NRA Vendor Sells Ex-Girlfriend Target That Bleeds When You Shoot It

Does the NRA want to be make sure you can practice before you shoot your ex-girlfriend? Really?

Immigration Reform 2013: The Deadline For Change Is August

Immigration reform is the perfect real world example from your Civics 101 class on how a bill becomes a law. If immigration reform doesn't happen now, it will never happen.

'The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack: Jay-Z and The XX Make This An Epic Album

This soundtrack will push this movie from extremely impressive and groundbreaking to ridiculously over the top. Here are the songs in the film.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: The Climb Kills

Ambition is a dangerous thing, and the climb to the top can kill you, as we learned in the sixth episode of season three of HBO's "Game of Thrones."

Cicadas 2013: 17 Years Of Peace Comes to Abrupt End For East Coast

The Summer Blockbuster that scientists have predicted for 17 years is about to take over the East Coast.

Final Exam Tips: 5 Things to Avoid When Taking the Tests

A former teacher reveals the traps to avoid falling into when taking the highly anticipated end-of-the-year tests.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Some People Just Do Not Understand Guns

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to firearms and gun control. So why is the kn0w-nothing crowd dictating the terms of the conversation?

Gun Control 2013: Suicide Stats Are Irrelevant to Gun Control Policy

News sources like CNN, Bloomberg, the New York Times, and gun-control organizations include suicide statistics in gun deaths, but push crime policy solutions. This is disingenuous.

Immigration Reform 2013: 5 Paths to U.S. Citizenship Under the Current Immigration Law

As Washington debates how to fix our "broken" immigration system, let's look at the five ways immigrants become American citizens under current immigration laws.

'Scandal' Season 2: Popular Program Proves Twitter is Revolutionizing TV Through Live Tweets

Viewers are running to Twitter in real time to chat about their favorite scenes, characters, and story lines, and ABC's "Scandal" is a perfect example of a show that does this to viewers.

Immigration Reform 2013: 4 Seen and Unseen Consequences Of the Senate Bill

Four major parts of the Senate immigration bill have both seen and unseen consequences. What are they?

Snapchat and Vine: Increasingly Popular Among Teens, Who Are Leaving Facebok

Some assume that if teens don't use traditional social media outlets, they aren’t using it at all. That’s just not accurate.

'Pulp Fiction' Netflix: Will This Kill the Classic?

The internet streaming service changes the living, breathing legacy of one the most famous movies of all time.

James Foley Kidnapped in Syria: Who Do You Call?

"Kidnap, ransom, and extortion" is one of the services offered by private security firms and insurance companies. They are called in when people go missing and governments can't help.

Marisa Mayer: Has She Been a Successful CEO For Yahoo?

There is no disputing that Marisa Mayer has accomplished a lot in less than one year.

NSFW, But Safe For School: Porn Studies Journal Will Launch in 2014

Porn Studies, a peer-reviewed journal, will debut in 2014. Given how popular porn is (more hits per month than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined), you've got to wonder ... what took so long?

Gay Marriage: Lesbian Couple Marries Nine Times in Eight Cities in 10 Days

Kacey Frierson and Chwanda Nixon decided to celebrate their marriage with an "I Do Marathon," getting married nine times in eight states in 10 days.

Meet the Liberator, the World's First Downloadable Gun

The world's first 3D-printed gun was unveiled recently, and has some in Congress worried. But is it really as big of a threat as they think?

Sex: It's On Your Television and Aimed At Teens. Why Are We Okay With This?

Television today barely resembles the shows of even a decade ago — and I’m not just talking about the advent of high-definition programming. Shows like Glee and Awkward. are needlessly explicit.

A Social Conservative Paradox Captured In One Photo

You will need to see it to believe it.

Mars One: Meet the Private Companies Dominating the Future Of Space Exploration

Purely, government-driven, space exploration is a thing of the past. However, private companies are stepping up to take us to where no man has gone before.

Emma Watson Pixie Cut: Leave Her Hair Style Alone

Multiple stars are opting for shorter hair and society should not criticize women who choose this hairstyle.

Loch Ness Monster Insurance Policy: 4 Ways to Fight Supernatural Forces

Are you prepared to battle the undead, the Loch Ness Monster, and other supernatural entities? Here's how to take them on should you ever need to fight for humankind.

Social Media Can Harm and Interfere With Political Activism

Social media has created an incredible platform to express our thoughts and amplify our voices. But during the process, we have forgotten what it means to truly be an activist.

Thorsten Heins BlackBerry CEO: Tablets Will Die in 5 Years

Does Thorsten Heins actually believe what he is saying, or is he spewing propaganda because BlackBerry has unsuccessfully broken into the tablet market?

Google Glass Release Date: Will Negative Press Hurt Sales?

Jokes deriding Google Glass are ultimately indicative of the new technology's intruige.

Russian Dash Cam Captures Amazing Acts Of Kindness

This video will restore you faith in humanity. We promise.

Gun Control Debate: Universal Background Checks Aren't Universal

Universal background checks for gun ownership will have no effect on gun violence.

Immigration Reform 2013: Drafting a Bill That Respects Immigrants and Taxpayers

With the U.S. Senate taking up immigration reform, it is important to understand how the proposed legislation would affect our laws and fiscal situation.

Does Feminism Have a Race Problem?

In response to critiques to feminism's lack of spaces for diversity and intersectionality, writer Loretta J. Ross is branding herself as a "justice feminism." But what exactly is this?

South Carolina Election Results: Mark Sanford is Closing An Impossible Gap At the Polls

In an astounding turnaround in the South Carolina special election, the latest poll has the race in a dead heat. Could Mark Sanford's dream of a political comeback come true?

Immigration Reform 2013: How It Could Kill the New Gun Control Debate

Following the recent defeat of gun control legislation, Vice President Joe Biden is planning a fresh push. But this would have to wait until the Senate is finished working on immigration reform.

'The Mindy Project' TV Show: It's a Body Positive Sitcom

"The Mindy Project" does a great job promoting positive body image while being incredibly funny.

Why Calling Gender Inequality 'Our Greatest Civilizational Failure' is Melodramatic

David Rothkopf's recent column in Foreign Policy on women's rights is on the right track, but then falls short. Here's why.

Find This Dog!

I'm in New York, and my lost dog is wandering around suburban Dallas. People of PolicyMic, I'm asking for your help!

A Guide To Understanding Your Haters

Internet trolls have got you down? Sometimes it's not you, it's them.

Ricky Gervais Proves Twitter Users Can Be Really Stupid

The King of Mean plays a cruel joke on the internet and shows just how dumb Twitter users can be.

India China Border Dispute: Will the Asian Giants Come to Blows?

The frosty relationship between the two largest countries in Asia remains unresolved, despite diplomatic negotiations to deal with its latest border dispute

Buford "Bucky" Rogers: FBI Disrupts Potential Domestic Terrorist Attack In Minnesota

On Monday the FBI announced that had arrested a man they suspect was in the planning stages of a domestic terrorist attack. The arrest uncovered a cache of weapons, including suspected pipebombs.

Is the UK Independence Party the United Kingdom's Tea Party?

Tea Party-like UKIP explodes onto the UK political scene by getting over 25% of the total vote. The major parties are reeling and unsure how to react.

America Tortures People Every Day, Right Here in Our Own Prisons

The torture, mistreatment, and abuse inside America's prisons reveals a systemic problem with our judicial system both at home and abroad.

Gay Marriage: Conservative Billionaire Provides a Safety Net for Pro-Gay-Marriage GOP

Meet billionaire Republican Paul Singer, who just became marriage equality's super-rich new best friend.

Mayflower Oil Spill: Thought Oil Was Bad Enough? Try Air Poisoning

ExxonMobil's Pegasus tar sands pipeline spill dumped over 500,000 gallons of toxic crude into a small Arkansas town. Now an independent study confirms it's poisoning the town's air.

Israeli Air Strikes On Syria: Why Obama Is OK With Them

Obama has shown support for Israel to act in this defensive manner, and may be spared having to do some of the heavy lifting people expect of him if Israel continues its campaign.

Women's Rights: Iranian Kurds Dress in Drag to Protest Sexism

Kurdish men dressed in drag are spearheading a new online campaign for women's equality in Iran.

Quitting Facebook: In Defense Of Never Deactivating Your Facebook Account

Deactivating Facebook seemed like a good way for me to forget about the fact that I'd just graduated college, but only made me feel more isolated and disconnected from my friends.

'Suicide Bomber' Doll Card Offends and Fails to Be Funny

I'm going to go with the second one.

Suicide Rate Among Middle-Aged Adults Increases By 28 Percent

What is to blame for this stunning increase?

Kristi Rifkin: Pregnant T-Mobile Employee Clocked Out to Use Restroom, HR Nightmare Followed

How one pregnant woman was criticized an eventually canned for using the bathroom during work hours.

This Genius Child Abuse Ad Displays a Different Message For Kids and Their Aggressors

Using an "outdoor lenticular," based on the average height of both adults and children, this innovative anti child abuse campaign is two ads in one.

The Onion Hacked: What Does the Syrian Electronic Army Want?

Who hacks a satirical news site anyways?

Sequestration Could Throw the Ex-Homeless Back Onto the Streets

Supportive housing is crucial to ending chronic homelessness and saving society untold amounts of resources. But $150 million in cuts threaten the programs.

Calliope Wong: Meet the Smith Students Who Fought To Let Trans Women In Their School

What happens when your college wants to ban transgender people? You fight.

Immigration Reform 2013: Is Jim DeMint's Estimate Of a $6 Trillion Price Tag Accurate?

Jim DeMint is leading the latest charge against immigration reform, claiming it will cost $6 trillion. But other conservatives claim that it will reduce the deficit. Who's right?

In NYC Mayoral Election, the Race For Millennial Votes Begins Now

Four Democratic candidates for mayor of New York City participated in a debate aimed at millennial voters Wednesday night, but the race's front-runner was MIA.

'Mad Men' Episode 6 Recap: A Series Of Awkward Moments and Merger

"Mad Men" episode six was another strong installment full of bizarre, uncomfortable, and surprising moments.

Would You Rather Give Birth in Dickensian England Or Modern Day Nigeria?

It's still riskier to give birth in Nigeria today than it was in England 160 years ago, a fact that compels further action.

Anti-Gay Tennessee Lawmaker Praised as 'Educational Reformer Of the Year'

Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst organization praised John Ragan, sponsor of the 'Don't Say Gay' bill, as "a leading advocate for change."

Mark Ruffalo Fracking: It's the Environmental Cause Celebrities Gravitate to Most

Mark Ruffalo, the poster celebrity for the anti-fracking movement, lives in a community that would be directly impacted by fracking.

Rush Limbaugh Blame: Show Might Get Yanked From 40 Stations Thanks to "Slut" Comments

Rush Limbaugh may pull his show from 40 radio stations after receiving criticism about his Sandra Fluke comments from the CEO of Cumulus Media. Turns out those comments may affect him after all.

Stephen Colbert Sister South Carolina: Elizabeth Colbert Busch Is No Joke Of a Candidate

Stephen Colbert's sister is paving her own way in the field of politics and it's no joke.

Obama Ohio State Commencement Speech: Full Text and Video

In a moving speech, Obama challenged millennials to break the cycle of partisan politics and special interest groups, and dream bigger for America.

Should We Get Rid Of College Sports?

Spelman College just ditched their sports programs in favor of a wellness initiative. Their decision is a different game than it would be for a Division I school — but should it be?

Sequestration 2013: 4 Groups Congress Won't Help, Besides Air Travelers

Last week Congress showed that it was willing to prioritize air travelers as a special class. Here's a look at some groups who aren't as lucky.

YouTube Pay-Per-View: Why YouTube Wants You to Start Shelling Out Your Credit Card

The previously free website wants to bring more expensive content to its viewrship, for a sensible price.

Beate Zschäpe: Neo Nazi Tried For 10 Racist Murders As Germany Grapples With Post-WWII Racism

Beate Zschäpe "looks like a woman at the supermarket" but she stands trial today for the worst Neo-Nazi violence in Germany since World War II as the country struggles with institutional racism.

This Dash Cam Video is the Best Way to Start Your Monday

'HuffPo' posted this Russian dash cam compilation full of 'good people' helping others. Who said only mean videos went viral?

A Guy Named 'Richardson' Says a Guy Named 'Cruz' Should Not Be Defined as 'Hispanic'

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a Democrat, said that Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) should not be defined as 'Hispanic.' Do Democrats really think they own Latinos?

Dick Costolo Michigan Commencement: An Amazing Speech For the Class Of 2013

What kind of advice did the CEO of Twitter have for this year's University of Michigan grads?

April Job Numbers: How They Would Have Been Even Better

The economy has been improving steadily. But the unemployment outlook would have been even brighter if conservative legislators were not determined to foist austerity policies on the government.

'Brews With Rob Portman' Event Coverage By PolicyMic's Molly Spaeth

On Monday, PolicyMic's Molly Spaeth attends the "Brews With Senator Portman" event in Washington, D.C. Follow her live Twitter feed to find out about Portman's take on same-sex marriage and more.

21 Million People Were Victims Of Forced Labor in 2012 Alone

As the death toll from last week's Bangladeshi garment factory collapse climbs to 600 people killed, a harsh spotlight has been shone on the frequently appalling conditions in which millions work

Google Australia HQ Discovers It's Dangerously Hackable

Their password was "anyonesguess." Companies, websites, and other buildings alike, you might want to try making your password a difficult one to crack.

Death Penalty: As Other States Phase It Out, Florida Ramps It Up

From a moral and legal perspective, Florida's lawmakers' decision to speed executions for death-row inmates is highly troubling.

Embracing Baby Wrap: Innovative Infant Warmer is Saving Uganda's Newborns

"Frugal Technology," designed for areas where electricity is unreliable and equipment is scarce, is saving lives in Mbale, Uganda.

Kermit Gosnell Trial: Sen. Mike Lee Proposes Resolution on Clinic Oversight

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) is set to propose a resolution regarding the Gosnell trial. The Daily Caller reports that the resolution calls for increased oversight in abortion clinics.

Sarah Hanson: It's Our Fault We Fall For Digital Media Hoaxes

As audiences rapidly move to consume content online, publishers are forced to cut time intensive practices that ensure quality reporting. But don't blame digital media – just look in the mirror.

Obama Ohio State Commencement: 5 Greatest Commencement Speeches Ever

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Paid YouTube Channels: Would You Pay to Watch These?

Media companies' new frontier on YouTube will allow them to cash in on original content. But will you pay up?

YouTube Premium: Can YouTube Get People to Pay For Better Content?

YouTube's decision to charge for certain content has the big upside of improving the scale, budgets and quality of YouTube videos produced, with not much downside.

Dhaka Protests: 22 Killed, Bangladeshi Officials Must Act Quickly

Growing tensions in the Bangladeshi government has prompted violent protests by Islamists, and the violence will not stop anytime soon.

You Won't Believe What a Life-Changing Gift This Millennial Gave His Mother

Aba Atlas, a Canadian-Ethiopian millennial, sacrificed something not many of us would be willing to give up.

Tax Reform 2013: Corporations Won't Pay Up Unless We Make Them

Corporate tax reform should have a high priority, but achieving change must overcome major political hurdles.

4 Ways to Make Food More Sustainable in Big Cities

As the world population contintues to grow, people can take small steps to make the food they eat and the cities they live in more sustainable.