2016 Presidential Candidates: 7 Republicans With the Most Momentum

The better question is, who isn't a candidate? Here's a recap of seven Republicans looking pretty strong as of June 2013.

That Nude Snapchat Photo You Took is Being Shared On Social Media

Social media pages are dedicated to "leaked" Snapchats, providing a new outlet to slut-shame women while exposing them without their consent.

12 Best Responses to the Dumbest Homophobic Protest Signs

We may not know which way the Supreme Court will swing, so to speak, on DOMA. But if protest signs determined it, DOMA would be overruled in a second.

Superheroes Are a Lot More Super Today Than they Were 30 Years Ago

Marvel and DC film adaptations took off in the 80s. Perhaps today's remakes aren't as classic, but the new muscle of leading actors makes for a more realistic superhero.

2013 State Fairs Dates: Schedule For All 50 States

Looking for the dates of your 2013 state fairs? Look no further.

Marijuana Legalization: 20 Billion Is the One Number That Says It All

Can you guess how much money the U.S. government wastes every year on the ineffective, inefficient, foolish, destructive, and downright insane war on marijuana?

8 Of the Most Vicious Myths About Illegal Immigrants

Many myths have floated around for quite some time concerning illegal immigrants. From "anchor babies" to being "criminals" for crossing the border, here are 8 of the worst.

It's Time to Ditch the 5 Stages Of Grief

The famous "five stages of grief" model has become somewhat misinterpreted over the years and this has lead to some popular misconceptions about coping with loss.

Julian Assange: Still Hiding in Ecuadorian Embassy After One Year

The one-year anniversary of Julian Assange's flight to the Ecuadorian embassy has come and gone, and the WikiLeaks founder still has no clear end to his dilemma in sight.

Watch This Adorable 3-Year-Old Deaf Boy Hear His Father's Voice For the First Time

This is the most amazing thing you'll see all day.

10 Top Anti-Gay House GOP Members and Their Absurd Beliefs

Ten ridiculous and discriminating quotes regarding gay marriage from some of the House's most outspoken Republicans.

You Should Take That Unpaid Internship

Working for free early in your career is an incredible opportunity to create a professional identity for yourself.

Evangelical Christians Are Not the Victims Of Same-Sex Marriage

Those in opposition to marriage equality claim they are being bullied by LGBT supporters. In actuality, they are rightly being called out on their bigotry.

Xbox One Release and 4 Things We Can Expect For the Future Of Gaming

With E3 officially finished, it’s time to think about what we can expect in the next year of videogaming.

'Hannibal' Season 1 Finale: 5 Ways the Show Humanizes Psychological Disorders

NBC's "Hannibal" presents a refreshingly realistic portrayal of characters with various kinds of psychological disorders.

7 Ingredients You Probably Didn't Know Were in Your Favorite Fast Food Meals

Think you know what you're getting when you pass through the drive through? Think again. Here are seven fast food ingredients you might consume without even knowing it.

5 Crazy People Who Think Women Aren't Fit For Combat

In January, the Pentagon made history when it announced it would lift a longstanding ban on women in combat, and on Tuesday it was announced that they would begin training as early as next month.

NSA Surveillance Program: Obama Can't Stop What Bush and Congress Started

President Obama has continued the national security policies of President Bush with congressional approval, making both parties responsible for resulting violations of civil liberties.

5 Superman Stories to Read After 'Man Of Steel' Disappoints You

Need something to wash out the bad taste "Man of Steel" left in your mouth? Here are five graphic novels that get the character right.

Gun Control Debate 2013: More States Have Waiting Periods For Abortion Than For Guns

A new map released by the Huffington Post provides an interesting look at our national priorities.

Syria Civil War: Arming Syrian Rebels Is Machiavellian Genius

Arming Syrian rebels will not change the momentum in Syria ... and that's the point.

LeBron James Exhibits the Behaviors Of an All Star Pompous Crybaby

Until Lebron James fixes his arrogant demeanor, he will never be worthy of being mentioned even in the same sentence as the NBA greats of the past.

Xbox One Release: Why Does the New Xbox Have Zero Games With Female Protagonists?

Having no female leads in any Xbox One game says to women that we don't matter. We can't be the heroes. We'll always need saving.

How These Eastern European Cities Are Faring, Two Decades After Communism

How did Moscow and Ljubljana fare in their approach to establishing democracy and a market economy after the fall of communism?

Serena Williams Apologizes For Harmful Comments On Rape — This is Why She is Not Forgiven

Though the tennis star revealed her victim-blaming mindset in a comment on Steubenville, the disproportionate backlash against her reveals stereotypes about black women.

Why Won't Mexico's President Meet With Venezuela's Biggest Anti-Chavista?

The Venezuelan opposition must recognize Mexico's unique position in Latin America before criticizing President Enrique Peña Nieto’s foreign policy.

Can Religion Ever Be Good For Women?

Is religion constructed in a way that opposes women or has it evolved towards a more egalitarian belief system? Although women make up the religious space, men are still the primary leaders.

This is the Brilliant Move Every Anti-Gay Organization Should Make

Exodus International, which sought to "help" gay Christians become straight, just made a big stride: acceptance, relevance, and progress.

James Gandolfini's Health: Actor's Death a Wake-Up Call to Prioritize Our Health

Gandolfini, like many, suffered a death that could have been avoided, but as we celebrate his life, we must ask ourselves if we are doing enough for our own health.

5 Amazing Quotes and Acts Of Kindness From James Gandolfini

RIP to thespian who never let the glow of stardom interfere with his conscientiousness, or his "normal guy" lifestyle.

Farm Bill 2013: Food Stamps Are Getting Thrown Under the Bus

The farm bill proposals burden the poor to line the pockets of the wealthy. They set up perverse incentives. To summarize: these are very, very bad bills.

Amanda Bynes is Alone

For someone with 2 million Twitter followers, the actress appears alone a lot.

Watch Andrew WK Drum For 24 Hours Straight

His all white shirt and pants betray the confidence in his intention to keep playing, even if he defecates, urinates, or vomits.

Immigration Reform 2013: Free Markets Are OK, But Free People Are Even Better

The current debate in Washington on immigration reform is predictably divided along political lines. Are policy makers willing to consider the economic effects of partisan decision making?

The Problem With #MyJihad: We Have Bigger Problems

The American Muslim community needs to let go of the pipe dream that trying to win over the word "jihad" is a worthy battle. Frankly, we have much bigger issues, starting from home.

Nobody Should Be Surprised That Vice Published a Suicide Fashion Spread

Making light of suicide is never okay, but if they had never called it fashion would we still be so mad at Vice for it?

Ed Markey: He's Running For Senate in the Wrong State — Literally

Ed Markey is running in the special election for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts to be held next week, but he resides in Maryland. He is continuing his disingenuity to the people of Massachusetts.

5 Reasons Why Egypt's Mohamed Morsi Severed Ties With Syria and Al-Assad

Some history, some news, tons of fun. There's many reasons that are leading Egypt to declare their diplomatic relationship with Syria null and void.

George Zimmerman Trial: How Can Zimmerman Have an All-Woman, 6-Member Jury?

Unconventional jury size and make-up is just the latest twist in the headline-making trial of George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin.

Syria War News: Arming Rebels is a Fool's Move By Obama

The diplomatic pitfalls of a negotiated peace in Syria are analyzed.

Gay Rights Have Soared Under the Obama Administration

Marriage equality in several states and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell aren't the only positive developments that LGBT Americans have seen since Obama took office.

Gun Control Laws: Mandatory Background Checks Are Back On the Table

Vice President Biden's announcement to host a gun control event on Tuesday revitalizes the debate on background checks for firearms.

Elbert Guillory Party Switch: State Legislator's Party Switch Confuses History and Policy

Guillory points to areas in which he feels Democratic policies have harmed African-Americans, and he might have a point — if these policies hadn't actually been pushed by Republicans too.

Paycheck Fairness Act: Would This Law Actually Make a Difference?

Ledbetter was the first step. Now Congress has the opportunity to truly “recognize” women with the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Instagram Video: Tries to Challenge Vine's 6-Second Video, But May Be Too Late

Facebook has taken notes of the 6-second videos taking over the web, and is expected to announce Thursday that Instagram is adding video.

Aaron Hernandez Murder Connection? LIVE Video From News Helicopter Following Patriots TE

New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is being linked to the shooting murder of his girlfriend's sister's boyfriend, whose body was found a half-mile from Hernandez's house.

4 Lessons We Can Learn From George Zimmer

An unconventional businessman and a vocal advocate of the millennial generation, George Zimmer's mysterious exit from Men's Wearhouse brings to mind his immense cultural influence.

Supreme Court Rulings 2013: Government Can't Force NGOs to Oppose Prostitution

In the USAID case, the Supreme Court ruled that the government can no longer require HIV/AIDS prevention organizations to make an anti-prostitution pledge.

G8 Summit 2013: Protesters Had a Point

Despite the sensationalized rhetoric of Occupy Wall Street, anarchists, or anti-globalization protesters, the G8 can struggle to live up to its lofty agenda setting.

Phil Gingrey: GOPer Tries to Criticize Gay Marriage, and Ends Up Giving the World's Worst Parenting Advice

Representative Phil Gingrey's recent comments on DOMA suggested that men and women are not equally capable of parenting. But is that what he really meant to say?

Sam Taylor-Johnson to Direct '50 Shades Of Grey' Movie, But Does It Still Have a Fighting Chance?

The adaptation of the explosive BDSM romance novel may have come too little too late, despite the credible people behind it.

6 Of Twitter's Best Photos From the Bulgarian Protests

Bulgaria is now the third state in turmoil this month, and if the #????withme hashtag is any indication, there are many compelling and even positive threads to see as the drama unfolds.

Summer Solstice 2013: 7 Things You Can Do Now That It's Officially Summer

Take advantage of the longest sun-filled day of the year by celebrating the glory that is summer.

James Gandolfini Died a Wonderful Actor and a Philanthrophic, Generous Man

Leaving behind his family, his work, and his legacy as one of the greatest actors of all time, he will be missed.

Student Loan Debt: Why is the Government Making a Profit Off Of Suffering Students?

The federal government has a profit center many never considered: student loans. This is unconscionable.

Dilma Rousseff: Brazil Protests Might Be Too Much For President to Handle

Fancy suits and smiles will only go so far to cover up Brazil's crumbling infrastructure and gritty street violence. Can President Rousseff even begin to change Brazil?

Immigration Reform 2013: What If Basketball Stars and Chemists Followed the Same Immigration Rules?

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Another Store Takes A Stand Against Body-Image Disorders And Refuses to Use Photoshop

Debenhams banned ads that feature airbrushed models, and they're asking competitors to join the crusade to show young girls that "perfect" is impossible.

Google Admits Asking Job Applicants Impossible Brainteasers Was Ego-Stroking "Waste Of Time"

Google stopped asking job applicants impossible riddles, saying they were a "waste of time" that "serve primarily to make the interviewer feel smart." Well, we could have told them that.

If You're Black, You're Nearly 4x As Likely to Be Arrested For Marijuana Possession

A new report by the American Civil Liberties Union reveals persistent racial bias in enforcement of the nation's drug laws, costing taxpayers billions of dollars and upending thousands of lives.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage: Will It Change the Stigmas Surrounding Gay Rights in the U.S.?

After Danielle Powell was expelled for her sexual orientation, it's time for this nation to recognize the rights of all people, gay, straight or otherwise.

Dolce & Gabbana Might Be Going to Jail

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, founders of Dolce & Gabbana luxury fashion label, were sentenced to 20 months in prison for tax avoidance. Will they ever see a jail cell?

Oakland A's Lawsuit: Is San Jose Suing to Save Baseball, Or Do They Just Want to Steal the Oakland A's?

The City of San Jose is suing Major League Baseball over unfair business practice allegations, but are they really just trying to steal the A's from Oakland?

Howard Dean 2016: Former Vermont Governor Is Considering 2016 Run

The former governor of Vermont, presidential nominee, and DNC chairman said Thursday that he would consider another run for the White House.

4 Date Movies That Will Make You Want to Be in Love

When it's time to sit down with a loved one and watch fictional characters be romantic, these five movies are sure to win someone special's heart, and could help you out a little too.

Can You Guess Whose D.C. Office This Is?

If you thought dysfunction in Washington was bad, you won’t believe the mess of those covering the Capitol.

Drone Strikes: FBI Admits That Drones Are Now Being Used On U.S. Soil

The recent confirmation that the United States has used surveillance drones on U.S. soil forces American citizens to consider the balance between privacy and security.

Elbert Guillory: GOP Language On Race Shapes How Minorities See the Party

Why do minorities tend to vote Democratic? It all has to do with the language that Republicans use.

Why Is North Carolina Trying to Charge Extra For Clean Cars?

The state wants to impose a fee of $50 and $100 on hybrid and electric cars respectively because they don’t pay the same amount in gasoline tax as drivers of less efficient traditional cars.

Paycheck Fairness Act: The Atlantic Admits Gender Pay Gap is a "Myth"

In reality, when you consider what jobs females are actually working in, the gender pay gap is almost at the point of erasure.

NSA Surveillance: Living Free Means Living With the Threat Of Terrorism

Defense of civil liberties has become fashionable as of late, but the current conversation misses the point entirely.

Supreme Court DOMA and Prop 8 Decisions Will Be Issued on June 26 or 27

On June 20, the Supreme Court issued three opinions, none of which were on gay marriage. However, that doesn't mean they aren't significant!

Watch Stephen Colbert's Moving Tearful Tribute to His Mother

Known for his politically-infused humor, Stephen Colbert took a few minutes to get serious and honor his deceased mom on air.

We Need More Michael Hastings in Modern Journalism

The loss of Michael Hastings is no small blow to journalism and the country.

Turkey Protests: Union Strikes Planned As Demonstrations Rage On

Erdogan's government needs to negotiate and stop the violence, or its international image might be permanently marred.

Google is Finally Removing Arbitrary Brainteasers From the Hiring Process

Are brainteasers an effective way of detecting candidates? Google doesn't seem to think so anymore.

Exodus International: "Ex-Gay" Organization Has Seen the Light and Closed Its Doors

When a person or group of people who have done wrong truly see the error in their ways and make a sincere and heartfelt apology, it is cause for acknowledgment.

June 20 Supreme Court Decisions: Two Opinions That Could Come Down Today

The Supreme Court will be handing down critical decisions this summer on a number of high profile cases, including DOMA, Prop. 8, affirmative action, and voting rights.

The U.S. Gives Special Immigration Rights to the Religious

A recent story coming to light about a UK woman's objection to a largely ignored clause in immigration procedure encourages renewed attention to the pledge to "take up arms" for naturalization.

Phil Gingrey DOMA: Despite What Gingrey Says, There's No "Best" Kind Of Parenting

Phil Gingrey's comments about traditional gender roles don't just sound silly — they're rooted in harmful and outdated views about the "best" kind of parenting

Brazil Protests 2013: Protesters Make It Clear They Won't Be Appeased By the Government

Brazilian officials have lowered bus taxes and yet the protests rage on. That's because demonstrators want real change, not government appeasements.

Naftali Bennett: Two-State Solution is "Dead End"

Netanyahu distances himself from more conservative opposition to the two state process. Is he really committed to it though? (Naftali Bennet pictured)

5 Culture Stories More Important Than Baby KimYe

Kim Kardashian and her new baby have been all over the news this week. If you're looking for a break, check out these interesting stories.

Can Fingernails Help Us Regenerate Lost Body Parts?

Proteins found in fingernails may hold the key to regrowing lost limbs, much like geckos and starfish.

8 Ways Your Summers Changed When You Went Off to College

You're telling me it's cool to hang out with your parents again?

James Comey FBI: Obama Chooses Successor to FBI Director Mueller

President Barack Obama will officially nominate James Comey as the next director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday.

Why is Politico Wasting Time Covering the NRSC and DSCC's Twitter War?

With multiple scandals engulfing the Obama administration, Politico devoted almost 1800 words to GOP and Dem staffers fighting on Twitter. A bit odd, don't you think?

Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision Expected Thursday

The Supreme Court will be handing down critical decisions this summer on a number of high profile cases, including DOMA, Prop. 8, affirmative action, and voting rights.

SCOTUS Live Blog: Making Judicial Opinions Interesting Since 2002

SCOTUSblog, which is solely dedicated to covering Supreme Court decisions, garners 500,000 views daily. Who said judicial opinions couldn't be fun.

Aaron Hernandez Stats

New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is being linked to the shooting murder of his girlfriend's sister's boyfriend, whose body was found a half-mile from Hernandez's house.

Who is Odin Lloyd?

New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is being linked to the shooting murder of his girlfriend's sister's boyfriend, whose body was found a half-mile from Hernandez's house.

Aaron Hernandez Shooting: Lawsuit Alleges Patriots TE Shot Man in Face in Florida

New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is being linked to the shooting murder of his girlfriend's sister's boyfriend, whose body was found a half-mile from Hernandez's house.

FIFA Confederations Cup Scores 2013: Italy Beats Japan 4-3

Two matches from Group A were played Wednesday, with Brazil and Italty scooping up wins and heading to the semis.

Aaron Hernandez Likely to Be Arrested

New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is being linked to the shooting murder of his girlfriend's sister's boyfriend, whose body was found a half-mile from Hernandez's house.

Live News Coverage of Hernandez, Linked With Murder

New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is being linked to the shooting murder of his girlfriend's sister's boyfriend, whose body was found a half-mile from Hernandez's house.