Oscar Pistorius Case: Graphic Photos Of Reeva Steenkamp Murder Crime Scene Released

Graphic photos showing the aftermath of the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius have been released. See the photos and the tragic story they tell.

Mayflower Oil Spill: Exxon Doesn't Want You to Know People Are Getting Very, Very Sick

We now have proof that Exxon lied about the status of the waterways in Mayflower, Arkansas: Mayflower residents are getting sick.

How Many People Has Barack Obama Killed With Drones?

With Obama's drone policy, there are serious questions regarding international law, the wisdom of the policy and Obama’s failure to own up to the lethal gap between what it says and what it does.

Texas Man Sentenced to 50 Years In Prison For Stealing ... $35 Of Ribs?

A 43 year-old Texan repeat offender just wanted his baby back ribs, but now he'll want to be back on the streets. Is a 50 year sentence for a $35 heist really justice?

Anonymous Monsanto March: Group Hacks Monsanto's Website to Protest "Unethical" Practices

Anonymous activists claim to have hacked into and disabled the main website of Monsanto, the biotech agricultural giant, in protest of the corporation's "unethical" business practices.

7 Terrible Movies That Are Actually Amazing

We all have our vices. Some smoke cigarettes, others max out credit cards, and I ... watch extremely idiotic movies. Here are some gems for you.

Amanda Bynes Twitter: Is Actress Insane Or Just a Little Unwell?

Amanda Bynes' recent bizarre behavior is grist to the tabloid mill but also deeply disturbing.

Here’s What a Human Will Look Like in 1,000,000 Years

Science is doing wonders blurring the lines between humanity and technology.

Xbox 1 at E3: Microsoft Has Some Explaining to Do

Fans of the new Xbox aren't happy. Will another presentation of the hardware at the upcoming E3 event calm the Xbox fanboy hordes?

Will Social Security Be Cut As Early As 2016?

Social Security and Medicare trustees have reported to Congress that Medicare’s trust fund will be insolvent in 2026 and unable to pay full promised benefits for the disabled in 2016.

Immigration Reform 2013: Undocumented Immigrants Can Now Get Driver's Licenses in Connecticut

Connecticut was the latest state to approve driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants on Thursday. Supporters stressed public safety benefits created by the bill.

Cheerios Ad YouTube: Interracial Family in Commercial Spurs Racist Response

Cheerio's new ad has a happy family, a cute kid, and a bunch of Cheerios. And that's all anyone should have to say about it.

Megyn Kelly: Fox News' Female Hosts Smack Down Sexist Coworkers

Fox News contributors try to justify that men need to dominate women because of "nature." Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren don't think so.

Progressive Policies Hurt Minorities, So Why Do Minorities Vote For Liberals?

In the 2012 election, minorities turned out in droves to vote for progressive Democrats. But have progressive policies really served to benefit minorities?

Solar Power: Cost and Reliability Make It the Perfect Energy Source

Solar energy is a way for us to continue our modern lifestyle without decimating the world for our kids. It's a smart energy policy and economically viable, too.

North Korea News: What Kim Jong-Un and Bashar Al-Assad Have In Common

It turns out that North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un and Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad have more in common than just a spot on Obama's enemies list.

Carl DeMaio: This Next-Generation Republican's Socially Liberal Stance Will Save the GOP

By abandoning social issues, San Diego's Carl DeMaio could be the kind of Republican who appeals to young voters.

Father's Day 2013: Let's Increase the Value Of This Day

Father's Day is typically less heralded than Mother's Day. If we change this, can we make a dent in the epidemic of absent fathers?

5 Financial Lessons From the 'Real Housewives' Franchise

Table flipping and cat fights aside, The Real Housewives Franchise offers valuable financial lessons.

Beyonce 'Grown Woman' YouTube: Listen to Independence Anthem Here

The superstar's brilliant leaked single has made this holdout firmly Team Beyoncé.

Erick Erickson: Fox News Contributor Fears Rise in Female Breadwinners

A new study shows that 40% of households boast a woman as the breadwinner. So, Fox News came to the only viable conclusion: the dissolution of American society and human nature.

Monsanto Company: Illegal GMO Wheat Strain Found On Oregon Farm

Wheat of the type developed by the controversial biotech company, but never brought to market, has been found on an Oregon farm.

Ashley Jessica TSA: Did Airport Security Molest an InfoWars Activist?

An activist's viral video has brought the discussion over the Transportation Security Administration's airport search procedures back into the spotlight.

Gun Control Debate: Political Theater Following Sandy Hook Has Only Resulted In Increased Gun Sales

If the slaughter of 20 innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary doesn't get us to act in a meaningful way, what will?

Marijuana Legalization: Ex-Microsoft Employee Building First National Marijuana Brand

Former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively is planning to create the first national marijuana brand in the U.S., hoping to capitalize on the increasing legalization of the drug.

Amelia Earhart Found? Are These the Remains Of Her Plane?

Famed pilot Amelia Earhart's Model 10 Electra may have been found in a reef off the coast of Nikumaroro, part of the Republic of Kiribati.

AP Scandal: Why It Proves Eric Holder Needs to Go

Attorney General Eric Holder either lied to Congress or a federal judge. In either case, he must step down.

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Watch Boston Bombers Work Out 72 Hours Before Attack

CNN has released a video of Boston bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev calmly working out before the deadly bombing of the Boston Marathon.

Arrested Development Season 4: How the Bluth Family Changed Comedy History

The return of 'Arrested Development' is being met with mixed reviews, but the most important part of this Netflix launch is the stamp it's leaving on TV history.

March Against Monsanto: Instead Of the Government, Let Third Parties and the Market Regulate GMOs

Conscientious consumers should not seek a federal regulatory approach that a lot of anti-GMO protesters have been calling for. Market-based regulations ensure that the best quality food is sold.

Can Radical Islam Be Cured By Science?

A neuroscientist has said religious fundamentalism could be treated as a mental disorder, but practically speaking, what would this mean?

Voter ID Laws: GOP Voter Suppression Efforts Drove High Black Turnout Rates Against Them

A new Associated Press study has found that for the first time, black turnout rates surpassed that of whites in the 2012 election.

Gay Marriage 2013: Puerto Rico Makes Anti-LGBT Discrimination Illegal

The expansion of gay rights on this deeply Catholic island is a good sign for the movement, and a bad sign for those standing in the way of progress.

Kim Jong-Un: If North Korea Wants the Bomb, They'll Get It, So Why Not Talk?

It is hard to expect a lot of North Korea's willingness to talk, but it could be the beginning of a slow drive toward peace.

Gordon Gee Comments: America Outraged That OSU President Makes Fun Of His Sports Rivals

Sure, Ohio State University President Gordon Gee's comments about Notre Dame, Lousiville, Kentucky, and the Southeastern Conference were rude. But really ... why should we care?

Rihanna Lipstick Causes Herpes, Claims Starkeema Greenidge Lawsuit

Applying lipstick in a hopeless place: one red-lipped woman walks away from a Rihanna concert with more than she bargained for. Or did she already have it?

Hardship Could Be the Best Thing That Ever Happens to You

Adversity infused my life with prosperity in a way that I could have never anticipated. Everybody should embrace the hardships of life when possible.

Luke Rudkowski: Watch An Activist Call Henry Kissinger a "Mass Murderer" to His Face

Kissinger was confronted by a representative of "We Are Change," a youth activist group, and questioned over alleged war crimes committed during the Vietnam war.

Weekly Culture Round Up: Robin Thicke's Controversial Video, Paula Pell's Wisdom, and Sexting As Art

This week the culture section touched on everything from the future of 5 Points to Beyoncé's leaked single "Grown Woman." Check out the best from PolicyMic's culture writers this week.

Yet Another Child Gets Suspended For Not Actually Having a Gun

American logic? We're not going to pass background check laws so that criminals can get guns, but we will absolutely suspend your child if he chews his PopTart into the shape of a gun.

Nathan Dunlap Death Penalty: Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper Offers Lesson With Non-Decision On Execution

His unconventional death row reprieve has many questioning the Colorado governor's capacity for leadership. But isn’t it time that we preferred informed nondecision to blind conviction?

1998 QE2 Asteroid: Mega Asteroid Flying By Earth Has Its Own Moon

Even the White House is watching the 1998 QE2 pass by its closest orbit yet. But turns out, nerds aren't the only ones interested in what the asteroid and its moon have to offer.

Bradley Manning Trial: Support Surging For Wikileaks Whistleblower

Supporters of Army Private Bradley Manning, the man behind the largest leak of government files in U.S. history, are planning a day of protest on Monday as his trial is finally set to begin.

6 Trips You Should Take Before Turning 30

When you're young and carefree, be sure not to miss out on these essential peripatetic adventures!

Sean Hannity: Fox News Show Descends Into a Childish Discussion Of "MILF"s

Fox News has a hard time staying on topic.

Nicole Lynn Mansfield: Syria Civil War Kills One Of Michigan's Own Native Daughters

The family of Nicole Lynn Mansfield, one of the latest casualties in the Syrian resistance war, has several questions, but one sounds the strongest: Was she brainwashed?

Mammoth Clone: Liquid Mammoth Blood Find May Put Us One Step Closer to 'Jurassic Park'

The find of a remarkable preserved woolly mammoth carcass along with blood is stirring talk that the mammoth can be brought back from extinction.

Heather French Henry: Could She Stand Against Mitch McConnell In Kentucky's Senate Race?

Heather French Henry, Democrats' newest test candidate against Senator McConnell in Kentucky, may not have the firepower needed to go against the Senate minority leader.

Aguillard v. Edwards: Louisiana Lawmakers Uphold 1987 Law That Was Already Found Unconstitutional

Louisiana legislators chose Monday to uphold a law previously found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Their competence as lawmakers is being called into question.

1998 QE2 Asteroid: How Close Will It Come to Earth?

On Friday at 5 p.m., an invisible asteroid will fly 15 times closer to the Earth's surface than the moon, and it has a buddy.

Coursera Online Classes: Will This Boost Graduation Rates In America?

Coursera, a platform for online classes, announced it will be partnering with 10 large public university systems to create courses that students can take online for credit.

Daily Caller Twitter: Website Tweets Racist Slang Term, Promptly Deletes It

The Daily Caller's "HNIC" tweet was insensitive, but let's all take a chill pill before barricading the streets.

Cary Ball Jr.: College Student Shot 25 Times, Killed By Police

Cary Ball Jr. was fatally shot by police officials following a high-speed chase, with witnesses saying Ball threw his pistol to the ground in surrender before being killed.

Abortion Rights 2013: To Honor George Tiller's Legacy, Give to An Abortion Fund

On the fourth anniversary of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita abortion provider, consider how giving to an abortion fund continues his legacy of reproductive justice.

Boy Scouts Gay Policy: California May Revoke BSA Tax Exempt Status For LGBT Discrimination

California is ready to attack the Boy Scouts' gay policy where it hurts the most — tax breaks.

Credit Unions Can't Be Taxed If They Don't Exist

As long as credit unions have enjoyed their exemption, banks have been lamenting it as an “unfair” advantage.

U.S. Embassy Strip Club Shooting: Officials Shoot Each Other Outside Strip Club in Venezuela

The culture of sexual activity overseas has now begun to rip at the fabric of U.S. military culture as well. How should the U.S choose to handle these issues through policy?

Moral Monday: Duke Professors Arrested in Civil Protest Against Legislation

Professors and students from NC universities are among those protesting at the state house as part of a "Moral Monday" movement to fight "economically and socially harmful" legislation.

ObamaCore: The Tea Party's Next Victim May Be Education Reform

The Tea Party movement recently launched an initiative to stop the implementation of the the bipartisan "Common Core State Standards Initiative."

English Premier League: Should Take a Cue From NBA and Issue Flopping Fines

The NBA's and the MLS's penalties for cheating aren't perfect, but they're a step in the right direction and a model that European soccer should follow.

G8 Summit 2013: To Impress the G8, Ireland Is Showing Off Businesses That Don't Exist

County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland is sprucing up its blighted towns by pasting over derelict storefronts with images of thriving businesses in preparation for the G8 summit.

Steven Miller IRS: Did the IRS' Head Mislead, Or Did He Just Lead Poorly?

Former IRS head Steven Miller, while certainly not an exemplary leader, is still better than Congress.

'Beatriz' Abortion: El Salvador Rules She Can't Terminate Pregnancy, But Allows a C-Section

A day after having her request for an abortion rejected by the Supreme Court of El Salvador, the health minister ruled Thursday that this C-section was an acceptable intervention.

Turns Out Muslims That Use the Internet Like Western Culture More

New Pew Research Survey finds that Muslims who use the Internet are more likely to have open views towards Western culture, and find more commonalities between Islam and Christianity.

Obamacare Failing: Unions Shouldn't Be Surprised When They Get Burned By Obamacare

Unions are upset with Obama. They shouldn't be.

Michael McClendon: Is West Point Safe From the Military Sex Crime Epidemic?

Only 2.5% of military sexual assault cases end in punishment. So it shouldn't be a surprise that even West Point isn't safe from sexual predators, as illustrated by a recent incident.

James Comey: Obama's New FBI Pick Will Not Defend Your Civil Liberties

President Obama is set to nominate former Bush official James Comey to head the FBI, but there are serious questions about the positiveness of Comey's apparent bipartisan credentials.

How Far Have Women Come Since Rosie the Riveter's Death in 1997?

On May 31, 1997 Rosie Monroe passed away at the age of 77. A cultural icon throughout World War II, Rosie the Riveter symbolized the mobilization of Americans to support the war effort.

Bob McDonnell: 350,000 Ex-Cons Can Now Vote in Virginia, Thanks to Unlikely McDonnell-NAACP-ACLU Alliance

Governor Bob McDonnell made a historic move Wednesday by issued an executive order restoring voting rights to those non-violent felons who have completed their sentence.

Bradley Manning Trial: DHS Took Extreme, Unconstitutional Methods While Gathering Evidence

David House, the founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network, accused authorities of violating his constitutional rights when they seized his laptop because of his affiliation with Manning.

Henry Morgentaler Dead: We Need More Abortion Rights Advocates Like Him

Henry Morgentaler, abortion rights leader in Canada, died today. His efforts led to the legalization of abortions in Canada.

Scripps National Spelling Bee 2013: 13-Year-Old Wins $30,000 From This Word

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Shuanghui International: Your Pork Might Now Be in the Hands of a Chinese Conglomerate

A Chinese pork producer has purchased Smithfield Foods for a whopping $4.7 billion. So what impact will this have on your food?

Rand Paul Wired Magazine: Talking Drones, Silicon Valley, and Internet Security

In an interview with Wired Magazine, Rand Paul continues to try and craft an image of himself as a moderate who could appeal to California, and restates his stance on civil liberties online.

Google Nutrition: Because It's Not Useful Enough Yet, Google Will Now Help You Eat Healthy

On Thursday, Google released a new service which automatically brings up nutrition information for over 1,000 foods and dishes with search results.

Movie Theater Owners, Lay Off My Trailers!

The National Association of Theater Owners wants to cut the length of movie trailers, but advertising is the last bastion of pure quality in American cinema. Why meddle with it?

Arvind Mahankali: 'Knaidel' Spelled to Clinch Scripps Spelling Bee

Arvind Mahankali, 13, of Bayside Hills, N.Y. calls his win a "German Blessing," ends spelling career on a high note.

William Potts: "Homesick Hijacker" Wants to Come Back to America

The former U.S. plane hijacker wants to come back to the United States to visit his family and to formally apologize to those he terrorized on the plane.

Confirmed Touchdown of a Mile-Wide Tornado West-North-West of the OKC Metro

A mile-wide tornado has touched down just west-north-west of the OKC metro area near the town of El Reno. The super cell is still active and the severe weather is in full swing.

Fractured Cloud Formation Now Forming to the South of OU Campus

The fractured cloud formation that formed to the south of the EL Reno area just before the mile-wide tornado touched down has just appeared now to the south of the OU campus.

#OKTornado Live Updates from Twitter

A live feed of the #OKTornado hash tag on twitter. Keep watching it for live updates!

Cleveland County Now Under a Tornado Warning

The severe weather conditions for Cleveland County have deteriorated from a tornado watch to a tornado warning. The tornado sirens have just begun to sound here in Norman as well.

Follow My Live Tweets of the Tornadoes Tearing Through Oklahoma

I will no longer have access to the live blog. I have to run to my tornado shelter, where there is no Internet connection. I will, however, be able to tweet from my phone.