.S. consumption played a role in the Bangladesh factory accident and in the ongoing Chinese smog crisis.

Jason Collins Coming Out: Athlete Receives Questionable Feedback On Confession

NBA Washington Wizards player is openly gay and feedback implies that he should have stayed quiet.

SWIPES Battery Could Revolutionize How Infantry Fight

Government investment in renewable energy solutions could make the military quicker, safer, and more efficient.

Contactually Study Finds a Correlation Between Rudeness and Productivity

Employees of business platform company Contactually analyzed millions of emails and found that people who write rude emails respond more often than those who write with an upbeat tone.

Culture Weekly Round-Up: Summer Movies, Summer Skillshare, and A Lot Of Stuff That Has Nothing To Do With Summer

All the amazing things that happened in PolicyMic's culture section this week. And there were lots of amazing things. Check them out!

Chris Kelly Dead: Kris Kross Star's Popularity Spikes After Death

The culture memory of this former child rap star lives on, and saw a jump an interest as his death was announced late Wednesdat.

North Carolina Abortion: Abortion Restrictions Will Have Unintended Consequences

HB 716 would allow a woman's parents, guardians, and even doctors to sue OB/GYNs who they suspect knowingly aborted a fetus based on gender.

One World Trade Center is a Major Milestone For American Culture

The final stages of the new skyscraper replacing the destroyed World Trade Center buildings speak volumes for progress in the post 9/11 era.

One World Trade Center: Spire Hoisted Up, Making Building 1,776 Feet Tall [PHOTOS]

Check out the photos of the spire of One World Trade Center being lifted up the building.

April Jobs Report: Don't Believe Unemployment is Really Down to 7.5%

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced this morning that 165,000 new jobs were created in April. But do metrics like jobs reports and unemployment rates paint a full picture of our economy?

4 Out Of 5 Americans Don't Get Recommended 2.5 Hours Exercise a Week

Almost 80% of Americans are not active enough, according to the CDC, and here's why women, Hispanics, older adults, and obese adults are even less likely to meet the guidelines.

Yoko Ogawa 'Revenge' Review: Great Read For Busy Millennials

The book is short, but Ogawa accomplishes in 150 pages what can take other writers 800.

Cell Phones On Planes: FAA Probably Won't Allow Anytime Soon

While in-flight voice calls are unlikely to catch on, there’s little we can do to escape the plight of having to listen to them on the ground.

Washington's Bold Step Officially Changing "Fireman" to "Fireperson" is Not As Bold As It Seems

While several states have pushed for gender-neutral professional names (like 'firefighters,' 'clergy,' 'police officers,' and 'omsbuds'), Washington's step forward may be a step back.

The Kentucky Oak: What is it, When Does it Start, and What Are the Odds?

One of the most celebrated sporting events will run for the 139th time this Saturday. Get all the latest coverage of the historic event right here in our PolicyMic Live Blog.

Mel Watt: Is Obama's Housing Nominee a Wall Street Lackey?

Representative Mel Watt (D-N.C.) is nominated to replace Edward DeMarco as the director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. However, both Republicans and Democrats are skeptical.

Maryland Abolishes Death Penalty, Becomes First State South Of the Mason-Dixon Line to Do So

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley signed into law Wednesday the repeal of the state's death penalty, set to take effect on October 1st.

Warren Buffett Joins Twitter: How Many Followers Can He Get?

Buffett joins Twitter and amasses thousands of followers instantaneously as he talks with Fortune Magazine two days before Berkshire Hathaways annual shareholder's meeting.

Obama Mexico Trip All About Trade, Not Drugs Or Immigration

Obama begins his Latin American tour with a visit to Mexico City today. With talks of trade a priority, there's a disappointing lack of dialogue on security, drugs, and immigration.