5 Bands You'll Love If You Like Mumford and Sons

These bands make a racket without the static.

Tonto Racist: 'Lone Ranger' Johnny Depp Character Understandably Offends Native Americans

Johnny Depp's Tonto in "Lone Ranger" has caused a stir in the Native American community, which is also unhappy with the Redskins. Are we continuously ignoring the concerns of Native Americans?

You Should Travel Anywhere and Everywhere After College Graduation

Travel now while you’re young enough to be changed by the experience, and I promise your career or whatever else you’re afraid to leave behind will be waiting for you when you return.

Obama Africa Trip: Bush Was Better For Africa Than the Guy Accused Of Being Born in Kenya

Despite Obama's Kenyan roots, the U.S. president has all but ignored sub-Saharan Africa. Will his current visit be too little, too late?

'Devious Maids' TV Show Review: It Isn't Offensive — Pure and Simple

Is it just me or are we being asked to hate Eva Longoria's show "Devious Maids" because of its supposed Latina stereotypes? I hope she brushes off the unwarranted criticism and keeps on fighting.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Senate Passes a Bill, and the House Trolls the Senate

Senate support on Monday for the bipartisan immigration reform bill might not be enough for the House, at least not now.

Wendy Davis Filibuster: 13-Hour SB 5 Filibuster Accomplished Nothing

Davis didn't do anything besides get on television, hurt Texas Democrats, and land herself an MSNBC gig.

CIA Spying: Think the CIA Doesn't Spy on Americans? Think Again

Domestic spying is out of control, as evidenced by a secret CIA unit embedded in the NYPD. One intelligence officer conducted surveillance operations ... on U.S. citizens.

7 Ways Egypt's Mohamed Morsi Has Failed His People Terribly

While Morsi flaunts highfalutin political rhetoric like it's none of his business, the decisions he's made throughout his first year in office betray his insincerity.

'50 Shades Of Grey' Movie Release Date: 5 Things We Know About the Steamy Film Adaptation

Not much is certain about the movie version of E.L James' "Fifty Shades of Grey," but we do have a release date. The cast remains ambiguous, but here's what we know so far about the film.

6 Quirky Pieces Of Supreme Court Trivia to Impress Your (Nerdy) Friends

The Supreme Court is big news this week. How many of these trivia gems do you know?

Paula Deen Racial Slur: What John Roberts Can Learn From Paula Deen

There are two Americas; an America that represents our hopes and wishes of a truly post-racial society and the other America of warring tribes, cultural isolation, and racial resentment.

Obviously SCOTUS is Impressively Fashion Forward, But Why Robes? And Why Black?

There might be more behind the judicial wardrobe than you think.

You Won't Believe What Rick Perry Just Said About Wendy Davis

Rick Perry stoops lower than low in an attempt to attack Wendy Davis.

What Does a Weekend in Saudi Arabia Look Like?

Starting June 29, Saudi Arabia will follow the shift of its Muslim neighbors and transition to a Friday-Saturday weekend from work, breaking away from its current Thursday-Friday model.

NBA Draft 2013: 5 Picks With Huge Bust Potential

There are no shortage of red flags in Thursday night's Draft. Who is most likely to fall short of expectations?

5 Factors to Consider When Continuing Your Education Online

There's a lot of hype and little substance in online education programs. Here are some key things to consider when deciding how to continue your education online.

This 1 Graph Shows How Brutal and Unusually Violent America Is

America is a violent country in need of a cure. While public debate focuses on firearms, the answer is to eliminate the funds and motives for violence. The answer is to end drug prohibition.

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the War On Drugs

Just how caustic is the criminalization of narcotics? Some stats may surprise you.

Paula Deen's Fans Remind Us Who the REAL Victim is

Paula Deen is gaining a huge show of support from avid fans, who remind us that the real victims are not her black employees ... but the celebrity chef herself.

Kimberly McCarthy: 10 States That Have Executed the Most People Since 1976

On Wednesday, Texas executed its 500th person. While her story is tragic, the real shock is that 499 people came before her.

What This Utopian Artist Community Can Teach Us 50 Years After Its Downfall

Drop City's golden era ended by 1968, but not without having impacted countless others to explore alternative daily habitats, aesthetics, and lifestyles.

For Boston Bruins Fans, Porn Heals All Wounds

Dejected Bruins fans turned to porn after suffering a defeat in the Stanley Cup.

Hassan Rouhani: 10 Quotes From Hassan Rouhani That Should Give Us Hope

“All the people in our country, no matter which ethnicity or tribe they're from, should feel they're the citizens of one country and enjoy equal rights.”

DOMA Decision: How Gay Marriage Will Benefit the U.S. Military

Today more than ever, it is important to maintain troop levels by retaining the best and brightest talent. The Supreme Court DOMA decision helps achieve that.

8 Ways to Work Out Around Your Busy Work Schedule

Physical activity is important for your health and overall well-being. Here are some ways to fit exercising into your hectic, jam-packed schedule.

9 Stats You Should Know About Immigration Reform

As immigration reform passes the Senate and heads to the House, here are 9 numbers that show why reform is so badly needed.

10 Quotes From the Bible Which "Teach" Us About Marriage

Christians say that same-sex marriage is not Christian. But do they really know how relationships work in the bible?

2013 NBA Draft, New York Knicks Draft Pick: Tim Hardaway Jr., Small Forward, Michigan

Can he follow in his father's foot steps?

Bashar Al-Assad's New War: Has Syria's Civil War Been Hijacked By Foreign Fighters?

With outside factions gaining influence and foreign fighters continuing to enlist, is the Syrian Civil War as black and white as we are being told?

If You Liked the Great Recession, You'll Love Ben Bernanke's New Plans

Albert Einstein used to say, insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Under this definition, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke is insane.

Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Pick: Shabazz Muhammad, Shooting Guard, UCLA

Will he be worth the gamble or will the Vegas product come roll snake eyes?

I Was Eating At An Istanbul Restaurant When the Tear Gas Poured Through the Streets Around Us

What was it like in Taksim Square during the police crackdown of protesters? Majestic.

Women On The Right For the Republican Party

I did so purposefully, because in the end, after serving in this organization for many years, I can say with confidence that this trait did not matter.

12 Photos From San Francisco City Hall That Pretty Much Sum Up the Gay Marriage Decision

Here are 12 heartfelt snapshots from the rotunda after the DOMA ruling.

Tammy Duckworth Blasts IRS Contractor For Disability Claim

Our nation reserves benefits for those soldiers wounded or maimed in our wars. But some are all too willing to abuse the system by pretending to have served their country.

Guardian's Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden Has An Ace Up His Sleeve

Glen Greenwald tells the press that Snowden has undisclosed documents that contain new revelations concerning the NSA surveillance scandal. Does Snowden have an ace up his sleeve?

DOMA Supreme Court: Step Out of the Bubble and Remember, We Still Live In a Divided Country

It's a proud day for the United States, but as a gay Southerner living in the Mid-Atlantic, I'm reminded that we've still got plenty of work to do.

Immigration Reform 2013: Senate Passes Immigration Bill 68-32

While the most significant immigration bill in decades has finally passed the Senate in a vote of 68 to 32, serious opposition awaits it in the Republican controlled House

Boko Haram: A Look Inside the Group Trying to Topple Nigeria's Government by Terrorizing Its Citizens

Boko Haram, a bloodthirsty Nigerian insurgency bent on dethroning its government, turns its sights to attacking people of all ages and government affiliations to get its Islamist message across.

To All the Married Gay Couples Out There: The Fight Doesn't End With DOMA's Ruling

I’m asking you not to forget about people like me, people who live in communities and regions around the world that do not have legal protections for LGBT people and families.

'Catfish' TV Show Season 2 Premiere Recap: Finding Love in a Hopeless Place

Manti Te’o is not the first or the last guy to fall in love with someone who wasn’t real. Season 2 of "Catfish" promises to showcase many, many more people like him.

Boston Celtics Draft Pick: Lucas "BeBe" Nogueira, Center, Brazil

Can he improve his game or has he peaked?

Wendy Davis Filibuster Proves It's the Only Thing Keeping This Country Together

We love to hate it, but the filibuster is what is keeping our country together.

Why Did China Really Let Edward Snowden Escape?

Regardless of insistence and discontent from the United States, Hong Kong granted Edward Snowden passage to Moscow on June 23, 2013. Was this a preventive measure or an act of retribution?

DOMA Ruling: Overturn a Huge Leap for Justice, But With a Price

The Supreme Court has ruled DOMA unconstitutional, finally giving same-sex couples the respect they deserve, but SCOTUS has also overstepped its bounds regarding what it can and cannot do.

Defense Spending 2013: How to Boost Military Spending and Cut the Deficit All At Once (Yes, It's Possible)

For the sake of international security, Congress must be very careful when considering cuts in military spending.

Feminist Weekly: Everything You Missed Between the DOMA Ruling and Wendy Davis

This week was a momentous one. Catch up on the amazing articles PolicyMic Pundits published on all the SCOTUS rulings, Paula Deen, investing in women, and more.

Bachmann: Gay Marriage is "Offensive." Pelosi: "Who Cares?"

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) totally burned Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) on gay marriage, saying "who cares?" about Bachmann's objections during a Democratic press conference.

DOMA Overturn: How Will It Affect Gay Immigrants and Foreigners?

In calling on the federal government to recognize same sex marriage in states where it has been legalized, the rules for binational couples have already changed.

The Sole Chart That Explains Why So Many Policies Are Hostile to Women

The reason many women are being misrepresented in U.S. legislation may stem from the lack of Congresswomen in comparison to men.

Obama Completely Ignores Some Republican States

In an increasingly partisan context, why is President Obama ignoring 26% of American states?

Secret CIA Memo About Cracking Down On Leaks Was Just Leaked

CIA director John Brennan sent out an internal memo this week promoting a campaign to protect CIA secrecy, reports the Associated Press.

The U.S. and EU Are Getting Ready to Create the Biggest Free-Trade Zone Ever

Representatives of the United States and the European Union are about to begin negotiations for the largest free trade agreement in history.

Gay Pride Parade 2013: DOMA Ruling Gives NYC More to Celebrate This Weekend

This weekend's Pride Parade in NYC will be a glorious celebration. Just don't lose track of the journey. Equality hasn't been fully achieved yet.

NBA Draft Trade: Kelly Olynyk Traded From Dallas to Boston

The Mavs are clearing cap space for a Dwight Howard...hopefully

2013 NBA Draft, San Antonio Spurs Draft Pick: Livio Jean-Charles, Forward, French Guiana

Who? Oh the Spurs took him, he'll be a starter in three years.

Texas Abortion Law: Governor Perry Calls for Another Special Session

And then, we hope, Texas will laugh in his face.

In the DOMA Case, SCOTUS Did the Right Thing For Some Bizarre Reasons

DOMA violated gay Americans' individual rights, not states' rights.

Megabanks Said They'd Stop Illegal Foreclosures. Guess What Happened Next.

Last year, five mega-banks that illegally foreclosed on homeowners came to a settlement with the government, agreeing they would stop. Since then, things hvae only gotten worse.

Atlanta Hawks Draft Pick: Shane Larkin, Point Guard, Miami (FL)

Is Shane on the move?

'Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer Documentary' — A Brilliant Democratic Message

Sit back, put on your pink balaclava, and get inspired for the message in “Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer.”

Obama Africa Trip: Obama Overlooking Africa's Largest Country (and Its Infamous Terrorist Group)

Obama says he's dedicated to eliminating extremists in West Africa. So why won't he visit Nigeria, one of region's most dangerous countries?

New Emir Of Qatar: A Gulf State Gets a Millennial Sheikh-Up

Qatar's enterprising baby-boomer Emir yields the throne to his 33 year old son in a game-changing transfer of power in a region defined by stark political traditions.

DOMA and Prop 8 Rulings Pose Gigantic Problems For a GOP in Civil War

Social issues are threatening the Republican coalition as libertarian conservatives demand smaller government, while others seek greater government power to "protect" marriage. Who will win?

2013 NBA Draft, Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Pick: Gorgui Dieng, Center, Louisville

A safe pick after the reach for Shabazz.

Media Smear Campaign Against Glenn Greenwald Shows Our Entire Press is Now a Big Gossip Page

Glenn Greenwald, the man who first broke the Edward Snowden story for the Guardian, has been getting the kind of attention previously reserved only for politicians and celebrities. Who's next?

One Of the Worst Movies Of All Time Turns 10

Tommy Wiseau's cult classic "The Room," which some have dubbed the worst film of all time, is turning 10. Where is he now?

New York Mayoral Election 2013: Is It Bill Thompson's Turn to Take Office?

Polls show Thompson, the city's former comptroller, has pulled into a close three-way race with Christine Quinn and Anthony Weiner. Could the least flashy candidate end up taking it all?

Gay Marriage Rulings: Top 5 Laughable Reactions From Anti-Gay Conservatives

Conservatives are sad that DOMA and Prop 8 are seriously endangered. But their use of passion over reason to oppose the ruling can easily be demolished.

Edward Snowden Extradition: Get Ready For the Mainstream Media Smear Campaign

Edward Snowden leaked national security information. Now his character is about to come under the fire of the national media ... and how!

2013 NBA Draft, Indiana Pacers Draft Pick: Solomon Hill, Power Forward, Arizona

The Cleveland Cavaliers get the first pick of the draft and Kentucky center Nerlens Noel is expected to be the top pick.

'Ray Donovan' TV Show: America's Next Great Antihero?

With intense acting and intriguing dialogue, "Ray Donovan" is poised to become Showtime’s leading drama as "Dexter" finishes up its seven-year run.

Who Is Hassan Rouhani: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Iran's Next President

Rouhani is a fascinating man with a background that spans the globe and a number of different occupations. But is his presidency should the world celebrate?

The 5 Best Programs to Protect Your Online Data

Is news of leaking, hacking, and the NSA making you a bit paranoid? Here are some programs that will help ensure you're safe.

The Biggest Banks Rigged Interest Rates Together, and They Just Got Away With It

Remember the LIBOR scandal, when Barclay's and other megabanks were found guilty of rigging interest rates? Turns out that according to a recent court, no one did anything wrong.

Jared Leto Dressed in Drag For a Magazine and No One Cares

Another day, another huge risk for a one-of-a-kind intrepid actor who is unfortunately the poor man's Leo DiCaprio.

Superhero Storylines Stopped Working a Long Time Ago

Hollywood keeps going back to the superhero well for reboots, and every time they do, we get an origin story we've heard a million times before.

5 Things the LGBT Community Should Know About the Bible

God is a lover, not a hater. Christians should be ashamed of what has been coming out of many mouths about the “word of God.” It's time real Christians stand up and say what's right.

Meet the Japanese Man Suing a Network For Using Too Many English Words

An elderly Japanese man is suing a network for broadcasting too many English words, joining droves around the world against our native language.

JFK Berlin Speech: 50 Years Later, the Walls Are All Falling Down

There's no longer a Berlin Wall, and Europe is at peace. But almost everywhere else in the world, from the Middle East to South America, tyrannical and incompetent regimes are on the brink.

This Single Investment Could Change Your Company (And the World)

Experts from over 170 countries recently gathered to discuss what could be the most important step for improving the global economy ... and greater equality.

Check Out Michelle Obama's Very Moving Instagram Debut

The First Lady ushered in her Instagram presence during Obama's trip to Africa, her first picture honoring the inspirational young women she met in Dakar.

Hydrofracking: Duke Study Links Fracking to Bad Water While Obama Study Says, "What Pollution?"

Obama kicks can down the road on a key study designated to examine the connection between fracking and water contamination, as a Duke University study yet again proves a link between the two.

2013 NBA Draft, Milwaukee Bucks Draft Pick: Ricky Ledo, Guard, Providence

5 High Schools? This guy is trouble.

Obama Trip to Africa: Focus Will Be On Democracy, Trade, and ... Gay Rights?

Espousing democratic values and free trade are expected when the U.S. president travels abroad, but Obama threw a fastball when he also stood up for LGBT rights.

Do the British Really Want Jane Austen On Their Money?

Is the classic novelist a worthy candidate to appear on the British bank note?

2013 NBA Draft, Washington Wizards Draft Pick: Glen Rice Jr., Small Forward, Georgia Tech

76ers acquire a wing, what else is new?

Chicago Bulls Draft Pick: Tony Snell, Small Forward, New Mexico

The next great Bulls defender?

2013 NBA Draft, Brooklyn Nets Draft Pick: Mason Plumlee, Center, Duke

Lopez and Plumlee give the Nets a strong front court.

2013 NBA Draft, Golden State Warriors Draft Pick: Andre Roberson, Power Forward, Colorado

The Cleveland Cavaliers get the first pick of the draft and Kentucky center Nerlens Noel is expected to be the top pick.

Chris Stevens Diary: Libyan Ambassador Knew He Was On Al-Qaeda Hit List Before Benghazi

According to Libyan Ambassador Chris Steven's diary, he knew he was on an Al-Qaeda hit list before the attacks on the Benghazi consulate which killed him and three others.

Gay Marriage 2013: Everything You Need to Know About SCOTUS' Rulings

Today's PolicyMic newsletter features special coverage of the Supreme Court's gay marriage decisions. From the response outside the court to the rulings themselves, this is what you need to know.

Syria Aid: Will Arming the Syrian Rebels Bring Us Closer to Peace?

Will Obama's recent decision to send lethal aid to the Syrian opposition be the catalyst that finally ends this 2-year conflict?

Voting Rights Act: Can Congress Come Up With a "New Formula" to Protect Voters?

On Thursday SCOTUS followed up its landmark Voting Rights decision and invalidated Texas court decisions to block voter ID laws. Is Congress now up to the task to create a "new formula?"

Cleveland Cavaliers Draft Pick: Anthony Bennett, Small Forward, UNLV

Nerlens Noel becomes the Cavs third #1 overall selection in the last ten years.

2013 NBA Draft Trade: Trey Burke traded to Utah Jazz

He's a year or two away.

Supreme Court Rulings 2013: Who's Really Protecting Us, Congress Or the Courts?

In the case of DOMA, we can turn to our legal system for social justice. But as the decision of the Voting Rights Act shows, we cannot always depend on that.

Did Facebook Change Your Views On Gay Marriage?

Your News Feed may be more powerful than you realize.

"I Am a Jelly Donut" and 7 Other Embarrassing Diplomatic Faux Pas

50 years after John F. Kennedy’s historic “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech, here are some of the world’s embarrassing and slightly hilarious diplomatic moments.

2013 NBA Draft Trade Rumors: Sacramento Kings

Does anybody know what the Kings are up to?

Sacramento Kings Draft Pick: Ben McLemore, Shooting Guard, Kansas

Will he be more aggresive in the NBA?

Obama Is Moving Ahead On Climate — With Or Without Congress' Help

With stiff opposition, Obama is still trying to prove climate change is a real problem.

Court Upholds Ridiculous Verdict Charging Joel Tenenbaum $220,000 For Downloading 30 Songs

Downloading a song from Amazon or iTunes may cost you $0.99. Downloading it somewhere else may cost you $22,500.

2013 NBA Draft, Denver Nuggets Draft Pick: Rudy Gobert, Center, France

The Cleveland Cavaliers get the first pick of the draft and Kentucky center Nerlens Noel is expected to be the top pick.

Portland Trailblazers Draft Pick: C.J. McCollum, Shooting Guard, Lehigh

The best shooter from the best #Beirut school in the country.

Our Nation's Moms Were Behind PRISM All Along [Satire]

Who benefits most from a surveillance state that wiretaps sons and daughters to gather terabytes of mundane information from texts and phone calls? That's right: Big Mother is watching.

NBA Draft 2013 Trade: Shane Larkin Traded To Dallas

The Mavs have their point guard of the future.

Would a Husband and Wife Be Denied Housing?

A new study shows that same-sex couples experience significantly higher levels of discrimination than heterosexual couples when looking for places to live.

Want to Be a Master Of the Universe? Sorry, You Still Need to Get Your MBA

The number of Americans in MBA programs is declining, leading many to question whether a business degree is still worth it. Sorry, but open up your wallet. Employers still want to see one.

2013 NBA Draft, Cleveland Cavaliers Draft Pick: Carrick Felix, Wing, Arizona State

Lots of wings packing their bags for #Believeland

National HIV Testing Day is June 27

Even if you're pretty sure you don't have HIV ... go get tested.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev Officially Charged With 30 Counts, Could Face Death Penalty

The man behind the Boston bombing faces a 30-count indictment that notably features use of weapons of mass destruction and bombing of a place of public use.

Charlotte Bobcats Draft Pick: Cody Zeller, Center, Indiana

Zeller before Len and Noel?!

PayPal Galactic: PayPal's New Initiative Of Cosmic Proportions

Space — the final frontier. Until PayPal lets you pay your bills, exchange currency, and download "Yeezus" from a spaceship.

Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Pick: Trey Burke, Point Guard, Michigan

Burke may be on the move.

2013 NBA Draft: First Foreign Player Selected, Giannis Antetokounmpo

Will he see the floor during the 2013-2014 season?

Philadelphia 76ers Draft Pick: Michael Carter-Williams, Point Guard, Syracuse

The 76ers are going to look a lot different.

2013 NBA Draft, Cleveland Cavaliers Draft Pick: Allen Crabbe, Shooting Guard, Cal

Crabbe can be a solid contributor.

2013 NBA Draft, Dallas Mavericks Draft Pick: Mike Muscala, Center, Bucknell

Patriot League having a nice night.

Shabazz Muhammad: Where Will He Be Drafted?

Rising or falling? Muhammad is draft night's mystery man.

2013 NBA Draft Rumors: Oklahoma City Thunder Moving Up?

OKC making moves?

Orlando Magic Draft Pick: Victor Oladipo, Shooting Guard, Indiana

The Magic played it safe and went with the explosive Oladipo.