4 Predictions From Orwell’s '1984' That Are Coming True Today

Big Brother, Newspeak, Doublethink — George Orwell included all this and more in his novel, "Nineteen Eighty-Four." How much of it has leapt off of the page and into real life?

The World Has Exploded in Revolt — Here Are the 3 Biggest Protests Happening Today

To quote V for Vendetta: "People should not be afraid of their government; governments should be afraid of their people."

Russell Brand Video: Watch Him Rip MSNBC Talk Show Hosts a New One

After Russel Brand felt disrespected by Morning Joe hosts, he decided make an epic take down of America's faux-journalism.

Kanye West 'Yeezus' Review: Song 'I'm In It' Unsurprisingly Vulgar (Video)

The shock value on this particular track is based around visceral sexuality (would you believe?) and is a nearly coherent narrative about Kanye’s ideals on a sexual encounter.

Bashar Al Assad: Why An American No-Fly Zone Won't Bring Regime Change to Syria

If the past decade has taught us anything, it's that regime change is easier said than done.

Chrysler Recall 2013: The 10 Vehicles Recalled By Chrysler, Jeep, and GM

Chrysler Group has reversed course and agreed to recall 2.7 million Jeeps. Chrysler maintains that the vehicles are safe. In addition, General Motors is recalling almost 194,000 SUVs.

'The Voice' TV Show: What the Reality Show Looks Like in 4 Other Countries

With the four finale of "The Voice" airing on Tuesday, now is a good time to look at some of the other adaptations of the show around the world.

Meet the 15-Year-Old Transgender Teen in Maine Leading the Fight For Equal Rights

As the battle for LGBT rights continues to heat up, young Nicole Maines is doing her part to make a difference in Bangor, Maine.

Immigration Reform 2013: Boehner Just Killed It, and Shot the GOP in the Foot

By affirming that any immigration reform package will have to go through hearings, ensuring a "piecemeal" approach, Boehner just killed immigration reform. And the GOP will suffer for it.

A TSA Agent Harrasses a 15-Year-Old Girl At LAX — Just Another Day At the TSA, Right?

A TSA officer told a 15-year-old teen wearing leggings to cover up as she made her way through airport security.

Elaine Welteroth: Meet Teen Vogue's First Black Editor

The barrier-breaking editor recently opened up about grooming herself as she pleases at work, sending a message to girls that they can be themselves and still land their jobs.

Vladimir Putin Divorce: Putin's at the G8, But Where's His New Ex-Wife?

Lyudmila Putina is beginning a new life as a divorcée. Kremlin-watchers around the world are guessing where she’ll go — but first we have to figure out, quite literally, where she’s been.

Iran v. South Korea: World Cup Qualifying Match is Full of Politics

The Iran v. South Korea qualifying match is a critical moment, right after the Iranian elections. A lot can be learned about politics in the country by looking at its football team.

Michael Burgess: We Should Ban Abortion Because a Fetus Can Masturbate

Yes, this actually happened.

Farm Bill 2013: 26 Members of Congress Take the SNAP Challenge to Protest Cuts

Democratic representatives from all over the nation have come together to show how bad it is for the poorest of Americans as their nutrition assistance programs are being reduced.

This Adorable Disabled Boy Was Excluded From His Class Photo, and His Mom Won't Stand For It

Anne Belanger wasn't going to let her son be excluded from his class picture because of his disability, so she's demanding a photo retake.

Kanye West 'Yeezus' Review: Rapper's New Album Exactly What Hip-Hop Needed

Overall, "Yeezus" is exactly what hip hop needed: "a creation to make people talk" and a reminder of "hip-hop's ability to break the rules."

PRISM Probably Never Stopped — and Never Will Stop — a Terrorist Attack

Edward Snowden's leaks have helped further unturn the rock of secrecy behind U.S. surveillance programs and also helped spark the debate about the proper balancing of liberty and security.

This Kid Faces a $500 Fine and 1 Year in Prison For Wearing a Shirt Supporting the NRA

Jared Marcum, a 14-year-old West Virginian, faces $500 in fines and a year of incarceration for using his First Amendment rights in school. Schools need to relax a bit.

12 Amazing Underground Photos Of New York City's Newest Massive Subway Tunnels

This is what it looks like for the MTA crews who are tunneling under 4 million New Yorkers.

Why I'm Giving Up On Online Dating

There's no substitute for in-person contact, and that's why online dating just isn't going to work for me.

Lil Wayne Hates America: 'God Bless Amerika' Video Sparks Controversy

Lil Wayne has found himself embroiled in controversy yet again, this time for dancing on the American flag in his video for 'God Bless Amerika.' Were his moves anti-patriotic or not?

Americans Love Underdogs, But the U.S. is Anything But An Underdog

There's a glaring contradiction between the American commemoration of the underdog and the global positioning that the U.S. enjoys as the preeminent superpower.

Cayucas 'Bigfoot': Zach Yudin Discusses New Album and How Radio Helped the Band Grow

Zach Yudin, singer of the Santa Monica pop band Cayucas, chats with PolicyMic about the band's success, growing as a musician, the effectiveness of radio, and more.

Lone Signal Project: Now You Can Text Message Aliens

Ever wanted to text message an alien? Maybe send a selfie? Well now you can, thanks to a project called Lone Signal which will transmit a continuous signal of messages to outer space.

Brazil Protests 2013: Shocking Photo Shows Riot Police Pepper-Spraying Innocent Bystander

A picture taken at a protest in Rio de Janeiro allegedly showing police pepper spraying an innocent woman has aggravated tensions between protesters and police in Brazil.

Immigration Reform 2013: 7-Eleven Exploiting Immigrants Like a Modern Day Plantation System

Federal authorities found managers and owners of 14 7-Eleven stores hiring illegal immigrants, stealing identities from the dead, pocketing significant portions of workers' pay, and more.

Lil' Wayne Hates America? Don't Think So

Does Weezy's stepping on the Stars and Stripes merit the response it has gotten?

Prop 8 Ruling: The Real Reasons the Supreme Court Will Legalize Gay Marriage in All 50 States

Tired of the legalese? Here's a plain-English description of why the Supreme Court is about to make gay marriage legal across the country.

Pete Campbell is the Future Whether You Like It Or Not

The "Mad Men" episode, "Tale Of Two Cities" will be looked back on as the beginning of the rise of Pete Campbell. Finally, he is a man stepping into his skin and we would be wise to watch.

Kanye, J. Cole, and Mac Miller Bring Back the Ambitious Artistry Hip Hop Was Once Famous For

Thanks to three juggernaut emcees, June 18 will live in hip hop history. While all clamor for six-figure first-week sales, the projects are far from the surface level music we've come to expect.

China's Rise Is No Big Deal — We Should Even Welcome It

Hannah Beech plays on Sinophobic fears. Here's why China will not overtake the United States any time soon.

'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere: Show Just Isn't What It Used to Be

The fanaticism surrounding "True Blood" is also in a transition, because no one understands what the hell is going on anymore.

4 Terrorist Mega Plots Thwarted By the NSA

NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander said that the recently-leaked communication surveillance programs have helped thwart over 50 “potential terrorist events” since 9/11.

Dear Obama: Stop Acting Like Dick Cheney — Sincerely, Liberals Everywhere

In an interview with PBS' Charlie Rose, Obama was forced to distance himself from the worst of the George W. Bush years, which some say now look identical to Obama's own administration.

VICE Fashion Shoot Shows Models As Famous Women About to Commit Suicide

VICE shatters the boundaries of fashion when they take the most famous women in history and show them in their last moments. And no, it's not inappropriate.

No Children's Show Wanted to Reach Out to Kids With Parents In Jail — But Sesame Street Just Did

Sesame Workshop aims to comfort kids with incarcerated parents, so cheers to the brand for recognizing a need and stepping in to fill it.

How the Lincoln Memorial Narrowly Escaped Becoming A Pyramid

These seven alternative Lincoln Memorial designs would've spiced up the National Mall.

Why Are Rand Paul’s Fingers Crossed on the Cover of the New Republic?

The New Republic's cover of their July issue depicts Rand Paul with crossed fingers and the headline "The Real Rand Paul: Can't be trusted." But is it really TNR with its pants on fire?

New Iran President Hassan Rouhani: His Foreign Policy Will Revolve Around Syria and Nuclear Bombs

Syria and nuclear politics are two reasons that Washington has to start talking with Teheran. Not doing so can turn out to be very dangerous for all.

Kanye West is the Nucleus For Good and Bad

Kanye recently called himself "the nucleous" of contemporary culture, and if he means he has the DNA of pop and hip-hop, he is correct, for good and bad.

Brazil Protests: In A Nation That Loves Football, Not Everyone Loves the World Cup

As people in Brazil protest against the massive government spending on sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games, more attention needs to be paid to their long term impact.

Gun Control Debate 2013: For Manchin and the NRA, It's Become Very Personal Very Quickly

The West Virginia Democrat has become an unlikely hero of gun control supporters but his actions on this issue are more personal than ideological.

5 Ways to Bring More Play to Your Day

Playing around is often looked at as frivolous and unnecessary, but the more we weave it into our daily lives, the happier we'll be, so here's how to add a glowing dimension to your busy routine.

Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs Hearing: Lots Of Talk About Increased Benefits, But Can the VA Pull It Off?

At the latest Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs hearing, senators met to propose a variety of increased benefits for former servicemen. But can the VA actually provide them?

Brazil Protests 2013: Why the Protesters Are Right, and Why Protests Are Not Enough

A nonpartisan look into the protests in Brazil. What are the people complaining about? What should the protesters keep in mind while protesting? And how can Brazil move beyond the protests?

Bashar Al-Assad: Syria's Civil War Will Last At Least a Decade, And There Is Nothing The U.S. Can Do About It

Syria's conflict is an ethnic war parallel to the 15-year civil war in Lebanon and the decade-long conflict in Iraq.

Nigella Lawson: Has Society Accepted Domestic Violence?

Go ahead and choke your wife in public. Really, no one will do anything about it.

The 5 Comics You Should Be Reading in 2013

There are too many comics out there for there to be an authoritative list of the best, but these ones are really, really good.

Westboro Baptist Church Reacts to a 5-Year-Old's Plea For Peace With More Hatred

Despite the flaming and hateful reaction of the Westboro Baptist Church to 5-year-old Jayden Sink's lemonade stand for peace, the young hero's message is spreading and winning America's support.

Ashland Slavery Case: Modern-Day Slavery is Alive and Well in the U.S.

A chilling case of "modern day slavery" in Ohio is a reminder that kidnapping and forced labor in the U.S. remains a tragic and persisting issue.

My Scary, Uncomfortable Nazi Wedding

Earlier this week Heath Campbell broke out his cleanest and most suave Nazi regalia to propose to his wife. Romantic? Creepy? Vielleicht auch nur grob.

Xbox 1 Release: Privacy Concerns Aren't the Only Issue For Microsoft

Without third-party support, the Kinect — along with gamers — will continue to sit idle in the living room.

Gay Rights 2013: LGBT People Should Be a Protected Civil Rights Group

It's time to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Immigration Reform 2013: House GOP Takes Hard Line On Enforcement

Part of reconciling the House and Senate versions of immigration reform means deciding how much emphasis to place on border security.

Brazil Protests 2013: It's About Way More Than Bus Fare

Young Brazilians are taking to the streets all over the country, in the largest demonstrations since the fall of the dictatorship.

International Criminal Court: Why Is the African Union Getting In the Way Of Investigating Election Fraud?

African leaders have again accused the International Criminal Court of witch-hunting Africans because of their race

The Green Children's New Album 'Connection' Delivers Beautiful Electro Pop With Heart and Soul

"Connection" is a truimph you will want to listen to again and again.

Atlanta Radio Hosts Fired For Mocking Saints Veteran Steve Gleason's ALS

Three Atlanta radio hosts from ESPN 790 the Zone were fired Monday for their distasteful “comedy” skit mocking former defensive back Steve Gleason, who suffers from ALS.

Dave Chappelle Tour: Comedian Making a Comeback, But Should Address Initial Departure

Comedian Dave Chappelle left his show when he was at the top of the world, but now that he's going back on tour, he should fully address why he stepped out of the spotlight.

5 Reasons Obama's Approval Rating Just Dropped 8 Points

NSA, Verizon, Department of Justice, IRS, Benghazi; this seemingly never-ending string of scandals is responsible for a massive drop in the President's approval rating.

Taksim Square Protest: Turkey in the EU? Not After the Istanbul Protests

After three weeks of protest and a brutal crackdown, is Turkey still welcome in the EU? And if so, does the Erdogan government care?

The Untold Tragedy About What Happens to Low-Income Students in the Summer

Students from low-income backgrounds are forgetting what they learn in school at a higher rate than their wealthy peers, and it's making them have to play a constant game of catch-up.

Tax Breaks For the Wealthy While Poor Schools Are Closed? It's Just the Chicago Way

History was made this month, when the Chicago School Board voted to close 50 "underutilized" schools, in one of the nation’s largest public school systems.

Dodd Frank Bill: New Book Shows Just How Hard It Is to Stand Up to the Banks

A new book details passage of the Dodd-Frank banking reform bill. But, recent events suggest that many reforms are under attack by a bank lobbying effort and a Congress wanting contributions.

6 Most Disgusting Things About Summer in the City

NYC in the summer is filled with fellow young professionals, strolls in Central Park, great happy hour places … but also these six unavoidable things that are just plain gross.

Michele Bachmann: Ethics Violations Could End Her Political Career

The FBI, the FEC, and a host of other government agencies are investigating Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn). Is this why she decided not to run for reelection in 2014?

Crowdfunding Can Be An Author's Dream Come True

Crowdfunding is a great platform for authors to validate their work without investing large amounts of time and money.

G8 Summit 2013: Northern Ireland Playing Host Could Reignite Protests

Northern Ireland played host to the G8 Summit this week as the United Kingdom aimed to showcase a peace negotiation success story to the world. A fragile calm in the province worried some.

Inside 'Dirty Wars': Exclusive Interview With Investigative War Reporter Jeremy Scahill

PolicyMic’s Anna Therese Day interviews award-winning investigative war reporter, Jeremy Scahill, on his new film, 'Dirty Wars.' In Part 2, they focus on the Al Awlaki family.

A TSA Agent Who Gropes People For a Living Just Gave a Teen Some Tips On Modesty

The 15-year-old daughter of Boing Boing founder Mark Frauenfelder was berated by an LAX TSA agent who didn't approve of the teen's attire, stating, "You're only 15, cover yourself."

For Soldiers Coming Home From War, the Hard Part Is Just Beginning

The Army takes returning home seriously because deployments don't end just when warriors are back on American soil.

NSA Surveillance: Your Rights Don't Matter to Dems Or the GOP, Just Your Votes

In the midst of the NSA whistle blowing scandal, the Democrats and the Republicans are crossing their loyalties to get the greatest number of partisans.

Are Romantic Comedies Hopelessly Outdated?

Of the 25 highest grossing romantic comedies released between the years of 1995 and 2013, only two are from the last five years. Rom-coms are in trouble.

Immigration Reform 2013: Will the GOP's Crazy Caucus Keep Marco Rubio From Passing a Bill?

Sen. Rubio is making a gallant attempt to coalesce Senate support on immigration reform, but political adversaries are challenging his efforts and threatening the viability of moving forward.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Guess Whose Endorsement She Just Scored?

"There is nobody better equipped to be our next president," McCaskill said.

Is Student Debt Going to Be the New Subprime Mortgage Crisis?

Student debt, like the national debt, is a cumulative process that has only gotten worse over the years. Could debt forgiveness be the solution to the problem?

Miss Utah 2013: What the Haters Miss About Her Pageant Response

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite links from across the web.

Brazil Protests: Why Are Protesters Flooding Brazil's Largest Cities?

Protesters showed up in masses across the Brazil, from the country's largest metropolis of São Paulo to the nation's capital of Brasília, where protesters marched on the roof of Congress.

LGBT is So Much More Than Pop Culture Icons and the Affluent Elite

It's great to see pro-LGBT themes and gay figures in the media, but LGBT is more than white, successful, and well-dressed celebs. It is more colorful and more complex, and much more interesting.

Taksim Square Protest: Erdogan's Tear Gas Only Fuels the Fire

Turkish government officials have recently threatened to deploy the Turkish army to end protests. Doing so would only fuel the fire burning within protesters and their sympathizers.

Disconnect Extension: Meet the Plugin That Will Protect You From Data Mining

The Disconnect browser extension will not only leave a cold trail for your e-stalkers & trackers … and also helps filter out malware and encrypts data "to prevent wireless eavesdropping."

5 Ways Burglars Can Invade Your Home

In order to prevent a home robbery, sometimes it's a good idea to think like a burglar. By putting yourself in the burglar's shoes, you'll be able to foresee some of the points of entry.

6 Truly Inspiring Moments All Protests Share

Several photographs from 1960s demonstrations in America resemble the current protests in Brazil. I guess some things about peaceful protestst just never change.