Meet the 15-Year-Old Girl Who Will Probably Be the First Astronaut On Mars

Abigail Harrison uses social media to achieve her goal of becoming the first astronaut on Mars, and PolicyMic recently chatted with her about it.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: Boycott the Gap Or Primark, Not Bangladesh

In wake of the Rana Plaza collapse, rather than a blanket boycott of Bangladesh products, consumers should selectively target a handful of international retailers.

3 Simple Charts That Explain What Muslims Believe

The few who interpret Islam in a radical and dangerous way are in no way indicative of the overwhelming majority who don't.

The Graduation Speech Someone Should Give Millennials, But Won't

Mediocrity was good for your parents and it is good for you as well. Remember, it is OK to be only OK.

Cinco De Mayo 2013: 4 Facts About the Holiday

Sorry, but “Cinco Facts for Cinco de Mayo” is just trite. Here are four valuable ones to know for May 5.

The Neighbourhood 'I'm Sorry' Release: Band Talks New Songs, Future

The Neighbourhood has become the fastest growing band in the Alternative Music scene, and PolicyMic recently sat down with one of its drummers to discuss the music group's new album and future.

Immigration Reform 2013: Everything You Need to Know About the Immigration Debate

PolicyMic's weekly roundup of global news, featuring our take on the week's news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Cinco de Mayo 2013: 3 Fun Facts About the Holiday

Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful holiday celebrating Mexican and Mexican-American culture, but make sure you know the facts about this awesome day.

Westboro Baptist Church: Jason Collins' Coming Out Prompts NBA Playoff Protest

Because #GodH8stheNBA and gays, but you already knew that.

Why I Gave Up On 5-Year Plans

Forget the checklist-driven life in exchange for reality. Think of it this way: What 23-year-old would listen an 18-year-old on how to live or plan their life?

'Glee' Season Finale: 5 Things That Need to Happen

The finale airs May 9, and here are some things we'd like to see in the last episode of the fourth season.

'Scandal' TV Show: How It Teaches the Benefits Of Loyalty

A major theme of the TV show is loyalty to others.

Ricardo Portillo: Utah Referee Dies After Being Punched By Player

Is the pressure on student athletes to blame for this tragedy?

Immigration Reform 2013: 10 Powerful Representations Of Immigrants in Pop Culture

A look at the history of powerful images and ideas associated with immigration throughout history. How do you see immigrants? Could one of these be coloring your view?

Massachusetts Senate Special Election: Ed Markey Off to Strong Start

There is a high likelihood of another Democratic victory in Massachusetts.

4 Ways Humanities Majors Can Learn How to Code

Humanities majors can take advantage of the hiring boom in the tech industry by learning how to code. Here are four ways to make that happen.

'Iron Man 3' Movie Review: Messy, Yet Still Entertaining

The third installment is good enough to outrun its muddy, dead ends.

Marc Maron 'Maron' Review: Best New Show On TV

"Maron" is the greatest show about an introspective comic since "Louie."

Gabby Giffords Awarded JFK Profile in Courage For Anti-Gun Violence Work

Former U.S. Rep Gabrielle Giffords has been a champion for curbing gun violence, and the JFK Library and Museum is awarding her the 2013 Profile in Courage.

Zach Galifianakis 'SNL' Review: Best and Worst Of His Sketches

For better, or worse, here is what you missed on SNL.

3D Printed Guns: They're Further Complicating the Gun Control Debate

Defense Distributed is in the process of uploading handgun blueprint files that can be downloaded and printed using a 3D printer, prompting a need for an extended ban on plastic firearms.

7 Books That Will Change Your Views On the Middle East

From thrilling counterterrorism adventures to thoughtful reflections on American foreign policy in Iran, here are seven books that could change your perspective on issues in the Middle East.

I Tweeted My Way Through the ER

When you're by yourself at the hospital at 4:30 a.m., sometimes Twitter is the only outlet to turn to in order to feel less alone and scared.

World Press Freedom Day 2013: 5 Countries With the Least Press Freedom

To mark World Press Freedom Day, Reporters Without Borders released its annual Press Freedom Index. Here are the five worst performing countries.

Saudi Arabia Women's Rights: Private School Girls Now Allowed to Play Sports

And by "dizzyingly," we mean baby steps as private school girls in Saudi Arabia are allowed to play sports.

Education Reform: Universities Have Been Forgotten in Reform Wars

If our ultimate goal is "life-readiness" rather than "college-readiness," we need to stop treating educational reform as just a K-12 issue.

Chris Kelly Death: Why Kris Kross Defined the 90s

In honor of the late Chris Kelly's legacy, here is why the 90s wouldn't have been the 90s without Kriss Kross.

Israeli Air Strikes: Country Carries Out Another Syria Air Strike (Video)

Check out the breaking footage coming out of Syria, apparently showing the Israeli air strike on a military convoy transporting advanced Iranian rockets bound for Hezbollah.

Baga Massacre: 185 Civilian Deaths Prove Nigeria Could Lose Terrorism Battle

More than 185 civilians have been killed in attacks by the Nigerian army in Baga. If this trend continues, Nigeria will lose the battle against terrorism.

Mike Crapo: Congressional Justice Award Doesn't Mean He's a Friend to Women

Crapo recently got a Congressional Justice Award for his role in the reauthorization of VAWA, but his voting record shows he is no friend to women.

Academy Awards Changes Rule to Consider DVDs, Films Outside Theaters

Academy members can now consider films from a DVD viewing and outside the in-theater environment, but what will this do to the Oscars as a whole?

It's Been 53 Straight Months Over 10% Millennial Unemployment

Millennial unemployment declined from 11.7% in March to 11.1% in April, but remains unacceptably high.

Ohio State Commencement Address: Watch Obama Speak to Crowd of 60,000 LIVE

Full Text of the president's speech.