13 Shocking Photos Of Brazilian Military Police Brutalizing Protesters in São Paulo

Protests on recent transportation hikes in São Paulo turned violent Thursday evening. Authorities claim they didn't use excessive force, but these photos show a different story.

Why You Should Never Have Taken That Prestigious Internship

Journalist and scholar Sarah Kendzior explains how a prestige economy predicated on unpaid internships is bankrupting America's future.

Russia Anti-Gay Bill: Russia Passes Radical Family Values Bill While President Announces Divorce On TV

Passing an anti-gay law after your president announces his divorce on a TV show is ridiculous. Doing it after a three gay men are murdered in May makes it unforgivable.

The 7 Most Outrageous GOP Explanations For Why Rape Victims Can't Get Pregnant

Republicans who have recently argued that women can't get pregnant as a result of rape are drawing from a long and rich history of GOP pseudo-scientific sexism.

Unpaid Internships Lawsuit 2013: Dear Liberal Nonprofits — Pay Your Interns!

Leftist and progressive nonprofit political groups who hire unpaid interns should be ashamed of themselves.

Bashar Al-Assad: What to Expect When Syria Crushes Its Rebellion

In conceptualizing the possibilities of an Assad victory, we more clearly understand what’s at stake in the Syria conflict, and especially why intervening to halt Assad’s army is imperative.

Booz Allen Hamilton: 70% of the U.S. Intelligence Budget Goes to Private Contractors

A massive 70% of the U.S intelligence budget goes to unaccountable private firms like Booz Allen Hamilton, with a revolving door system operating between them and the U.S. government.

Xbox 1 E3: Will the Xbox One Be Another Nail in the Coffin For Privacy?

Microsoft's recently unveiled Xbox One is both a feat of technological ingenuity and an opportunity for Americans to define privacy boundaries between consumer and producer, citizen and state.

Jose Martinez: Who Says Serial Killers Don't Exist Anymore?

They've just taken on a new identity: hit men of the Mexican drug cartels.

5 Signs That the World is Becoming a More Peaceful Place

While cynicism and disappointment may be the default responses after any night of news consumption, some less sensational statistics suggest that the world actually is becoming more peaceful.

6 Incredible Technologies No One Knows About

They may not be the most hyped inventions in the world, but they're some of the most useful, strange, and fascinating.

This Boston Woman Paid $500K For Guaranteed Parking Spaces — Would You?

A Boston woman pays half a million dollars at an auction for a couple parking spots — how much would you pay for a place to park in the city?

It's Time For Liberal Men to Break the Silence On Abortion Rights

Abortion rights advocates are up against a wave of virulent anti-choice zealotry. So why aren't progressive activists rallying around abortion?

Fisher v. Texas: Race-Based Affirmative Action Policies Are Actually Racist

Fischer v. Texas will decide the future of affirmative action. It's long past time for race-based policies to go out the window.

5 Funny Women Who Are Kicking Ass and Taking Names in Comedy

These women are not only successful in front of the camera but behind the camera as writers, directors, and producers. Here are five females taking the comedy scene by storm.

Sebastien De La Cruz: 4 Facts About El Charro De Oro

Four things you probably didn't know about the 10-year-old San Antonio kid who performed the national anthem at the NBA Finals.

Iran Election Results 2013: New President May Be a Sign Of New Direction

With Iran's economy in dire straits, the new president could signal an economic, nuclear, and foreign policy readjustment by the regime. The director of Iranian Studies at Stanford explains.

Flag Day 2013: 6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Flag Day

It's time to break out the red, white, and blue. But do you really know where this patriotic, albeit slightly under-appreciated, holiday comes from?

'Man Of Steel' Movie: Superman is Too Super to Be Interesting Film Hero

It's time that we stop trying to make a Superman movie.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Latino Vote Didn't Make A Difference in 2012, So Should the GOP Reach Out to Them?

We all know by now that Latino-Americans broke for Obama 71% to 27%. What you may not know is that even if those numbers were completely reversed, Romney still would've lost the 2012 election.

Miss World Bikini Ban: Did Indonesian Muslims Spark Restriction?

This year's pageant contestants will sport sarongs instead of bikinis in Bali, Indonesia.

Taksim Square Protest: Watch Protesters Sing the 'Les Miserables' Anthem to Protest Government

Watch the protesters from Taksim Square sing Les Miserables "Do You Hear The People Sing" to protest the Turkish regime.

Marijuana Legalization 2013: Nevada Makes It Easier to Light Up, But Will This Hurt the Federal Cause?

Nevada incites yet another battle between states and the federal government over marijuana legalization. Should the state be allowed to operate in defiance of federal law?

Iran Election 2013 Results: Don't Expect Any Change

The Green Movement is dead. The likely winner will be a conservative who offers little hope for change.

Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein's Message is More Important Than Ever, One Year Later

It's been a year since the video of the bullied bus monitor went viral, and though she came out of the experience ahead, many people in her shoes don't, and bullying remains a major problem.

Rupert Murdoch Divorce: Media Mogul's Third Marriage Ends After 14 Years

The ruthless media mogul and his equally ambitious wife Wendi Deng are calling it quits.

"Feminist Taylor Swift" Has Joined Twitter and It's Amazing

The new Twitter account @feministtswift is empowering women and gaining followers at lightning pace.

'Man Of Steel' Movie Review: Zack Snyder's Superman Blockbuster Delivers High Octane Action

"Man of Steel," the gritty Superman reboot by Zach Snyder starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams is an action packed blockbuster with thrills to spare.

Marijuana Legalization: Man Grows Weed in Yard to Help Ailing Wife

Now the uncomfortable questions looms on the heads of those in the law enforcement and fellow citizens: Should Peters be sentenced for the crime he committed?

Little Boy Stands Up Against Racism And Delivers Awesome Anthem... Again

This boy was not going to let a few racist tweets stand in his way to deliver the best national anthem of all time.

SCOTUS BRCA Gene Ruling: Justice Scalia Reveals Ignorance in Gene Patent Decision

In his concurring opinion to a unanimous decision, Justice Scalia questions his own belief in science, and makes us question his ability to judge matters accurately.

Meet Robert Taylor: Baseball Lover, Libertarian, and Pundit Of the Week

As part of our pundit of the week blog, we spotlight one awesome PolicyMic-er to share their story with the community.

Gun Control 2013: Are Pro-Gun Congressmen to Blame For Gun Deaths?

President Obama and supporters of gun violence prevention legislation push Congress to pass new measures this week. If they don't, will they be held responsible for the ensuing death?

Mike Patterson: Uninsured Georgia Man Hospitalized, Paralyzed After Saving Little Girl

Mike Patterson of Georgia witnessed a little girl being pulled underwater by strong currents and dove in to rescue her. Her life was spared, but he's now paralyzed.

Carie Charlesworth: California Teacher Fired After Talking About Abusive Ex-Husband

After Carie Charlesworth told her principal about her history of domestic abuse, she was fired and her four children were kicked out of the school.

Does the 'Daily Show' Satire Cross the Line?

The Daily Show's satire is generally hilarious and effective, but are there times when the correspondent's pieces cross the line into rude and offensive territory?

Detroit Bankrupt 2013: Selling Detroit's Art Collection Is a Sloppy Fix, Not a Real Solution

Michigan's governor has placed Detroit under an emergency financial manager, but the plan to sell off the city's art collection is causing plenty of objections even among Republicans.

Newtown Shooting: Six Months Later, Where's Gun Control?

Friday marks the six-month anniversary of the tragic Newtown shootings and our nation has little show on how we plan on preventing such a tragedy from happening again.

Watch This Adorable Little Boy Give His Mom a Lesson She'll Never Forget

This mom tried to feed her little boy octopus. She didn't expect what happened next.

Gun Control Debate: 5,000 Reasons to Keep Fighting For More Restrictions

5,000 people have been lost to gun violence in the sixth months since Newton. These Senators are trying to renew the fight for expanded background checks.

West, Texas Explosion: Why is FEMA Denying Extra Emergency Funds?

President Obama said, "We'll be there even after the cameras leave and after the attention turns elsehwere." So why isn't FEMA keeping true to the president's words?

Supreme Court Rulings 2013: SCOTUS' Gene-Patent Decision Is a Major Win For Public Health

Why the Supreme Court's ruling against patenting specific genes discovered through common means will save both lives and money.

Syria Chemical Weapons: Syria Will Become the Next Iraq

The Obama administration claims that Assad has deployed chemical weapons. But there is no reliable evidence and the media is keeping quiet. Will Syria become the next Iraq?

Meet the Economists Who Have Explained Every Crisis Of the Last Century (No, Krugman Isn't One Of Them)

Many people mock the Austrian School of Economics as unerious and cultish. And yet, it's the only one that offers a serious explanation of economic crises.

Iran Election LIVE: Millions Voting to Elect a New President

Millions of Iranians are heading to the polls today to elect a new president to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Samantha Power: Why Do Conservatives Call the New UN Ambassador a Radical?

Samantha Power’s tendency to blurt out strongly worded statements is just one of the reasons that conservatives are calling her a radical.

Ft. Hood Massacre: Shooter Still Gets a Government Paycheck, While Victims’ Families Struggle

Nidal Malik Hasan is still drawing a paycheck, because he hasn't been convicted yet. But the larger question is, who let this happen in the first place?

"Chicago Stronger" T-Shirts: Company Tries to Parody "Boston Strong" Shirts For Stanley Cup

And thereby proves that they have literally no respect for what is a national tragedy.

Stop and Frisk Lawsuit: Eric Holder and the DOJ Jump Into the Case Against the NYPD

The DOJ filed a brief that would implement a federal monitor with the NYPD if stop-and-frisk is found unconstitutional.

NSA PRISM Program: Look At Your Reaction to PRISM, and You'll See How Objective You Really Are

Are you a political crusader? Do you have a lot of opinions? Are you positive that every single last one of your opinions is 100% correct? Then this article is for you.

Man of Steel Movie Review: Find Out What the Critics Are Saying

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

U.S. Chins Relations: Should Washington Be Concerned Over Growing Chinese Trade in Latin America?

Growing Sino-Latin American trade has raised concerns in Washington over increasing Chinese influence in the region. Should the U.S. be worried? And what are the consequences for Latin America?

Syria Red Line: Is Obama "Wagging the Dog" By Intervening In the Syria Civil War?

Is the timing of the Obama administration announcement that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons designed to distract people's attention from the NSA surveillance scandal?

Trent Franks Rape Comment: No, Trent Franks Didn't Pull A "Todd Akin"

Pregnancy from rape is rare, but there are other arguments that can be made in support of banning abortions after 20 weeks.

Obama Red Line: President Trying to Save Face, But is Giving the Rebels Too Little Too Late

After acknowledging that Assad used chemical weapons, the White House announced it will be sending more aid to the rebels, but this move to save face is too little too late.

Tired Of Politics? You Can Still Make a Difference By Refusing to Vote

Will a single vote really change the expansionary federal government powers or ensure proper checks and balances are in place between the three major branches?

Veterans' Biggest Benefits Are Things the VA Can't Provide

As thousands of American soldiers return home after completing military service, many find that relying on each other for support doesn't end upon discharge.

Taksim Park Protest: Next Up On the Turks' Hierarchy Of Needs — Freedom

"Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men?" Until Prime Minister Erdogan wakes up and listens to the needs of his people, Turkey will slide towards greater conflict.

Stanley Cup Finals 2013: A Battle Between Boston and Chicago, and Not Just On the Ice

This year's hockey finals are a battle between the Windy City and the Barely A Real City (at least, if we believe that Onion article from a couple months ago). How do the two compare off the ice?

Emmy Awards 2013: Is Emmy Awards Coverage Dominated By Men?

The Hollywood Reporter has begun its annual awards season ritual of criticism and analysis with few women invited to participate in rountable discussions.

Bill Kintner: Nebraska State Senator Says Women Can't Understand Themselves, So He'll Do It For You

Another day, another embarrassing comment about women from a Republican.

The Supreme Court's Gene Patent Ruling Explained in GIFs

Assn. for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc.: Because nobody should have to read about patent law without GIFs.

Taksim Square Protests: Erdogan Agrees to Vote on Future Of Gezi Park, But is It Enough?

The Turkish government announced there will be a vote held on the future of Gezi Park. Taksim Solidarity calls the move "positive."

Limiting Abortion Access Hurts Some Women More Than Others

While many believe that women who are turned away from abortions are most psychologically affected by giving birth, a new study shows that the economic burden is more significant.

Supreme Court Rulings 2013: An Understaffed Judicial Branch Has Consequences

Even with a fight set to occur between the parties over Obama's nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court, the consequences of judicial understaffing aren't always discussed.

Santa Monica Gunman Built His Own Gun From Legally Bought Parts

The gunman in a fatal shooting spree in Santa Monica tried to legally buy a firearm in 2011 but was denied by the Justice Department, and instead built a semi-automatic rifle himself.

If Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer Had a Smartphone...

How would the plots of classic TV and movies have been different if they were made today with smartphone technology?

The Recession May Be Over, But You'll Still Be Poor

Technically, across the American economy, the recession's effects are officially over. But break that down into demographics, and millennials are suffering more.

New Music Seminar 2013: Pearl and the Beard Deserve More Love

The Drums just headlined at Webster Hall for the New Music Seminar, and while their music is good, I attended to show Pearl and the Beard a little love, which they deserve.

18 Photos and Videos That Show the Protesters Of Brazil Will Not Back Down and Surrender

Protests in São Paulo have hit an incredible fever pitch over the past days as youth rebel against a proposed transit hike and government corruption. Here are 16 stunning recordings.

Runoff Likely in High Turnout Election

Millions of Iranians are heading to the polls today to elect a new president to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Polls Close in an Hour

Millions of Iranians are heading to the polls today to elect a new president to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Stanford Univ. Iran Expert Says New President May Be a Sign Of New Direction

Millions of Iranians are heading to the polls today to elect a new president to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Supreme Leader Khamenei and the Candidates Cast Their Votes

Millions of Iranians are heading to the polls today to elect a new president to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

PolicyMic's Lionel Beehner Says Don't Expect Any Change in Election

Millions of Iranians are heading to the polls today to elect a new president to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Confusion As Withdrawn Candidate, Reza Aref, Appears on Some Ballots

Millions of Iranians are heading to the polls today to elect a new president to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.