10 Things Everyone Should Know About Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden may now be the most famous man in America. What do we know about the man who leaked NSA secrets to The Guardian?

What to Do With a Creep's Unsolicited Dick Pic? Send It to His Mom

Best story you've heard today? Possibly. Best story involving a dick pic? Definitely.

6 Simple Steps to Getting Over Heartbreak

Don't let an ungrateful former flame define the way you live your life. Here's how to move on from crippling heartbreak.

'Mad Men' Season 6: Will Megan Draper Die As Conspiracy Theorists Believe?

Conspiracy theories say this season, which has two episodes left, will end with Megan Draper meeting her demise the same way Sharon Tate did. Are they onto something?

Snowden NSA Leak: What Happens to Edward Snowden Now?

For those of you wondering what is next for Edward Snowden, a history of government whistleblowers can provide insight into how the government has responded in the age of the Espionage Act.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: He Will Not Be Charged As An Enemy Combatant, and That's a Good Thing

Accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will not be charged as an enemy combatant. Although his crimes are heinous, it is reassuring that he will be tried in the civilian court system.

NSA Scandal: 8 Hilarious Memes and Jokes About Scandal

As the latest NSA scandal makes headlines, the internet reacts with a new meme: Obama is reading your email.

Kanye West 'I Am God': Rapper's New Songs Are Too Crazy to Be Good

Will he ever get back into his zone?

'The Internship' Movie Review: Cynical, Ageist Millennials Bully Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson

The film paints a cynical, mean-spirited, cutthroat portrait of the 20-something generation.

The Simple Way to Become a Millionaire By the Time You're 60

Starting a retirement account in your early 20s is an almost foolproof way to become a millionaire by your mid-60s.

How Much Has the Sitcom Mom Changed Over the Past 50 Years?

Sitcom mothers are a huge cultural influence and regulator for American families, but where did their characters start, how have they changed, and where will they end?

5 Things You Should Know About Women in Middle Eastern and North African Nations

Middle Eastern women are often seen as docile, oppressed, and subservient to the Western world, but that could not be further from the truth.

Nelson Mandela Dead? Not Yet, But He's Been Hospitalized Yet Again

Given Mandela's failing health, it wouldn't be unreasonable to prepare for the worst.

State Department Cover Ups: Memo Reveals Everything From Sex With Prostitutes to Drug Rings

When the State Department's own internal watchdog group is not allowed to properly conduct investigations, who do we blame?

"Game Of Thrones" Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Mhysa

The third season finale of HBO's hit series 'Game of Thrones' was packed with family tensions, dragons, and chaos in Westeros as "Mhysa" sets up Season 4.

Edward Snowden NSA: Is the CIA Employee a "Leaker" or "Whistle-blower"?

A hero to some, a traitor to others, the 29-year-old CIA employee should be considered a whistle-blower.

Tony Award Winners 2013: Tony Award Nominees, Performances, and LIVE Updates

Live blogging the biggest night in theater: the 2013 Tony Awards.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2013: 5 Signs Apple May Be in Trouble

As Apple prepares for WWDC next week, many customers and investors are worrying that the company may have lost the magic that once made it great.

PRISM Scandal: Alex Jones is Now More Relevant Than the Mainstream Media

Alex Jones and his Infowars news station have been not taken seriously by most. But they should be.

I'm Not Latino and I'm Not American — What It Was Like Growing Up in Two Cultures That Didn't Accept Me

To Latinos, especially Venezuelans, I am not a “real” Latino. I’m a Gringa. To Americans, I am not a “real” American. I'm too brown. So how am I supposed to identify myself?

Xbox 1 Price: Does It Matter What It Costs When People Are This Angry?

This year, Microsoft's announcement might only be focusing on fixing the mess they themselves created.

Bradley Manning Court Martial: Aiding the Enemy is an Excessive Charge

Bradley Manning's actions embarrassed the United States more than they hurt national security, but maybe that's why the Obama administration wants to make an example of him.

Donald Trump Promises to Preserve the Sanctity Of Bikini Contests

Donald Trump is making sure everyones access to bikinis doesn't come before religious, historical, or cultural values.

Apple WWDC 2013 LIVE: Apple Rumors Surround Huge Event

The annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is kicking off on Monday and will likely debut a number of new products, designs, and software.

India Nuclear Power: Kundankulam Plant Gets Green Light to Begin India's Energy Revolution

Kudankulam is a nuclear power plant constructed by the Russian company Rosatom in southern India. Its construction process has been challenged by civil unrest and ridiculous new laws.

What If We Treated Expecting Mothers Like We Treat Abortion Patients?

A Washington Post op-ed satirically suggests a Defense of Motherhood Act for pregnant women. Here's what it tells us about the way we view pregnancy, abortion, and motherhood.

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan? Give It a Rest, Please

Can we please stop with the Michael Jordan comparisons? Can we put them off until LeBron approaches the backend end of his career?

10 Telltale Signs Your Job Interview is Actually a Creepy Unexpected Date

Navigating the networking game can be tough as you join the ranks of millennials looking for jobs. Here's how you know that new business contact is looking for something other than your resumé.

NSA PRISM Scandal: Rand Paul Should Read the Leaked PRISM Documents On the Senate Floor

Sen. Rand Paul, the most vocal Senator on civil liberties, should use PRISM as an opportunity to take a significant political action reminiscent of the Pentagon Papers scandal.

PRISM Surveillance Scandal: Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, And A Nation of Knee-Jerkers

It has officially become “hip” to jump on the anti-establishment bandwagon.

The Attack On Women's Reproductive Rights is Downright Unconstitutional

On Monday, activists will call on Congress and President Obama to stand up for women across the United States and sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights. Will you?

Alex Jones BBC Video: Sunday Politics Disruption Proves He's Ruining the Conservative Movement

Alex Jones has displayed yet another example of his outrageous behavior on BBC's Sunday Politics show. The right needs to stop allowing him to take over the microphone because he is harming us.

Steubenville Rape Case: Stop Pointing Fingers and Start Actively Preventing Rape

With all the talk about Steubenville, people love to sit and argue over who is at fault in sexual assault cases, but what we really need to do is focus on rape prevention.

Tony Awards 2013: 5 Broadway Shows That Take On Millennial Issues

No doubt there will be performances, acceptance speeches, and incredible fashion at Sunday's Tony Awards. And no matter who wins, these shows all tell great stories we can relate to.

Global Warming 2013: Russia is Gearing Up to Seize Arctic Resources

As ice melts in the Arctic, Russia is turning into the Arctic to benefit from newly accessible gas and oil fields.

Bashar Al-Assad: How Far Will Israel Go to Keep the Golan Heights?

Syrian rebel groups took control of a crossing in Golan Heights on Thursday. That brought the Syrian civil war even closer to Israel's border, and may bring Israel closer to conflict with Syria.

Edward Snowden Interview: Is He a Hero Or a Hack?

Snowden spilled the NSA's secrets. But was he just acting self-righteously? It is time we decide if we are willing to risk lives for the privacy of a phone-call.

State Department Cover-Ups: Just How Corrupt Has the State Department Become?

First Benghazi, now obstruction of internal investigations: just how many scandals does the state department think it can keep contained?

Military Justice Improvement Act: Congress' Chance to Boldly Address Sexual Assault in the Military

The military's sexual assault problem has reached epidemic levels, and the Senate should act now to end this crisis.

11 Foods That Will Take You Right Back to Your 90s Childhood

It would be a challge to find a millennials who did not grow up snacking on these unforgettable treats.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Amid Scandal, A Global Opportunity to Display Positive American Policy

It is true that rumors about a "Trans-Pacific" trade deal are circulating. But where are the hard details?

Edward Snowden PRISM: Social Media Supports Him, But That's Not Enough

Supporting hacker Edward Snowden is proving to be social media sexy. But sending out a couple of Tweets or Facebook likes is not part of the solution to surveillance scandals.

Mohammed Morsi: Egypt's Struggling Economy Needs Money — Just Not From the IMF

The IMF's Stand-By Agreement with Egypt, a proposed $4.8 billion loan package, could aggravate the country's economic conditions by forcing the Egyptian government to adopt austerity measures.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Toy Gun Buyback At California School Is Something Everyone Can Support

By encouraging kids to turn in toy guns for books and the chance to win a bike, Principal Charles Hill is sending the message that guns aren't toys — and we can all applaud him for that.

Citi Bike Share Program 2013: New Yorkers Love It Despite Press Hullabaloo

Despite media fuss, New Yorkers are enthusiastic about the bicycle sharing program.

4 Supreme Court Decisions That Could Threaten Our Civil Liberties This Month

Throughout June the Supreme Court will announce its decisions on DOMA and the Voting Rights Act, but there are other court cases just as controversial and decisive lined up.

Sarah Murnaghan: Judge Michael Baylson May Have Just Saved Little Girl's Life

Ten-year-old cystic fibrosis patient Sarah Murnaghan's chances for a longer life improved when Judge Michael Baylson ordered Kathleen Sibelius to move her up on the organ transplant wait list.

Farm Bill 2013: Will We Ever Stand Up to Monsanto? A Poetic Analysis

We've gotten a look at what we should expect from the 2013 farm bill. It's the same old disgrace.

Tony Awards 2013: 5 Ways the Tonys Saved Broadway

As Broadway's popularity declines, the awards show celebrated all of the ways the Great White Way plans to return to the public's good graces.

Mohammed Morsi: Attacks On Art and Civil Society Show Where Islamists' True Hearts Lie

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is moving fast to seize control and clamp down on free expression and democracy.

NSA PRISM Scandal: Was the British Government Spying On Your Emails, Too?

The U.K. has been implicated in using PRISM to gather intelligence, which seems to violate information laws restricting unwarranted information gathering.

5 Reasons We Should Be Excited That Hillary Clinton Joined Twitter

Now that Hillary Clinton has joined the world of twitter, here are some reasons we should be psyched to follow her on the new platform.

Tony Awards 2013: Best Aspect Of Show is Realness Of Actors

Theater performers are real people with early mornings, late commutes, sore muscles, calluses, itchy throats, and wills of steel.

NSA PRISM Scandal: The Rotten Washington-Silicon Valley Relationship Is Finally On Full Display

How much are we willing to pay for safety? How many of your secrets are you willing to give?

Is Thomas Friedman Running Out Of Material?

The man who has an invaluable column in the New York Times dedicated to his thoughts has written not one, but two articles on his daughter's college roommate's start-up. Really?

Hun Sen: Cambodian Prime Minister's Genocide Law Is About Political Points, Not Remembrance

A law that would make it illegal to deny Khmer Rouge atrocities seems designed to score political points, not to actually uncover the truth.

Washington, D.C., Building Height: The D.C. Skyline Should Look Like Manhattan's

Sensible reforms to the current regulations on D.C. building heights would help the city thrive economically and culturally.

NSA PRISM Scandal: Millennial Distrust Of Government Could Break Their Bond With Obama

Even for those posting their lives online, a lack of government transparency is driving millennials to distrust government and value their online privacy over national security.

George Zimmerman Trial: Jury Selection Will Be Difficult With High Profile Case

Jury selection has begun for the Zimmerman trial and everyone is wondering: Who will sit on the six-person jury? Will there be any black jurors?

Armed Citizens Project: Initiative Will Provide Free Guns to Women in Bad Neighborhoods

The short answer: No. More guns won't mean less crime, and handing out free guns does not make anyone safer.

Apple WWDC 2013: 4 Expectations For Apple Conference

It's that time of year again! The WWDC kicks off Monday in San Francisco and the world of tech is thrilled to see what's next for Apple.

Box Office Numbers: Our Box Office Retort, June 7-9

A review of the weekend numbers. Plus a little sneer.

Edward Snowden PRISM: Ron Paul Approves Of Snowden's Leaks

Libertarian leader Rep. Ron Paul approves of Edward Snowden's actions in the NSA surveillance controversy

Edward Snowden Interview: is the NSA Leaker a Hero Or a Traitor?

Is Snowden, the man responsible for last week's historic NSA leaks, a hero or a traitor? If Twitter is any indication, most people seem to be in support of a more transparent government.

Michael Baylson: Judge Sets Medical Precendent By Allowing 10-Year-Old Lung Transplant

Judge Michael Baylson suspended an age factor in the nation’s transplant rules for ten days so 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan, who has cystic fibrosis, could get one.

Think the Conservative War On Science Isn't Real? Just Ask a Scientist

Conservative hostility toward science and the public's ignorance on the subject is having a negative effect on America's public policy.

Snowden PRISM: Should He Have Fled to Hong Kong?

Snowden has revealed the NSA for the secret data collecting program PRISM, would you run away to another country too? In the face of the most powerful intelligence agency in the world, you might.

Cory Booker Senate Run: If He Wins, Can We Expect a 2020 Presidential Run?

A recent Quinnipiac poll indicates that Newark Mayor Cory Booker could win the special election to fill a recently vacated New Jersey Senate seat

Who is Samantha Power? Pulling Back the Curtain On Obama's New UN Ambassador

Samantha Power believes the U.S. can do a lot more to stop mass atrocities around the world.

Bradley Manning Trial: This Shouldn't Be About Him, It Should Be About the Crimes He Revealed

Why is the military putting such intense effort into maximizing Manning's sentence instead of trying to stop war crimes?

Prince Harry: Royal Gives a Lesson to Homophobic Members Of The Military That They Won't Forget

Despite his party-boy image propagated by the media, Prince Harry stands up against homophobia and sends an optimistic message about gay rights.

This One Piece Of Legislation Could Help 65,000 Students in the U.S. Go to College

While many recent graduates across the United States prepare to make the leap from high school to college, one key demographic is being left out.

Bashar Al-Assad: Intervening to Stop Assad Is Risky, But Staying Out Is Riskier

Targeted air strikes and arming of moderate rebel groups is risky. The potential for a protracted conflict with Hezbollah or the Salafists emerging as the dominant force in the end is riskier.

Edward Snowden PRISM: Leaks Prove You Can Have Privacy Or the Internet, But Maybe Not Both

The government is coming to take your Facebook posts. What does that mean for you?

John Malkovich: Actor Saves 77-Year-Old Jim Walpole After Man Falls, Cuts Throat

The onscreen villain went against his cinematic type when he helped save a 77-year-old man's life last week.

Apple WWDC 2013: Follow Live Coverage Here

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Taksim Square Protest: Is Erdogan Just Trying to Bring Back the Ottoman Empire?

Erdogan's crackdown on the Taksim Square protests is consistent with a pattern of strange, authoritarian behavior and nostalgia for Turkey's glory days as a world empire.

Obama Nominees: Many Oversight Positions Are Unstaffed

The inspector general acts as a watchdog over government agencies, ensuring transparency and checks and balances. Unfortunately, many of these positions are vacant due to GOP-caused gridlock.

Xi Jinping: Dismal Chinese Economic Numbers Challenge Its New Leadership

New economic data on China shows that recovery is poor and that China's economic growth momentum is slowing. Can the new Chinese leadership under President Xi Jinping create long-term growth?

Kabul Airport Attack: Afghan Security Forces Successfully Deal With Attempted Terrorist Attack

In a major success for Afghan security forces, seven militants were killed in an assault on the airport in Kabul. Just two civilians were injured.

Maurice Sendak Google Doodle: Google Throws Maurice Sendak a Wild Rumpus For His Birthday

Google honors one of America's most beloved children's authors, Maurice Sendak, with an amazing animated doodle.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Number at the Tonys

Neil Patrick Harris pays homage to 'Once' and 'Kinky Boots' and impresses the hell out of everyone in the audience.

WWDC 2013: 5 Signs Apple May Be in Trouble

As Apple prepares for WWDC next week, many customers and investors are worrying that the company may have lost the magic that once made it great.

Apple WWDC: New Macbook Air Will Help Apple Stay the Top-Dog in Tech

It appears as though the hardware update will provide the company with a greater leg up on the competition as future Apple computers will be thinner, faster, and have better battery lives.

WWDC 2013 Rumors: 4 Things to Expect From Apple's Big Announcement

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is kicking off Monday in San Francisco and the world of tech is thrilled to see what's next for Apple.

Is Raw Milk As Dangerous As the FDA Claims?

Ever controversial, raw milk recently became legal in Montana. Why is it illegal in so many other places, and is it safe to drink?

Xbox One E3 Announcement: Microsoft Needs to Fix Their New Xbox Mess ASAP

This year, Microsoft's announcement might only be focusing on fixing the mess they themselves created.

'Dead Rising 3' Game: Zombie Killing Just Got Serious

The game does not seem to have the humorous feel of its predecessors, instead coming off as incredibly dark.

Xbox One Launch Title Ryse Displayed, Killer Instinct Makes a Return

Ryse was developed by the German company Crytek, who are also behind Crysis.

Microsoft E3: Forza Motorsport 5 Shown Off; Promises the End of Artificial Intelligence

Now, your personal "drivetars" will be there for all your friends to race with.

Xbox One E3 Announcement: Quantum Break, Xbox's Response to PlayStation's Heavy Rain?

The game looks a lot like works by Playstation developers, such as The Last of Us.

New Xbox Social Networking Options Shown Off, Limitless Friends

Social networking will also be more immediate, done in-game using "Twitch."

Microsoft Announcement Opens with Metal Gear Solid V, Free Games Per Month

The big guns come out early for Microsoft.

PS4 E3 Announcement: Sony's Console Will Launch This Holiday for $399; First Official Hardware Photo Included

Sony had made some fantastic announcements via Twitter and their conference, which numerous media outlets have already confirmed.