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Want to read some Neil Gaiman in preparation for his new book? Here's a list of his best work.

50 Overlooked But Beautiful Places to Visit in New York City

A look at some of New York City's finest places to visit. You can rest assured you probably won't find many others there to ruin your fun.

The NSA is Spying on You — Here is How You Should Fight Back

President Obama's broad spying scandal is a frightening civil liberties assault. Join me in fighting back by suing the NSA and restoring our privacy from an overreaching government.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: What Was in the Trunk?

'Pretty Little Liars' is back for Season 4. Everyone rejoice! Except for Mona, never Mona.

Hero Mom Stands Up Against Officer For Sexual Assault In Front Of Her Two-Year Old Daughter

You won't believe it, but this was actually caught on tape. In a courtroom. In front of a judge who did nothing.

Lindsay Mills: Edward Snowden Abandons Girlfriend in NSA Scandal Aftermath

Edward Snowden's girlfriend Lindsay Mills gives insight through her digital outlets on how this NSA leak has changed their relationship forever.

9 Extremely Fun and Extremely Dangerous Travel Excursions

Need a little more thrill in your summer vacation? Check out these nine heart stopping excursions. From diving with sharks to cycling in the Sahara, this article covers a variety of adventures.

6 Worst Reactions to Edward Snowden's NSA Leaks

While many people have rightly praised Edward Snowden for his efforts to reveal the extent of the U.S. surveillance state, others have called his actions treasonous and demanded prosecution.

'This is the End' Movie Review: Like Spending An Hour and a Half With Friends

The actors all play themselves, a gimmick that makes the movie funnier, more poignant, and somehow not gimmicky at all.

'Game Of Thrones' TV Show: HBO Show Has a Race Problem

Daenerys' white savior storyline highlights the show's mishandling of race. If GoT can be critical of sexism, why can’t it be as forward thinking in its depictions of race?

6 Ways Millennials Can Actually Succeed in This Economy

Here are a few ways colleges, universities, and society can help young people find jobs after they graduate.

Civil Liberties vs National Security Debate: Where Do You Stand?

President Obama pointed out, “you can’t have 100 percent security, and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience.” So how does the government strike the right balance?

ACLU NSA Lawsuit: PRISM Violates the First and Fourth Amendments Of the Constitution

It what may be just the tip of legal challenges to government surveillance practices, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit alleging that the NSA's phone surveillance program violates the Constitution.

Ohio Police Department Thinks Murdering Kittens in Front Of Crying Children is "Appropriate"

What happens when the animal shelter is full? An Ohio animal control officer took matters into his own hands and executed a litter of kittens in front of screaming children.

The NSA Leak Just Outed Obama and Liberals As Complete Hypocrites

Obama's hypocrisies for pursuing the same policies he condemned Bush for never end. But equally hypocritical is the outrage from the public, which depends on which party is in the White House.

Soy Sauce Challenge YouTube: May Tempt You, But It Also May Kill You

While we are aware of the long term health risks that arise from a salty diet, a soy sauce incident reveals the immediate, life threatening risk of consuming too much salt.

Immigration Reform 2013: With One Hurdle Passed, the Bill's Future Is Still Uncertain

The Gang of Eight's Senate bill will move on to debate, but it faces trouble in the more conservative House, as well as the potential to get derailed by irrelevant Senate amendments.

Hillary Clinton 2016: How the NSA Scandal Might Make Hillary Our 45th President

Conservatives are divided on their support for Edward Snowden. If this debate goes on, could it help Hillary Clinton win the White House in 2016?

'Black Swan' Intern Ruling: Landmark Case Could Mean the End Of the Unpaid Internship

The interns who sued Fox Searchlight for being unpaid for their work on "Black Swan" just won the case, setting a positive new standard for Hollywood interns and entry level workers.

Howard Gutman: Prostitution Wasn't Even the Worst Thing State Department Covered Up

CBS News has uncovered documents showing that the State Department has been covering up inappropriate behavior in their ranks, including an ambassador soliciting prostitutes in a public park.

5 Iconic Pieces Of Pop Art Saddled With Legal Woes

How has policy changed the way pop artists work and live?

India's Tourism Problem is Directly Related to India's Women Problem

India's tourism numbers are in sharp decline following alarming cases of attacks on women, harming the local economy and likely damaging goals for women's progress.

Why Sylvia Plath's 'The Bell Jar' is Still Relevant 50 Years Later, Especially For Millennials

Plath's literary counterpart Esther Greenwood may not have the answers, but her journey through the anxiety of on-coming adulthood provides the relief of a shared experience to readers.

Millennials Aren't Putting Off Responsibilities, They're Begging For Them

The millennial generation and recent college graduates in particular have inherited an unwelcoming economy, but despite the insecurity they continue to be ambitious voices of progressive change.

Bonnaroo 2013: 11 Ways to Do Bonnaroo Right, From a Veteran

You already know to drink water and wear sunscreen. Here's some lesser known pieces of advice for making the most of my beloved 'roo.

Bonnaroo 2013: "Hackeroo," iPhones, and Instagram Changed the Show's Dynamic

It’s not Woodstock anymore when ATMs and phone charging stations line the muraled walls of Bonnaroo, which was the last frontier of festivals.

WM/Reuters Fixing: Need Proof Big Banks Are Rigging the Global Economy? Here It is

Anonymous informants across the industry are revealing that large financial institutions have colluded to set exchange rates and rob their customers blind.

PRISM Scandal: It's Time to Admit Obama is a Disappointment

The president's relationship relationship with the American public he was supposed to save is failing. PRISM is just the latest straw on the camel's back.

Buy '1984' George Orwell Book: Novel Sales Through the Roof Since Spying Scandal

In wake of the surveillance scandal, sales of dystopian novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" have skyrocketed. Unfortunately, the book has more similarities to our culture than tapping.

Meet the California Students Who Stormed the State Capitol to Demand Funding For Their Futures

On Monday, 22 students from colleges across California staged a silent protest to lobby for legislation which could help local schools fund their futures.

Anusha Rahman: Pakistan Might Be First Nation to Ban Google

Without unrestricted freedom of expression, it is highly unlikely that Pakistan will be able to form a real democracy.

Chad Ochocinco Butt Slap Video: Did He Deserve 30 Days Jail Time For It?

As a "thank you" gesture, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson slapped his attorney's bottom in court. Though everyone laughed, the move landed the football player jail time.

A Kitten With Two Faces Was Just Born and is the Cutest Thing Ever

Because we all need to take a break from depressing NSA coverage and recognize the cuteness in the world.

Immigration Reform 2013: Childish Congress Might Kill Yet Another Bill

After a year where Congress did basically nothing of value, it is getting ready to tackle one of the most contentious topics possible: immigration.

Farm Bill 2013: Should We Cut Subsidies For Wealthy Agribusiness, Or Poor Families?

The Senate passed the new Farm Bill on Monday, which will set policy for the next five years on issues including food stamps and farm subsidies.

Obama PRISM: Watch Senator Obama School President Obama

Usually when you see a bitter debate between diametrically opposed viewpoints, it's between two people. Not so with our president!

Angela Garmley: How She Stood Up to a Corrupt Court in the Deep South — and Won

Angela Garmley was sexually harassed, had meth hidden in her truck, and was pursued by corrupt cops after crossing a crooked judge. Now they're under federal investigation.

Plan B Birth Control: Does Obama Think Young Girls Aren't Smart Enough to Use It?

While the approval of over-the-counter Plan B for all ages is remarkable, the Obama administration's decision reflects the president's remaining patriarchal concerns.

Iran Election 2013: It's A Referendum on the Economy, But is True Reform Possible?

Iranians will head to the polls Friday to vote for Ahmadinejad's replacement. While the world is focused on Iran's foreign policy, the Iranian electorate is only focused on the economy.

Santa Monica Shooting: Media Coverage on Mass Shootings Ignores Reality of Crime in America

Last Friday, a shooter opened fire near Santa Monica College. The death toll has since risen to five. During this same time, gun violence was claiming more lives in Chicago.

Russia Gay Propaganda Ban: Speaking in Defense of Gay Rights Now a Crime in Putin's Russia

Russia's parliament passes a bill banning homosexual "propaganda," citing defense of traditional values in an effort to crack down on the promotion of LGBT rights and equality.

What is a Derecho? Vast Midwest Storm Threatens 1 in 5 Americans

Meteorologists are reporting that current weather conditions are favorable for the development of at least one Derecho this week that would affect 1-in-5 Americans.

Inside 'Dirty Wars': An Interview With Investigative War Reporter Jeremy Scahill

A one-on-one interview with award-winning investigative war reporter, Jeremy Scahill. Scahill discusses American counterterrorism, and his new film, 'Dirty Wars.' Part one of a three-part series.

Father's Day 2013: Why I Love My Stay-At-Home Dad

Growing up with a stay-at-home dad taught me that it is okay to be a man who sacrifices and feels deeply and emotionally for those he loves.

Meet the Mysterious Swaai Boys of NYC

Those four cuties out of NYC are the Swaai Boys, an upbeat band with songs that make summer come a little sooner.

James Wharton: Prince Harry Defends Gay Man in the Military and Sets An Example

Trooper James Wharton was defended against anti-gay treatment by fellow soldiers by Prince Harry, who rushed at the men, repremanded them, and reported them to senior officials.

Samantha Power: Will a Human Rights Crusader At the UN Get Us Involved In Syria?

What could Power's appointment to the UN mean for U.S. involvement in a climate of increasing international conflict and human rights violations?

Father's Day 2013: This is the Absolute Best Father's Day Gift

A recent study has named vegetable fats as one of the most tasty ways to prevent prostate cancer. With Father's Day right around the corner, here are 5 foods for his breakfast in bed.

What Does Work-Life Balance Look Like For America's Low-Income Women? It Doesn't

How can working moms who barely make minimum wage even begin to think about the work-life balance?

Women Should Strive to Get Ahead Of Men, Not Just Be Equal to Them

Our mothers fought to give us choice, but desired for us to make good ones. Ones that place us not only on par with our male counterparts, but ahead of them.

Will the GOP 2.0 Finally Fix Its Woman Problem?

The gender gap between the GOP and the Democratic Party in 2012 was an astonishing 18 points. But the Republican Party still thinks this is voters misinterpreting their message.

Supreme Court Abortion Cases 2013: Supreme Court Refuses to Block Ban On Graphic Images Of Aborted Fetuses

Who should decide what accounts for freedom of expression? Should the First Amendment be regulated if it affects other members in the public space or does the freedom to express an opinion rule?

Midterm Elections 2014: Democrats Must Gain Control to Move Their Agenda Forward

Climate change, jobs, and higher taxes. For the progressive agenda to move forward Democrats must gain control of Congress.

Obama Plan B: Ruling Against Pill Age Restrictions Sparks Criticism From Laura Ingraham

Fox once again proved that social conservatism is little more than a tag line by criticizing the administration's decision to drop age restrictions on emergency contraception.

'The Bling Ring' Book: Stealing From Celebrities Really Does Make You Famous

Sofia Coppola’s new movie will give us another look at the now legendary teenage criminals who raided several Hollywood mansions back in 2009.

Bank On Students Loan Fairness Act: Will Student Debt Crush the GOP's Chances With Young Voters?

The student loan crisis will affect not only the millennial generation, but also the credibility of the GOP.

Russia Anti-Gay Law: Not a Single Member of Russian Parliament Stands Up For LGBT Rights

The Russian Duma passed an anti-gay bill with an overwhelming majority this morning, ignoring international protests and further stigmatizing the Russian LGBT community.

12 Rules to Follow For Ladies Traveling Alone

A dozen tips and tricks for the woman traveling alone (although most of these also apply to men, and to those traveling with companions)

Edward Snowden Interview: Home Depot Co-Founder Says He'd "Throw a Party For Him"

In an interview on Fox News, the co-founder of the retail chain Home Depot, Ken Langone, announced that he would like to throw a party for NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden - a great idea.

Edward Snowden Aslyum: Will the NSA Whistle-blower Head to Iceland?

Edward Snowden has indicated that he may seek asylum in Iceland. But even his supporters there have said that it may not be his best option.

Edward Snowden PRISM: Does Russia Want to Steal PRISM Secrets From Edward Snowden?

Russia says if approached, she'd offer NSA hacker Edward Snowden asylum. It's a nice gesture, but the Kremlin is up to no good. She's either looking for state secrets or to annoy Obama.

Taksim Square Protest: As Clashes Escalate On Tuesday, Taksim Starts Looking Like Tahrir

Istanbul's Taksim Square exploded with violent clashes Tuesday between increasingly militant protesters and police.

Facebook Hashtags: Facebook Adds Clickable #Hashtag Feature Similar to Twitter's

Facebook confirmed Tuesday that it launched an update to the site that allows users to follow conversations and topics via hashtags.

George Zimmerman Trial: What Will It Take For George Zimmerman to Look Believable?

Become the jury and decide for yourself. What are the cases that will be made by both the defense and prosecution in the death of Trayvon Martin?

Drones in America: Sushi and Pizza Delivery Drones Now a Thing

Do we really want people using drones in a casual, perfunctory, almost normal way?

Washington Redskins Frank Luntz: Team Hires Prominent GOP Consultant to Do What, Exactly?

The Washington Redskins have taken on an influential Republican spin-doctor to help repair their controversial reputation.

Andrew Cuomo: Why New York Governor's Women's Equality Act Is the Right Thing For New York

Conservative state senators are threatening to block the bill over a single abortion provision, while ignoring the rest of the good it does.

Lionel Messi Tax Fraud: Is Soccer Star Part Of Spain's Effort to Squeeze Out More Tax Money?

FC Barcelona player Lionel Messi and his father have been accused of filing fraudelent tax returns in Spain. But are the allegations motivated by justice, or a desire for higher tax revenues?

New Jersey Special Election 2013: 4 Democrats and 2 Republicans Enter the Race to Replace Lautenberg

Cory Booker is the front-runner among the Democrats, and thus the prohibitive favorite in the general election as well.

NSA PRISM Program: Peter King Wants to Prosecute Journalists For Doing Their Jobs

His recent statements do nothing but obscure the legitimate issues at hand.

7 Must-Read Books to Advance Your Career

Lots of books claim to help you with your career, but we guarantee that reading these will positively enhance your current job, and your lifelong career.

Dividing Children By Academic Ability Would Hurt the Classroom Environment

Teachers are once again grouping students by academic ability in order to maximize their full potentials. However, the strategy fails to promote important values like tolerance and teamwork.

Farm Bill 2013: 4 Million Reasons Why Monday's Vote Was an Awful Mistake

American food aid policy is a mess, and the Senate just voted to keep it that way. Here's why that's a terrible idea.

NSA PRISM Program: GOP Senators Who Love the Second Amendment Aren't Always Crazy About the Fourth

Many senators who use the Second Amendment to defend their gun control stance seem to be willing to forget the Fourth Amendment when it comes to the NSA PRISM programs.

Singapore Free My Internet Protest: Is Online Media the Next Frontier Of Censorship?

Singapore is cracking down on online media, leading to questions of whether online news sources should be held to the same standards as their print counterparts.

NSA PRISM Program: Is the U.S. Giving Itself the Unlimited Power to Spy On Foreigners?

As the PRISM scandal generates both legal and ethical debate, the question remains of whether the U.S. surveillance effort is justified from an international relations perspective.

Occupy Gezi: Police Sweep Clears Protesters From Taksim Square

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's tops news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Facebook Hashtags: 3 Ways They Will Change Your Social Media Universe

From Tumblr, to Twitter, to Instagram, using a basic hashtag is something that is just part of the social media dynamic. It is no surprise then, that it is coming to Facebook.

Takim Square Protests: Does Erdogan Really Think a Dummy Committee Can Convince Protesters to Give in?

It's a tale as old as time: good leader becomes corrupt, people protest, leader refuses to change, protests continue, leader meets with actress and architects to pretend he wants to fix problems.

How 6 Classic Works Of Literature Were Reviewed On Amazon

Classic novels are weighed, measured, and found to be reviewed by Amazon users. Let's find out what they had to say.

Senate Farm Bill: America's Food Aid Program is Broken — Here's Who's Trying to Keep it That Way

Worldwide, millions more people could be fed by American food aid at zero cost to the American taxpayer. Obama's budget tries to do this, but senators and interest groups are trying to stop it.

Ariel Castro Trial: Your Eyes Are Not Fooling You — Ariel Castro Really Did Plead Not Guilty

It's unclear how Castro plans to go about defending himself, but obviously he's going to try.

NSA PRISM Scandal: Should We Be Asking About Principles, Or Efficiency?

The fight over telecom immunity, concluded last year, raised an important question: Who is responsible for safeguarding our privacy?

Facebook Hashtags: Are They a Distraction From the PRISM Scandal?

#Pay #No #Attention #To #The #Man #Behind #The #Curtain

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Finale: 9 Ways It Broke the Mold For Fantasy Characters

Despite the misogynistic fantasy world of "GoT," there are plenty of powerful women in the show that break gender norms and expectations, which is a refreshing change.

Elder Scrolls Online and Total War: Rome II

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

New Elder Scrolls Online Details

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

Sony, EA, and Square Enix Getting a Lot of Attention

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

Hex: Shards of Fate

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

E3 2013: Mario, Sonic, and Ducktales Make Comebacks

There is a bit of an old school revival happening at E3: Mario, Sonic, and Ducktales are all seeing a comeback.

New Ubisoft Driving Game "The Crew" On Now

A HUGE new driving game from Ubisoft is on stage now. According to the developers, they have over 10 cities in the game, all the size of GTA IV's Liberty City.

Project Spark: A Creator's Dream

Coming on stage one is Project Spark, a new Xbox One title that claims to make game design into a game itself.

'Tearaway' E3 Game Trailer: The Creators of 'Littlebigplanet' Come Out With This New Gem

The creators of famed Littlebigplanet have come out with a cute new adventure game: Tearaway.

End of Day Two

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.