5 Famous Whistleblowers Who Shaped History

Edward Snowden is only the most recent example in a long tradition of whistleblowing. Here's a look into the lives of the five men behind America's biggest information leaks.

'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: The Life-Ruining Parrot and Other Terrors

Everything that happened on 'Pretty Little Liars' last night was insane ... including the possessed parrot, that might be A?

Miley Cyrus Can't Stop, Won't Stop, But Probably Should Stop

Miley's new music video for "We Can't Stop" is nothing short of insane.

A Startling Map Showing the State of Homophobia in the World

France, Russia, and Turkey are all more homophobic than they were in 2007. South Korea suddenly picked up a rainbow flag. And Nigeria has its own 1% -- the 1% that accepts gay people.

Farm Bill 2013: Small Farmers Can't Make Money From Farming Anymore

The farm bill gives handouts to big commodity farmers while cutting important programs for low-income Americans, like food stamps.

5 Transgender Victims Of Media Violence

Transgender people are disproportionately targeted for violence around the world. For many trans victims of violence, the press is their most public attacker.

Xbox 1: Microsoft Ditches "No Used Games" Policy, Always-On Feature

Microsoft has reversed its much-hated DRM and used-game policies and has removed the always-on requirement for the Xbox One

Florida Bong Ban: Rick Scott Signs Horrific Bill Making It a Felony to Own a Pipe

Smokers beware. Florida Governor Rick Scott apparently is dead set on making you a felon, even if your only offense is owning a marijuana-free glass pipe.

Hilarious 'Daily Show' Segment Destroys Evangelist Claiming Gay People Bully Christians

Watch Samantha Bee tear this evangelist's arguments apart.

World Cup 2014: Brazilians Who Want to Boycott the World Cup Should Let the Cup Change Brazil

Many of the protesters in Brazil have been calling on Brazilians and foreigners to boycott the World Cup next year. Instead the population can make use of the World Cup to change Brazil.

The Sad Reason Edward Snowden is Our Generation's Biggest Symbol

Is Edward Snowden a hero? Yes, but only because our generation has been so conspicuously lacking in heroism.

Affirmative Action: If You Care About Ending Racism, Work to End Race-Conscious College Admission

The sordid racial history of universities such as the University of Texas makes it even more important that we remove race from the college-admissions process entirely.

Black Senator Elbert Guillory Switches From Democrat to Republican – And It Makes Perfect Sense

Another African American lawmaker – Louisiana State Sen. Elbert Guillory – explained his switch from Democrat to Republican in a video that is now going viral. Will others follow his example?

5 Reasons Pete Campbell is the 'Mad Men' Character We Love to Hate

On a show filled with miserable people doing terrible things, Pete Cambell of "Mad Men" has the distinction of being the most reviled.

Xbox 1: Marketing Efforts Are a Case Study In What Not to Do

Microsoft has made a lot of unpopular decisions in the last month, and they aren't doing much right in reassuring the public.

6 Movies Where the Government Saves the Day

What if movie heroes were "the government" instead of individuals? Here are six films told with the government, not their main characters, saving the day.

The Battle For the Republican Party: An Interview with Geoffrey Kabaservice

The Republican Party wasn't always ideologically conservative. Historian Geoffrey Kabaservice explains what happened.

Guess How Many Video Games Feature Female Protagonists?

It turns out - surprise! - that there aren't many female protagonists in video games. That's indicative of a bigger problem of misogyny and sexism in the gaming community.

A Vitamix Blender Will Change Your Life and Make Your Summer

Natalia Todorova, creator of MAZA Cooking Journals, shares two great summer recipes and proves that a Vitamix blender is the perfect thing to have this season.

5 Celebs You Didn't Realize Were Voice Actors in 90s Movies and Shows

Prepare to have your mind blown: Arbitrary characters of the 90s were voiced by today's A-Listers.

J. Cole "Born Sinner" Album Review: Can J. Cole's Latest Compete With Kanye?

In his second studio album, J. Cole embraces the dichotomy between sinners and saints. Do J. Cole's efforts in this second installment absolve him of his past "demons"?

UC Israel Divestment: California Officials Sign Letter Condemning BDS Movement

State officials in California have issued a letter condemning the divestment movement in California universities and tying themselves to the U.S. government's failed Israel-Palestine policy.

13 Photos Of G8 Protests That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Demonstrators have taken to the streets in the United Kingdom to protest the G8 summit. Here are 13 of the best photos of them in action.

Loans From the IMF and World Bank Won't End Poverty In Africa

In spite of loans from the World Bank, the United Nations, and other organizations, West African countries continue to struggle with high poverty rates.

This D.C. Non-Profit is Helping Women Break the Glass Ceiling

Gender discrimination means that women can't just “lean in” to thrive in the workforce. D.C.-based nonprofit, Women’s Information Network (WIN), helps women do just that.

Paula Deen Racist: Food Network Star Casually Admits to Using the N-Word. A Lot.

The powerhouse chef is being sued for allegedly discriminating against employees based on race, using racial slurs, running a hostile and abusive work environment, and more.

São Paulo Protests Prove Brazil Has Much to Teach the U.S. About Civil Disobedience

Just like how the United States tries to deny its pervasive racist, classist, and sexist issues, as well as its human rights abuses, so does Brazil.

Occidental College Has a Serial Rapist Problem — And It's Probably Not the Only College With One

"Oxy" is permitting a known serial rapist to return to campus in December 2013 and students have little recourse to prevent him from being readmitted.

Aaron Hernandez Investigation: Did Patriots Tight End Kill Someone?

State police are questioning New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez after a body was found a mile away from his home on Monday.

Immigration Reform 2013: New Law Would Lower Deficit By $197 Billion

Anti-immigration hardliners have lost yet another weapon in their arsenal, as the CBO scores the Gang of Eight's law and finds it would benefit the country economically.

Anchorman 2 Trailer YouTube: Watch the Full Length Trailer Here

The full length trailer for 'Anchorman 2' trailer is here, and it reveals all the same humor as the first, plus some amazing celebrity appearances. Get ready for the return of Ron Burgundy.

Barack Obama Berlin Speech: No Rock Star Reception This Time

Five years after speaking in front of jubilant and expectant crowds in the German capital back in 2008 on the presidential campaign trail, Obama returned again to a much different reception.

G8 Summit 2013: Why Hold a Summit In Rural Northern Ireland?

The G8 Summit was held in Northern Ireland this week. Considering the high price that was paid in order to secure the summit, the question of why it was held in Enniskillen arises.

James Gandolfini: Heart Attack Claims Life of 'Sopranos' Star

Celebrities and HBO struggle to process the news that a fatal heart attack killed 51-year-old James Gandolfini Wednesday while the "Sopranos" actor vacationed in Italy.

Just 39% Of Americans Approve Of the GOP :-(

The GOP's approval ratings are plummeting. Is there any doubt rigid, extreme-right policies are to blame?

'Tomb Raider' Movie: Marti Noxon's Lara Croft Will Be the Ultimate Female Action Hero

Noxon, who is writing the "Tomb Raider" reboot, is poised to bring us the ultimate female superhero because we need her to.

7 Nerds That Make Science Freakishly Cool

From mind-controlled robots to synthetic lifeforms and invisible brains, science is pretty awesome. These seven scientists are working on projects that would make Bill Nye proud.

Minimum Wage Increase: Bush Did It, So Why Can't Obama?

With the value of the minimum wage at historic lows, the debate to raise it is heating up. Washington may paint the issue in black and white, but economists use a different palette.

Janet Yellen: Will This Economics Superstar Be the First Female Chair of the Federal Reserve?

Janet Yellen is widely expected to replace Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sometime this year. But do you know anything about the woman soon to be the most powerful in the world?

Federal Reserve Press Conference LIVE: Economic Outlook & Bond Purchasing Program

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.

Tobin Smith: Fox Business Analyst Tobin Smith Fired, Career Now Basically Over

The Bulls & Bears show will be missing a regular contributor now that Tobin Smith was fired for having his company take $50,000 to tout Petrosonic Energy stocks.

Turkish Protests 2013: Erdogan is Fighting to Drag Turkey Backwards

The real reason Turkish protesters are rebelling against Erdogan isn't Gezi Park or about alcohol. It's about his attempts to undo Turkey's secular legacy.

NYPD Stop and Frisk: Court's Ruling Should Put An End to Controversial Police Practice

New York's stop and frisk policy encourages too much racism in police profiling practices, and violates the privacy of too many African Americans and Hispanics.

HB 1355 Florida: "Mental Health" Bill Just Another Gun Lobby Distraction

With motivation taken from the cusp of the nation's debate on universal background checks, Florida's HB 1355 might only make the problem worse.

'Monsters University' Movie: Pixar Proves College Can Be Fun, and G Rated

The Pixar team is removing the stench out of the cap and gown. I wish I'd had a film like this to explain college to my younger self.

Immigration Reform 2013: Protecting Assaulted Women Must Be Part Of Any Immigration Law

Migrant and undocumented women working in the fields of America aren't living the American dream. They are being choked and silenced by rape and inadequate legal protection.

Obama Phone Program: Cut the Excesses, But Keep the Program

Despite conservative protests, the so-called "Obama phone" program is useful — and has been supported by presidents of both parties. But a video by a GOP activist shows it's being abused too.

5 Biggest Implications Of Obama's Berlin Speech

President Obama's speech today indicated significant implications for his second-term plans and hopes for his historical legacy. Here are the top five takeaways.

Obama Berlin Speech Live Stream: President Expected to Address Nuclear Arms Reduction

President Obama is in Berlin Wednesday morning, on the heels of the G8 summit. He's expected to address nuclear arms reduction and other trending global issues.

Immigration Reform 2013: Everything You Need to Know in 5 Charts

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Why Did Edward Snowden Flee to Hong Kong, Of All Places?

Whether he likes it or not, Snowden has become a symbol of freedom from oppresive watchdog governments not just in America, but in Hong Kong SAR as well.

'Persuasion' is the Classic You Must Read (Or Re-Read) This Summer

The first in PolicyMic's new series that looks at the favorite books of contributors. First up? Jane Austen's "Persuasion."

It's Time For a Memorial For Rape and Abuse Survivors

A creative activist effort is using Kickstarter for a public memorial for survivors, and their work is critical.

Are Military Women On the Front Lines Advancing Feminism?

Women make up about 14% of the 1.4 million active U.S. military personnel, but what impact is their presence actually having on American military?

Independent Authors and Genre Fiction Are Changing the Publishing World

With ebooks and digital printing, a movement has sprung up among a segment of independent authors who are combining the style of pulp fiction with modern sensibilities.

G8 Summit 2013: Does the Third World Economy Still Stand a Chance?

Were the decisions made at the 2013 G8 Summit really designed to alleviate world poverty, or will they end up being useless and ineffectual?

Abortion Ban: Why Did the GOP House Pass This Bill?

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) is spearheading legislation to close the window women have on having late term abortions.

2013 NBA Finals: 5 Things You Can Absolutely Expect From Game 7

Last night's overtime thriller sent the NBA Finals to a deciding game seven. What are we sure to see Thursday?

NSA PRISM Program: What Buying a Patio Umbrella Taught Me About Edward Snowden

The Snowden episode will shake up the traditional coalitions and raise more than he usual number of challenging questions about how reasonable it is for us to expect privacy.

Syria G8 Summit 2013: Did the U.S. Decide to Make an Exit From the Middle East?

How much longer can the U.S. attempt to craft politics in the Middle East? Not very, which is why the Obama administration is making a slow exit.

Turkish Protests 2013: Government Announces That "Twitter Bird Can't Fly Here"

The Turkish government has announced a push to restrict the use of social media sites as a result of the ongoing protests. Here's why it won't be effective.

This School is Actually Taking a Rational Approach to the Gun Debate

Two elementary school students in Virginia faced suspension for pretending their pencils were guns, influencing administrators to alter its policy to stop abusive punishments like this.

This Magazine Thinks Only White Men Contribute to the Golden Age Of Print

The summer edition of Port magazine only features white males for the cover story, which is about the golden age of print. Why aren't women or people of color a part of that?

Angelina Jolie's Stunt Double: Eunice Huthart Suing News Corp For Phone-Hacking

Eunice Huthart has launched a suit against Rupert Murdoch's media empire, with claims that they hacked her phone to get exclusive information on Angelina Jolie.

Taksim Square Protest: Erdem Gunduz Inspires Hundreds With Silent Vigil in Taksim Square

Inspired by the silent vigil of Erdem Gunduz, the spread of silent protests in Turkey highlights the symbolic power of determined collective resistance.

Graduation Speeches 2013: Mayor Bloomberg Goes Political in Stanford Commencement Speech

The NYC mayor, who is not known for shying away from sensitive topics, took on illegal immigration and student visas in an address to Stanford graduates.

Inside 'Dirty Wars': An Interview With Investigative War Reporter Jeremy Scahill: PART 3

Last week, PolicyMic’s Anna Therese Day caught up with award-winning investigative war reporter, Jeremy Scahill, to discuss his new film, "Dirty Wars." Here's the third part of her interview.

If Comedy is Important, Nothing is "Just a Joke"

When someone says something is "just a joke," they're dismissing comedy as a whole, as if jokes don’t mean anything to society.

5 Of Michael Hastings' Most Influential Stories

The late Hastings, who died in a car accident Tuesday morning, leaves behind a remarkable legacy of reporting on America’s wars. Here are some of his most notable stories.

IRS Bonus Scandal: Are Bonuses For the IRS a "Payoff to Union Workers"?

Is it appropriate for the IRS to be doling out bonuses despite an Obama administration directive to cancel discretionary spending?

Ibragim Todashev: Does the FBI Effectively Have a License to Kill?

The FBI has promised to investigate why an agent killed Tsarnarv associate Ibragim Todashev during the Boston bombing investigation. But just 5 of 289 investigations have found the FBI at fault.

What to Expect From Ben Bernanke's Federal Reserve Meeting On Wednesday

The Federal Reserve's news conference is set to have a great deal of impact on the economy. On Wednesday, it will all go down.

Watch This Crazy Millionaire's Attempt at Self-Mockery: NSFW

John McAfee likes the finer things in life, such as mocking oneself for being an eccentric, gun-toting, drug-using, stripper-obsessed lush.

Massachusetts Special Election 2013: Gomez Pulls Away With a Win In the Final Debate

With his best debate performance of the campaign, Gomez illustrated clear contrasts between him and Markey.

Get College Credit Writing For PolicyMic

PolicyMic offers pundits the chance to earn university credit through our on-call writing program.

3 Reasons Why the Kardashians and Gabor Sisters Are Two Peas in a Vanity Pod

It feels like keeping up with the Kardashians is a new low in pop culture, but this isn't the first time a group of sisters has grabbed the media spotlight.

Michael Hastings: His Death Reminds Us We Need More Good Internet Journalism

As journalism transfers moves from print to the web, news outlets are leaving quality behind. We have to reverse the trend now.

"Strip Club Senator" Video: Can Represent.Us Help Stop Political Corruption With This Hilarious Video?

"Take it off!" the corporate crowd yells to the senator, who is rewarded for his shameless masquerading with a sea of dollar bills. Is this what politics is really like?

NYC Mayor Election 2013: Can NYC's Next Mayor Make the City Into Another Silicon Valley?

Earlier this week, four of the candidates for NYC mayor sat down though to discuss Uber, the telecom industry, and their favorite smartphone apps.

Why Queer Pride is Still Necessary

Despite what Will & Grace may make you believe, being gay is not mainstream or readily accepted in many communities.

What Happened at the G8 Summit? Nothing On Syria

When it comes to Syria, Western leaders are more concerned with flexing their political muscles, than paving the way for a new country.

James Clapper: Does the Director of the NSA Deserve to Be Impeached?

Is it worth impeaching James Clapper now, or is it wiser to simply bring him back under oath and continue the investigation, then deal with him (and every other NSA official) later?

G8 Summit 2013: The G8 Talks About Transparency, But Do They Really Want It?

The recent G8 summit focused on the so-called "three T's" — trade, taxes, and transparency — but whether the world's eight most powerful economies really want transparency is anyone's guess.

A New Approach to Sustainable Design

How can household products be repurposed to create innovative products which not only maintain the value and the integrity of their materials, but also create positive environmental impact?

Michael Bloomberg: NYC Mayor's Newest Plan Will Require City to Compost

While the city generally does a poor job of recycling, Bloomberg's proposal to separate food waste could catch on and make the city a better place to live.

NSA Surveillance: Less Than Half Of Senators Show Up to Briefing On PRISM

The recent briefing held by the NSA and top intelligence officials on their far-reaching surveillance methods was a flop. Just 47 senators attended.

Lisa Murkowski Marriage Equality: Alaska Senator Third GOP Senator to Endorse It

As the debate over gay marriage is rehashed, another Republican Senator shows support for marriage equality.

NYPD Muslim Surveillance: Civil Liberties Groups Sue NYPD Over Spying on Muslims

Civil liberties groups filed a lawsuit challenging the NYPD's unconstitutional surveillance of Muslims, a program that failed to generate the same public outrage as the NSA revelations have.

Stop Comparing Obama to Cheney

Comparing Obama to Cheney ignores the reality that individual leaders have little ability to stop the enormous system of government from doing what it does best: obtaining more power for itself.

Equal Pay Has Been the Law For 50 Years, So Where's the Progress?

Monday marked the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, which President John F. Kennedy signed into law on June 10th, 1963. It was an important day for women's rights, but we're not there yet.

Drone Strikes: FBI Admits It's Using Drones For Surveillance in America

FBI Director Robert Mueller has admitted that the agency is using drones for surveillance in the U.S. His admission, coming after the NSA leaks, however, raises more questions than it answers.

20 Week Abortion Ban: Don't They Have Anything Better to Do?

The House passed legislation that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy Tuesday. The bill's chances in the Senate are unlikely, so why bother?

FBI Drones: Should We Be Worried About FBI Aerial Surveillance?

FBI Director Robert Mueller told Congress Wednesday that the Bureau has been using surveillance drones in the United States in "particular" and rare cases.

What Effect Will the Economic Outlook Report Have?

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.

The Fed's Bond Purchasing Program: Projections and Why they Matter?

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.

Investors' Hopes for Today's Fed Announcements

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.

PolicyMic Pundit Daryl Revok Weighs In

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.

Breaking News: Fed Report Released

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.

Markets Respond to Fed Report

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.

Bernanke Press Conference LIVE: Key Takeaways.

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.

Bernanke Press Conference Live Stream: Q&A Session

Ben Bernanke's press conference Wednesday, on the Federal Reserve's policies, is drawing significant attention from investors.

Markets React to Ben Bernanke Fed Press Conference.

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.

Stocks Drop 1% During Bernanke Fed Press Conference

We're following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its new economic forecast and Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference with predictions, live coverage, and analysis.