How a Clear, Worthless Stone With a Brilliant Marketing Campaign Conquered the World

Diamonds have very little inherent worth, and they're not actually that rare. How they became so expensive and prestigious is the story of one greedy, murderous company.

9 Gender and Sexuality Acronyms You Should Learn

QUILTBAG? You mean a quilted bag, or a bag in which someone carries quilting supplies?

Women Are Being Denied the Right to Inherit Land in India

Recent reports underline the fact that despite some legal protections, women are being denied property rights in India, a problem with far-reaching implications for economic empowerment.

4 Reasons to Be Scared Of Yoga

GOP Candidate E.W. Jackson thinks that yoga opens you up to Satanic possession. What else can the ancient practice do?

George Zimmerman Trial: The News Media Tries to Put Rachel Jeantel On Trial Instead

This is George Zimmerman's trial so why does it feel like Rachel Jeantel is being prosecuted by the media?

Supreme Court DOMA Ruling: The Court's DOMA Ruling Should Scare You to Death, Even If You Agree With It

The so-called "case for marriage" has never looked so scary.

5 Signs That Tim Cook is Running Apple Into the Ground

Since he took over for Steve Jobs as Apple's CEO, Tim Cook has disappointed Apple fans and investors alike. Now, he's approaching the point of no return, and here's why.

Having a Prostitute With That Latte Is No Longer An Option In Seattle

Making coffee in Washington state can be a cutthroat business. Learn what one chain did to get the competitive edge, and the unlikely help it got from the local Police Department.

Alabama Abortion Ban 2013: Parts Of Alabama's Abortion Ban Are Blocked in Court

A ruling on Friday delayed part of Alabama's HB57, which requires abortion providers to have local hospital admitting privileges. However, other provisions of the law could still close clinics.

'Devious Maids': New Lifetime Show Stereotypes Latinas Instead Of Letting Us Speak For Ourselves

It's bad enough that the show "Devious Maids" features age-old stereotypes about Latina women. It's even worse that audiences and critics, some of them well-intentioned, are trying to excuse it.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Pakistan's Transgender Community Continues to Fight for Equality After the May Elections

The struggle of Pakistan's Hijra activists is going to continue long after the fanfare of the elections has died down and the journalists have gone home.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage Rulings: Liberals Are Mopping Up On Gay Rights — and Getting Mopped Up On Abortion

State legislators in Ohio debate some of the nation's most draconian anti-abortion laws, highlighting the success of the pro-life crowd as the anti-LGBT movement fades into history.

Rand Paul 2016: Rand Paul is Running For President, and His Party Might Finally Be Ready For Him

While he's a long shot for the nomination, and an even longer shot for the presidency, a Rand Paul nomination in 2016 is possible.

The One Kind Of Discrimination That Nobody's Talking About

Are divorced fathers discriminated against in the workplace?

These Two Graphs Tell You Everything About the Last 40 Years In America

CEO pay has gone up, productivity has gone up, and average wages (in both the public and private sectors)...have not. Can anything fix this problem?

Gay Marriage Legal States: In a State Known For Lunatic Republicans, This City Legalized Gay Marriage

One city is defying state law and allowing couples to register civil unions with the city. What does this mean for couples navigating conflicting state, federal, and city statutes?

Supreme Court DOMA: The Real Lesson Of DOMA Reactions? Nobody Cares About the Constitution

Even as both sides of the debate over gay marriage react to the Supreme Court's ruling over DOMA, neither side seems particularly concerned with the constitutional grounds of it.

Drones in the U.S.: I'm in Ur Houses, Takin' Ur Photoz — With My Personal Drone

The use of private drones by hobbyists raises serious concerns over property rights and privacy.

Gay Marriage in California: 23 Images That Show Us What Real Equality Looks Like

What does marriage equality look like, and who are some of the people affected? All marriages shown were held on Friday after California's ban on gay marriage was lifted.

Paula Deen Racist: As Sponsors Drop Her, Her Fans Only Love Her More

The discrimination lawsuits against Paula Deen have both shot her career with major networks and catapulted her standing with her devoted audience.

What DOMA and Prop 8 Mean to Real People and Families

With all so many videos and speeches, it's easy to forget that real people are behind these giant waves of legislation, paper, and politics.

Supreme Court DOMA: Tim Huelskamp Continues His Brave Crusade For Bigotry and Homophobia

After the Supreme Court's rulings this week advancing marriage equality, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kans.) announced he will propose a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

7 NYC Pride Week Events You Can't Miss This Year

Right on the heels of the Supreme Court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, New York is celebrating Pride weekend! Here are 7 of the hottest tickets in town.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage: DOMA and Prop 8 Aren't Just Victories For Gay-Rights Advocates

Same-sex marriage proponents are elated, but federalism advocates have much reason to celebrate regardless of their views on the issue.

BlackBerry10 Review: BlackBerry Finally Has Its Chance to Jump Back Into the Market

BlackBerry has restructured its marketing plan and they're trying to stay competitive in the smartphone space.

Aspen Ideas Festival 2013: It's Not Uncle Sam's Job to Make You Serve

Calls for a national service reflect a noble desire to promote compassion among Americans. However, these calls should be rejected on the grounds of both principle and practice.

Brazil Protests 2013: FIFA Makes $4 Billion From Champagne, While Brazilians Just Want Health and Education

Problems with education, health, and safety spark Brazilian protests. FIFA carries on unfettered with a new, lucrative sponsorship for champagne.

NSA PRISM Program: Facebook Gets Busted Again, This Time For Scooping Up Phone Numbers

Facebook was hit with yet another privacy complaint last week, when its Android app was found to be indiscriminately collecting user cell phone numbers. Suing Pharrell: Apparently, Is Trying to Own the Phrase "I Am"

The Black Eyed Peas singer turns the table on controversy, playing the role of the victim this time in another controversy that solidifies him as one of the most absurd musicians in the industry.

Aspen Ideas Festival 2013: At "D.C.'s Summer Camp," the Famous and Powerful Get Together to Pat Themselves On the Back

The 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival is underway, and the has been no shortage of self-congratulatory horn-tooting.

Prop 8 Overturned 2013: WATCH: Gay Marriage Came Back to California, and It Was Beautiful

The Prop 8 plaintiffs got married in California on Friday, after the Ninth Circuit Court cleared the way for marriages to begin once again in the state.

Turn Off Netflix and Go to the Movies Together, Dammit

If we can't sit in the same room and watch a glowing box together, just like we can't do anything but text instead of call, then what can we do?

Obama Climate Change Speech: President's "All Of the Above" Approach Is Nothing Of the Sort

Reducing carbon emissions requires no less than the restructuring of an entire sector of our economy. Obama's climate policy isn't enough.