6 Worst Beauty Pageant Responses in the History Of Miss America

In honor of Sunday's Miss America competition, here are the six of the worst beauty pageant responses that Americans have laughed (and maybe cried) at from their living rooms.

Will Your Xbox 1 Be the Ultimate NSA Spy Machine?

Germany's Federal Data Protection Commission thinks the new Xbox One might be a potential tool for the invasion of privacy of it's owner.

You'll Never Guess What Happened When This Gay 'America's Got Talent' Performer Came Out On Stage

Jonathan Allen was kicked out of his house on his 18th birthday because his parents did not accept his homosexuality; On America's Got Talent, Judge Howie Mandel tells him, "welcome home."

Why Trolling is Worse For Feminist Writers

While the internet can be a powerful means of raising feminist consciousness and enacting social change, it comes with a price for feminist activists.

5 U.S. Presidents Who Were Never Fathers

The POTUS is often viewed as the symbol of the All American dad. However, these five presidents never had their own biological children.

Michael Douglas Cancer: 79 Million Americans Have the Same STI As Him

The famous actor's cancer has helped shine light on the fact that oral sex can cause throat cancer, and that 14 million people are newly infected with HPV infections every year.

'The Voice' Seasons Finale: Will Daniele Bradbery Win It All?

The final three contestants will take the stage Monday night on NBC's "The Voice," and they will learn their fate on Tuesday. How will the finale play out? Here is what you can expect.

5 Reasons Why Libertarians Are the Hipsters Of U.S. Politics

Oddly, there are many similarities between libertarians in the political world their cultural equivalent: hipsters. That's not a good thing.

'Man Of Steel' Weekend Gross: $113,080,000, Dominates Box Office

The Superman flick earned $113,080,000, schooling all the other weekend films. Here's a recap of the box office report.

Miss Utah Marissa Powell: Is It Sexist to Single Out Her Rambling Pageant Comments?

After Miss Utah's embarrassing case of word vomit at the Miss USA pageant, internet trolls called her a bimbo and other awful things online. Such a response is unacceptable.

In America, It's Easier to Get a Gun Than an Abortion

Freedom for all! Except if you have a uterus.

Marijuana Legalization: Scientists Want More Access to Pot For Research, and Most Millennials Agree

A British neuropsychopharmacology professor is the latest medical professional to advocate improving researchers' access to marijuana to study its potential therapeutic properties.

John McCain: Syria is Just His Latest Excuse to Go to War

Senator John McCain's constant insistence on military intervention proves you simply can't teach an old dog new tricks.

For Women, Academia is Still a Man's World

Women who want families hit a barrier that men never face, says Mary Ann Mason, a professor at Berkeley.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Silicon Valley Dropped the Ball On Comprehensive Reform

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

'Black Panther' Movie: It's Time Hollywood Made a Black Superhero Movie

Now that 'Man of Steel' has been released, can we get to work on a Black Panther movie, already?

5 Reasons Claire Huxatable is the Ultimate Feminist Mom

A quick look at what makes Claire Huxtable of "The Cosby Show" a feminist wonder and role model.

EEOC Lawsuit: BMW and Dollar General Aren't Racist For Using Background Checks

The ever-vigilant EEOC is now suing BMW and Dollar General for practices they say are disproportionately screening out African-Americans from jobs. The practices? Background checks.

FOMC Meeting June 2013: Don't Expect Drastic Action From the Federal Reserve

This week, the Fed plans to hold one of its regular FOMC meetings. But don't bet on any sudden moves.

Boy Scouts Gay Ban: Boy Scouts of America Prove They're Still Homophobic

They've threatened to dismiss two scoutmasters who marched in a gay pride parade because it's "political." But when scouts publicly greet Republican politicians, they stay silent.

'Mad Men' Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: Paving the Way For Death, Demonic Influence in Finale?

"Rosemary's Baby" has a strong presence in the penultimate episode of the season, perhaps paving the way for a sinister finale next week. Here's what else happened during Sunday's installment.

Netflix Pixar: DreamWorks Animation to Be Streamed On Website

DreamWorks will stream content on Netflix in 2014, but do not expect to see "Shrek" on big red anytime soon, as the site will be offering their less notable films first.

Prop 200 Ruling: Voter Suppression Is Just 21st Century Racism

Champions of civil liberties should celebrate the Supreme Court's ruling Monday against a proof of citizenship law for voting. But it is just the opening salvo in a wider war.

G8 Summit 2013: The 4 Most Critical Things to Know About About This Year's Summit

These four topics will shape the agenda as the world's leaders meet in Northern Ireland this week.

PRISM Surveillance: The NSA Isn't to Blame For Our Surveillance State, Congress is

Blame the NSA all you want for Edward Snowden's revelations of a massive, secretive surveillance program codenamed PRISM. But Congress are the ones who made it happen.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Why Mr. Bhalla’s Article Is Wrong and Counterproductive

A recent article published on PolicyMic by Asheesh Bhalla illustrates a misuse of facts and is harmful to the national debate about gun control, because it employs false analogies and positions.

These 4 Time-Lapse Videos From China, Malaysia and Vietnam Are Absolutely Dazzling

Rob Whitworth, an architectural photographer in Shanghai, creates stunning portraits and videos of Asian metropolises.

Apple Tax Evasion: Now Is the Time to Defeat International Tax Evasion

Corporate taxation has been in the news a lot recently. We need to eliminate tax shelters, crack down on fraudulent banks, and cultivate a culture of social responsibility to combat this behavior

True Blood Season 6 Predictions: Who Will Die?

The new season of 'True Blood' kicked off Sunday night; what should we expect this season? Who will make it to the end ? Will the vampires or humans prevail? And who the hell is Warlow?

PRISM Scandal: The NSA Admits That They Don't Even Bother With Warrants

The NSA admitted to a congressional committee last week that they don't get warrants to listen in on phone calls. The plot thickens.

Edward Snowden LIVE Chat: The Guardian Hosts AMA With Whistleblower

The man responsible for one of the most consequential leaks of classified documents in history will be online today, at 11 a.m., in an ask-me-anything session.

Jason Kidd Brooklyn Nets: New Coach Shouldn't Get Too Comfortable In His New Job

There have been three coaches within the first year of the Brooklyn Nets' inaugural season. The odds aren't good for Jason Kidd.

Why Did the Virginia Governor Illegally Use Tax Money to Buy His Deodorant?

Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell has been charged with spending $600 in taxpayer dollars on personal groceries, on top of ongoing investigations into sizable gifts to him and his family.

Bashar Al-Assad: Mohamed Morsi Calls For "Jihad" Against Syria. Should We Care?

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has severed ties with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime two years into the brutal Syrian conflict. Is this more than just political posturing?

Protesters Strip Down In Front Of Victoria's Secret To Promote a Healthy Body Image

Members of an organization called About-Face gathered outside a Victoria's Secret in order to protest unrealistic and negative body images propagated by the media.

Paid Sick Leave: 80% Of Floridians Support It, So Why'd Rick Scott Block It?

Florida's citizens made their voices heard. They signed petitions, staged protests, and contacted the governor's office. And yet, Rick Scott still chose corporate interests over them.

G8 Summit 2013: Tax, Trade, Transparency, and … Syria

The scattershot diplomacy of the G8 Summit, set to open Monday, will take aim at a variety of issues. Will it hit any of them?

Magna Carta Holy Grail Release Date: Jay-Z's New Album Hits July 4th

Step aside Kanye, Jay-Z just stole your limelight.

'Mad Men' Doesn't Have a Race Problem

Plenty of critics have pointed out that the show fails to engage with the racial tension of the 1960s, but are TV shows really responsible for rectifying past sins for current audiences?

Families Don't Need to Balance Their Budgets Every Month — and Neither Should the U.S.

Yes, we need to focus on our long-term fiscal future — but comparing a country with a $14 trillion GDP to the budget of a family of four just shows economic illiteracy.

Watch As the Australian Army's Chief Comes Out Swinging Against Sexual Assault

The Australian army chief released a stern video this week that may serve as a model for the U.S. to follow on combating the epidemic of sexual harassment.

G8 Summit 2013: After Discussing Syria, Will There Be Time For Anything Else?

The G8 may be set up for a stressful few days, as various conflicts have come to the forefront of the international arena.

Iran Elections 2013: Will Hassan Rohani Really Change Iran for the Better?

He has to share power with the ayatollah, so it's unlikely that Rohani can singularly make radical changes. But it does seem as if his presidency will make things better for the Iranian people.

PRISM Has Forged Bizarre Alliances Among Glenn Beck, Michael Moore, Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelosi

Is Snowden a hero or a traitor? Did he break the law? Is the NSA defying the constitution? Are you being damaged by this situation?

Golan Heights Crisis: Austrian Peacekeepers Pull Out, Potentially Re-Igniting Israeli-Syrian Conflict

Austria's extraction of UN forces from the Golan Heights may turn into a regional crisis, unless policymakers rush to prevent any potential conflict.

Edward Snowden Interview: Latest Leak Reveals NSA and GCHQ Spying on Allies

In the most blatant breach of the sacred guest right since the Red Wedding, the Guardian is reporting that the US and British intelligence services spied on allies at the 2009 London G20 summit.

The 6 Best Girl BFFs In Movies and TV

Solid relationships make all the difference on TV and in film, and these six female friendships defined their respective brands.

Oxitec GM Mosquitoes: These Insects Could Save Thousands Of Human Lives Around the World

In Brazil, groundbreaking trials are being done that could eventually lead to the eradication of dengue fever, an excruciatingly painful neglected tropical disease.

Immigration Reform 2013: GOP Divide Makes For Strange Bedfellows In Immigration Battle

Amnesty is within the reach of pro-immigration proponents. All they have to do is spend the money, and take advantage of the Republican meltdown.

George Zimmerman Trial: Can His Defense Team Pull Off a Win, Or Will They Just Look Racist?

As jury selection continues into next week and the country gears up for the latest trial-of-the-century, George Zimmerman's defense team faces many obstacles in changing the prevailing narrative.

NBA Finals 2013: Does Spurs Forward Matt Bonner Have the NBA's Best Taste in Music?

Matt Bonner, the sharpshooting forward of the San Antonio Spurs, has revealed his pretty fabulous taste in non-mainstream music.

Supreme Court Myriad Genetics Ruling: Court Rules Unanimously That Yes, You Own Your Genes

The victory will make it easier for people at heightened risk of breast or ovarian cancer — especially those women without health care — to obtain the screenings and care they need.

How Alabama Plans to Make Abortion Illegal Without Violating Roe v. Wade

In an era in which an invasive abortion procedure is greeted far more nonchalantly than a simple root canal, the state of Alabama has decided to act.

2014 Senate Races: Help Wanted? Dems and GOP Can't Find Anyone to Run in 2014

So far Democrats and Republicans have been struggling to recruit candidates to run in the 33 Senate elections set for 2014, even with 8 open seats up for grabs.

This 5-Year-Old Started a Lemonade Stand to Fight the Westboro Baptist Church

When elementary school student, Jayden Sink learned about Westboro Baptist Church's homophobic and hateful messages, she stood up against the injustice with her lemonade stand for peace.

Carie Charlesworth: Why Did a Catholic School Fire a Teacher For Having an Abusive Ex-Husband?

A second-grade schoolteacher was fired solely because she was victim of domestic violence, showing that there is still much to be done to support domestic violence victims.

Supreme Court Myriad Rulings: With Its Ruling On Genetics, the Court Preserves Patents For the Future

The Supreme Court tackled a major case involving biotechnology, an area unchartered by intellectual property rights. The court unanimously ruled that human genes can’t be patented.

Benghazi Cover Up: Cheney Maintains His Infallibility in Latest Attack On Obama

Cheney attacked President Obama "lacks credibility." But does anyone else remember the Bush administration?

Al-Qaeda in Mali Now Has Surface-to-Air Missiles

After the French intervention in Mali, interesting revelations have been discovered about the world's most infamous terrorist organization.

Bashar Al-Assad: Taking Him Out Is a Step Towards War With Iran

Obama isn't arming the Syrian rebels for humanitarian reasons. It's a shot across the bow at Iran and its new president: We're coming for you.

8 Flash Words the NSA Flags to Pinpoint Terrorists

Worried about government surveillance? We are too, but you might be more worried about the competence of whoever came up with this list of keywords the NSA uses to identify threats.

Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill: From the Uterus to the Doctor's Office, GOP Lawmakers Mark Their Territory

Ohio Republican state legislators have introduced an anti-abortion bill of epic proportions. In this latest attack of the war against women, neither patients nor their doctors are safe.

Danes Urged to Think Global, Buy Local, Use Danish Prostitutes

With the immense problem of human trafficking, is buying local the way to go for prostitution?

7 Ways Millennials Can Assert Themselves to Improve America

Millennials must become more involved before the midterm elections of 2014. If they wait much longer, it might be too late.

Syrian Civil War: Will Obama's Decision to Arm the Rebels Restart the Cold War?

With Russia dismissing claims that Assad has crossed President Obama's "red line," another Cold War seems inevitable.

Summer Activities in D.C. 2013: A Social Butterfly's Guide to Nats Baseball

Tricked by the Dodgers' brawl into thinking baseball could be the new hockey? Looking for more fun, social things to do in D.C. this summer? Try a Nats game!

Rand Paul: "What Would Jesus Do" Informs His Beliefs On War and Aggression

Paul's attempt to craft a new kind of Republican foreign policy could foreshadow his 2016 plans.

Paul Ryan Faith and Freedom Speech: Obamacare "Mandates" Abortions

Paul Ryan says that churches, charaties, and hospitals are being forced to buy health care options which contradict their beliefs. He's dead wrong.

Sochi 2014: Can Putin's Crackdown Keep the Winter Olympics Safe?

As Russia prepares to host the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi on February 7th 2014, the FSB security services are hard at work ensuring that the situation on the ground is safe.

Even the Most Powerful Business Women Are Told to Shut Up, Study Finds

The lack of women on corporate boards is only a part of the problem, according to a new Harvard Business School study that found many females in the industry don't feel heard, among other things.

'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere Recap: Are Humans the New Villains?

In the season premiere, we find ourselves on the brink of a vampire-human war.

Voter ID Supreme Court Decision: How it Could Suppress Citizens' Vote

If Arizona wins Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, the ruling will make it more difficult for Arizona to register to vote

Paul Krugman: NYT Writer Wants Less Austerity — a Recipe For Fiscal Disaster

Paul Krugman is famous for insisting that long-term debt and entitlement spending is not an issue — but plenty of economists, as well as common sense, think he's mistaken

Obama Syria War: the War Powers Act Could Complicate Obama's Handling Of Syria

With President Obama now declaring the U.S. will provide military assistance directly to the Syrian rebels, Congress must insist he comply with the War Powers Act.

Hassan Rouhani: We Can Expect a Toned-Down Foreign Policy From Iran's New President

A moderate just became the President of Iran. But should we expect any change in Iranian foreign policy?

4 Reasons the Basquiat Musical Will Be a "Broadway Meltdown"

Neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat is the subject of a new musical, but even with a story as intriguing as his, it's impossible to marry broadway culture and hip-hop.

Ft. Hood Trial: An Inside Look at Nidal Hasan's "Defense of Others" Strategy

Questions are still being raised over whether Nidal Hasan should be tried as a U.S. soldier or an enemy combatant, but picking the latter would play into his hands.

Google Loon: Bringing the Internet Everywhere With Sun, Wind, and Balloons

Google’s Project Loon uses solar & wind power on balloon "satellites" that serve as hotspots. The traveling balloons could, in theory, bring internet access to remote parts of the world

Iran Nuclear Program: Will Hassan Rohani Rein It In Or Expand It?

The new president-elect of Iran, Hassan Rohani, pledged Monday to follow a “path of moderation” in dealings at home and abroad, including greater transparency over the Iranian nuclear program.

Hassan Rowhani: What Does This Moderate's Victory Mean For the Future Of the Country?

With the election of moderate Rowhani, could the world start to change its stance towards the rogue Islamic Republic?

10 Things New Yorkers Will Never Understand About Boston

The Big Apple and Beantown have never exactly seen eye-to-eye. What are New Yorkers not getting about Bostonians?

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Is the Obama Administration Keeping Secrets About Its New Trade Agreement?

The Obama administration is working on a massive trade agreement. So why is it so hard for the people who should be in the know to get any information?

NSA PRISM Program: Tech Companies' New Slogan Is "Don't Worry, We Don't Spy On You — Much"

A few companies caught in the PRISM scandal have released data on how many times they gave info to the government. It didn't happen much, but we should still be worried it happened at all.

Supreme Court Monday Rulings: Voter ID Ruling Preserves Minority Rights

SCOTUS ruled 7-2 against Arizona's discriminatory voting laws. Four other opinions were released as well.

Shelby v. Holder: Decision Will Fundamentally Change Elections

SCOTUS may be releasing its opinion on Shelby v. Holder today, deciding the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. If Shelby wins, voting in the US will be skewed against minorities.

Britain 2009 Spying: Edward Snowden Says Brits Spied On Allies at G-20

Britain allegedly spied on foreign leaders during a 2009 G-20 economic summit. These allegation should make for some cold moments at this week's G8.

Instagram Video: Function For Video Sharing Coming June 20

Instagram has announced its intentions to add a 6 to 10 second long video sharing function, almost certainly in response to Vine, which is growing like crazy.

Could Edward Snowden's NSA Leak Exonerate This Accused Robber?

A man accused of armed robbery is seeking his phone records from the NSA to try to clear his name. The case raises broader questions over who exactly has ownership over individuals phone records.

Bashar Al-Assad: Anything That Knocks Him Down a Peg is Good For the U.S.

Making the realist case that a limited U.S. military intervention in Syria may be merited is not fashionable. But the arguments could be compelling.

We Need Father-Daughter Dances in Prison

The dances provide opportunities and resources for families to reconnect and heal during and after a period of incarceration.

The Internet is Full Of Ignorant Users, But I Won't Waste Time Being Mad About It

There is simply no way of stopping stupid people in large groups, whether they are anonymous or not.

5 Politicos Dumbing Down the Terrorism Debate On Sunday Talk Shows

Across the Sunday talk shows this week the national political discourse was dumbed down to a dichotomy between “good guys” versus “bad guys.”

Xbox 1 is Nothing More Than An Expensive Plastic Paper Weight

Microsoft is making a mistake in designing the Xbox One to be totally dependent on Internet support.

Xbox 1: Gamers Without Internet Should Just Stay With Xbox 360, Says Microsoft

According to Microsoft's President of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick, “We have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity; it's called Xbox 360.”