Ohio High School's Dress Code Bans African-American Hairstyles

In their new dress code, the high school states that black girls cannot wear ponytails or braids. What?

Watch What Happens When Wine "Connoisseurs" Are Given the Same Glass Of Wine Over and Over

Sorry, snobs, but science just demonstrated that Franzia = Grand Cru. Eat your blue-blooded heart out.

Company Sells Pork-Laced Bullets Designed To Send Muslims To Hell

An Idaho-based company enraged by Muslims has come up with a way to stop them: pork-laced bullets. Their plan is simple: shoot a Muslim and deny them Paradise.

Death Penalty Repeal: It's Necessary to Use Capital Punishment in a Free World

As the leader of the free world, the U.S. must retain and exercise its right to the death penalty.

8 Whistleblowers Charged With Violating the Espionage Act Under Obama

With the U.S. government charging Edward Snowden with violations of the Espionage Act, a total of eight people have now been charged by the Obama administration under the World-War-I-era law.

Welcome to America, Where the Poorest People Pay the Highest in Medical Bills

Healthcare in the U.S. in the most expensive in the world. These two charts on soaring health care costs for poor people in America are disturbing.

Paula Deen Racist: So We're Apparently Outraged, But How Do We Really Feel?

The reaction to Paula Deen's racism is part and parcel of a sinister American tradition: building up idolatrous characters, then viciously tearing them down as soon as it's convenient.

Xbox One Release: Microsoft Needs to Drop the Bells and Whistles, and Stick to Making Good Games

Right now, Microsoft's latest gaming console is being promoted as being for everything except gaming. Considering the price tag, that needs to change.

"Man Of Steel" Review: You Wouldn't Get a Chance to See It If the Pentagon Didn't Like It

It’s an open secret in Hollywood that before the MPAA reviews many movies, the Pentagon does.

Supermoon 2013: It's Not Too Late to See This Year's Supermoon!

Tonight's supermoon will still be visible, beginning at 9 p.m. EDT. Make sure to get out there and see it before it's gone again for another year!

3 Ways PRISM and Edward Snowden Have Exposed Obama As a Hypocrite

During an interview with Huff Post Live, I was asked how I could claim Obama's actions on PRISM were hypocritical. Here is my answer.

Immigration Reform 2013: Senate Puts Final Polish On Massive Bill Likely to Be Trashed By House

The Senate continues to plow ahead on comprehensive immigration reform, with a full floor vote expected to come as early as this Tuesday. But how will the House react?

Find Out Why the World's Most Exclusive Social Network Just Kicked Out Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan, known as "myspace for millionaires," is just many of the social networking sites that caters to a particular membership. Exclusive, yes, but unethical... probably not.

FIFA Confederations Cup Scores 2013: Group A Concludes With Thrilling Brazilian Victory

Group A wrapped up Saturday, with Brazil remaining undefeated and Mexico inching past Japan.

CitiBikes NYC Inspires "The Fat Jew" to Start Soul Cycle Class For Homeless People

It's exactly what it sounds like, and it's hilarious and awesome. "I want the homeless people of New York to have sick bodies, they could have really gorgeous bodies."

Farm Bill 2013: Why the House of Representatives is Totally Useless

The House of Representatives votes down an already far-right farm bill, destroying almost any hope for future compromise on just about anything.

George Zimmerman Trial: Don't Forget It Nearly Didn't Happen

George Zimmerman's trial for the death of Trayvon Martin commenced this previous week. As the nation watches this case move forward, it shouldn't forget Zimmerman was nearly set scot free.

NASA Astronaut Group 21: 8 Brave New Astronauts to Visit Asteroid — Then Mars

Astronaut Group 21 will be the first people on Mars, if NASA has anything to say about it. And the new astronauts are nothing like the old.

Hassan Rouhani Iran: Don't Expect Iran to Become a Western-Style Democracy

The elections in Iran might bring change in the power structure, but not a western-style democracy. As for Iran's strategic regional ambitions, they should remain unchanged.

Netroots Nation Conference 2013: Pelosi Gets Boo'd, Heckled, Told "You Suck!" By Attendees Over PRISM Scandal

Defending Obama's record on civil liberties did not go down well with the crowd attending Nancy Pelosi's Netroots Nation Conference 2013 speech. It did not go very well at all.

"Nothing Was the Same" Release Date: Drake Has Something to Prove With New Album

Drizzy just announced a release date for his album and dropped four new tracks. Can he show us how much he's matured as an artist on September 17?

Edward Snowden Tracker: Is Ecuador His Next Destination?

It looks like Edward Snowden lucked out on his choice of Hong Kong as a temporary refuge from U.S. pursuit, as the nation has reportedly let him flee to Ecuador via Russia — without a passport.

Mohammed Assaf: Can Palestine's "Arab Idol" Winner Help End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

Mohammed Assaf is not just a Palestinian wedding singer who has an incredible voice, and he's not just the winner of "Arab Idol." He's also now a Palestinian special ambassador.

Edward Snowden Ecuador: He's Not a Spy, He's Just Fleeing Life in Prison

He'll be flying through Russia and Cuba, but is it so he can pass on government secrets or just a safe flight plan?

A Diehard Thunder Fan Asked Russell Westbrook for a Very Special Assist, And This is What He Got

The All-Star point guard can set up more than just his teammates.

Syria Intervention: Arming Anti-Assad Rebels Could Level the Playing Field

Everything you need to know about the Obama administration's plan in Syria, in one neat little package.

Military Sexual Assault: the Status Quo Simply Will Not Cut It

With Senator Levin's decision to strike Senator Gillibrand's amendment from a defense spending bill, we must reiterate the obvious: that you cannot change a culture by maintaining the status quo.

Where is Edward Snowden? PRISM Leaker Leaves Hong Kong For Moscow

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has apparently made the jump from Japan to Hong Kong. A source implies the local government may have purposefully let him leave.

Obama PRISM Scandal: Why Don't Americans Trust the Feds On Surveillance?

The less we know about how our federal government is trying to protect our country, the less we trust them to protect our freedoms as well. Transparency is the key.

Seattle Fast Food Workers' Strike the 7th Of Its Kind

Fast food workers are striking across the country. Do you know why?

Taliban Peace Talks Will Not Lead to Lasting Peace in Afghanistan

The United States has opened up negotiations with the Taliban, but it is the Afghan system itself that needs to change, not the parties in it.

Jeffrey Skilling Trial: Ex-Enron CEO Gets 10 Years Off Prison Sentence

A U.S. District Judge has reduced the 24-year sentence of Jeffrey Skilling, the former CEO of Enron, by 10 years.

Frackademia: University of Tennessee Set to Lease Forest For Fracking, Enriching Governor's Family

In the latest example of "frackademia" — or energy corporations infiltrating the university system — the University of Tennessee is leading 8,600 acres for fracking.