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10 Takedowns of People Who Still Oppose Gay Marriage

In advance of the Supreme Court’s decision in the DOMA and Prop 8 cases, here are the 10 worst arguments presented by opponents of marriage equality, debunked.

DOMA Decision: Key Quotes From Scalia's Dissent

Here are some key quotes that summarize Justice Antonin Scalia's dissent of the Supreme Court decision to strike down DOMA.

5 Reasons Wendy Davis is Even More Badass Than You Thought

Some things you probably didn't know about the amazing State Senator who filibustered Texas's abortion laws.

10 Facts About Wendy Davis, the Rookie State Senator From Texas

Learn more about the state senator who talked her way out of an abortion bill and into the national spotlight ....

7 States That May Never Legalize Gay Marriage

Which states, if given the chance, will drag their feet to the bitter end in the ongoing march towards nationwide marriage equality?

Supreme Court DOMA Vote: Why 4 Justices Stood Up For the Federal Law

4 Supreme Court Justices got it wrong.

DOMA Section 2: States Still Don't Have to Recognize Gay Marriages

Despite the Supreme Court's ruling in United States v. Windsor, states still have the right to deny recognition of same-sex marriages from other states.

10 Reasons You Should Love Wendy Davis

This woman changed the face of American reproductive freedom. Here's why she will be remembered as a hero.

Where Can I Get Gay Married? States Where Gay Marriage Is Legal

The Supreme Court threw out Prop 8, re-legalizing gay marriage in California. But there are twelve places where you can put a ring on it.

Fifth Amendment: How It Was Crucial in Getting Rid Of DOMA

It's a huge victory for gay rights in the United States as the Supreme Court ruled DOMA unconstitutional. But how did the Fifth Amendment factor into this historic decision?

Today’s DOMA Ruling is a Step Toward Justice – Now States Must Pick Up the Fight

The Supreme Court DOMA decision is a step toward realizing the promise of our democracy. The onus is now on the states to move forward. That goes for New Jersey too.

What My Experience With Sexual Harassment At Work Taught Me

Sexual harassment existed long before the Thomas-Hill hearings brought it to America's attention. While things have undoubtedly gotten better, we have a long way to do.

DOMA History: How Did Such a Discriminatory Law Ever Pass?

DOMA's inception and passing were motivated primarily by forces that are frequently both irrational and effective in the United States: fear and politics.

Nelson Mandela Death: Mandela, A Hero Who Ranks Alongside Gandhi and King

Because of his success and the profound sacrifices that he made in fighting against Apartheid, Nelson Mandela secures his place alongside Gandhi and King as a transformational freedom fighter.

Proposition 8 Decision: Key Quotes From Kennedy's Dissent

Four justices dissented in the Supreme Court's decision on Proposition 8. Here's why.

Why Every Athlete in America Must Stand Up for Gay Marriage

Gay people are one of the only groups remaining that don't have equal rights. As athletes, it is our time to change that. This is our cause.

Zimmerman Trial: Trayvon Martin's "Girlfriend," Rachel Jeantel, Testifies

Who exactly is Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin's "girlfriend," and is she an alcoholic?

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After skipping out last Friday, Paula Deen showed up for a heartfelt interview with Matt Lauer. Deen denied the allegations that she is a racist and attempted to make amends for her mistakes.

The 10 Best Reactions To DOMA and Prop 8

This is all you need to know about what happened today.

This is What a Gender-Neutral Google Looks Like

A Google Chrome extension neutralizes gender-specific terminology to imagine a world without gender.

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6 Incredible LGBT Poets Who Will Get You Pumped For Pride Month

What better way to celebrate LGBT Pride month (and the end of DOMA!) than by supporting queer artists and poets?

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What happened during the "Mad Men" finale was murder: the metaphorical murder of the impenetrable Don Draper, who must reclaim his identity as Dick Whitman.

4 Reasons the Washington Post's Paywall is a Bad Idea

The debut of the Washington Post's paywall has reignited the debate on their effects for journalism and society. Here are some of the pros and cons off paywalls. But mainly the cons.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage: True Marriage Equality Means Getting the Government Out

Regardless of what the 2008 voting electorate decided in California or if SCOTUS nullifies DOMA, there are still some pressing details that deserve attention.

George Zimmerman Trial: Verdict Won't Resolve Issues of Race Or Guns

In following Zimmerman's trial, the Americans are relying on the country's legal system to sort out political issues that it is simply unprepared to solve. This case answers nothing.

19 Greatest Tweets About the Gay Marriage SCOTUS Decision

The Supreme Court made history Wednesday by repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and Twitter lost it. Here are some of the best reactions.

Wendy Davis Filibuster: Don't Mess With Texas, Or the Internet — But CNN Is Fair Game

CNN was too busy showing muffins (and not the ones being discussed by the Texas legislature). No worries, the internet saved the day.

Supreme Court DOMA: The Supreme Court Made My Marriage Legal, Too ... In 1967

I will be getting married less than two miles away from the Supreme Court, and Loving v. Virginia won’t be far from my mind.

Aaron Hernandez Charges: First Degree Murder and Weapons Indictments

Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is being brought to Attleboro District Court on charges stemming from the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Shira Tarrant, "Unconventional Feminist," Takes On the Politics Of Porn

Shira Tarrant, professor of women's, gender, and sexuality studies, discusses porn, power, fair pay, and why people of ALL genders should be feminists.

Sorry to Be a Killjoy, But DOMA Isn't Actually Dead Yet

The Supreme Court actually only struck down the part of DOMA relating to federal benefits. States remain free to be as discriminatory as they see fit.

Why the DOMA Ruling Marks the Most Important Day Of Our Lives

Today is important because it offers the LGBT movement a remarkable occasion to clarify its aims, speak from its values, and evolve.

Why the DOMA Ruling is a Victory For Conservatives Too

Liberals, libertarians, and socially liberal Republicans get the repeal of DOMA, something we've wanted for some time.

David Boies and Ted Olson: Meet The Legal Dream Team That Made History On Prop 8

An unusual pair of lawyers, David Boies and Ted Olson, spearheaded the case for Prop. 8, adding to the momentuous movement of history today.

DOMA and Prop 8: Supreme Court Won't Make History With Their Decision

As the Supreme Court concludes this session, its decisions for Hollingsworth v. Perry and Windsor v. U.S. will likely have far-reaching consequences, even if the highest court equivocates.

3 Ways the "People's Filibuster" in Texas Will Change Politics

The "people's filibuster" of the Texan abortion bill proves the strength of American democracy. The voice of the people ruled over the legislature last night, and changed the face of politics.

7 Amazing Celebrity Reactions to the DOMA Decision

Several stars took to Twitter to share overwhelmingly positive reactions to the Supreme Court ruling.

Wendy Davis Filibuster: A State Senator Talks Her Way Into American History

By filibustering an omnibus anti-abortion bill for 11 hours, Senator Wendy Davis inspired the world and upended a cynical narrative that says politics are pointless.

When Will Wonder Woman Get the Solo Movie She Deserves?

If DC gets this right and gives Wonder Woman a chance, maybe then we’ll be bombarded with the likes of Ms. Marvel and Batgirl instead of yet another Spiderman reboot.

Darrell Issa: Crusade to Expose an Obama Benghazi Conspiracy Will Continue

As House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa issued subpoenas this Tuesday for the records and testimony of four State Department officials, the Benghazi issue remains politically embattled.

DOMA Repeal: How the Department Of Defense is the Unknown Soldier in the Fight For Gay Rights

The DOD's rapid response the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA is far from the first step in the fight for marriage equality in the military.

'Big Brother' Season Premiere: With NSA Scandal, Now's Not the Time

Does watching sixteen people live in a house make us any different than the NSA?

Voting Rights Act Decision: Supreme Court Takes Its First Victims in Texas

Less than two hours after the Supreme Court rendered the Voting Rights Act unenforceable, the state of Texas implemented discriminatory policies — policies previously held back by the VRA.

Samuel Alito: How He Blatantly Disrespects Justice Ginsburg in Court

The Supreme Court may be releasing controversial decisions all week, but one thing that is indisputably unprofessional is Justice Samuel Alito’s behavior towards Justice Ginsburg.

The Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, As Narrated in GIFs

DOMA is dead, and these GIFs explain how it happened.

Read Edward Snowden's Rant About How "Sh*t is Classified For a Reason"

Edward Snowden's past chatlogs reveal a man whose views on spying underwent a change.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Obama Caves to Environmentalists

On Tuesday's speech, Obama tried to portray himself as balancing the needs of the economy and the environment. But on Keystone XL, he's caving to the radical left.

Supreme Court Ruling On Gay Marriage Will Forever Shape the Roberts Court's Legacy

By overturning DOMA and punting California's Proposition 8, the Supreme Court takes the narrow path in defining equal rights.

Edward Snowden in 2009: Leakers Should Be "Shot in the Balls"

And then he became one...

Aaron Hernandez Released: Patriots Cut TE After Arrest

Patriots star Aaron Hernandez has been arrested in connection with the murder of Odin Davis.

Supreme Court DOMA: Facebook and How It's Brought Us Closer to the DOMA Frontier

Sometime betwen oral arguments in March 2013 and George Takei's call for his followers to use the red equals sign, social media has been a huge force in showing support for marriage equality.

DOMA and Prop 8: SCOTUS Favors States' Rights Over Federal Rights

The Supreme Court struck down DOMA and denied standing to private petitioners of a public law. To that end, the decisions were good for the marriage debate in a legal sense.

What the Death Of DOMA Means For Me and My Same-Sex Spouse

For my wife and me, as a same-sex couple married and living in the state of New York, federal recognition of our marriage makes all of the difference in the world.

Wendy Davis Filibuster: State Senator Stops Abortion Bill

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Winter Olympics 2014: 3 Things to Watch For in Russia

Amid controversy and corruption, visitors to Sochi in 2014 should not expect to witness an authentic version of Russia, but rather a Putin-approved one.

M.I.A. 'Bring the Noize' Video: Watch Her Comeback Video Here

The lead single for the upcoming album "Matangi" fuses multiple genres, and the music video is just as eclectic.

Hassan Rouhani: Iran's New President Will Build Alliances With India and Afghanistan

Iran is surrounded by potential economic partners, many of whom are fighting with each other. How Rouhani navigates this situation will be a crucial test of his political skills.

You'll Be Shocked By These 7 Unlikely Advocates For Gay Rights

Perhaps Hollywood is known for being liberal with social issues, but nobody expected these guys to stand up for the LGBT fight.

DOMA Unconstitutional: Are Anti-Gay-Marriage Politicians Doomed?

Today's SCOTUS decisions will force politicians to publicly support marriage equality or lose elections. 55% of Americans now support gay marriage.

3 "Super-Earths" That Could Support Extraterrestrial Life

During the daytime, these three habitable planets have three suns in their daytime skies, and full moon illumination every night.

Supreme Court Voting Rights Act: We Are All to Blame When the Right to Vote Is Under Attack

Some deserve to stand in the corner more than others, but at the end of the day, we all deserve part of the blame.

Yasiel Puig: Why "Puigmania" is Having Its Moment In American Sports Media

In little under a month, Yasiel Puig has gone from relative anonymity to transcendent superstar, all without piecing together more than a few words in English.

Obama Climate Change Speech: Why You Shouldn't Buy Into It

Obama's Georgetown speech sounded like a mass of information mixed in with a strong flair of fluff.

10 Influential SCOTUS Decisions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The SCOTUS influences our nation in countless ways, from golfing rights to civil rights, yet not all publicity is created equal, and some important decisions slip our notice. Here are ten.

Wendy Davis Filibuster: "People’s Filibuster" Kills Texas Anti-Abortion Bill

State Senator Wendy Davis and protesters from across the state united to defeat an anti-abortion bill, which would have closed nearly all abortion clinics in Texas.

Obama Environment Speech: President Will Probably Approve Keystone XL

The President has established that the Keystone project would need to have a low environmental effect to properly serve the US, but conclusions by the State Department could get it approved.

9 Most Interesting Upcoming Supreme Court Cases

DOMA, Prop 8, and the Voting Rights Act have (unsurprisingly) stolen all of the attention focused on the Supreme Court. But there's no end to the interesting cases the Court will rule on soon.

Taco Bell Takes "Meat" Off the Menu In Weird PR Move

Taco Bell tries a bold public relations tactic by switching from "meat" to "protein."

Millennials Should Go to College And Graduate — It Will Pay Off

Is attending college even a good decision anymore?

Immigration Reform 2012: U.S. Border Patrol to Increase... But to Look At Which Side Of the Border?

As part of the immigration reform, DC wants to put more guards at the Mexican border to protect it. But which side will they be checking, exactly?

NYC Mayor Election 2013: Don't Be So Hard On Anthony Weiner

If he really has changed, Anthony Weiner and the women actively involved in the sexting scandal do not deserve to be continuously taunted for their past actions.

Voting Rights Act Decision: Is Liberal Rage On Twitter Completely Out Of Order?

MSNBC hosts ranted on Twitter after the VRA ruling. Are they in the right or simply crying wolf?

Alan Dershowitz Goes After Greenwald, Calls Him "Criminal" and "Phony"

Noted academic Alan Dershowitz is going after Greenwald for his actions on PRISM, but the cause of the dispute seems more personal.

Turkey EU Membership: Will Erdogan's Crackdown Kill Turkey's EU Chances?

The EU has suspended membership talks with Turkey following Erdogan's hyperviolent crackdown on the Taksim Square protests. Is this the death knell for Turkey's European aspirations?

Why the Middle East Needs More 'Arab Idol'

The Middle Eastern singing competition stands for something larger than a talent show. Pop culture serves as a mirror of Western values and as an outlet for political and social struggles.

Obama Environment Speech: The Debate Over Climate Change is Over, the Plan to Tackle Pollution is Now

From the historic steps of Georgetown University on Tuesday, the President outlined his comprehensive plan to make America more environmentally conscience and innovative.

Obama Berlin Speech: How Does Obama's Speech Measure Up to Kennedy's?

Fifty years ago, President Kennedy gave a defiantly powerful speech to the citizens of Berlin. What was its impact and how does President Obama's recent speech compare?

Soul Khan Raps About Tattoos While Getting Inked in New Music Video

Soul Khan shouldered the pain of a searing needle while rifling through the verses of "Rusted Ghosts," his ode to ink.

Where Is Edward Snowden: Global Manhunts Are Fun and All, But Don't Forget PRISM

The PRISM scandal raises the possibility of sinister government omniscience. In the chase for news on Snowden, let's not forget that.

You Laughed At Weiner, But Now He's Rising

Just one month after joining the race for NYC's next mayor, Anthony Weiner is shooting to the top among the Democratic contenders despite a disastrous sex scandal on his record.

How Flexible Work Benefits Actually Hurt Women

Flexible work policies exist on paper, but how realistic is it for working parents to utilize such policies without facing penalties?

Edward Snowden in Moscow: A "Tasty Morsel" For Putin?

For now, Edward Snowden is camped out at a Moscow airport. The question is, will Russia keep the peace and extradite or hang onto its newest source to mine?

10 Best Places to Catch An Outdoor Movie in New York This Summer

Around NYC this summer? Enjoy a flick in warm weather from some of the hippest hotspots in the city.

OPEN MIC: What Do the SCOTUS Opinions Mean To You?

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court issued its landmark opinions on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8. The effects will be wide ranging, but there's room for debate.

DOMA and Prop 8: How PolicyMic is Covering Same-Sex Marriage and the Court

Wednesday morning, the Supreme Court will issue its opinion on a section of DOMA and Prop 8. PolicyMic pundits have been offering incredible opinions and insights all week.

Will Facebook Go the Way Of Microsoft?

The announcement of an intergration between Facebook and the upcoming Windows 8 O/S is a harbinger of bad and good.

Prop 8 Ruling: Will Gay Marriage Win At the Supreme Court?

On March 26, the Supreme Court will begin to hear oral arguments in a pair of same-sex marriage cases that could decide the future of marriage equality in America.

Ruling On Gay Marriage: What Are the Odds For Gay Marriage At the Supreme Court

What are the odds for DOMA and Prop 8? The Supreme Court won't make history with their decision.

What State Will Legalize Gay Marriage Next?

By 2020, gay marriage may be legal in at least 44 states.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage 101

A few things for us to keep in mind about the Supreme Court's procedures and personalities.

DOMA Ruling: Supreme Court Decision in Plain English

In a 5-4 decision, The Supreme Court declared the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

Hollingsworth v. Perry Decision: Read the Full Transcript Here

The Supreme Court has issued its ruling in Hollingsworth v. Perry, California's Proposition 8 case, Wednesday morning. Read the full transcript here.

What is the Hobbs Act?

The Hobbs Act was at the center of Sekhar v. United States, a Supreme Court case that came down Wednesday morning.

The Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision in Plain English

Not a lawyer? (Me neither.) Still, here's what you need to know.

States Where Gay Marriage is Still Illegal Prove The Fight Is Far From Over

Gay marriage is still illegal in a majority of states. While the DOMA ruling is a historic moment, the movement for full equality still has a long march.

Prop 8 Ruling: Supreme Court Decision in Plain English

For all us non-lawyers out there, here is what the Prop 8 ruling means in layman's terms.

Prop 8 Decision: Obama Calls Gay Couple on Live TV

Watch President Obama call the victors of the Prop 8 case.

Plaintiffs In Prop. 8 Case Just Got Engaged On The Steps Of Supreme Court

It was beautiful, romantic and soooo legal.