Graduation 2013: 8 Best Graduation Speeches Of All Time

To celebrate all the commencement speeches that will take place this year — the good, the bad, and the forgettable — here are some of the most memorable in recent history.

13 Benghazis Happened Under President Bush and Fox News Said Nothing

There were no calls for Condoleezza Rice's removal for overseeing 13 attacks on her State Dept. consulates, collectively, killing over 100 people including American citizens and a U.S. diplomat.

China News: 4 Ways China's Military Stacks Up Against the U.S.

Or rather, how it doesn't. China's military growth continues to impress, but it still has many years to go before it can match the United States in strength, quality and technology.

Charles Ramsey YouTube: We're Laughing With Him, Not At Him

Our latest obsession is our apparently immoral reaction to Charles Ramsey's hilarious post-rescue interviews. But this focus on the reaction to Ramsay's comments is the real problem.

7 Reasons Millennials Are Such Narcissists

Point fingers with abandon, because you made us this way.

Lonely Island 'Spring Break Anthem': A True Innovation For Trolls

The trio of jokesters have a pro-gay marriage-themed lark in "Spring Break Anthem," and progress is made.

Benghazi Cover Up: 4 Biggest Screwups in CIA History

The CIA is an agency steeped in history and intrigue, and is often credited with keeping America safe. But what about when those who should know everything make mistakes?

'Call Me Maybe' and Other Annoying Songs We Can't Help Loving

As polarizing as these tunes can be, we end up listening to them at the gym, on our walk to work, and to get in a good mood.

Pseudocatalase: Researchers Discover Way to Reverse Gray Hair

Researchers have discovered a way to reverse graying hair. Why do we attribute so much in medical resources to vanity, rather than real advances in medicine?

Oberlin College Divestment: College Students Vote Against Israeli Occupation Of Palestine

Oberlin College Student Senate votes to support a resolution calling for divestment from six companies that profit from Israel's occupation as boycott, sanctions, and divestment movement grows.

Dear Millennials: President Obama is Failing You

Millennials are losing hope in President Obama because their priorities are not the President’s priorities. Obama's agenda is costing the millennial generation dearly.

'The Thaw' Video: Christian Teens Call For “A War For the Hearts and Souls Of Our Generation”

Teenagers from conservative youth group "Reach America" react against claims of anti-Christian bullying in an increasingly secular society.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Imran Khan Addresses the Nation One Final Time — From His Hospital Bed

25,000 people gathered 161 miles away to watch their leader address them from his hospital bed in a different city.

France Gay Marriage: Hate Crimes Spike After Bill Passes

On April 23, same-sex marriage was legalized in Paris but unfortunately, since the bill was passed, it has caused an alarming spike in homophobic hate crimes.

Gov. Chris Christie Announces He'll Run in 2016 [Satire]

Gov. Chris Christie announced Thursday that he will run on the campaign trail in 2016. You heard it here first!

Google Timelapse Shows How Much the Earth Has Changed in Only 25 Years

A new project unveiled by Google tells the story of how much Earth has changed in only a couple of decades.

Did a Gay Major League Baseball Player Invent the High-Five?

Do you know the real history behind one of America's most popular moves?

A Boy Gets Shot in Texas and His Mother Uses WebMD Instead Of Taking Him to the ER

After her 14-year-old son was shot by a family friend, a Texas mother waited seven hours to take him to the hospital, using the internet rather than an emergency room to treat his wounds.

Dear Reince Priebus: You're Dead Wrong About the GOP & Millennials

Reince Priebus is out-of-touch at best, and egregiously stretching the truth at worst, if he tries to claim the GOP is a better home for America's youth.

Snapchat Photos Aren't Actually Deleted? What a Shocker (Not)!

The notorious choice-app for teenage silly face-makers and sexters everywhere is not properly obliterating your messages. But this discovery is a moot point for most.

Rape and Sex Are Not the Same Thing

A recent article published in the New York Times made the harmful equation between a "sex charge" and "rape." While the headlines was altered, the correlation between the two, sadly, remains.

'Glee' Season 4 Finale: 10 Things We've Learned This Season

"Glee" season four comes to an end May 9. Here are all the things we've learned from this whirlwind of a season.

Bird Flu 2013: U.S. Health Officials Prepare, But Warn That No Pandemic is Coming

As more is found out about the new strain of bird flu, health official are starting to take steps to counter it. This new deadly strain has them quite concerned that it could become a pandemic.

Vice "Chinese Cockblock": How a Male-Centric Worldview Hurts the HBO Show's Journalism

Vice's coverage of China's skewed gender ratio and the One Child Policy focuses on men's issues to the exclusion of women's, a reoccurring reporting problem for the series.

'Arrested Development' Netflix 2013 Release: What the Series Needs to Do to Be Great

All 15 'Arrested Development' episodes will drop simultaneously on May 26, and can be viewed in any order on Netflix.

Solar Eclipse 2013: Best Viewing Time On Thursday and Friday

Here are five things to look out for in the night sky this week, including the first solar eclipse of 2013.

This Brilliant GIF Shows the Evolution Of Marriage Equality in the U.S.

As Minnesota votes on a marriage equality bill that would make it the 12th state to enact same-sex marriage in the United States, BuzzFeed posted this brilliant GIF.

F'N WOOK: Facebook Page Promoting Violence Against Female Marines Is Shut Down, To Misogynists' Surprise

Facebook page F'N WOOK taunts Congress while posting degrading and violent pictures of female Marines.

Gay Adoption: Bill Could Guarantee LGBT Families Full Adoption, Foster Care Rights

Just like the battle for the freedom to marry, granting LGBT couples full adoption and foster care rights is only a matter of time.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Buried: By Refusing Him to Be Buried, the U.S. Is Showing Its Barbarism

The accused Boston marathon bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, has been lying in a Worcester funeral home since May 1 because towns and cities are refusing to allow him to be buried on their land.

Peak Oil: Energy Investor Bill Powers Discusses the Looming Shale Gas Bubble

Energy investor Bill Powers posits a looming shale gas bubble could lead to a domestic gas crisis akin to the one faced in the 1970's. We discuss these issues and far more in the interview below.

The Most Heartbreaking Photo From the Bangladesh Factory Rubble

A heartbreaking photo of a deceased couple amidst the Bangladeshi factory rubble brings home the cruel tragedies of the collapse.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight: Please Give Them Privacy

These women are not celebrities who make the active choice to have their lives recorded in ink, and they should not be treated as such.

Immigration Reform 2013: The 10 Bill Amendments to Kill Immigration Reform

The Senate Judiciary Committee meets today as it begins the process of considering the 844-page long comprehensive immigration reform bill introduced by the Gang of 8.

Jon Stewart Expertly Explains Why Benghazi is a Failed Conspiracy Theory

Jon Stewart mocks the continued outrage of Republicans and Fox News over the nonexistent cover up by the Obama administration of the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Global Warming Debate: Study Shows Links Between End-Times Believers and Global-Warming Deniers

There are plenty of roadblocks to enacting measures to combat global climate change, and believing in the Second Coming is one of the biggest ones.

Working Families Flexibility Act: Why Are Democrats Opposing More Comp Time?

Democratic opposition to Working Families Flexibility Act would make more sense if their arguments were more consistent.

Benghazi Congressional Hearings: No Whistle-Blowing, No Smoke, No Fire

The Benghazi whistle-blowing hearings ended with no smoking gun. As one Congressman put it, this wasn't even a warm slingshot.

D.C.'s Overpriced, Mediocre Sandwich Shops Have Had It With Food Trucks

Recently proposed regulations on where and how D.C.'s food trucks can serve food threaten to kill the thriving industry. Fortunately, food truck supporters are fighting back.

'The Office' Season Finale: 6 Things We've Learned From the Show

For nine seasons we've laughed and cried with the people of "The Office," and even learned some things along the way. Let's take a look at six of the biggest (that's what she said).

Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio Calls Heritage Foundation Reform Estimations "Flawed"

The Heritage Foundation, the flagship conservative think tank, claims immigration reform will cost $6.3 trillion. But a host of fellow conservatives are saying that the study is flawed and bogus.

Medical Breakthrough Will Allow Patients to Live Without Breathing

Scientists have developed a medical breakthrough that keeps your blood oxygenated even when you cannot breathe. It could revolutionize trauma care around the world.

'The Great Gatsby' Movie Review: Glitzy, But Unnecessary and Nothing Special

Baz Luhrmann's glitzy adaptation of the classic novel may be fun, but it doesn't bring anything new to F. Scott Fitzgerald's story.

Syria Civil War: Israeli Attacks Prove Assad Is Vulnerable

Syria’s precarious situation took yet another alarming turn following an Israeli strike on its war-ravaged territory.

Venezuela Election Protests: There's a Serious Threat Of Dictatorship Under Maduro

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles has formally asked the Supreme Court to annul the results of the April 14th presidential election.

Minnesota Gay Marriage: House to Vote on Bill Thursday

On Thursday, the Minnesota House of Reps. is slated to pass a bill legalizing gay marriage.

Romney Quiver Full Advice Wasn't Just Out Of Touch — It's Ideological

Mitt Romney's recent advice to students at Southern Virginia University espoused a patriarchal Christian view of women and society which is shaping both our discourse and our policies.

When Did Black Become the New White?

Rap has traversed every socio-economic group in America. When Jay-Z and Kanye performed at the Barclay's Center, my only friend able to snag tickets was a white corporate lawyer.

Amanda Berry Gina DeJesus Michelle Knight: Cleveland Kidnapping About More Than Sex

It is tempting to blame extended kidnappings like this on a sexual motivation, but it's about more than sex. It is about power and control.

As Marriage Equality Marches Forward, Don't Forget the Trans People Left Behind

As the anticipation for the Supreme Court's ruling on California's Proposition 8 builds, it's important to remember those that the marriage equality movement has excluded: trans people.

How to Make Kimchi Fried Rice and Be a Sensational Culture Pundit at the Exact Same Time

New PolicyMic pundit Chelsea Hawkins shares her favorite recipe as part of her application to our Summer Culture Skillsare

Israel Syria War: Does Israel Owe the U.S. An Explanation?

Israel bombed Syria without telling the United States first. This is an egregrious violation of the bond of trust the U.S.-Israeli relationship depends upon.

Joe Biden Stands Up For D.C. Voting Rights

Thank you, Biden, for making more Americans aware of the gross inequality we are facing in D.C., and for voicing your support for voting rights for every American.

The Jobbik Party: A Sobering Reminder That Jews Are Still Not Safe in Europe

The rise of anti-immigrant and neo-Nazi groups throughout Europe is a troubling sign for the continent.

Benghazi Cover Up Hearings: There's No Smoking Gun Yet

Three whistleblowers testified before Congress on Wednesday about the Benghazi attack, continuing the same confused, political mess that it was before and will continue to be.

Elizabeth Warren: College Students Pay the Same Interest as Big Banks

If you have a student current loan or are thinking about getting one, you should pay attention. Heck, even if you don't, you should probably still pay attention.

“A Battle For the Soul Of the Gay Community” — Protesters Reject S.F. Pride’s Exclusion Of Bradley Manning

Over 100 protesters gathered at the monthly meeting of the San Francisco Pride committee to object to the board's decision to disqualify Bradley Manning as grand marshal.

National Girlfriends Networking Day 2013: June 4 Event An Absolute Must

At the New Agenda's National Girlfriends Networking Day in June, you will get your next job through your networking contacts with other women. Learn how. Focus on millennials.

3 Ways Technology Will Be Different When Millennials Are 50

Twenty-five years from now, my generation will be around fifty years old and our world will look nothing like it does now.

Can Scientific Studies Measure Classroom Success?

Though helpful, studies have a much harder time measuring the teacher-student connections made in small classes, feelings of camaraderie among students, and trust.

San Francisco Gay Pride 2013: SF Parade Honors Bradley Manning, Now Backtracking Any Way Possible

After naming Bradley Manning a grand marshal, revoking the honor, and being protested by the community, San Francisco Pride tries again to justify their decision.

Fracking is Coming to the Most Prized NYC 'Hood: The West Village

Here's a stupendously irresponsible idea: allow a “fracking” pipeline to run beneath NYC gem and swanky neighborhood, The West Village.

Gun Control 2013: Instead of Universal Background Checks, Require Non-Existent Background Checks [satire]

Senator Manchin wants to push for universal background checks when what he should be doing is advocating the removal of all background checks.

Prom Money Saving Tips: The High Price Of Prom Can Go Down

For the average high school girl prom costs $450. But is the right of passage really worth the price tag? One high schooler weighs in.

Stephen Hawking Israel: Physicist Joins Academic Boycott of Israel

World famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has pulled out of an upcoming conference hosted by Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, citing Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

National Day Of Prayer: Let's Fix the First Amendment to Allow True Freedom Of Religion

The "evangelism" fiasco surrounding the National Day of Prayer and the recent religious directives from the Pentagon illustrate the flaws in our approach to religion in public life.

Otis Wright Porn: Judge Sanctions Lawyers For Fraudulent Filing in Porn Cases

A U.S. federal judge sanctioned four lawyers after they fraudulently filed hundreds of actions against unnamed individuals accused of illegally downloading copyrighted porn

6 Countries Whose Prisons Give Gitmo a Run For Its Money

Guantánamo Bay is where the U.S. detains and interrogates terrorist threats. It has its pros and cons, but how does it compare to other nations trying to do the same thing?

Syrian Civil War: A No-Fly Zone Is Like a Band-Aid On a Broken Leg

As the Syrian conflict escalates with the use of chemical weaponry, the question of the feasibility and practicality of a no-fly zone is once again being discussed.

Jodi Arias Verdict: She Wants the Death Penalty, But That Would Be the Easy Way Out

Jodi Arias was recently convicted of the murder of her ex-boyfriend. She wants the death penalty. But death would be too easy of a sentence. The jury should let her live.

Air Force Nuclear Missile Launch Officers Stripped of Launch Power

The Air Force has a serious problem on its hands: The officers in charge of the nuclear missiles must continually be reminded of the awesome responsibility they have. And that's a bad thing.

AFL-CIO's Youth Economic Forum Envisions a Millennial-Driven Economy

Yesterday the AFL-CIO hosted a youth economic policy forum to discuss the issues that directly affect young workers and the unemployed.

Maduro Venezuela: He Won't Usher in a New Era Of U.S.-Venezuela Relations, and That's OK

The inauguration of Venezuela's new president, Nicolás Maduro, has the world debating whether or not the self-proclaimed “son of Chávez” could lead to improved relations with the U.S.

Jodi Arias Verdict: Arias Asks For the Death Penalty

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Bangladesh Factory Collapse: How Can We Turn Anger Into Action?

With the Bangladesh factory tragedy in the news it is hard to ignore the hidden "costs" behind our clothing. But what about the hidden benefits?

Debt Ceiling 2013: Putting China Ahead of Veterans Will Kill the GOP

House Republicans have proposed a bill to prioritize which bills to pay when we hit the debt ceiling. Chinese creditors come first, and veterans and the poor get the leftovers.

Why Do You Loathe Congress But Love Your Congressman?

A new study shows that just 16% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. But a full 46% approve of their representative. Why is that?

Feminist Weekly: Colleges Confront Rape, Women and Fair Wages, What's a Justice Feminist?

This week, PolicyMic Pundits wrote about everything from how to get a great bikini body (pro tip: put a bikini on your body) to voting rights in Washington D.C. and Joe Biden. Check it out!

Bangladesh Factory Fire: 8 Dead in Latest Garment Industry Disaster

In the latest garment industry disaster in Bangladesh, a fire broke out in a factory in the capital Dhaka on Wednesday, killing 8 people.

Climate Change 2013: Why the Arctic Ocean is Turning Into Acid

The ocean's ability to absorb carbon dioxide may be slowing down climate change, but it’s causing another dangerous phenomenon.

Ray Harryhausen Death: Special Effects Community Loses Gem

We lost a genius among the special effects community on May 7. Thank you, Ray, thank you!

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting: Why Warren Buffett is Still the Best in the Biz

Warren Buffett, with his market prowess, ample cash and ability to be in the right place at the right time, has evolved into a rescue mission for troubled companies.

Too Big to Fail Banks: Can Congress Get Rid Of Them?

Many conservatives and liberals believe that "Too Big to Fail" is bad policy and that breaking up some of the largest banks is necessary. Political will is building for Congress to take action.