Marijuana Legalization: 11 States On the Cusp Of Going Green

Eleven states are making great strides towards marijuana legalization. Is yours one of them?

An End to DOMA

Why is this NFL superstar so committed to the gay rights cause? Because we, as defined by our laws, are trying to take away the essential human right to be free.

'Love in the Future' Review: John Legend's New Album is Classically Sexy

Legend’s quest for “modern soul” leads us to the hot sex of R&B with the mild manners of Gospel.

Wendy Davis: Meet The Woman Speaking For 13 Hours To Filibuster Texas' Anti-Abortion Bill

The woman, the legend. Watch this state senator talk her way to blocking Texas' most anti-abortion bill yet.

7 Reasons Gay Marriage Will Help You Even If You're Straight

Allowing same-sex couples to marry harms no one. Instead, it benefits both LGBT people AND America as a nation.

10 Reasons Florida is the Weirdest State in America

With the George Zimmerman trial under way, it's time to reflect on the things that have made Florida the nuttiest state in the union.

Wendy Davis Filibuster LIVE: Watch Her 13-Hour Speech for Abortion Rights

Texas state Senator Wendy Davis is attempting a heroic 13-hour filibuster to block some of the harshest anti-abortion laws ever proposed in America. Can she do it?

Karmin Acapella: 10 Reasons Why "Acapella" is Musical Perfection

On June 10, Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, the dynamic duo behind Karmin, dropped their latest single, "Acapella." It was genius.

9 Reasons You Should Be Worried About What's Happening in Texas

This is what you need to know about a disturbing bill which has sparked controversy in Texas.

'True Blood' Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: They’re All Going to Burn

This week on "True Blood," Bill 2.0 sees the future, vampire rights are non-existent, Sookie has a new love interest, and other supernaturals are feeling the pressure to come out.

An Open Letter to the Only Black Supreme Court Justice From an Angry Black Woman

Justice Clarence Thomas is the only black Supreme Court justice, and yet he just voted to strike down our nation's signature civil rights legislation. How could this happen?

Justice Ginsburg Dissent In Shelby v. Holder Is a Big Middle Finger to the Conservative Majority

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a #crushing dissent to the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision Tuesday to strike down a part of the Voting Rights Act. These four quotes are absolute gems.

Wale 'The Gifted' Review: Rapper Lives Up to Album Title

The DC rapper's new album hits the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, making for one of the most challenging efforts of the year.

Texas Abortion Law: Why You Shouldn't Mess With Texas Women

For the last week, Texas pro-choice protesters have ccupied the Texas Legislature, fighting an anti-abortion bill. They are proof that progressivism exists in red states.

DOMA and Prop 8: The Supreme Court Could Punt On Gay Marriage

The details of the DOMA and Prop 8 cases at the Supreme Court make it very possible that gay marriage won't be decided on by the Court.

Why the Supreme Court’s Voting Decision is a Disaster for Our Democracy

SCOTUS's Shelby County, Ala. v. Holder decision is a huge blow to anyone who cares about civil rights, equality, and justice before the law. Here's exactly why.

Was Michael Hastings Murdered? Internet Conspiracy Theories Are Rife

A journalist whose job involves exposing powerful people, an alleged investigation by the FBI, and a fiery death in a bizarre car crash. It's impossible not to wonder.

Edward Snowden News: Snowden Finally Reveals Himself to Be a Traitor

Is Snowden a hero or a traitor? He answered that question with an interview on his motives.

DOMA Supreme Court: What Is "Judicial Engagement," and Why Could It Save Same-Sex Marriage?

The only change for same-sex marriage to prevail without trampling the Constitution is if the Supreme Court practices judicial engagement. Same-sex marriage advocates should know this term.

Supreme Court Decisions 2013: 6 Major Cases Will Be Decided This Summer

The SCOTUS affirmative action decision was a dud. How will the Supreme Court rule on the Voting Rights Act and gay marriage?

Edward Snowden In Russia: Updates On the NSA Leaker's Location

Follow this liveblog for updates on Edward Snowden's whereabouts, as the American hero, to some, spy, to others, attempts to evade U.S. authorities.

Be Kind, Rewind: Why Cassette Tapes Are Making a Comeback

Cassette tapes are thriving in the DIY music community. Am I dreaming?

5 Millennial Writers You Should Have Read By Now

These five millennial writers offer a sometimes poignant, often analytical, and always unique approach to the vast world of creative nonfiction.

3 Ways 'Mad Men' Season 6 Was All About Class Warfare

The servant class/ruling class dynamic of "Downton Abbey" was all over "Mad Men" this season.

Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup But Their Reputation Remains Tainted By Racism

The Blackhawks claimed victory against the Boston Bruins and won the 2013 Stanley Cup. But in spite of their partnership with the American Indian Center, their success is still marred by racism.

12-Year-Old Girl Kicked Off Football Team Because Boys Might Have "Impure" Thoughts

So, obviously, the answer is to punish the girl and let boys be boys.

5 Secrets For Success From 5 Wildly Successful Women

Wondering how you can lean in when you barely have a career? Five fabulous working women share their secrets.

Immigration Reform 2013: Senate to Debate Key Amendment to Immigration Bill

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

DOMA and Immigration Reform: The Surprising Crossover

The Defense of Marriage Act makes it impossible for the federal government to recognize lawful marriages between a U.S. citizen and a foreign-born spouse. That needs to change.

This Is What A Cuban-Egyptian Feminist Clothing Line Looks Like

The Scandar sisters are streamlining the new generation of fashion, and PolicyMic had a chance to talk to them about their unique clothing company.

Anthony Kennedy: Will This 76-Year-Old Conservative Justice Usher in Gay Marriage?

With the current Supreme Court cases, Justice Anthony Kennedy is the most crucial player. His swing vote will likely be the determining vote in SCOTUS' decisions.

5 Signs That Disney Has Supported Gay Rights For Over 2 Decades

A closer look at the history of Disney shows that the company may have been sporting a gay rights agenda for over two decades.

Deanna Gines: Did Chris Brown Assault This 24-Year-Old?

A 24-year-old woman claims R&B singer Chris Brown assaulted her at a California nightclub over the weekend, leaving her with a knee injury that may require surgery.

Massachusetts Election Results: LIVE Updates On Gomez-Markey Race

Gabriel Gomez and Rep. Ed Markey are finishing their fight for Secretary of State John Kerry's Senate seat. Who will win? Probably Markey, but the race isn't over yet.

Why These Baby Names Suddenly Became Popular

Americans are highly influenced by pop culture, but can you guess which names from our favorite movies, books, and TV shows rose to the top of baby name charts?

Daniel Somers Suicide: Soldier's Note Reveals the Dangers Of American Foreign Policy

Somers' letter is a grim reminder of the largely ignored plight of veterans and a severe indicment of a militaristic foreign policy that promises to harms both our security and liberty.

Where is Snowden Going?

The Chinese government played a significant role in letting Snowden go. Where is Snowden headed, and what will his presence mean for his host country?

Immigration Reform 2013: This Time Around, No One Cares About Making America "English Only"

American culture has become too integrated to continue the "English-only movement" of the last decade. Today we see the last sparks of a failed assimilation immigration amendment.

Wendy Davis Texas: Everything You Need to Know About the Woman Filibustering the State's Radical Anti-Abortion Bill

From teen mom to Harvard Law School graduate, Wendy Davis is one remarkable woman.

11 Small Daily Changes That Lead to a Healthier Life

Everyday obligations and habits get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. But here are eleven small changes that go a long way to improve both your physical and mental health.

20 Books From the Last 2 Decades That Made it Onto High School Reading Lists

Whether you are a student or just someone looking for a more sophisticated beach read, you will enjoy these new classics.

Whose Fault is It If Your Degree is Useless?

One senator has introduced a Know Before You Go Act, which insures that institutions release accurate statistics about completion rates, job prospects, and costs before students choose majors.

George Zimmerman Trial Day 2 Highlights: Skittles, Arizona Iced Tea, and a 9mm Handgun

A recap of the highlights of the second day of the controversial trial of George Zimmerman, the man who stands accused of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Pharrell Williams is the Undisputed Champion Of the Summer Anthem

Maybe, just maybe, America will be forced to finally pay respect to the greatness that is Pharrell Williams.

The Hilarious Reason Hong Kong Wouldn't Give the U.S. Edward Snowden

Hong Kong authorities have reportedly said that the U.S. government's request to arrest Edward Snowden was incomplete because the U.S. did not spell out his name in full.

7 TV Characters Who Understand the Post-College Slump

Ever feel like you're the only person going through a post-college slump? That is not the case. Here are seven TV characters who get what adjusting to life after college is like.

George Zimmerman Trial: Defense Attorney Tells Awkward Knock-Knock Joke, Reveals Incompetence

Zimmerman's defense counsel Don West kicked off the proceedings on Monday with a tasteless knock-knock joke that serves as a harbinger for future miscalculations.

What It's Like to Play Candy Crush, the Best Social Game Of All Time

Climbing atop leader boards and thinking about going public, the game is a true testament to everything that's right about social gaming ... and wrong about gaming in general.

Supreme Court Voting Rights Act: Landmark Civil Rights Law Gutted in 5-4 Decision

Today, the Supreme Court gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act and made a clear declaration that the court is no longer interested in what it views as racial issues of the past.

Texas Abortion Bill: The Whole Country Should Pay Attention to It

This week in Texas, there has been a dust up about abortion rights, and the fundamental right to choose should be absolutely everyone's concern.

NSA PRISM Program: This is What Happens When You Ask the NSA for Your Information Back

ProPublica's Jeff Larson filed an FOIA request with the NSA seeking details of data it might hold on him. While didn't expect an answer, he got one...saying that the NSA couldn't answer him.

Massachusetts Special Election 2013: Ed Markey For Senate, If Only Because He's Not Gabriel Gomez

The choice facing Massachusetts voters today is a simple one: An uninspiring Democrat or an unqualified Republican? After 37 years in Washington, at least we know Ed Markey can do the job.

Immigration Reform 2013: Rubio's Bill Won't Hold Water in the House Until Border is Secure

Senator Bob Corker and his amendment to step up border security will not save John Boehner from the conservative right on the Gang of Eight "immigration reform."

George Zimmerman Trial: 9 Clear Facts We Can All Agree On

Americans should think deeply about the issues raised by the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Minority Americans face racial profiling every day.

7 Most Ignorant Things GOP Politicians Have Said About Rape

The Grand Old Party isn't to grand to victims of rape.

Shelby County v. Holder: Constitutional Principles Explained In Plain English

Here is an attempt to rewrite, in plain English and with some of my own additions, the principles behind Tuesday's Voting Rights Act case.

Edward Snowden: Edward Snowden Is Being Treated As a Hero For All the Wrong Reasons

Edward Snowden is a hero to those who desperately need him to be a hero. The reality is that Edward Snowden is a utilitarian cog in the grand scheme of the civilizing process.

Supreme Court DOMA: 5 Reasons Conservatives Should Want SCOTUS to Allow Gay Marriage

The truth is that from family stability to freedom of contract, gay marriage honors principles that conservatives have always fought for. Here's why we should support it.

Coy Mathis: Transgender Colorado First-Grader Wins Lawsuit, Can Use Girls' Restroom

Do school districts need to be more sensitive toward alternative forms of gender identity? A 6-year-old transgender girl revealed how a person can make a difference in her community and society.

Facebook Owns You and You Can Never Leave

You can walk away for a year, two years, live out in a shack in the woods but there will come a day where you find yourself wanting to check back to Facebook.

Section 4 Voting Rights Act Decision: The 5 Points You Need to Know

In Shelby County v. Holder, the Supreme Court ruled that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. What does that actually mean?

Introducing the New Account Settings at PolicyMic

You're going to like what you can do.

Edward Snowden Isn’t Doing Himself — Or Other Whistleblowers — Any Favors by Traveling to Russia

The longer Snowden refuses to defend his decision to reveal the PRISM program, the harder it will be for him to look like a hero.

Will Sex Fiend Silvio Berlusconi Actually Serve the 7 Years He Was Sentenced To?

Italy’s ex-prime minister sentenced to 7 years prison for abusing office and paying for sex with underage Moroccan nightclub dancer “Ruby the HeartStealer.” Will he serve? Doubt it.

Fisher vs. University of Texas: Court Rules Abby Fisher is Basically Ginny Weasley

Fisher v. University of Texas, the major Supreme Court affirmative action ruling. In GIFs.

'Sisterland' Book Review: Curtis Sittenfeld's Latest Novel Is the Perfect Summer Read

Curtis Sittenfeld's novel 'Sisterland' creates a world as compelling and real as the one she created in 'Prep.' This time she hones in on psychic sisters, and an ominous earthquake prediction.

Darrell Issa Won't Admit IRS Unfairly Targeted Liberals, Too

New reports indicate that the IRS is also targeting liberal groups. This new evidence shows the lack of solidarity within the IRS.

Obama Climate Change Speech LIVE STREAM: President to Unveil Major Environmental Initiative

Tuesday, President Obama will give a speech on climate change and unveil his administration's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon pollution. It's a major political maneuver.

Take Action and Tell Congress: #DontDoubleMyRate

If interest rates double, more than seven million borrowers will be forced to pay an additional $1,000 in student loan payments each year. This is unacceptable.

I Am the One Percent (and You Probably Are Too)

People with an average income in the U.S. are still among the wealthiest worldwide. What is the best way to put our money, skills, and resources to use on behalf of others?

Pro-Gay Crusader Mike Rogers to Reveal the Secret Gay Identity Of a Congressman

Controversial blogger and activist Mike Rogers has announced that he is gathering information and will be revealing the identity of a gay politicians with a history of voting against gay issues.

DOMA and Proposition 8: Marriage is a Basic Human Right

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will rule on whether LGBT Americans have the right to marry the ones they love. They should side with history and decide marriage is a basic human right.

Millennials Have Less Credit-Card Debt Than Ever. Here's Why That Could Be a Bad Thing

Even though millennials are leaving their credit cards home, they need to watch out for many debt pitfalls.

Why the Supreme Court Will Fail America With Its Prop 8 and DOMA Decision

The Supreme Court will issue its decision on Proposition 8 and DOMA. Unfortunately, they'll simply reassert the state's role in defining marriage instead of removing the state altogether.

PRISM Surveillance Scandal: Ultimately, You Asked For This

Defending the NSA's massive surveillance program, President Obama said "We're going to have to make some choices, as a society." It looks like we have, and PRISM is the cost of that decision.

Paula Deen and John Galliano Have More in Common Than You Think

Galliano breaks his silence nearly two and a half years following his racist remarks in Paris as Paula Deen faces the consequences of her own controversial behavior.

Voting Rights Act Decision: Roberts Court Joins America's War on Voting

Ruling section 4 (and 5) of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional today showed a disregard for American civil liberties today by the Supreme Court's conservative justices.

Mikhlif al-Shammari: Horrific Human Rights Violations Aren't Enough to Disrupt Saudi-U.S. Friendship

The U.S. likes to pretend it's helping "spread democracy" in the Middle East. But did you know our close ally Saudi Arabia doesn't even have a code of written law?

Antoní Gaudí Google Doodle: 6 Craziest Gaudí Buildings

You might have noticed Tuesday's "Google doodle" celebrating Antoní Gaudí in honor of the iconic architects birthday. Here are six of Gaudí's most vibrant, unforgettable architectural wonders.

Voting Rights Act: Liberals Are Pissed, and We'll Make You Feel It In 2014

Progressives and liberals will use the Supreme Court voting rights decision to generate voter enthusiasm for 2014 and 2016.

Why Broke Millennials Can't Catch a Break

A renewed dependence on internal referrals leaves many young people out of work and out of luck.

10 Things That Probably Won't Save The World

Tired of headlines that claim "How X Will Save the World"? Fair enough. Here are ten things that despite the hype, definitely won't.

Fisher v. University of Texas: Supreme Court Calls Halftime in the Affirmative Action Match

For now, affirmative action fights on for another day, but this is only halftime. There’s still a second half of the game left. Don’t leave before you see how it ends.

Wikileaks Investigation: DOJ's Extreme Backlash Against Whistleblowers is Threatening Our Liberties

Evidence continues to show the Obama administration's desire to control the media, and the lengths to which it will go.

McCullen v. Coakley: Abortion Is Heading to the Supreme Court Again

SCOTUS has agreed to hear out a challenge from anti-abortion activists regarding their freedom of speech outside abortion clinics, and it is unclear which way SCOTUS will sway this time.

Why the Government Screwed Up By Spending $138 Million On Nonprofits

While the intention is admirable, the U.S. government has not inspired faith lately in its ability to balance a checkbook or act as a fair judge in the face of politically charged decisions.

Follow the Leader: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Politics

Follow the Leader profiles three young men as they embark upon diverging paths in politics and go through a series of transformations. This is what it was like to be one of the three.

Restore Honor to Service Members Act: How Congress Is Trying to Undo the Wrongs Of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

House representatives announced a new bill to retroactively correct the records of gay and lesbian veterans dishonorably discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell."

Hillary Clinton 2016: Claire McCaskill Endorses Former Senator

The Missouri Senator announces her support of a Clinton 2016 campaign.

Supreme Court Voting Rights Act: Court Tells Do-Nothing Congress, "Your Move!"

The Supreme Court's decision to strike down a key aspect of the Voting Rights Act gives Congress the opportunity to tackle voter discrimination. Don't expect anything to happen anytime soon.

Voting Rights Act Decision: GOP Victory Could Actually Be Shot to Its Own Foot

The Supreme Court's decision to strike down parts of the Voting Rights Act has given Republicans the all-clear to begin enacting new voting laws. But will they alienate Latinos?

Treat and Reduce Obesity Act: Why the Government Can't Make Americans Less Fat

Government intervention should always be looked at with suspicion. That includes interventions to stop obesity, which is why Congress shouldn't pass the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act.

Taliban Negotiations 2013: Don't Even Bother Trying to Talk Peace With the Taliban

Figuring out whether terrorist organizations are rational or irrational actors has plagued us for decades. Either way, the Taliban is not ready for the negotiating table.

Facebook Reader: If It's Not Like Google Reader Or RSS, What is It?

While Facebook has confirmed a development effort to aggregate and improve their mobile news feed, it seems that it will not be jumping into the RSS game.

Why Do Rappers Talk So Much About the Big Guy Upstairs?

They're (stereotypically) supposed to be all about sexism, capitalism, and guns. So why do rappers rap so much about Jesus?

SCOTUSblog: Live Updates and Video From Outside the Supreme Court

Voting rights, Defense of Marriage Act, Proposition 8: people across the country are waiting eagerly for a slew of big Supreme Court opinions that are due out this week.

SCOTUS DOMA: Gay Marriage Fight Will Not End With a Ruling Against the Law

The U.S. Supreme Court's impending decision on DOMA will not spell the end of the fight for marriage equality, even if it rules that the law is unconstitutional.

Energy Builds Outside the Supreme Court Tuesday Morning

PolicyMic Pundit Danielle Schlanger posts this Tweet Tuesday morning as people gather outside the Supreme Court.

Why Shelby County, Alabama is the Plaintiff in the SCOTUS Voting Rights Case

Shelby County is arguing that we live in a post-racial society. Paula Deen knows better than to believe that.

SCOTUS Defense of Marriage Act: Will the Court Punt on DOMA, Prop 8, and Shelby?

Many are awaiting SCOTUS' opinion on the Defense of Marriage act and other controversial decisions. Its decision on Monday in Fisher v. Univerity of Texas, however, has some worried.

SCOTUS Voting Rights Act: Still One of America's Most Critical Civil Rights Laws

The ACLU calls the Voting Rights Act "one of our nation’s most critical federal civil rights statutes," and is still a necessary tool for helping to prevent discrimination in America.

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl: Read the Full Opinion Here

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl is a Supreme Court case relating to child custody proceedings involving Indian (Native American) children. It's a victory for adoptive parents.

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl: Supreme Court Decision Focuses On Adoption Policies

The Supreme Court rules on Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl, with SCOTUSBlog's Amy Howe calling the decision a "victory for adoptive parents."

How Many SCOTUS Cases Are Left to Be Decided? DOMA, Prop 8, and Sekhar

There are three SCOTUS cases left be decided this term, according to SCOTUSblog. They are Hollingsworth v. Perry, United States v. Windsor, and Sekhar v. United States.

Shelby County v. Holder: SCOTUS Pulls the Plug On Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act; Jeopardizes Section 5

The Supreme Court has declared a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 unconstitutional.

What is Section 4?

For those of you as confused as we are. Here is a breakdown of Section 4 and how the Supreme Court just made it harder for blacks to cast their vote.

Edward Snowden in Russia: Putin Says They Will Not Extradite Him

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Edward Snowden is currently in the transit zone of Moscow airport and that he will not be extradited to the U.S.

Meet Baby Veronica, the Child at the Heart of the Supreme Court Case Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl

U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on the case that has seen three-year-old Veronica caught in a legal battle between her biological father and the couple who started raising her from birth.

When is Obama's Climate Change Speech? Watch Live at 1:55pm

Tuesday, President Obama will give a speech on climate change and unveil his administration's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon pollution. It's a major political maneuver.

Obama Climate Change Speech Livestream: Watch Full Address

Obama, on Tuesday, is announcing a new climate change plan for the United States. Watch the full speech here.

Obama Climate Change Speech: President Calls Out "Flat Earth Society"

Tuesday, President Obama will give a speech on climate change and unveil his administration's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon pollution. It's a major political maneuver.

Edward Snowden Extradition Request: U.S. Forgets to Specify Snowden's Full Name Properly

Hong Kong's Secretary of Justice Rimsky Yuen reportedly said that the U.S. did not specify Edward Snowden's full name clearly enough in their request for his arrest.

Edward Snowden Asylum Request: Excerpts From His Letter to Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

Read excerpts of Edward Snowden's request for asylum in Ecuador here as he reportedly sits in the transit area of Moscow's airport.

Obama Climate Change Speech: Transcript

Is Obama really aiming to go green or was his speech simply noise?

When Is the Prop 8 Supreme Court Ruling?

The Supreme Court will rule on Prop 8 on 10am Wednesday morning.

Edith Windsor: Who Is the Woman Behind DOMA at the Supreme Court?

Edith Windsor is the woman behind the Supreme Court challenge of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Dennis Hollingsworth: Who Is the Group Against Gay Marriage At the Supreme Court?

The real name for Prop 8 is Hollingsworth v. Perry. Hollingsworth is the man against gay marriage. But who is he really?

Mass Senate Results: Markey vs. Gomez

Gabriel Gomez will need a miracle to win. And he's not going to get it.

Mass Election Results: Ed Markey Wins U.S. Senate Race in Massachusetts

Ed Markey has won the Massachusetts special election against Gabriel Gomez.