10 Reasons Frappuccinos Are the Worst

Frappuccinos are objectively, unequivocally, categorically awful. Here’s why.

Miami Heat 2013 Championship: Does it Prove the NBA Is Rigged?

Was NBA Commissioner David Stern involved in the NBA finals? Did Stern intentionally allow Joey Crawford to referee to increase merchandise sales?

Kickstarter Takes Down Super Creepy Seduction Guide, Donates $25,000 to Anti-Violence Fund

Kickstarter (finally) took a stand against all creepy seduction books everywhere and it felt amazing.

Gay Marriage 2013: No, It Won't Lead to Polygamy, Incest, Or Marrying Your Dog

Despite the fever dreams of some American conservatives, gay marriage won't lead to social breakdown. Who says your dog even wants to marry you, anyhow?

8 Rappers Who Aren't Too Cool For Video Games

Black Thought recently rapped about Super Mario Bros. on Jimmy Fallon's show, and he's far from the first emcee to incorporate video games into his life.

GCHQ: The British Are Spying On Us More Than the NSA Is

The latest revelations obtained from Edward Snowden detail a vast, top secret surveillance operation run by the British spy agency GCHQ to which the NSA had "direct access."

7 Common Misconceptions About Refugees For World Refugee Day

In 2012, 45.2 million people were uprooted due to extreme circumstances. Take a minute out your day to learn something about them.

Electric Daisy 2013: Full Festival Lineup and Live Stream

Vegas will once again host one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals over the weekend. Here's the full lineup and a live video steam.

Watch This Principal Get An Amazing Surprise He'll Never Forget

This retiring principal spent 36 years giving all he had to these elementary school kids... They weren't going to let him go without a surprise.

Russell Brand Morning Joe: Comedian's Rip Into Cable News Highlights Morning Joe's Superficiality

In a now viral segment on Morning Joe, the British comedian raises broader questions about the state of American news media.

5 Old White Men Who Are Champions For Women's Rights

The gender pay gap is disheartening, but it’s inspiring to see that at least some older white men do at least try to have women’s best interests at heart.

New Zealand Man Entirely Cured Of Parkinson's Symptoms From New Brain Treatment

This is the first hopeful message Parkinson's sufferers have heard in a long time.

Edward Snowden Iceland Asylum: Applying For Icelandic Citizenship May Be His Best Option

As it appears increasingly likely that Edward Snowden will seek refuge in Iceland, with a businessman already having a private plane lined up, applying for citizenship may be his best option.

This One Cheap Intervention Reduced Rape in Nairobi Slums By 63%

In Nairobi's slums, one in four teenage girls are raped each year. Teaching them self-defense techniques reduced that risk by 63%.

Obama Approval Rating Slides an Astonishing 17% With Millennials in Just One Month

Obama's numbers continue to fall in the face of an increasing number of scandals and leaks, which have put some Democratic members of Congress on edge.

Supreme Court Affirmative Action Ruling: Dear Harvard, Please Change Your Affirmative Action Policy

Socioeconomic class is a more fair, more American basis for affirmative action than race.

4 Brave Israeli Voices Against the Occupation

Here are a few Israelis, individuals and organizations alike, who are criticizing the Occupation. Hear them roar.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage 2013: A Look At All the Ways the Court Could Rule

The Supreme Court is preparing to release two opinions on gay marriage, but there will be more to it than a simple "yes" or "no." Here's a look at some of the ways in which the court could rule.

Syrian Civil War: Obama Has Been Secretly Sending Machine Guns to Syria For Months

An estimated 93,000 Syrian casualties have resulted from the civil conflict since April 2011, but how long has the United States really been arming these "rebel" groups?

Immigration Reform 2013: Inside the Amendment That Might Pass Comprehensive Reform

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage 2013: Could the Supreme Court (Of All Things) Rebuild Millennials' Faith in Government?

With its rulings on gay marriage and LGBT rights, the Supreme Court has a golden opportunity to begin building millennial faith in ability of government to properly function.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage 2013: Strike Down DOMA to Strike a Middle Ground

In the upcoming week, the Supreme Court will have the opportunity to strike down DOMA, in favor of public opinion, and eliminate the remnants of discrimination in our society.

Why Adults Are Flocking to the Movies to See Pixar Kids Films

Pixar has redefined the family movie genre. These animated films do not cater to children, rather they equally capture the hearts of multiple generations.

4 Ways You Can Survive Living With Your Parents

Unemployed and living at home? Me too. Sometimes its really sucks but here are some tips on how to stay sane.

Stephen Nodine Murder: 7 Other Politicians Elected to Office After Serving Time

As former Alabama politician Stephen Nodine is considering running for Congress from jail, here are seven other politicians who were elected or reelected after a jail sentence.

Meet Lauren Rankin: Activist, Jazz Musician, and Pundit Of the Week

As part of our pundit of the week blog, we spotlight one awesome PolicyMic-er to share their story with the community.

In Australia, Aboriginal Women Are 80 Times More Likely to Experience Violence

Violence against women isn’t something only happening “over there.” It's happening right here, and its happening all of the time.

How 3 World Dictators Also Spy On Their People

The U.S. may not be the only surveillance state in the world, there are differences between the purposes and outcomes of the PRISM program and how these other countries gather intelligence.

This is What a Millennial Feminist Looks Like

Feminists of today have many advantages our mothers didn’t have, and we know that these rights were hard earned. We also know that we have a hard fight ahead.

Micky Hurley's Disgusting Behavior Shows Why the Filthy Rich Get a Filthy Reputation

Designers Micky Hurley and Malu Custer Edwards are the Chilean power couple accused of abuse kept their nanny in "slave-like conditions" in their Manhattan Upper East Side home.

This Awesome Campaign is Going to Help Women Succeed in the Male-Dominated Music Industry

No matter how many records Taylor Swift sells, the music industry is still a boys club. Gender Amplified wants to change that.

Worried About Secondhand Smoke? Try Third-Hand Smoke

And in some ways, it could be even more dangerous than second-hand smoke.

HPV Vaccine: Gardasil Shows "Striking Results" 7 Years in, So Why Isn't It Fully Supported?

If Gardasil is a miracle vaccine, why are many parents still not vaccinating their children?

This Awesome Comedian is Teaching Spinning Classes to the Homeless With CitiBikes

Comedian Fat Jew is teaching NYC homeless people how to break a sweat on CitiBikes. Should the city's human services make it official?

Paula Deen Racial Slur: Sorry Paula, But "That's Just How I Was Raised" Won't Cut It

Paula Deen may have been born 60 years ago in the South. But that is no excuse for her racist comments.

Unpaid Internships Aren't the Problem — Working For Credit Is

Why working for free actually benefits millennials in the long run, but gaining college credit for internships doesn't.

Kim Kardashian Baby Name: Baby Kimye Is North West

A look back at the highs and lows all along the road that lead us to North West.

Mohamed Morsi: As 15,000,000 Demand His Resignation, Will Egypt Fall Into Chaos?

As Morsi continues to run the country with little regard for popular opinion or human rights, 15 million Egyptians have signed a petition calling for his resignation. Is chaos about to erupt?

Nancy Pelosi Abortion: Catholic Priest Writes Confrontational Letter to Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi's controversial remarks on abortion have prompted a letter from an equally controversial priest.

Why This Memoir On Bipolar Disorder Should Definitely Be On Your Summer Reading List

If you're one of the thousands of people fighting a similar battle to Jamison's Bipolar I Disorder or another psychological disorder, you may find comfort in her words.

Darrell Issa: Chairman Of the House Oversight Committee Desperately Needs His Own Oversight

Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-49) should drop the tirade against President Obama. The IRS scandal is no Watergate.

This Idaho Conservative is Afraid Gay Men Will Come to Work in Tutus

Cornel Rasor said he would like to maintain Idaho ordinances that permit discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation so that he can fire a gay employee who goes to work in a tutu.

Taksim Square Means Another Chance For Pampered Americans to Do "Conflict Tourism"

What is it that draws some Americans into dangerous conflicts abroad?

Gay Pride Month 2013: Will the Supreme Court Make This the Best Ever, Or the Worst?

With the Supreme Court slated to make its decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 in the very near future, will this June end up being the best or worst Gay Pride Month ever?

School Uses Student's Bikini Picture to Promote Social Media Safety

And then they insinuate that she's an alcohol abuser as well as a slut.

Supreme Court Affirmative Action 2013: We Still Have Structural Racism, So Why Shouldn't We Still Have Affirmative Action?

Discrimination and racism come in many forms, and affirmative action can help fight many of them. Why should we scrap a program that's working?

PolicyMic Is Looking For a Paid Viral Content & Social Justice Intern

You wanna write for us... we know you want it.

Where is Jimmy Hoffa? The Definitive Story of an American Legend

After the latest failed attempt at finding his remains, we remember who Jimmy Hoffa was: an American legend that mysteriously disappeared.

Racial Justice Act Repeal: N.C. Governor Pat McCrory Just Brought Back Racially-Motivated Executions

I love North Carolina — I really do. But why Governor McCrory is repealing the Racial Justice Act and re-opening the door to racially-biased executions is just unfathomable.

NBA Finals Game 7: Drake Gets Hilariously Denied Entrance to Heat Locker Room

Drake's hilarious response when the security guard said no? "I am media."

Christian School Kicks Girl Off Football Team After CEO "Prays" About It — What Gives?

According to school CEO Patrick Stuart, "men and women are created equal but different," and after praying about it, he decided "it was the wrong thing to do to allow [a girl] on the team."

Taksim Square Protests: Turkey Might Finally Become a True Democracy

Civil unrest across Turkey could create an opening for greater democratization in the country.

5 Reasons Flight TWA 800 Delivers More Bad News For the Feds

The reputation of government suffers as former investigators of the mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800 break their silence.

Watch Bush and Obama Say Literally the Exact Same Thing On the NSA Scandal

A clear line can be drawn from the surveillance policies under Bush to those we are seeing under Obama, highlighting his commitment to the established regime of secretive state surveillance.

'The Bling Ring' Movie Review: Sofia Coppola Turns Trash Into Art

At least Sofia Coppola made art out of it for us that’s much more worth our time than any of the coverage of the actual events.

Oversharing is Ruining Social Media

With all of the news about the NSA Prism program, shouldn't we be more careful with what we post online? Here's why accessibility and over sharing is ruining social media.

Tesla Battery Exchange: The Game-Changing Auto Innovation That Will Make Electric Cars a Thing

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk wipes out one of the biggest benefits gas-powered cars have over electric cars by revealing exchangeable batteries for the Model S.

NSA PRISM Scandal: Libertarians Don't Have the Answer to Government Surveillance

The libertarian ideology does not provide a coherent response to the federal government monitoring your email.

You're Eating the Fruits of Slave Labor

We often hear about the horrors of forced labor, but we forget that it might exist right on our plates.

Kim Jong-Un: Does North Korea Want to Kiss and Make Up, Or Are They Just Bluffing?

Will the U.S. and North Korea learn to make nice? Depends on whether China wants us to.

Spurs NBA Finals Loss: Tim Duncan Doesn't Need Another NBA Finals Ring to Cement His Legacy

Spurs power forward Tim Duncan has been the best player in the post-Jordan era.

6 Liberty-Oriented Great Thinkers Who Say No to the War On Drugs and Prohibition

The War on Drugs is based on emotion. Therefore, only reason can beat it. Here is what 6 great thinkers have to say/would have said about this nonsensical intervention.

Yahya Jammeh: How Wealthy Chinese Are Escaping to Hong Kong, Courtesy Of a West African Dictator

By buying their way into Gambia, Chinese mainlanders can in turn get Hong Kong permanent residency papers — but what are the costs for the small, Western African nation?

5 Cuban Bloggers Who Open Up Their Island (and Themselves) to the Rest Of the World

They may not be named Yoani Sanchez, but they are still creating a robust, independent, and interesting Cuban blogosphere.

Immigration Reform 2013: With the So-Called "Border Surge," Senate Reaches "Grand Bargain"

After a week of lobbying for patience, if not support, Schumer has managed to fight the immigration bill out of the grave and on its way to what looks like a filibuster-proof majority.

Is Environmentalism Hurting Economic Prosperity?

We spend so much money studying the impact of human activity on the environment and comparatively little on how regulations affect the economy and whether or not they are even effective.

81% Of New Yorkers Support This Bill, So Why Is Its Passage Uncertain?

The conservative State Senate is the only thing standing in the way of Gov. Andrew Cuomo signing the Women's Equality Act.

This LG Commerical Shows Just How Bad Millennial Oversharing is

Have we lost our ability to live in the moment without tweeting, texting, or Instagramming about our lives? The new LG "FabShare" commercial indicates we have.

Watch Mickey Mouse Get Shipped Off to Vietnam

Disney's most iconic character is featured in a little known 1968 anti-war cartoon that has recently emerged on the internet.

ELLE Editor Confirms What We Already Knew: Women's Magazines DO Publish "Serious Journalism"

Responding to the notion that women's magazines do not publish serious material, ELLE editor Robbie Myers comes to the defense of her fellow female writers and readers.

Greek Financial Crisis 2013: Greeks Fight Closing Of National Broadcast Service

As part of austerity measures being imposed by the EU, the Greek government has shut down the country's national TV broadcaster. Greeks are not pleased.

Has the Media Given Us the Most Accurate Coverage Of the PRISM Scandal? Probably Not

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Third Party voter, I guarantee that you are unhappy with the current state of radio, television, and online media.

Eric Holder Fox News: Holder Goes After Innocent Conservative Journalists, While Ignoring Liberals

Is Holder going easy on journalist Curtis Morrison because of his political leanings? Holder was a lot harder on Fox News's James Rosen and the AP.

America's New Trade Representative Has An Opportunity to Make Trade Sexy (Again?)

America's newly confirmed Trade Representative seems to have all the right stuff to change how the United States does business with the world.

NSA Spying Program: The Obama Administration's Dragnet Is Not Worth the Sacrifice In Privacy

The NSA's domestic surveillance program is destined to expand beyond counter-terrorism, and poses a serious threat to our reasonable expectations of privacy.

Weekly Culture Round Up: Summer's Best Art Exhibits and 'Yeezus' Mania

Between 'Yeezus' and Baby North it's safe to say the Kardashian-West family dominated pop culture this week, but there was oh-so-much more to soak up as well.

Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado About Nothing' Is Something Fun

Joss Whedon's whimsical take on Shakespeare's original romantic comedy shows a troop of filmmakers having fun with their craft.

Is High School Too Early to Take On An Internship?

There is debate whether it is too soon for high school students to do internships, but the truth is that it is the perfect time to try out a career goal or find a new one.

Trafficking in Persons Report: State Department Lists China and Russia As Worst

A new report from the State Department demotes China and Russia, designating each as among the world's worst social traffickers.

I is Another's Debut Album Leaves Little to Be Desired

This might be their first album, but these guys are pros.

'All About Eve' is a 1950 Classic With a Distinctly 2013 Edge

'All About Eve' packs a bitchy punch, features Marilyn Monroe's first on screen appearance, and proves the gender wars were raging even back then.

FIFA Confederations Cup Scores 2013: Spain, Uruguay Win

Spain sets a record in a 10-0 smoking; Uruguay squeaks past Nigeria 2-1.