5 Alternatives to the Happy Birthday Song

Turns out the original song is copyrighted. But nobody really likes it anyway, so let's just nominate a new one.

7 Reasons 'The Lone Ranger' Will Be a Box Office Flop

"The Lone Ranger" is set to be another enormous failure for Walt Disney Studios in the vein of John Carter. Prepare yourselves.

7 Seriously Underrated Romantic Comedies

Because not all of them are bad!

Kanye West 'Yeezus': New Album Leaked Before June 18 Release Date

Coming back to "Yeezus", though, critical reviews have so far been nothing short of spectacular.

Google's Secret Search Algorithm Could Manipulate the Results of an Election

A study indicated that manipulating Google results could influence how people view political candidates. Does this threaten the very structure of democracy?

Father's Day 2013: Celebrating My Single Mother On Father's Day

Father's Day isn't just for dads. It's for celebrating anyone who has filled that role.

10 Heartfelt Messages From Famous Fathers to Their Daughters

From Chuck Schumer to Mario Lopez, dads in the spotlight share what would say to their daughters.

Student Debt 2013: Why College is the Worst Investment Ever

Thanks to high tuition and arbitrary requirements for employment, college is hurting and costing millennials.

'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere: Will Humans Or Supes Prevail?

The new season of "True Blood" premieres June 16. Will the humans or supes prevail? What's up with Billith? And will the real Warlow please stand up?

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Silicon Valley Got It Wrong

An immigration policy built for the brightest, in the interest of the powerful, fundamentally misses the point of immigration reform.

Taksim Square Protests: Turkish Police Attacking Children, Ignoring Geneva Convention

The police have no qualms with attacking hospitals, medical tents, mothers, and children, it seems.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Cremation

Cremation is on the rise in America, causing the multi-billion dollar death industry to rethink the services it offers to its clients.

Father's Day 2013: 5 Hilarious Memories and Lessons Learned From My Late Dad

Father's Day shouldn't be sad, even for those without a father, so here are some amusing and perhaps LOL-worthy experiences I had growing up under my parents' roof.

Syria Civil War: Iran Sending 4,000 Troops to Aid Bashar Al-Assad

In response to the U.S. decision to arm the Syrian rebels, Iran has decided to intervene directly on the side of Bashar Al-Assad. Are we headed for a multifaceted proxy war?

Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Celebrity Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their newborn daughter into the world at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Father's Day 2013: 5 Lessons on Feminism I've Learned From My Dad

Spoiler alert: Feminism and old-school dads are not mortal enemies.

Don Lemon to Millennials: "Get Off My Lawn"

During a Saturday segment on CNN Newsroom, Don Lemon and a guest took to stereotyping the millennial generation. How original!

Father's Day 2013: 7 Worst Movie and TV Dads Of All Time

In light of Father's Day this weekend, here is my list of the seven worst movie and TV dads of all time, in no particular order.

8 Ways I Discovered My Dad Was a Feminist

Feeling the love for your dad this Father's Day? He's probably a feminist in his own way too.

Taksim Square Protests: 10 Images Of Erdogan's Violent Crackdown in Turkey

Turkey's minister to the European Union said that anyone who enters Taksim Square will be treated "as a terrorist." Here are some images proving this claim.

Why Philanthropic Ozwald Boateng is the Angelina Jolie Of Fashion Designers

Fashion meets politics through the charity work of prominent men's fashion designer Ozwald Boateng.

'This Is The End' Movie Review: Seth Rogen, James Franco Comedy is Celebrity Gold

If there is a funny bone in your body, you will enjoy watching the Judd Apatow squad do a cinematic version of the game affectionately known as "the floor is hot lava."

Minorities Vote Blue Because They're Being "Paid Off," Says Conservative Minority Outreach Panelist

It couldn't possibly be that the Republican Party manages to offend minorities time and time again.

Father's Day 2013: In Praise of Gentle Men, Fathers Or Not

Honor the men who, whether they were your biological father or not, helped raise you.

Sebastien de la Cruz: 11-Year-Old Sings National Anthem Again, Shows Bigots a Brighter America

Sebastien de la Cruz returned last week to Game 4 of the NBA finals to sing the National Anthem after his performance at Game 3 prompted disgusting hateful vitriol on Twitter.

Father's Day 2013: Why My Syrian Father is the True 'Man Of Steel'

My Syrian-American father embodies for me everything that it means to be an American, a leader, and a global citizen. My father is what fathers everywhere are to their children — Superman.

NSA Prism: Facebook, Microsoft Reveal Number Government Data Requests in Wake Of Scandal

Given the lack of detail, the releases are unlikely to reassure customers in wake of the NSA scandal.

Father's Day 2013: Care-Giving Dads Struggle With Workplace Harassment

It seems our corporate structure hasn't changed since the 50s, as dads in the workforce face a lot of harassment.

Facebook Hashtags: More Innovations to Be Revealed At June 20 Event

Facebook has reportedly been sending invitations to the press for an event on June 20 that will be focused on some of the company’s "big ideas."

Fox Calls 'The Newsroom' a "Left-Wing Loonbin"

The Newsroom isn't vilifying the GOP, it's chiding the Tea Party for choosing a path that simply can't lead to real policy. And that's not a liberal bias, it's an American one.

4 Reasons You Should Skip 'Man Of Steel'

This tepid blockbuster is not worth your $14.

Father's Day 2013: In Memory Of My Very Odd Father

Many have, or had, fathers who were not worth a tear. Others, like me, were luckier. If such a fine Daddio is yours, and he still lives, tell him things. Listen to him, and be heard.

Father's Day 2013: Plastic Surgery On the Rise This Holiday

Ditch the dress shirts and socks. This year, what dad is really looking forward to is his first consultation — with a plastic surgeon.

Google Balloons: Project Loon Provides Internet Access to Developing Countries

The company envisions an expansive network of thousands of jellyfish-looking balloons to circle the globe, beaming internet down to remote parts of the world not yet connected.

G8 Summit 2013: Obama's Keynote Must Address Syria

President Obama is the keynote speaker at the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland. He needs to use this opportunity in front of the world leadership to be serious about Syria.