10 Ways to Cure Your Homosexuality

An app called Door of Hope promises to cure your homosexuality in 60 days through faith and prayer. They only use the best and most trusted techniques in conversion therapy.

Religious Fundamentalism Is a "Mental Illness" That Could Soon Be "Cured"

Neuroscientists have shown that extreme religious belief isn't just about free will — it's a genuine social harm.

FEMEN Protest: Topless For Topless' Sake Is the Wrong Way to Protest

FEMEN just launched yet another topless protest -- this time, against the TV show Germany's Next Top Model. But these protests don't actually create change and here's why.

Amanda Bynes Twitter: The Media is Ignoring Her Eating Disorder Tweet

Dismissing Bynes as crazy while ignoring her eating disorder doesn't just harm her. Sufferers of eating disorders need compassion, not to be told their experience is illegitimate or crazy.

American Savage YouTube: What Should LGBT Adults Do When Coming Out to Their Parents?

It's really summed up in three short words.

40 Reasons Heidi Klum is Awesome

Happy 40th, Heidi!

Occupy Gezi: Turkish Protests Continue Into Their Fifth Day Despite Violent Police Crackdown

Protests in Turkey continue to rage today, with demonstrators taking to the streets in cities across the country to voice their outrage at the Turkish government.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Road to Socialism Is Paved With Amnesty

Americans should be aware that this ongoing immigration reform may have negative long term impacts, both financially and politically.

Marijuana Legalization: The War On Drugs is Racist

Racism is still alive and well in the U.S. It now bears the name War on Drugs.

Gun Control Debate: The NRA Gets Its Day In Court — and It Loses Unanimously

The NRA has failed in a legal attempt to block a gun-control regulation introduced in 2011 which will require gun dealers in border states to report multiple sales of semi-automatic weapons.

Bradley Manning Trial: Yes, He Is Guilty. Yes, He Should Be Punished.

Bradley Manning violated every obligation he had as a member of the intelligence community when he submitted classified documents to Wikileaks. He should be punished.

Steve Jobs: Quotes Reveal the Apple Founder Was Tenacious, Innovative, and Not So Humble

Steve Jobs was a visionary leader and innovator, yet he was not a very humble guy. If we look back on the things he said, are there things we can learn?

Anonymous Hacked: How's That For Irony

Friday morning the hacktivist collective Anonymous had both its Tumblr blog and Twitter account @YourAnonNews hacked by the Rustle League for the second time in as many years.

We Designed America's Ideal Congressman. Here's How He Voted

On a nationally represented basis, here is how the perfect representative would vote, with a plurality of Americans backing his every decision.

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Grisly Evidence Of Israel's 1948 Expulsion of Palestinians Uncovered

Workers at a cemetery in Jaffa have discovered mass graves containing the bodies of hundreds of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces during the 1948 war.

Want to Fight Sexual Assault On Campus? Start Drawing Comics

With tragic sexual assaults occurring all over the world, it's important to conquer the issue one step at a time. Here's what some students from York University put together to raise awareness.

Gay Pride Month 2013: After a Banner Year For LGBT Rights, It's Time to Celebrate Who We Are

Pride Month gives individuals the space to reflect on the history of the movement at large and celebrate their individuality as an openly LGBT person.

Megyn Kelly: Fox News Anchor Battles Fox News Pundits Over Sexist Comments

Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, refutes Erick Erickson's "scientific" claims that men should be breadwinners and women should be caretakers in order for society to function properly.

Farm Bill 2013: Cuts That Ditch 2,000,000 People From Food Stamps Are Unbelievably Cruel

The Republican-controlled House has approved a $21 billion cut from the food stamp program in a staggeringly draconian move.

Elizabeth Warren: Senator's New Bill Demands Equal Treatment For Rich Banks and Poor Students

Elizabeth Warren wants students to receive the same interest rates that big banks get from the federal government.

George Bush Says Obama is "Having a Difficult Go." Jeez, I Wonder Why?

The former president offers some rare words on the current administration, as well as some of his thoughts on the office.

Gun Control 2013: For Bringing Toy Gun to School, 5-Year-Old Gets 2-Hour Interrogation and Wet Pants

Children shouldn't bring toy guns to school, but neither should school officials interrogate them for hours and cause them to wet their pants. Is it that hard to find a happy medium?

Rick Perry Texas: Democrats Are Furious at the Texas GOP, and For Once the Republicans Are Right

The Texas legislature is in the process of approving court-drawn redistricting maps — so why are some people accusing the Republicans of gerrymandering again?

Redskins Name Change: Is Time Running Out For Racist Team Names?

Ten members of Congress have sent a letter to Redskins owner Dan Snyder, calling for him to finally change what many consider to be a racially insensitive team name.

Boston Strong Concert: Dane Cook, Classy As Always, Refuses to Stream His Set At Charity Concert

Worried about losing money at a charity concert benefiting the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing? Classic Cook.

Bradley Manning Trial: Guilty Or Innocent, Manning Has Changed the Way We See Ourselves

Military opacity in the internet age. LGBT identity and acceptance. Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Treatment of prisoners. Mental health support. Bradley Manning's case brings all this to the front.

5 Easy Summer Recipes

Natalia Todorova, founder of MAZA Cooking Journals, shares 5 light summer recipes.

Oklahoma Tornado Watch LIVE: Oklahoma City Metro Area Gets Another Tornado Warning

Just a little over a week ago, Moore was struck by a devastating tornado. Now the same area is under tornado watch, with rapidly forming super cells. PolicyMic has the live updates for this storm

Rockaway Beach Subway: Just In Time For Summer, the Subway to Rockaway Beach Is Back

After seven months of excruciating subway reconstruction, the A line train between the Rockaways and the city is back — just in time for summer!

David Barton: Anti-Gay Minister Rails Against Starbucks For Being Pro-Gay

David Barton, anti-gay minister and Tea Party favorite, decried Starbucks for supporting same-sex marriage.

Abortion Rights: Abortion Bans Create Poverty (and Vice Versa)

For many women all over the U.S. who live without access to resources, abortion is much more than just a moral issue.

Federal Debt 2013: Congress Refusing to Deal With the Debt Again

The Treasury is now exercising "extraordinary measures" to maintain borrowing below the legal limit. In typical fassion Congress continues to find excuses to kick the can on debt ceiling talks.

Google Glass: Tech Leaders Are Ready For Wearable Computers, But Are You?

As Google Glass continues to generate excitement, many are looking to other key players who might be close to jumping into the market. Are you ready for wearables?

The U.S. Still Lists Cuba As a Terrorist State — But Who Are We to Judge?

After monitoring Cuba's actions within the past year, the State Department has decided to keep the nation on its list.

Scott Walker: Republicans in Wisconsin Are Ready to Spy On the Bank Accounts Of the Unemployed

Wisconsin's unemployment fund is going insolvent because of mismanagement. Now, it is trying to keep the fund from going insolvent by behaving like a thug.

That's All Folks, but More to Follow Tomorrow

After an exciting and exhausting day here in Norman, the major threats have now subsided. Most importantly, my friends and family have made it through safely, and I am safe as well.