Zong Qinghou: China's Richest Man Eats With His Workers and Lives on $20 a Day

China's richest man, Zong Qinghou, is worth $11.6 billion but he still lives on $20 a day. What can the U.S. learn from him?

6 Politicians You Never Knew Had Tattoos

The perception of tattoos has changed dramatically over the years, but how do our views on them change when they show up on our civil leaders?

29 States Let Your Boss Fire You For Being Gay

Louisiana's House Committee rejects a ban on discrimination against state employees based on their sexual orientation while Congress considers a bill outlawing the same.

5 U.S. Citizenship Test Questions You'd Probably Fail

In order to become a citizen, I had to take an American history and civics test. I was shocked to learn that some of my American-born friends didn't know some of the answers.

What It Means to Be a Muslim Woman in Today's America

Each Muslim-American experience is unique. A new online exhibition has begun the journey to the discovery of all of their stories.

And the 2013 Kentucky Derby Winner is Orb!

One of the most celebrated sporting events will run for the 139th time this Saturday. Get all the latest coverage of the historic event right here in our PolicyMic Live Blog.

ABC 'Scandal' Review: It's the GOP Of the Future, If You Can Suspend Your Disbelief

The ABC hit drama 'Scandal' provides a view into the type of inclusive, tolerant party envisioned by the next generation of Republicans. But is it just a pipe dream?

How to Make a Mint Julep, the Official Drink of the Kentucky Derby

The Mint Julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. Learn how to make one here at PolicyMic!

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Friends Who Tried to Destroy Evidence Entered U.S. With Expired Visas

The Department of Homeland Security has ordered increased review of all incoming international students' visas in the first major security change after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Google Could Help Anorexics With One Small Change, So Why Won't It Do It?

Eating disorders have the highest death rate of all mental illnesses. Google may be able to help with one small change, but why isn't it doing it?

Meet the Awesome Guy Who Photobombed Westboro Baptist (PHOTOS)

Hate group Westboro Baptist Church set to protest NBA Jason Collins' coming out, and these amazing LGBT rights supporters rightfully photobombed them.

Kentucky Derby 2013 LIVE: Live Coverage, Results

One of the most celebrated sporting events will run for the 139th time this Saturday. Get all the latest coverage of the historic event right here in our PolicyMic Live Blog.

Pakistan Election 2013: Imran Khan Vows to Shoot Down US Drones If Elected

Imran Khan, the former cricket star-turned-politican who is leading most recent polls, has renewed his vow to shoot down U.S. drones if he is elected prime minister of Pakistan on May 11.

2013 Kentucky Derby News: Black Onyx and Fear the Kitten Scratched from Today's Race

The latest new of the roster of horses has two horses, Fear the Kitten and Black Onyx being unable to race in today's race.

9 Things Every College Student Should Do At Least Once Before Graduation

Hey kids, don't you dare throw your cap in the air without doing these nine things. They are important.

Watch What Got This Little Girl Almost Two Million Views On YouTube

Welcome to your guaranteed afternoon laugh. This girl has so much spunk.

Meet Kevin Krigger, The African American Jockey That Could Win the Kentucky Derby in Over 100 Years

Kevin Krigger, riding Goldencents may be poised to make history. The 29-year-old jockey may be the first African American to win the Kentucky Derby in over 100 years.

Ending Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia Takes More Than This (Really Great) Ad

The King Khalid Foundation is attempting to end domestic violence in Saudi Arabia with a new campaign. But they can't go it alone.

Kentucky Derby 2013: How Do They Name Those Horses, Anyhow?

One of the most interesting and surprising facts about modern day horse racing is the unique names of the horses. Naming a thoroughbred is actually an arduous process.

Israel Drone Strikes: There's Another Drone War You're Not Paying Attention To, and It's Not Obama's

29-year-old Palestinian Haitham al-Mishal was killed and another man injured on Tuesday in the first targeted assassination by Israel since the 2012 ceasefire.

Israel Bombs Syria: Weapons Bound For Hezbollah Annihilated in Israeli Airstrike

U.S. and Israeli official confirmed on Saturday that the Israeli military launched an airstrike against targets in Syria, targeting weapons shipments headed for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

These Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You

Once in a while, a Tumblr comes along that is so amazing that it restores my faith in humanity. This is one of them.

War in Afghanistan: Hamid Karzai Calls On Taliban to Attack Pakistan, Creating Gigantic Mess For America

U.S. ally Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called on America's enemies the Taliban to attack another American ally, Pakistan. Still think we know what we're doing overseas?

Niall Ferguson Claims Keynes Was Too Gay and "Effete" to Be Right On Economics

Harvard Professor of History and author Niall Ferguson recently claimed Keynes was wrong because he was gay, childish, and "talked poetry" with his ballerina wife instead of having sex.

Did You Know Guantanamo is "The Most Expensive Prison On Earth"?

Holding an inmate in the deplorable conditions at Guantanamo Bay costs over $900,000 per year. That's 30x the cost of a regular federal prisoner.

Latest 2013 Kentucky Derby Odds

For those of you who gamble, Here are the latest odds for the Kentucky Derby.

Jackson Katz TED Video: Clip Should Turn Every Man Into Feminist

Jackson Katz's anti-sexist TED Talk is going viral, and with good reason. It's unusual for a man to present a feminist message. That's unfortunate, but hopefully it will spark change.

New NRA President is "Full Crazy"

The NRA's new president is the loud, abrasive Southern uncle to CEO Wayne LaPierre's uptight but apocalyptic fervor ... and boy, he's sure here to make some noise.

Mark Sanford Election: He's Getting Desperate

Former Governor Mark Sanford isn't feeling too good about his chances and is starting to do and say some ... illogical things.

NRA Gun Instructor Thinks a Great Place For Your Gun is in Your Child's Bedroom

Keep your kids safe! Keep guns in their closet! Wait what?

Hillary Clinton 2016: No Other Democrats Can Withstand Her

Democrats already have their favorite candidate for 2016. Meanwhile, Republicans are in desperate search of a savior after back-to-back losses.

Kentucky Derby 2013 Weather: Rain Expected at Churchill Downs

Rain is expected to fall during the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

Rand Paul 2016: What Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio Have That Obama Doesn't

Based on recent history, it is becoming more common for Senators to seek the presidency. But the forces propelling them there look to be quite different.

Google Palestine: Internet Superpower Google Recognizes Palestine As a Nation

Following the lead of other international organisation, the internet search giant Google has changed the tagline on its Palestinian homepage from "Palestinian Territories" to "Palestine"

6 Big Misconceptions About Civility and Civil Debate

Not only do we have a bad habit of caricaturing our opponents, we even caricature what counts as good behavior. Here are six myths about civility that need debunking.

Solar Impulse: First Solar-Powered Plane Lands in Arizona, Completing First Leg of Trip Across U.S.

The solar powered plane Solar Impulse, considered the world's most advanced sun-powered plane, has touched down in Arizona, completing the first leg of its historic trip across America.

Is Evangelism in the Armed Forces Free Expression Or Unconstitutional?

The Defense Department's prohibition against religious proselytization has ruffled some feathers on the Christian right.

Rosie Napravick Could Be the First Woman to Win the Kentucky Derby and Make History Ever

Meet Rosie Napravick, the first woman that could win the Kentucky Derby. She seeks to do what six other woman fave tried in the previous 138 Kentucky Derbies.

Cincinnati Reds Auction Off Baseball Soaked in Jeff Samardzija's Blood For $130

A bloodstained ball used by Jeff Samardzij was auctioned off on May 3 for $130.01.

Peace Corps Equity Act Would Rightly Give Corps Volunteers Access to Total Health Care, Including Abortions

The "Peace Corps Equity Act" would finally provide female Peace Corps Volunteers the full health care coverage that they deserve, which includes abortion.

The Horses Running in the 2013 Kentucky Derby: Part Two

One of the most celebrated sporting events will run for the 139th time this Saturday. Get all the latest coverage of the historic event right here in our PolicyMic Live Blog.

The Horses Running in the 2013 Kentucky Derby: Part One

One of the most celebrated sporting events will run for the 139th time this Saturday. Get all the latest coverage of the historic event right here in our PolicyMic Live Blog.

Where Does the Kentucky Derby Take Place?

The state where the Kentucky Derby takes place is in the name. But fewer casual fans know of the storied history behind the racetrack that has held the Kentucky Derby for over 100 years.