10 Ridiculous Facts About How Rich Bill Gates Is

The world's richest man, Bill Gates, can do a heck of a whole lot with his $72 billion worth.

MERS Symptoms: What You Need to Know About This Virus

The new SARS-like virus, a respiratory infection, has been found in 49 confirmed cases as of Thursday, with 27 of those patients dying.

5 Shocking Origins Of Disney Classics

Everybody loves Disney movies, but you probably didn't know that many of them derived from other stories and tales.

War With Iran: We Can Afford to Let Iran Have Nuclear Weapons

Iran's desire to have nuclear weapons is a natural response to a volatile part of the world.

MERS Virus: Why Doctors Are Calling It a "Threat to the Entire World"

A new disease has health authorities worried due to the lack of firm information about the disease. Could it start a global pandemic?

Michele Bachmann Quotes: Her 7 Worst Ever

Michelle Bachmann's ineffective legislative career comes to an end.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage: Is Marriage Equality Really the Last Civil Rights Struggle?

While the country braces for the Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality, we must ask ourselves: Is marriage equality the end-all-be-all for the LGBT community?

Obama Ricin Letters: Mailed to President and Mayor Bloomberg

Obama and Bloomberg were mailed ricin-laced letters from an anti-gun control radical. Has the gun control debate really gotten this out of hand?

LeBron James Internship: Athlete Looking For Interns

The star athlete is looking for interns, but it's unclear whether they'll be paid or actually interact with him. Would it still be a worthwhile endeavor?

Bashar Al-Assad: Russia to Give Syria High-Tech Weapons Designed to Shoot Down Western Planes

Israeli intelligence officials traveled to Moscow to prevent an anti-aircraft weapon sale to Assad, but the West has given Russia no reason to abandon their long-time ally.

El Salvador Abortion: Courts Order Woman to Carry Dying Fetus to Term

When religion and law clash in this deeply Catholic country, a mother might pay with her life.

Obama Approval Rating: Could It Spell Disaster For Dems in 2014?

Watch out in 2014. Voters will not forget about the IRS.

Fox Mole Book: 5 Revelations in Joe Muto's Tell-All

An inside scoop at daily life inside one of the most conservative news outlets in the country -- written by a lone, lost liberal deep inside the Fox network.

Immigration Reform 2013: Study Shows Immigrants Are Subsidizing Medicare Instead Of Draining It

In good news for immigration reform supporters, a new study shows that instead of being "takers," immigrants subsidize Medicare for citizens.

This is the Republican Strategy to Win Over Millennials: Focus On Optimism, Opportunity, and Vision

In the wake of Obama's failures to deliver any growth and opportunity for millennials, Republicans are now seizing the opportunity to provide a new vision that focuses on optimism and solutions.

Amanda Bynes Twitter: What Went Wrong With the Troubled Child Star?

What is causing these young actresses in Hollywood to have hard falls from grace after reaching such lofty heights?

John Dryden: Teacher Under Fire For Informing Students Of Their Fifth Amendment Right

A teacher outside of Chicago encouraged students to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights when asked to take a survey about illegal behavior, and this is probably going to cost him his job.

A Lego Gun the Size Of a Quarter Almost Landed a Kindergartener in Detention

A 6-year-old was supposed to get detention for bringing a Lego gun onto a school bus Friday morning. Was the school's reaction warranted or simply over-the-top?

Denmark is Better At Realizing the American Dream Than America

Until Americans embrace the idea that everyone should have access to good health care, a good education, and a voice, the American dream will continue to remain more fable than fact.

Can Wine and Gold Point the Way to a Better Economy?

The diverging prices of wine and gold have led to speculation about what luxury goods can tell us about the state of the economy.

6 Recycling Strategies That Are So Wacky They Just Might Work

Don't throw it out! Recycle your garbage into usable stuff and help save the planet!

Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio Pulling Double Duty As Critic and Supporter Of Reform

Marco Rubio is pulling a two-face act as immigration reform supporter and critic. This tightrope act is all done with an eye towards the White House.

James B. Comey: Who is Obama's Nominee For FBI Director?

Obama will nominate James B. Comey, a Republican who served in the Bush Justice Department, to replaced Robert Mueller III as FBI director in the fall.

Why I Write For PolicyMic – and Why You Should Too!

Don't be afraid to voice your opinion – don't be a typical millennial. PolicyMic is a wonderful place to do this.

Google Wallet: 3 Inventions That Could Turn Your Cell Phone Into Your Wallet Soon

With the rise of smartphone and always-on technologies, businesses and retail stores are making moves to change how we make payments and banking/B2B transactions.

12 Reasons to Avoid This Summer Trend

If you feel compelled to participate in this summer pseudo-hipster-ironic trend, than by all means do so, but not like this. Never like this.

"Get Britain Fertile" Campaign: Promotes Terrible Misogynistic Message

Britain's new campaign insists that women get pregnant earlier, featuring an old pregnant woman to shock the audience.

Are Conservative Women Actually Good For Women?

It's an achievement any time a woman is elected to public office, but politicians like Bachmann and Sarah Palin use their statuses to push for policies that hurt women around the country.

China Sewer Pipe Baby: Don't Blame the Mother

Whether accidental or not, it would be irresponsible to vilify the 22-year-old mother when there is a bigger social and cultural problem that explains and goes beyond the young woman's behavior.

America Has the Best Beer in the World

Craft beer produced in the United States is beginning to grow in popularity around the world and domestically. Along with producing exceptional beer, craft beer is sustainable.

AMIA Bombing: Did Iran Help Hezbollah Slaughter 85 Jews in Argentina?

Iran is being accused of sponsoring South American terrorism and Argentina's Alberto Nisman is the one seeking justice.

Anthony Weiner NYC: Rising Poll Numbers in NYC Should Come As No Surprise

Many laugh at the idea of Anthony Weiner doing well in the NYC mayoral race. They forget that Weiner is still a savvy political operator.

8 Reasons to Go to Eton School

Eton School is enjoying some time in the lime light, and it's partly because the education presents a lifetime of opportunities. Here are some other reasons to attend the elite English school.

BRAIN Initiative: Obama's Initiative Launches the U.S. Into 21st Century Neuroscience

President Obama's BRAIN initiative is precisely the approach needed to groom America for an increasingly globalized economy.

Marijuana Legalization: The War On Drugs Is a Blessing For Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Big Alcohol

Big companies flex their lobbying muscle when they want to serve their self interest. Those in favor of the war on drugs are no different.

Joanna Rohrback: Prancercise is a 1980s Approach to Fitness

Prancercise is a form of fitness involving much prancing around, but incorporates spiritual and environmental elements into its development. A low impact fitness regime or a transformative guide?

Rijksmuseum Downloads: Amsterdam Museum Offers Free Downloads Of Masterpieces

An Amsterdam museum is offering downloads of its artwork and encouraging the public to share, download, copy, and use the works sans limitations. Will other museums follow suit?

IRS Scandal: Colorado Students Get Punk'd On IRS Scandal

These students were told they'd be signing a thank you card to the IRS for targeting the Tea Party.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage: Could the Court Pass the Buck On Prop 8?

Prop 8, the gay marriage ban in California that's now sitting in the Supreme Court, has briefly fallen off the headlines lately, with a ruling to come in the next few weeks.

LeBron James Flop Video: In Defense Of the Flop

Not every flop is a bad flop.

'Nashville' TV Show Music: A Slew Of Serious Country Talent

There's a lot more to Rayna, Juliette, and Scarlett's songs than meets the ear.

Sergio Garcia Fried Chicken: Everyone's Overlooking European Sports' Thriving Sub-Culture of Racism

Sergio Garcia's "fried chicken" comment about Tiger Woods wasn't an isolated mistake. Racism in Europe (and particularly Spain) is in the midst of a veritable Renaissance.

There Are 100s Of West, Texas, Fertilizer Plants Hidden Across the Country Just Waiting to Explode

These plants could pose a serious risk to communities all over the country.

Florida Atheist Monument: Florida Prepares For the Nation's First Public Shrine to Godlessness

On June 29, the American Atheists will unveil the United States of America's first monument to atheism.

Gun Control Debate: Shocking New Poll Finds Majority Support Handgun Ownership

Flying in the fact of "common knowledge" about the attitude towards guns, this poll highlights some interesting conclusion in the wider gun control debate.

7 GIFs That Perfectly Show How Underclassmen Feel About Graduation

Graduation is a wonderful time to reflect on all of the challenges you have overcome to get your degree, but what about those of us who aren't going anywhere for a year or more?

Would You Strip For a Full-Time Job? These Women Had To

Male supervisors in NYC's Parks Department forced employees to strip and dance at holiday parties. If the women didn't comply they lost their job.

Watch This Dude Jump Off Mount Everest Like It's Nothing

Watch Valery Rozov break records with a death defying jump off Mount Everest.

Toilet Water Coffee From Starbucks Puts Customers in Crappy Mood

Your morning cup of joe just got some added fiber.

Adam Levine Hates America: Why He Kind Of Has a Point

The singer mutters "I hate this country" as America votes off one of the top performers on 'The Voice.' Why is the fate of the competition left up to fickle teens in Minnesota?

Overnight Walk 2013: How You Can Help Stop Suicide

Suicide is a public health problem that impacts our economy, mental health, and even gun control policy. How can we help end it?

Chicago Gangs: Will an Illinois Senator's "White Boy Solution" Decrease Gang Violence Or Increase Elitism?

Illinois State Representative Bobby Rush criticized State Senator Mark Kirk's plan to address gang violence through mass arrests of gang members, calling it an "elitist white boy solution."

Immigration Reform 2013: "100% Secure Borders" Is Never Going to Happen

Ted Cruz's obsession with secure borders is counterproductive in the immigration reform debate.

Walmart Worker Strikes: Is the Big Box Store Really That Bad?

Employees have begun what organizers say will be the first “prolonged strikes” in the company’s history to protest against their poor working conditions and low pay.

Jazz in the Garden: Best D.C. Summer Activity

New to D.C. or just looking for something to do? Check out Jazz in the Garden, in the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden on Friday nights.

11.1% Of Young People Don't Have a Job Because D.C. Won't Tackle the Deficit

Washington won't tackle the growing federal debt ... and it is costing young people their jobs.

Citi Bike Share: NYC Program Could Save Dozens Of Lives

Though cars pose a huge risk for New Yorkers, the health benefits of cycling outweigh the dangers of riding bikes in the city.

Oklahoma Tornado Watch: Severe Storm Path Sets Up New Wave Of Tornadoes Near Oklahoma City

With winds above 110mph, meteorologists are warning of possible tornadoes and hail Thursday in southwestern Missouri, eastern Arkansas, and southeastern Oklahoma.

Fisher v. The University of Texas: The Death Knell For Affirmative Action?

With the fate of affirmative action, a major part of the American public education system, in the balance, the slightly right-leaning Supreme Court will likely end its legacy in the coming days.

In Facebook's Bizarre World, Ads About Breast Cancer Are Too Sexual But Groups About Raping Friends Are Just Peachy

Facebook needs to clear up some serious inconsistencies in its community standards.

Michele Bachmann Retirement: A Blessing For the GOP?

In a video released Wednesday morning, Michele Bachmann announced that she will not seek a fifth term for re-election to the 6th congressional district of Minnesota.

Online Sales Tax: Marketplace Fairness Act Shows Surprising Bipartisan Support

The Marketplace Fairness Act would institute a national online sales tax. Democrats and Republicans have formed unconventional battle lines to support it.

Walmart Protest March: Strikes Will Succeed Where the March Against Monsanto Failed

This week’s protests against corporate giant Walmart have the potential to create change in ways that the March Against Monsanto did not. Why? It’s all about the corporate reputation.

Saeed Jalili: Iran's Youngest Presidential Candidate Has Ancient Views On Women

During an all-female political rally, the leading Iranian presidential candidate chides the West for encouraging women to be "economic tools" and tells women to stay at home with children

Christa Dias: Was This Teacher Fired For Being Pregnant and Unmarried?

A pregnant teacher fired after artificial insemination has sued the archdiocese, arguing they fired her because she was pregnant and unmarried. Is it a violation of contract or discrimination?

Feminist Weekly: Ending #FBRape, Bye-Bye Michele Bachmann, Obama's (Possibly) Transphobic Graduation Speech?

This week, PolicyMic writers weighed in on everything from Michele Bachmann's legacy for feminism and the GOP to the name of the Washington Redskins. Check it out!

Sallie Mae Split: Government's Main Student Loan Provider Doesn't Want Students Anymore

Sallie Mae, the nation's leading provider of student loans, will split into two separate and publicly traded companies. John Remondi has been named the new CEO, effective immediately.

5 Most Badass Action Movies Heroines

In order to encourage more strong characters like these, I'd like to celebrate the ones we already have. Here are the best action movie heroines from recent years.

5 Summer Music Hits You Have to Hear, Straight From North Korea?

North Korea has decided to leap into the musical styling of K-Pop and here are the results.

Robert Bales: U.S. Soldier to Admit to Horrific Massacre Of 16 Afghan Civilians

Staff Sargent Robert Bales is expected to plead guilty to the killing of 16 Afghan civilians, one of the worst atrocities of the Afghanistan War.

Julia Gillard Sandwich Video: Australian Prime Minster Attacked by Sandwich

Watch someone throw a sandwich at the Australian prime minister.

Meet Michael De Los Santos, Activist, BBQ Lover, and Pundit Of the Week

As part of our pundit of the week blog, we spotlight one awesome PolicyMic-er to share their story with the community.

Tim Cook Senate Hearing: Apple's Day in Congress Reveals Shocking Truth That Governments Compete For Tax Money

Selling tax loopholes for campaign contributions leaves plenty of room for other countries to take advantage, just as Ireland did with Apple.

It's Someone Else's Fault That We're All Getting Less Religious, Americans Say

According to a Gallup poll, 77% of Americans believe that the influence of religion is declining in the U.S., representing the most negative evaluation of religion's impact in the U.S. since 1970

Biden Brazil Speech: VP Praises Brazil As Role Model and Calls For New Era Of Relations

In a speech in Rio de Janeiro this morning Vice President Joe Biden called for increased cooperation, particularly economically, between Brazil and the U.S.

5 Deadly Gadgets Cops Use For Crowd Control

The militarization of U.S. police departments involves deploying military grade weapons and technology to surveil, subdue, and sometimes kill American citizens.

Roman Polanski: Birth Control "Masculinizes" Women, "Chases Away Romance"

Polanski's comments about birth control "masculinizing women" were so offensive that they were just the reminder we needed of what gender equality is all about.

How Much Credit Does Obama Deserve For U.S. Oil Boom?

Who is responsible for the recent boom in the U.S. oil industry and is it an entirely good thing?

The Graduation Advice You Won't Hear: It's OK Not to Love Your Career

You've got plenty of time to find your passion. Or, be passionate about something other than your career. Or, focus on someone else's passion. Whatever works for you.

ExxonMobile Gay Ban: Company Rejects Protecting LGBT Employees For 14th Straight Year

The oil giant again voted not to protect gay employees from discrimination. The only way to make them comply would be to pass Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) now.

The Bachelorette Season Premiere: 17 Real Life Goobers From This Season

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Harry Reid: Senate Majority Leader Threatens to Go Nuclear On Filibuster This Summer

As executive and judicial nominations remain hotly debated on the Senate floor, Senator Harry Reid threatens to go "nuclear" on nomination filibusters in July.

Mitch Holmes: Kansas State Lawmakers Tell Pentagon to Stand Up For "Judeo-Christian Tradition"

Well, there's no way this could possibly go wrong.

Larry King On RT: U.S. Talk Show King Joins Russian Network

American television icon Larry King has announced that he will join Russia Today, hosting two new shows.

Abdella Ahmad Tounisi: American Teen Arrested For Wanting to Fight Assad Regime

Teenager from Chicago has been arrested and accused of aiding the Al-Qaeda branch in Syria. It is questionable whether it is fair to detain him, given the recent actions of the U.S. government.

Public Urinators Get Cold Shower in Epic Prank, But There's Nothing Funny About the State Of Public Restrooms

A video of public urinators getting surprised by a blast of cold water is doing well on YouTube ... but maybe it's not so funny when you realize these people couldn't find a bathroom.

Obama Ricin Letter: Prez Gets Unexpected Package

A letter stuffed with ricin toxin mailed to President Obama was intercepted by the Secret Service Thursday.