Flag Day 2013: 9 Things You Never Knew About the American Flag

June 14 is Flag Day. Here are nine facts you probably didn't know about the American flag and its annual holiday.

Olympic Swimmers Pose Half-Naked in Shower For Anti-Homophobia Campaign

Check out this awesome campaign to end homophobia in France.

Walmart Jobs: Walmart's Terrible New Hiring Practices Hurt Its 1.3 Million Employees

In an unusual move, Walmart is hiring many temp workers outside the holiday season. Could this be another sinister plot cut costs at the cost of the company's 1.3 million employees?

"World Peace Index" Lists World's Most Peaceful Countries, and We Kind Of Suck

A map showing the world's most and least peaceful countries has been released, and the results will surprise you.

David Simon NSA Blog: Why You Don't Understand Wiretapping, According to 'The Wire' Creator

The creator of 'The Wire,' every liberal's favorite TV show, has published a semi-defense of the NSA. Many liberals are disappointed, but if they watched the show carefully, they shouldn't be.

Xbox 1: Don't Buy the New Xbox If You Don't Have Internet, Says Microsoft

A president at Microsoft stated that gamers without an internet connection should just stick with the old Xbox 360.

5 Things to Do This Summer If You're An Unemployed College Grad

Let loose, because you're not going to have the chance to do this once you're working full-time!

Marijuana Legalization: Scientists Say Pot, MDMA, and LSD Should Be Legalized For Further Research

Scientists released a paper condemning current drug policy, saying that the illegal status of cannabis, MDMA and psychedelics has severely restricted research into their potential benefits.

14 Ridiculous Ways the Government is Wasting Your Tax Dollars You Won't Believe

These are 14 expenditures by the federal government which will leave you speechless, including talking urinal cakes and caviar.

Ben Swann: Former Local Fox News Anchor Wants to Challenge the Mainstream Media

Ben Swann, former Fox 19 news anchor in Cincinnati, begins his "truth in media" project on June 10.

'Girl Code' TV Show: Is 'Girl Code' Helping Or Hurting Young Girls?

MTV's new show "Girl Code" promotes "Mean Girls"-esque behavior among young girls.

Where Is Edward Snowden? The List of Countries Where He Can Flee the U.S. Government

Edward Snowden might be hiding from the U.S. government in Hong Kong, but that isn't smart, given the U.S. has an extradition treaty with them. Here are the countries where he could truly hide.

Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Ruling: What is Synthetic DNA?

Thursday's ruling was decided in large part because of the distinction that synthetic DNA is not naturally occurring. But what exactly is synthetic DNA?

Immigration Reform 2013: The Piecemeal Approach to An Impotent Bill

Senate officials have voted to begin work on immigration reform. However, amendments are already being proposed that could ultimately leave the American people with a weak and costly bill.

E3 2013: Is Bungie's 'Destiny' the Next Evolution Of Gaming?

The creators of 'Halo' and 'Call of Duty' have come together to create the mother of all games, and several of it's gameplay features just might be trendsetters for the future.

Louisiana Student Vouchers: Private Schools Get an "F" By the Program's Own Standard

Students under Governor Jindal’s private school voucher program perform a whopping 30 points below average. Unless students rapidly improve, Louisiana should prepare to kill the program.

Why Do Americans Love Superheroes So Much?

Superman, Batman, Captain America, and the X-Men all carry with them a continuous narrative of good overcoming evil. They are predictable, arrested and static characters that will never fade.

8 Bands From the '90s We Wish Would Get Back Together

Let's face it, nothing beats our favorite 90s bands. Here are the eight 90s bands that we would do anything to see get back together for an encore performance.

NSA PRISM Program: Verizon and Web Companies Get Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit — Do Customers Stand a Chance?

Former Justice Department prosecuter Larry Klayman is hitting the Obama administration, Verizon, and nine major tech companies with a class-action lawsuit. Does he stand a chance?

It's About Time We Fixed Our Broken Immigration System

Everybody agrees that America’s immigration system is broken. We need to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, and we need to bring undocumented people out of the shadows.

Avril Haines: Obama's Nominee For #2 CIA Job is a Former Erotica Reader

Is Avril Haines qualified to help run the CIA? Obama thinks so.

Minimum Wage Increase: Economists Support It, and So Should You

A Massachusetts bill proposes raising the minimum wage to $11 by 2015. It's good economics.

Will Millennials Be Remembered As Hispters Or Bros?

These two superficially different movements have a lot in common. Which one best represents our generation?

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming An Annoying D.C. Summer Intern

Congrats, you just moved to a swamp.

Americans Spend More On Super Bowl Snacks Than On Global Family Planning

More than 222 million women need access to contraception right now. What is the US waiting for to pitch in?

Wii U and E3: Why Nintendo is in Serious Trouble

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

Immigration Reform 2013: 70 Republicans Prepare to Fight GOP Leadership On Gang Of Eight Bill

Seventy House Republicans have demanded a meeting with Speaker Boehner to raise concerns about the Gang of Eight's immigration-reform bill, which is quickly making its way through the Senate.

Wisconsin Ultrasound Bill: Gov. Scott Walker Expected to Sign Bill Forcing Women Seeking an Abortion to Get an Ultrasound

Chaos broke loose on the Wisconsin Senate floor Wednesday as the GOP approved a bill that Democrats say would close abortion clinics in Wisconsin.

Father's Day 2013: Do Pregnant Man Ads Prevent Teen Pregnancy Or Offend Transgender Community?

Some are calling the new Chicago anti-teen pregnancy ads innovative. But are they actually offensive to the transgender community?

Bashar Al-Assad: An Insider's Guide to Syria's New Russian Weapons

Bashar Al-Assad's decision to upgrade and spend money on new weapons may indicate he believes he's gaining the upper hand.

PRISM NSA Scandal: Obama Says We Can't Have 100% Security and 100% Privacy, and He's Right

Obama says we can't have 100% security and 100% privacy. He is absolutely correct.

Immigration Reform 2013: Muslim Americans Sue U.S. Over Harassment at U.S.-Canada Border

The suit alleged that the practice of disproportionately questioning Muslims at the border violated the implied equal protection guarantee of the due process rights in the Fifth Amendment.

Father's Day 2013: 6 Places Around the World With Unique Father's Day Traditions

From annual activities to crafts and special foods, here are some of the unique ways that diverse countries celebrate fathers.

"Inspire" Magazine: Al-Qaeda Claims Its Online Rag Inspired Boston Bombing Attacks

While Al-Qaeda's eleventh issue of "Inspire" claims to have inspired the Tsarneav brothers to carry out their attacks in Boston, the magazine says a lot about the organization's new operative.

Inside the U.S.'s Ridiculous Plan to Make Sure "Made in China" Doesn't Mean "Stolen From America"

To prevent leaks of U.S. innovation, leaders propose authorizing corporations to use cyberattacks, using Iraq-style state-building techniques in China, and recruitment of top Chinese students.

Affordable Care Act: Young People May Pay More Than They "Should" For It — Here's Why That's a Good Thing

If you're young and healthy, you'll probably pay more for health insurance under Obamacare than you "should." Here's why that's OK.

5 Reasons We Need a Millennial Senator

Lifting the age requirement for public service will change the world for the better. Let's elect a millennial senator.

Legal Prostitution: Is It Time?

It is above all a question of women's rights and safety – and yet both sides of the legalization debate claim their policy will make women safer and healthier.

Will This New Website Force the Mainstream Media to Listen to Youth Activists?

A new digital platform for activists, artists, and writers under the age of 26 hopes to build a global community of social justice storytelling . Old-school outlets, take note.

Manhattanhenge 2013: The Twice-A-Year Occurrence Every New Yorker Has to See

Twice a year, New Yorkers are dazzled by sunrises and sunsets lining up perfectly with NYC’s Manhattan grid, a phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge.

Bashar Al-Assad: As Syrian Death Toll Soars to 93,000, It's Time to Intervene

With over 93,000 dead and millions displaced, it's time for U.S. intervention in Syria. President Obama's new appointments

I Want to Watch Non-Intellectually Stimulating TV With You

"True Blood" and "Game of Thrones" are the last vestiges of mindless fun on cable.

This Adorable 9-Year-Old Girl Breezed Through Customs Using Her Toy Unicorn's Passport

It is absurd, laughable, and also slightly terrifying that Turkish customs officers stamped the fake passport of a stuffed unicorn, granting 9-year-old Emily Harris access to the country.

Feminism Can't Afford to Ignore Mothers and Maternal Health

Feminism's tunnel vision around reproductive justice ignores mothers and the injustices in the U.S. maternal health care crisis and it has to stop.

Rawabi: The Eco-City That May Bring Peace to the Middle East

Rawabi, the brainchild of Bashar Masri, is a completely green city being built in the hills of the West Bank. And its founder thinks it could offer an alternate path to peace.

Taksim Square Protests: As Media Reports Protests Calming Down in Instanbul, Brutal Crackdowns Hit Ankara

While the local and global media are focusing on Istanbul, the people of Ankara are being hunted, assaulted and taken in by the police.

'This Is The End' Movie: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill Crash L.A. Screenings Of Comedies

What's more awesome than seeing a good comedy at the movie theater? Having the film's actors crash your screening and hand out t-shirts, shot glasses, and many more goodies.

Father's Day 2013: Dads Must Stand Up For Women's Rights

As violence and pay inequity continues to impede women's progress, men need to do their part to fight back. Men, namely dads, have a special obligation to support women and all of our families.

Pope Francis: The Vatican Has a "Gay Lobby"

Pope Francis was recently quoted referring to a Vatican "gay lobby," and though this information may come as a surprise to many, others have pointed out the existence of a gay clergy for years.

Ken Fredette: Maine GOP Leader Says His "Man's Brain" Knows More About Medicaid Than Women

Following in the footsteps of Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock, Republican House leader Ken Fredette proved Wednesday that Republicans are still the party of stuff old white men.

Israel Defense Forces Twitter: Did You Miss the 1967 War? Never Fear — the IDF Will Re-Tweet It For You

The IDF uses social media to recall a historic event but also to promote its narrative about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Arm Teachers? Are Gun-Rights Advocates Crazy?

In response to the Newtown shootings, a few states have passed laws allowing teachers to bring firearms to work. However, it is questionable if this is the best solution to the problem.

Rand Paul: The Kentucky Senator and His Allies Are Redefining Libertarianism For the 21st Century

As libertarian politics have become more mainstream, what it means to be a libertarian has changed so much that most libertarian originalists would probably not count as libertarians today.

E3 Gaming Conference LIVE: Updates From the Electronic Entertainment Expo

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas Don't Understand the Future of Movies

At a USC panel, Spielberg and Lucas spouted bleak visions of the future of film, decrying the results of the blockbuster culture even though their films created that very culture.

Kanye West New York Times Interview: Read the 16 Craziest Quotes

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

PTSD: Supporting Our Troops Means Being On the Lookout For Symtoms

With the war in Iraq over and the one in Afghanistan winding down, it's important to remmeber that our soldiers will continue to cope with what they've seen. They need our support.

Feminist Weekly: Father's Day 2013 Edition

This week, PolicyMic Pundits wrote about a new website which aims to create a global network of young activists, new rules on internships, race problems in 'Game of Thrones', and so much more!

NSA PRISM Program: Did Intelligence Director James Clapper Lie to Congress?

If Clapper lied to Congress — or even if he misled them just a little — he should be removed from office.

NSA PRISM Program: Edward Snowden a Hero? Hardly

Certain information is too important to be released. What is a whistleblower had leaked the D-Day invasion?

Samantha Power UN Ambassador: Is She Too Fiery to Be Obama's UN Ambassador?

President Obama's fiery choice for UN ambassador has the intellectual heft to be a great diplomat, but with her history of incendiary statements, she raises problems for both parties

Ron Paul: Don't Be Surprised if Obama Launches Drone Strike on Edward Snowden

Ron Paul is stroking the fire once again with claims that the United States may execute a drone attack against PRISM leaker Edward Snowden on Chinese soil.

Sarah Palin Fox News: She's Back!

Fox News announced on Thursday that Sarah Palin will rejoin the network as a paid contributor, the same position she was first hired for in 2010.

Mike Pompeo: Muslim Leaders Who Do Not Denounce Terror are "Potentially Complicit," Says GOP Rep

Republican Mike Pompeo claims that the supposed silence of Muslim leaders on terrorists attacks in the U.S. makes them "potentially complicit," perpetuating dangerous and racist stereotypes.

Popular Baby Names: Don't Stress So Much About Naming Your Kids

Naming children can be really stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Have fun with naming your children.

Mike Bloomberg Climate Change: Will His Plan For NYC Be His Lasting Legacy?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recently unveiled plan to fight climate change has demonstrated the reality of his approach to local leadership: think big. Really big.

'Arrested Development' and 'Real Housewives' — What Fandom And Economics Taught Me About So-So TV

'Arrested Development's' most recent season sent me on a journey of self-reflection.

Twitter Analytics: Publicly Available Now, But the Site Lost Its Soul

Every tweeter will now have access to graphs and stats that delineate side-by-side tweet comparisons, follower breakdowns, etc.

U.S. National Debt: The Deficit Is Down, and It's Time For Long-Term Debt Reduction

The long-term debt is still a problem, despite short-term deficits declining.

10 Things About Working From Home That Will Make You Wish You Were At the Office

Working from home is great, right? Maybe not ... here are a few reasons why I don't recommend it.

Horne v. Dept. of Agriculture: An Obscure SCOTUS Case, Explained in GIFs

The Supreme Court recently issued its decision in Horne v. Department of Agriculture. At the center of the case? Raisins and government intervention. Here's the full story, in GIFs.

Massachusetts Special Election 2013: Biden’s Fundraiser Comments About Minority Turnout Reveal a Troubling Trend

By focusing on getting demographics out to vote, instead of crafting sensible bipartisan solutions to problems, we make our problem of partisanship even worse.

Government Now So Dysfunctional Americans Only Trust the Military, Small Business, and the Cops

A new Gallup poll show Congress has record low confidence numbers, while only three institutions have the confidence of a majority of Americans.

NSA PRISM Program: Surprisingly Few Americans See a Problem With Being Spied On

Just barely half of Americans disapprove of the NSA's programs that collect Americans' communication records. Why isn't the number larger?

Paycheck Fairness Act: Will Mandating Equal Pay Really Lead to Equal Pay?

While women in the workplace are harmed by sexism, the Paycheck Fairness Act won't solve their problems and will instead create new obstacles.

Sarah Murnaghan: 10-Year-Old Receives Adult Lung Transplant Weeks Before Expected Death

Organ donor laws prevented 10-year old Sarah Murnaghan from obtaining the adult lungs she needed. After a court ruling placed her on the adult list, Sarah received the gift of a long life.

3 Futuristic Technologies That Bring Us One Step Closer to 'Star Trek'

With the release of "Star Trek: Into Darkness," it's interesting to think about modern high-tech weaponry and realize that we really aren't that far behind the film ...

AstraZeneca (AZN): UK Firm Set to Buy Pearl Therapeutics For $1.15 Billion+

British drug maker AstraZeneca PLC, has announced it is buying California-based Pearl Therapeutics in a deal worth up to $1.15 billion.

NSA PRISM Program: Google May Have Refused to Cooperate With the NSA, But Even That's a Secret

Many opponents of PRISM are asking why Google didn’t just deny the NSA access to its information. Google could have and maybe did, but the secrecy of the court ensures we'll never know.

June 13 Supreme Court Decisions: What to Expect

Three Supreme Court decisions will be handed down on June 13 and here's what to expect.


The Supreme Court will be handing down critical decisions this summer on a number of high profile cases, including cases dealing with affirmative action and voting rights.

Plan B Decision: Placing Politics On the Back Burner

The Obama administration's reversed position on emergency contraceptive suggests that safe science and progress must overcome partisan politics and the conservative/liberal divide.

3 Steps You Can Take to Make Sure Technology Doesn't Ruin the Future

Our collective agency and potential to shape technology’s role in our society has never been greater, or more important! We better do it right so that tech can grow with us and not against us.

Taksim Square Protests Prove Economic Growth Isn't the Only Thing That Matters

The ongoing conflict between protesters and the government demonstrates the inadequacy of economic performance as the ultimate measuring stick for political stability and development success.

Father's Day 2013: 10 Ways to Make a Difference in a Child's Life

This Father's Day, think about how you can make a difference in a young person's life.

Taksim Square Protests: Open Door to Reforms and Erdogan Overthrow

Recent protests have put pressure on Prime Minister Erdogan and his party to reform or get replaced, electorally or violently.

Fisher v. University of Texas: Affirmative Action is a "Pathway to Leadership," says UT Pres

The Supreme Court will be handing down critical decisions this summer on a number of high profile cases, including cases dealing with affirmative action and voting rights.

Association of Molecular Pathology vs. Myriad Genetics: Gene Patenting Case Decided Today

The Supreme Court will be handing down critical decisions this summer on a number of high profile cases, including cases dealing with affirmative action and voting rights.

Day 3 of E3 Begins, Ouya Shut Out

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

EA Posting Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Livestream

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

Fantasia: Music Evolved - Disney's New Epic Game

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

E3 2013 Wrapping Up

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

Battlefield 4 and New Donkey Kong

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.

New Direction for Halo, and New Square Enix Mystery

This week is the most important E3 conference since they opened to the public. It is all about the next generation of gaming.