George Zimmerman Trial: Zimmerman's Father Says Blacks Are the "True Racists" in New Book

As the George Zimmerman trial continues, his father has released a book refuting claims that this son's action were racially motivated and alleging that African Americans are the "true racists".

Obama Africa Trip 2013: Why Obama’s $100 Million African Trip Isn’t a Big Deal

As the president prepares for a trip to sub-Saharan Africa at the end of the month, the monumental logistics have some concerned about cost.

How Did the Good Men Project Get Hijacked By Such Bad Guys?

The Good Men Project started out as a woman-friendly space to discuss modern masculinity, but has devolved into a space that supports rape apology, misinformation, and misogyny.

Xbox 1: Nothing More Than An Expensive Plastic Paper Weight

Microsoft is making a mistake in designing the Xbox One to be totally dependent on Internet support.

Bashar Al-Assad: Either Help the Sunnis Win in Syria, Or Risk a Global Sunni-Shiite Battle

President Obama's inaction in Syria has created a much greater conflict— one of global proportions, one that will make us wish we acted earlier. Is the Middle East on an irreversible course?

Guess Which Extremely Homophobic Country Turns Out To Love Gay Porn

Pakistan is one of the least accepting countries of homosexuality, but this "homophobic" nation generates the most online traffic for gay pornography. How do we explain the inconsistency?

Meet The 6 (Yes, Only 6) Senators Trying to Stop the NSA

While public interest is still hot, 6 senators are trying to limit certain aspects of how U.S. intelligence agencies and institutions conduct their surveillance.

Immigration Reform 2013: A Small Group Could Ruin It For Everyone

Will a small minority destroy the chances of the immigration bill going further in the Senate? See the arguments naysayers are inventing to shoot the bill down.

This is the Only Photo You Need For Proof Of the Gender Problem In the Tech World

Discussions surrounding a photo of the men's bathroom line at Apple's WWDC event reveal the tech industry is well aware of the lack of women in the field. But what's being done about it?

Tea Party Racism: Tea Partiers Who Support the English Defence League Should Find New Friends

Some Tea Party movement leaders are praising the English Defence League. This is a mistake and could backfire badly.

5 Things Millennial Women Should Learn From Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

From her legislation to her childhood, New York's junior senator — and Hillary Clinton's protege — models a life that young women can and should aspire to.

Walmart Jobs: Economic Illiterates Pounce On Walmart Again

Leftists who obliterated our industrial base with heavy regulation of manufacturing companies are now setting their sights on retailers.

Chicago Frat Picks On Black Postman In Racist Prank

Want to have every awful stereotype about fraternities reinforced at once? You could do worse than looking at this University of Chicago spot.

Iran Election Results: Hassan Rouhani Wins, But Will He Bring Reform?

Hassan Rouhani's election as president of Iran represents a strong signal of people's displeasure with the status quo and reflects the continued desire for change amongst many in the country.

Google Glass Release: Twitter Founder is Skeptical About Google Glass

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, seems skeptical that Google Glass could ever take off in the main stream.

Hassan Rohani: Moderate Wins Iran's Election, and the Green Revolution Lives On

In a surprise upset, the only moderate candidate in the Iranian presidential race won more the majority of the vote in the first round of votes alone. The Green Revolution lives on.

Sebastien De La Cruz: Racist Backlash Erupts After Mexican-American Boy's Performance Of the National Anthem

Criticism denouncing 10-year-old Mexican-American Sebastien De La Cruz's performance of the national anthem at an NBA finals game reveals the racism that continues to plague society.

Immigration Reform 2013: Jeb Bush Praises Immigrants For Being "More Fertile"

But his heart is in the right place: another Republican politician pushing for immigration reform.

5 Reasons Paid Parental Leave Needs to Be a Political Priority

The United States doesn't offer paid parental leave, unlike 99% of the world's nations. What on earth are we waiting for?

Rick Perry: Texas Governor's "Anti-Scrooge" Law Is Also Anti-First Amendment

Rick Perry wants children to feel free to have Christmas in the classroom. Is he right?

Google Project Loon: Tech Giant Launches WiFi Balloons Over New Zealand

New Zealand became the site of the launch of Google's Project Loon, which aims to use helium balloons floating in the stratosphere equipped with WiFi to provide truly global internet access.

Census White Population: For the First Time in U.S. History, the White Population Declines

For the first time in American history there were more white deaths than white births last year, something that demographers hadn't expected to see until 2024.

Yet Another Study Proves the Poor Are Getting Poorer, With No End In Sight

The study, by the Federal Reserve Board, the U.S. Treasury, and Indiana University, suggests revamping the tax code to increase upward mobility.

Pandora’s Promise Film: A Film On Nuclear Energy That's Worth Your Energy

An explosive, enlightening film by Oscar nominee Robert Stone is sure to have America talking about nuclear energy in a whole new light.

Ralph Hall: On DOMA, "Global Freezing", and Being 90 Years Old

The oldest serving member of the House of Representatives has made an institution out of flip-flopping and diverging from the norm. And shows no signs of slowing down.

Rick Perry: Texas Governor Vetoes Equal-Pay Bill With Resounding Popular Support

But did you really expect anything else?

Scott Walker: Wisconsin Governor and Legislature Make Plans to Shut Down State News Outlet

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism may be pushed from its office at the University of Wisconsin in Madison in an apparent political move made by the GOP.

Rick Perry: Texas Governor Hates All Those Fancy Coastal Elitists, But Really Wants Them to Move to His State

It's a stunt he's tried before in California and Illinois, but this time, he might be stepping on a few friends' toes.

Chicago Sun-Times Photographers Fired: The Arts Will Always Find a Way to Bounce Back

The arts and creativity are more resilient during times of economic and recession than you think.

Marcio Rubio ENDA: Marco Rubio Says Gay People Don't Deserve Federal Protections

Positive action, such as the passing of ENDA, is needed to address ongoing discrimination against LGBT people in America. But Senator Marco Rubio doesn't think things should change.

Obama Gay Rights: White House Hosts Pride Reception and Urges Passage of Anti-Discrimination Bill

Hopefully, an executive order to the same effect is on the way.

Arkansas Oil Spill: U.S. Government and Arkansas Sue ExxonMobil Over Spill

After residents and property owners in Mayflower, Arkansas filed a lawsuit against Exxon over a 5,000 barrel oil spill in March, the Justice Department and Arkansas have also filed a joint suit.

America Can Save Money At Home By Helping Family Planning Around the Globe

Giving women a better choice worldwide is something that it's easy for the average American to help out with.