17 Haunting Images Of China's Ghost Cities

All across China, massive construction products have caused skyscrapers to spring up overnight. But with no one to populate them, China's brand new metropolises are lonely places to live.

13-Year-Old Colorado Boy Sodomized By Peers, and Then Ostracized by Town

This is a side of rape culture that hardly ever sees the light of day.

Why Was Absinthe Banned For 100 Years? A Mystery As Murky As the Liquor Itself

It turns out a liquor we banned for over a century wasn't that harmful after all.

5 Reasons Why Lebron James Is the Chosen One

Lebron James answered his critics again, defeating the Spurs in Game 7 and once again laying claim to the moniker "Chosen 1". Here are five reasons why.

8 Of This Week's Best (Er, "Best") Right-Wing Nutjob Quotes

These statements are just to good —I mean, offensive — to miss. Enjoy.

Pope Francis I: Can Populist Pope At the Head Of a Reluctant Church Accomplish Anything?

There's little doubt among believers and non-Catholics alike that Pope Francis' intentions are good, and that he wants to change the church for the better. But will the church let him do it?

Immigration Reform 2013: Completing a Bill Before Summer Recess Is Critical

Completing an immigration bill would inject some certainty into the economy and fulfill promises both parties made during the election season. So what's taking so long?

Feminist Taylor Swift: The Hero Our Generation Needs

Taylor Swift is the voice of our generation — as long as there's a bit of feminist-friendly editing to drive the point home.

Edward Snowden: A Private Contractor Gave Snowden His Security Clearance — and Missed the Red Flags

Not only was Snowden himself a private contractor, the government largely outsources the process of conducting background checks for security clearances to private contractors.

Marijuana Legalization: California's Two Favorite Things, Pot and Nature, May Have to Fight It Out

Environmental groups are becoming increasingly concerned about the hidden ecological consequences of California's growing marijuana industry.

Canada Flooding 2013: Calgary and Southern Alberta Get Hit With the Worst Floods In Years

Calgary and the rest of Southern Alberta has been hit with massive flooding, showing the rest of the world the resilience and cooperative spirit that Canadians possess.

25 Of the Most Absurd Band Names — and Where They Came From

Some of the most well-known and popular bands have rather bizarre stories surrounding how they got their name.

Bank of America Foreclosure Scandal: Customer Power, Not Regulation, Will Solve Corporate Corruption

Americans shouldn't look to government to prevent unethical behavior of the kind alleged against Bank of America in its misuse of HAMP. It is up is up to consumers to punish corrupt businesses.

Texas Abortion Bill: 700 Texans Stage "People's Filibuster" Against Anti-Abortion Bill

Republicans have tried to force it through in a special legislative session, but Texans are having none of that.

Supreme Court DOMA: The Anachronistic Law Must Be Struck Down

DOMA is a massive, anachronistic misnomer that does not defend marriage itself but rather a just narrowly defined and discriminatory concept of marriage. As such it must be struck down.

Tips For "Coming Out" to Friends, Family, and the World — As An Atheist

Revealing yourself to your family as a freethinker can be incredibly stressful, especially if they're among the faithful. Is it worth the trouble?

Immigration Reform 2013: Whether Or Not a Bill Passes, Congress Gets Its Summer Vacay

Congress is faced with the task of reaching a decision on immigration reform, the goal being to make sure all loose ends are tied up before going on a summer break to avoid delays.

NSA Surveillance Scandal: Former Whistleblower Russ Tice Alleges That NSA Spied On Obama in 2004

Former NSA intelligence analyst Russ Tice, a whistleblower who helped reveal the agency's warrantless wiretapping program under Bush, claims that the NSA wiretapped Barack Obama in 2004.

The 5 Causes That Have Led Brazilians to Take to the Streets

Amidst concerns over the fact that Brazilian protesters were unorganized, a video allegedly released by the Brazil Anonymous group tries to unite the protesters under "5 causes."

Texas Passed Abortion Laws In a Special Session, Because Trampling On Women's Rights Can't Wait

The Texas Senate passed an anti-abortion bill in a special session, raising questions of what kind of environment Texas will create for the women who live there.

NBA Finals 2013: 5 Events That Captured the Best of Basketball — and the Best Of Sports

The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs treated NBA fans to a spectacular seven-game series filled with memorable moments. These are the five things that stand out the most.

Moral Monday North Carolina: Why Aren't Young People Leading the Charge For Justice In North Carolina?

Civil rights activists in North Carolina are at work, but it's those who have already fought these battles who lead the way.

Military Sexual Assault: Combat Isn't the Most Dangerous Place For Female Soldiers — Here's What Is

Defend our female soldiers from sexual assault within the ranks, so they can defend us.

Marijuana Legalization: How Local Communities Can Band Together to Reduce Pot Arrests

Black Americans are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana arrests despite comparable usage rates. Local communities can intervene to reduce this inequity.

Claire McCaskill: Missouri Senator Launches a Noble War On Sexual Assault — At the Wrong Target

While Senator Claire McCaskill's efforts to protect sexual assault victims in the armed forces should be applauded, her hold on Susan Helms' nomination should not.

USDA Subsidizes Vodka, Bloody Mary Mix, and Midwestern Wine, Proving Freedom and Alcohol Don't Always Go Together

The Department of Agriculture has subsidized a number of alcohol companies around the country that wouldn't have a prayer otherwise. Meanwhile we're cutting assistance for needy families.

Ken Mehlman Gay Marriage: Will Gay Marriage Ever Become Part Of the GOP Agenda?

Introducing Ken Mehlman, an openly gay Republican who is on a mission to introduce same-sex marriage to the Republican agenda.

Rwandan Genocide: 20 Years Later, Is Rwanda Ready to Give Its People Fair Trials?

Five men suspected of crimes relating to the 1994 Rwandan genocide have been arrested in the UK and are awaiting extradition to Rwanda, but can their native country give them a fair trial?

3 Ways Obama Plans to Combat Climate Change, And Save His Legacy

President Obama is expected to announce a number of executive orders to reduce America's carbon footprint and curb global warming — which could just save his legacy.

10 Of the Most Highly Rated #PaulaDeenTVShows

After Paula Deen admitted to using racial slurs and throwing a Civil War-themed party, Twitter went to work pretty quickly.

Big Surprise — Countries That Try to "Pray Away the Gay" Are Not Huge Fans Of Gays

A Pew poll indicates that with a few exceptions, the best way to predict a society's acceptance of homosexuality is by looking at its level of religious belief.

5 TV Shows That Unexpectedly Changed the World

5 TV shows that may not have the highest production values, but have made an international mark and showed us everyone's the same (and we all hate our jobs).

Congress SNAP Challenge: Can You Live On Food Stamps? Sure. Should Congress Encourage It? Definitely Not

A Republican staffer who claimed it's easy to survive on food-stamp money for a week may have been right in the short term, but if we don't encourage healthy eating, we'll all pay down the road.

Hassan Rouhani: Why Iran's New President Won't Change His Country's Foreign Relations

The U.S. has consistently tried to undermine the Iranian government. Hassan Rouhani has no incentive to trust America.

Alabama Abortion Bill: Planned Parenthood, ACLU Sue State Over Clinic Restrictions

Reproductive rights organizations speak out against a new law that imposes impossible-to-meet requirements on doctors, and would close 3 of the state's 5 abortion clinics.

A Wealthier China Means More Chinese Tourists With Expensive Taste

As Chinese become the largest group of tourists by country in the world, their consumer behavior patterns signal a new wave of thought that companies might think of adapting to.

Brazil Protests 2013: Bus Fare Increases Just Add Insult to Injury

Brazil's government has clearly failed its people, in more ways than just too-expensive bus fares.

Hillary Clinton Says She Wants to See a Woman President In Her Lifetime. Who Will It Be?!?!

Hillary Clinton tells Toronto audience that she wants to see a woman president in her lifetime, prompting renewed speculation that she may be poised to announce her candidacy for 2016.

From Clinton to Gillibrand, Research Shows We See Female Politicians As ... Not That Feminine

A recently published study in "Political Psychology" shows female politicians are less likely to be defined by traditionally female stereotypes.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal: Two Congressmen Fight to Restore Honor to Expelled Gay Soldiers

Before the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, over 100,000 military service members were dishonorably discharged for their sexual orientation, denying them veterans' rights to this day.

Edward Snowden Charged: U.S. Charges NSA Whistleblower With Theft and Espionage

The U.S. government has charged NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden with theft of government property, and violating the Espionage Act on two counts. Hong Kong authorities have yet to react.

Will MOOCs Revolutionize Higher Ed — Or Will They Just Make It Even More Expensive?

While the world is increasingly globalized, education is not far behind. But at what cost?

This 14-Year-Old North Dakotan Knows More About Good Government Than Her State Lawmakers

With the end of North Dakota's 63rd legislative session comes tax relief, oil mining funds, and disappointment on most other issues.

Vice Magazine Suicide: Magazine Learns a Thing Or Two About Using Mental Illness to Sell Copies

As usual, Vice Magazine sparked controversy with its content. However this time around, they actually issued an apology.

Edward Snowden Leaks: Should Young People Trust Snowden, the Establishment, Or No One At All?

As the PRISM scandal continues, is any one side completely trustworthy?