7 Countries That Show Us How Health Care Should Be Done

Despite all sorts of right-wing blather about how America has the world's best health care system, almost every study shows we don't. Here are seven countries who can show us a way forward.

6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Atheists

We're here. We're skeptical. And we're dreadfully misunderstood.

Gun Control Debate 2013: You Can't Argue With Facts

Sean McElwee's article that insists that "Guns and Gun Violence Go Hand in Hand" uses a truckload of strawman arguments and bad data to buttress my own hypothesis, rather than dismantle it.

Xbox 1 E3 Announcement: Why It Was So Absolutely Scary

PRISM, E3, and WWDC. At the the intersection of three different news events we see the future of privacy battles in the U.S. The future of technology is also the future civil liberties battle.

Xbox 1 and Ps4 Price: $499 and $399 Respectively. But Which is More Competitive?

The E3 stage is set for a tiebreaker match between the two titanic companies.

America vs. Iran vs. Israel vs. Saudi Arabia vs. Lebanon vs. Russia vs. Turkey, A.K.A. The Syrian Civil War

The Syrian Civil War is a proxy war fought between a host of other countries, supporting either the militants or the regime. Here's a look at what they are hoping to accomplish.

Daniel Bergner: Journalist's Book Declares Women Like Sex

Journalist David Bergner reveals a "shocking" discovery in his new book about female desire.

PRISM Scandal: 'Troll the NSA' Email Seeks to Prank Surveillance Agency is asking the world to come together and simultaneously call/email a script loaded with terrorist-buzzwords.

Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Gets Remixed For Every Decade

What would "Get Lucky" sound like if it came out in the 1920's, or the 1930's, or even the 1940's? This new version of the song answers that very question.

Old Economy Steve Meme: An Absolutely True Criticism Of Baby Boomers and Their Economy

The biting satire of the "Old Economy Steve" meme highlighted an era in which the private market was respected as an ideal rather than worshipped as an untouchable god.

Nelson Mandela Dead? Is the World About to Lose Yet Another Hero?

While Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest men of the 20th century, fights for his life in hospital, we must not forget to celebrate his achievements and legacy.

Edward Snowden's Employer: 6 Shocking Facts About Booz Allen Hamilton

The government contractor that payed Snowden $200,000 a year, reported $5.8 billion in revenue for 2013 and contributed to the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton among others.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Her 6-Step Plan to Sit at Obama's Desk in 2016

Speculation continues to abound ahead of next year's mid-term elections as to whether Hillary Clinton will run for president.

Turkey Alcohol Ban: Is Erdogan Legislating Islamic Morality?

Abdullah Gül, president of Turkey, approved a bill restricting the sale and advertising of alcohol on Monday. That bill is one reason why Turkey has exploded in protests.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Premiere: ABC Family Thinks Girls Are Liars, and They're Probably Right

With its slew of shows focused on female relationships ('Pretty Little Liars', 'The Lying Game') ABC Family has made a very strong cultural statement: today's women are liars.

4 Social Taboos You Need to Get Over in Your 20s

Here are four social taboos involving sex, alcohol, race, dating and expression that perhaps it's better to get over sooner rather than later.

Vine App: Growing Faster Than Instragram — How Will This Change Things?

The social media video app took six seconds to get to the big leagues. It seems every oddball star on Twitter has graduated to Vine with hilarious results.

The One Chart That Proves Capitalism Works

With capitalism on the rise across the world, nearly 1 billion people have been raised out of poverty in the last 20 years and that number is only expected to rise!

8 Pictures Proving the Chicago Sun-Times Was Crazy to Cut Its Photo Department

In response to the Chicago-Sun Times firing its staff photography department, I present a collection of photos that have become much more than a moment in time.

4 Ways Spongebob Promotes Filthy Marxist Class Propaganda

Spongebob has been accused of being gay. But no one knows the sinister truth behind the show.

5 Lessons Learned From 'The Wizard Of Oz'

On what would be Judy Garland's 91st birthday, here are some of the timeless lessons you can take away from Dorothy's journey over the Yellow Brick Road.

Edward Snowden NSA Scandal: Why We Need a Whistleblower Protection Program

Using the technologies that exist to circumvent the police state we can create an "underground railroad" for those who legitimately risk their lives proving that the emperor has no clothes.

Benghazi Conspiracy: Was Ambassador Christopher Stevens Killed by Lethal Injection?

Al-Qaeda bombmaker Abdullah Dhu-al-Bajadin claims that the U.S. ambassador killed in the Benghazi consulate attack was actually executed via lethal injection. Is this the real coverup?

Turkey Protests LIVE: Live-streaming Of Demonstrations in Istanbul

The protests in Turkey's Taksim Square in Istanbul continue, as police fire tear gas and water cannons into angry crowds.

4 Invaluable Pieces Of Advice For Each Year Of College

As high school students around the nation graduate, it's time to prepare for the transition to college. Here is what to expect from each year.

49% Of Gamers Are Girls, So Stop Acting Like Only Nerdy Boys Play Video Games

Polls suggest 2013 will be the year women become the majority of gamers. What does it mean for the industry's sexism problem?

PRISM Scandal: Glenn Beck Freaks Out On Fox News For Calling Edward Snowden a "Traitor"

The one who called President Obama a traitor in the past claims to be outraged by his former employer coverage of the NSA whistelblower.

Glenn Greenwald: Who is the Journalist Behind the Edward Snowden Leaks?

Who is the journalist at the center of the ongoing NSA/CIA wiretapping scandal? Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian was chosen by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

7 Hilarious Memes About PRISM

Sorry, it could only be a matter of seconds before the whole government surveillance thing turned into a massive internet LOL session.

A Fascinating Map Of Where the Happiest People Live

"If you're happy, then we know it."

Best Food Trucks NYC: 6 Tastiest Meals On Wheels

Here are the six best NYC food trucks to sizzle up your summer

Keyarika Diggles: Another Racist Incident in the Texas Town of James Byrd

Jasper, Texas has dealt with racial tensions in the past, most recently now with a bout of police brutality against 25-year-old Keyarika Diggles.

NSA PRISM Scandal: Obama's Call for a Debate is Disingenuous

Although the Obama administration has claimed that it welcomes a debate on its surveillance practices following Edward Snowden's leaks, this claim is simply disingenuous and and hollow.

This French Toast Recipe Will Take You Right to Paris

Natalia Todorova, founder of MAZA Cooking Journals, shares her favorite breakfast recipe, which will transport you right to France.

NSA PRISM Program: The NSA Is Up to More Than Just PRISM

BLARNEY is another NSA surveillance tactic described by Edward Snowden. While BLARNEY only collects metadata, defenders of the NSA are being intentionally confusing about the two programs.

'Blue Jasmine' Trailer: Woody Allen's New Movie Looks Amazing

The trailer for "Blue Jasmine" proves 77-year-old Woody Allen still has the wherewithal to write and direct good comedy and bad romance.

George Zimmerman Trial: Just Further Proof Of Our Racist Justice System

The trial of George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin has begun, but no matter the outcome, our justice system remains deeply flawed and openly racist.

Rand Paul PRISM: His Lawsuit Against the NSA Will Fail

There's roughly a 0% chance that it will work ... which is exactly why we need it.

Immigration Reform 2013: How the Senate Will Vote On the Gang Of Eight's Bill

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

NSA PRISM Scandal: ACLU Sues Obama Administration Over "Dragnet" Collection of Phone Logs

The suit contends that the program, revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden last week, violated the First and Fourth Amendments.

Drone Strikes 2013: Everything You Need to Know About Drones

Where has the U.S. used UAVs? Where are the bases located? Where can you find information about recent strikes? This is your guide for information about resources covering UAV activity.

Prop 8 Ruling: Support for Same Sex Marriage in California Grows Significantly

As the U.S. Supreme Court gets set to hand down a decision on Proposition 8, new polls show that support for same sex marriage has grown significantly amongst voters in the state since 2008.

Joseph Griffo: Proposed New York Bill Makes "Annoying" Police a Felony

New York State Senate member Joseph Griffo's Bill S.2402 would make it a felony to “harass, annoy, or threaten a police officer while on duty.”

Meet the 24-Year-Old Designer Behind New York's Latest 'It Girl' Uniform

Maggy Frances Schultz is the visionary designer behind the chic New York-based company Maggy Frances. The new line is making classic style a millennial fashion staple.

Xbox 1 At E3 Video: Microsoft Demos How to Be a Sexist Gamer

Microsoft's Xbox demo at E3 showed off had some questionable moments and showed what it reveals about sexism in the gaming industry.

10 Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting Your Unpaid Internship

Intern life is full of surprises. Here are just a few.

John Oliver 'The Daily Show': Grading His First Episode

The Englishman is very funny, so his awkward debut is actually encouraging and a sign of good things to come.

Myanmar News: Aang San Suu Kyi Wants to Be President, But Will the Country's Generals Stop Her?

Suu Kyi is the country's most popular leader and her ascension to the top would be a Nelson Mandela type moment. However, the political barriers set in place by the military might not allow it.

Israel Palestine Conflict: Huge Spike in Settlements Could Be Major Setback

Israeli settlements in disputed territory have spiked 176% in the first quarter of 2013 alone. This illegal expansion could seriously threaten the peace process.

4 Questions With One Of the World's Leading African American Art Scholars

Dr. David C. Driskell is a respected artist, scholar, and historian. Here Driskell speaks about our country, our history, and what African American art means in the age of a black president.

Why I Pranked Common App Inc.

Last week, news outlets reported that Common Application Inc. had changed its policies regarding undocumented students. Unbeknownst to them, the news was a hoax.

Bashar Al-Assad: Why Arming the Rebels Would Be Bad For U.S. Interests

This week the Obama administration is deciding whether to intervene in Syria. If he does, he'll be putting all of us at risk.

Hands On Children's Museum: Florida Museum Revokes Family Membership From Same-Sex Couple

When museum officials realized that the family constituted of two mothers and a son, they immediately revoked their family membership. It's entirely legal but still despicable.

Ron Paul Would Have Prevented the IRS Scandal, Pure and Simple

Former congressman and presidential candidate, Ron Paul, has been preaching the same message for over 30 years. Could the IRS scandal have been avoided if we had just listened to Ron Paul?

'The Internship' Movie: The 10 Commandments Of Being An Intern

Behold! The divine list inspired by the latest Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson comedy, "The Internship."

Meet Steven Romeo: PolicyMic Pundit, LGBT Activist, and the Founder Of The Change Project

Steven Romeo is the founder of The Change Project, which is "dedicated to transforming discrimination against marginalized groups into acceptance for all people through the art of photography."

Bangladesh Factory Collapse 2013: 3 Ways to Prevent Future Disasters Like This

The backlash from the deadly Bangladesh collapse has been fierce. But what can actually be done to improve safety and not kill jobs that are desperately needed?

NSA PRISM Scandal: Let Congress Investigate the NSA

We need Congress to investigate the extent to which the nation's intelligence agencies had been involved in questionable, if not illegal behavior.

Hello, Press Mentions: PolicyMic Community Spotlighted Across the Media

If you've been featured, mentioned, and re-tweeted by media outlets, we want to share the good news with the rest of the community.

Snowden NSA Leak: Correcting the NY Post's Ridiculous Snowden Op-Ed

New York Post writer Raph Peter's Tuesday op-ed, "Making treason cool," is riddled with the type of misinformation that is corrupting public discourse.

Edward Snowden: Why His Interview Strikes a Nerve With Americans

It is up to us to decide whether we value our security over our freedom or, like Snowden, “don’t want to live a society that does these sorts of things.”

NSA PRISM Program: Poll Shows the Public Chooses Security Over Privacy

Reaction to the NSA's spying scandal on social media (and this website) has largely been outraged. But a poll of the wider public shows we may be living in a bubble.

Edward Snowden PRISM: How Hundreds Of Thousands Of Private Citizens Have Access to Your Private Data

Examining the controversial role of the over 500,000 private contractors, including Edward Snowden, who help monitor threats to national security ever day.

Obama Plan B Ruling: In Morning-After Pill Decision, Obama Administration Quits While It's Ahead

The Obama administration finally seems to have acknowledged reality, which is that Plan B's risks are all political, not physical or medical.

Edward Snowden Interview: Speaker Boehner Calls Him a "Traitor" On National TV — But is He?

The controversial character and his controversial actions are doomed to only get more polarized and become more of a political football as time goes on. Make up your mind now: hero, or villain?

Father's Day 2013: The History Behind the Holiday For Dads

Where, when, and why we decided to honor our dads.

Obama Xi Jinping Summit: Are Rainclouds Forming After the Sunnylands Summit?

A mirage meeting at Rancho Mirage: As Obama and Xi Jinping personally get closer their respective countries may get further and face more friction.

The Studies Are In, and Obamacare Will Be a Success

Obamacare will most likely succeed. This is a pity as it will prevent true health care reform in the United States.

NSA PRISM Program: Russia Engages in Epic Trolling, Says It Might Give Snowden Asylum

Russia opens its doors to Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker. Surely it's because of Russia's stellar human rights record and history of protecting political dissent.

Virginia Election 2013: E.W. Jackson's Comments Cause Complications For Cuccinelli

But it's still too early to tell whether the firebrand lieutenant governor candidate will sink Cuccinelli in November.

How Has the Peace Movement Helped Women Fight For Power?

Women have historically played an important role in antiwar movements, often by drawing attention to their status as mothers and wives. What do such tactics mean for women's rights?

Hillary Clinton Twitter: Warren Buffett Hints At Her 2016 Presidential Run

Warren Buffett called Hillary Clinton "one of [his] favorite women in the world" and ended his tweet with the hashtag #45. Could he be any less subtle?

Gay Pride 2013: Is Bradley Manning Too Controversial For Event?

Organizers at SF Pride continue to be at odds over the controversy surrounding Private Manning's nomination for 2013 Marshall.

Is There a Cure for Cancer? The Latest Science Suggests So

If human subject trials go well, there very well could be a single treatment for most, if not all, types of cancer.

Rand Paul PRISM: He's Playing the Blame Obama Game, When He is Also to Blame

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) went on CBS This Morning Tuesday to argue against PRISM and blame the president for having too much power. But Rand and his Congressional colleagues are also to blame.

PRISM Leak: In 2001, the NSA Advised the Bush Administration to "Rethink" the 4th Amendment

A declassified memo from 2001's NSA advised the Bush administration to "rethink" some of our most fundamental rights. Obviously, they listened.

Do You Know Which 5 Nations Produce More Cars Than the U.S.?

This infographic covers the global auto industry and provides info on the top ten leading car producers in the world and beyond.

Remembering the D.C. Visionary Doug Bailey

My boss, turned mentor, turned friend and neighbor taught me all there is to know about politics, being a good person and – perhaps most of all – being a good person in politics.

Vince Lombardi ESPN: Would He Be Able to Compete in Today's NFL?

Vince Lombardi was crowned the "Greatest Coach in NFL History," but how would his demanding coaching style fare in today's complex game?

Iran Presidential Election 2013: Is There An Opening For a Moderate Candidate?

No matter the outcome, do not expect a radical shift in policy over the country's nuclear program.

George Zimmerman Trial: 10 Questions Every Juror Should Be Asked

George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, but was it murder? Even though most Americans have already made their decision, there still needs to be a fair trial.

PRISM Leak: We Just Learned How Our Leaders Really Feel About Our Rights

The reactions by Congressional leadership to NSA activities and towards their being leaked illustrate a truth about government and federal power that goes back decades.

Mumford & Sons Tour Postponed: Medical Emergency Paralyzes Mumford & Sons' Tour

Chart-topping band Mumford & Sons announced it will postpone three concerts due to a blood clot found on bassist Ted Dwayne's brain.

NSA Surveillance: Congress Wants to Lift the Veil On the NSA's Spy Programs

A bipartisan group of 8 Senators has put forward a bill requiring the Department of Justice to disclose the decisions of the FISA Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. It's desperately needed.

Susan Rice NSA: Will She Help Women Finally Be Taken Seriously On National Security?

What does President Obama's appointment of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to the position of National Security Advisor mean for women working in defense, foreign policy, and national security?

Equal Pay Act 50th Anniversary: Inequality is Still a Problem in More Than One Way

The monetary gap between male and female earnings is accompanied by a leisure gap. On average, males enjoy more leisure time than females do, and the statistic increases as women have children.

Man Of Steel Release Date: 4 Summer Blockbusters Definitely Worth Your $14

In the coming months, a veritable blitzkrieg of summer blockbusters are going to hit the silver screen. Here's a list of the best looking ones. 'Man Of Steel' will hit theaters June 14.

George Zimmerman Trial: Time For the Court Of Public Opinion to Adjourn

As the trial for George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case officially begins, media outlets are poised to strike ratings gold. Let us hope it does not occur at the expense of due process.

WWDC 2013 Keynote: Rocky At First, And Then Absolutely Amazing

A new OS X, completely redesigned iOS7 and a brand new Macbook Air and Mac Pro made this WWDC incredible.

NSA PRISM Program: Sales Of Orwell's 1984 Are Rising Exponentially

The parallels between Orwell's dystopia and the current NSA scandal aren't exact, but they're enough to get people thinking.

Taksim Protests: Police Fire Water Cannon at Protester in Wheelchair

In this video riot police can be seen firing a water cannon at a protester in a wheelchair as he an others were leaving a demonstration.