Smash TV Show Finale: Why Did the Show Get Cancelled?

How 'Smash' went from a smashing success, to the ultimate TV bomb.

George Zimmerman Trial: The Evidence Points Toward a Guilty Verdict

Taking into account all the incriminating evidence against Zimmerman, it would be highly unlikely that the trial would result in an acquittal.

Xbox 1 and Playstation 4: A Side By Side Comparison

Both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One are set for release later this year, but the way things are going it isn't going to be anything close to resembling a fair fight.

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: The Red Wedding Causes a Social Media Meltdown

The latest episode of HBO's hit 'Game of Thrones' series was shocking, unsettling, and sad. Check the recap on the tragedy of House Stark here.

Obama Impeachment: How Many Americans Really Want This?

Republicans are chomping at the bit to impeach Obama, but how many Americans truly want their President removed for "high crimes and misdemeanors?" The answer may surprise you.

Meet Kristin Beck, The First Transgender Navy SEAL

A retired Navy SEAL has just come out as transgender and this is what she has to say about her experience.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3: 6 Life Lessons Every Girl Should Learn From Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen may only exist in "Game of Thrones," but she provides us dwellers of the real world with some important life lessons.

These 4 Social Media Scandals Have Absolutely Embarassed the Israeli Military

Some female Israeli soldiers have been posting half-naked pictures of themselves on Facebook, an action condemned by the Israeli military. But this isn't a new trend in the Israeli military.

"Game Of Thrones" Red Wedding Breaks All the Rules We're Used to On TV

Why has the last episode got everyone in a frenzy? Is Game of Thrones breaking the rules of modern TV? (CAUTION: Spoilers)

Taksim Square Protests: 9 Things You Need to Know

The mayhem we've witnessed the past several days started with a sit-in of environmentalists protesting the construction of a shopping mall on a city park. But there's much more than that.

'The Great Gatsby' Movie Review: Characters Are Pretty But Flat, Lifeless

Even with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s immortal lines in their mouths, these characters are not real. They come across like exquisitely dressed paper dolls: flat and lifeless.

Collateral Murder YouTube Video: U.S. Apache Attack At Heart Of Bradley Manning Trial

This video is at the center of Bradley Manning's trial that begins Monday.

Miami Heat - Indiana Pacers NBA Game 7 Live Stream: Eastern Finals Come to Epic Conclusion

The pressure of Game 7 lies on many broad shoulders, none more heavily than those of the Miami Heat’s big 3: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Hashtag Rap

The Lonely Island's new song "Semicolon" reminds us just how controversial hashtag rap is.

Taksim Gezi Park: Protests Call Recep Tayyip Erdogan A Tyrant, But Is It True?

On May 28, citizens gathered in Gezi Park to protests its demolition. the protests have since evolved into a national anti-government movement with broad causes and far reaching consequences.

Jason Ellis: Slain Policeman's Dog Paws Casket At Funeral

K9 officer Jason Ellis was murdered last week, but out of the hundreds who attended his funeral, the most heartbreaking visitor was his police dog, Figo.

After This Woman Was Groped, Remaining Silent Was No Longer An Option

Women are silenced through sexual harassment everyday, but now they fed up and speaking out.

Immigration Reform 2013: London Is No Longer British

East London has now become a bastion of immigrants who have no interest in being British. A war of civilizations is coming, and the British must prepare.

What the 6 Most Profitable Movies Of All Time Reveal About America

A look at the six most profitable films at the domestic box office and what they really say about Americans and Canadians.

Important Lessons for Obama Hidden in Jay-Z Rap Lyrics

You might not realize it, but hip-hop and politics have a lot in common.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Recap: 5 Badass Moments From Catelyn Stark in "Game Of Thrones"

*SPOILERS* Let's all be honest here- we know who the true badass is in the Stark family.

Game Of Thrones Books: Is George R.R. Martin His Own Series' Biggest Threat

With Season 3 of A Game of Thrones ending soon, it's a little disconcerting that the books on which the series is based on are losing ground. Can author George R. R. Martin finish in time?

Modern Dance Just Celebrated Its 100th Birthday, and Millennials Don't Care

Modern dance just celebrated its 100th birthday, but millennials couldn't care less about this particular dance form.

Cyber War: U.S. Electric Grid is Riddled With Cyber Security Holes

How much is it costing the economy? Who is terriorizing the U.S. through cyber attacks?

Immigration Reform 2013: Hispanics and 5 Other Groups That Will Never Vote GOP

Republican policies are running counter to their much ballyhooed attempt to address shifting demographics through improved outreach programs.

Turkey Protests: Has the Arab Spring Finally Reached Turkey?

Yesterdays protests against an Istanbul shopping mall have ended in violence. After two years of global protest, will this crackdown only backfire on PM Erdogan's government?

Are Personality Tests Actually Hurting the Way We Plan Our Futures?

Personality tests are becoming a crutch for lazy hiring practices and a lack of self-reflection.

Are C-Sections Bad For Babies?

A growing body of evidence into our "microbiomes" explores whether children who are born via cesarean are at a microbial disadvantage to those born vaginally.

Bashar Al-Assad: Why Russia and Hezbollah Are Rushing to Syria's Aid

Why have Hezbollah and Russia continued to stand by Bashar al-Assad's regime, despite the atrocities it has been committing in Syria?

Australia is Schooling Everyone in Promoting a Positive Body Image

Thanks to initiatives like Australia's Butterfly Foundation, Vogue is celebrating its second ever plus sized model in its June edition.

Erick Erickson: Stuck in the Stone Age On Women's Roles

Erickson's thoughts on why men are the dominant gender are both concerning and shameful in the 21st century.

5 Reasons the Social Media Editor is Alive and Well

BuzzFeed's Rob Fishman created quite a stir when he blogged that the social media editor is dead. Here are 5 reasons he's wrong.

Immigration Reform 2013: Is Obama's Legacy About to Be Dealt a Major Blow?

President Obama has made reform of our immigration system a priority of his presidency since his first term. If Congress fails, will his legacy be doomed?

Why is the Workplace So Unsafe For Abortion Providers?

Dr. George Tiller's tragic murder four years ago continues to serve as a sobering reality of the violence inflicted regularly upon reproductive health care providers.

'Frances Ha' Review: Noah Baumbach Movie Explores Female Friendship, 20-Something Woes

Director Noah Baumbach's "Frances Ha" is not simply about the struggle of a 20-something to find herself. It's about the positive, and negative, power of female friendship.

Frank Lautenberg Dies: Chris Christie to Appoint Replacement to Finish His Term

Lautenberg was the oldest serving senator and the longest serving Senator in NJ history. He was also the last World War II veteran serving in the Senate.

"Game Of Thrones" Red Wedding: Much Revenge Remains to Be Served Cold After Last Night's Episode

Last night's shocking episode of "Game of Thrones" has left many fans wailing and gnashing their teeth. But winter is still coming, and revenge is a dish best served very, very cold.

Taksim Protests Turkey: Can Indiegogo Help Crowdsource a Revolution?

The revolution is here … and it is crowdsourced via Indiegogo.

These 5 Organizations Are Radically Changing the Future Of Education

Online education doesn't work in a vacuum. Here are five organizations building brick-and-mortar educational experiences around online content providers.

A Fascinating Chart of the 10 Most Gay-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

With the DOMA ruling and Gay Pride around the corner, a new study shows the most welcoming, safest places for gays in the U.S. Did your town make the cut?

Why Is North Carolina's GOP Fighting a War On Its Own College Students?

In recent months, the GOP has turned its attention to one of North Carolina's most vocal minorities: college students.

Taksim Square Protests: Could Gezi Park Be the Catalyst For Arab Spring 2.0?

Clearly, Gezi Park is a microcosm of seething resentment that has deeper roots, and urban planning spats like this are at the bottom of the list of grievances.

Who Will Replace Frank Lautenberg? Chris Christie's Pick Will Hint At 2016 Run

Whoever Chris Christie chooses to fill Lautenberg’s seat, it will have serious ramifications for immigration reform in the near term, and his chances for 2016 in the longer term.

'Triple Hate' Vice Series: New Documentary On KKK Strikes a Chord

Well over a century after his death, a Confederate lieutenant general is reigniting racial tensions in the South. Why VICE's Rocco Castoro went to Memphis to investigate his legacy in 2013.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Obama Admin Can't Get Gun Control At Home, So It Goes to the UN

Just over a month after the senate defeated a gun-buyer background-check bill the Obama administration has announced it will sign a controversial UN arms treaty.

Bradley Manning Trial: As Whistleblower Faces U.S.'s Wrath, Wikileaks Party Surges in Australia

As Manning is set to finally stand trial for leaking U.S. government files to WikiLeaks, its founder Julian Assange may soon be helping to make laws in the Australian parliament.

E-Cigarettes: France Banning Them in Public, Will Other Countries Follow Suit?

The country now forbids e-cigs in public places and blacks them out in ads. Most countries don't care enough to impose laws like these, so don't expect to see others follow suit.

Maryland v. King Ruling: The Government Can Now Log Your DNA Without a Warrant

Open wide. The Supreme Court has ruled there is no warrant needed to collect your DNA and place it in a national database.

Kermit Gosnell Is to Abortion As Adam Lanza Is to Guns — An Outlier

Both men horrifically abused a fundamental freedom. Let's not let them become straw men in our national discussion

4 Biggest Threats to Women's Health That Will End Up At the Supreme Court

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in anti-reproductive rights cases. Which one will hit the courts first?

Gay Marriage Illinois: State Fails to Pass Marriage Equality

Despite enjoying supermajorities in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly and controlling the governor's mansion, state Democrats failed to pass numerous crucial bills.

'Dr. Who' TV Show: Matt Smith Announces Leave, Everyone Freaks Out

Whovains, the nightmare has become realized. Who will play the next Doctor, we do not know. We will just sit here and mourn the exit of Mr. Smith.

Republicans Are the Party Of "Yes"

Saying "yes" is not something you may associate with the Republican Party. But we actually say "yes" a lot.

You Don't Need to Join Wall Street to "Save The World"

Though some millennials are taking high-paying finance jobs with the intention to donate tons of cash, there are other valuable ways to do good without chaining yourself to a hedge fund desk.

Saeed Jalili: Iran's Top Presidential Contender Might Be Worse Than Ahmadinejad

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator is the front-runner in the presidential election — and could spell doom to Iran's relationship with America.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Gang of 8 Has Bigger Problems Than Border Security

The Senate's Gang of 8 immigration bill hinges on more than just agreement on border security. The promise of partisan bickering looms ahead, threatening to derail the whole process.

Briar MacLean: A Junior High Student Recognized As a Hero Is Punished

Is it ethical for educational institutions to enforce guidelines prohibiting acts of heroism? A junior high student ignores his school policy and protects his fellow peer from immediate harm.

Student Loan Fairness Act: Can We Afford to Bring Down Student Loan Rates?

Rates on subsidized student loans double on July 1. Many alternative proposals will change current rates, but agreement will be hard to achieve.

Frank Lautenberg Dies: 4 Potential Replacements For Him

This Democratic Senate seat is now open for whoever Republican Governor Chris Christie wants to appoint, and you can bet that it'll be a Republican.

Ben Bernanke: Fed Chairman's 10 Pieces Of Advice For College Grads

Ben Bernanke recently addressed Princeton graduates, offering some advice on life, love, intestinal parasites, and — of course — economics.

House Republicans Introduce Bill to Keep Guantanamo Open Forever

House Republicans on Monday proposed keeping open the military-run prison at Guantanamo Bay — not a good call.

War With Iran: If Iran Tries to Get the Bomb, the U.S. Should Work Through the UN

The U.S. should not unilaterally prevent Iran from producing a nuclear weapon.

IRS Scandal: Rep. Issa Calls White House Press Secretary "Paid Liar"

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) ignited a petty war of words with Democrats on Sunday by calling White House Press Secretary Jay Carney as a “paid liar” when discussing the IRS scandal.

Taksim Square Protests: Could Obama End Turkish Police Brutality?

Prime Minister Erdogan will have to tread carefully in the days and weeks to come and temper police action if he hopes to avoid a reprimand that would taint U.S.-Turkey relations.

Taksim Protests: Turkish Demonstrations Are a Sign Of Future Regional Unrest

The future stability of the Middle East is threatened by the social unrest in Turkey.

4 Reasons Why a Post-Employment World Would Be Horrific

'TechCrunch's' Jon Evans envisions a world where technology makes all jobs obsolete but provides humans with a basic income for subsistence living. Here's why this would be a very bad idea.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strikes: If Force-Feeding is Torture, Let the Gitmo Inmates Starve

Does the president think that force-feeding inmates on hunger strike at Gitmo is torture? If so, he should let them starve.

'Inspire' Magazine: How Al-Qaeda is Inspiring Homegrown Terrorism

You might not be aware that Al-Qaeda publishes a cheesy-looking magazine named 'Inspire'. As chuckle-inspiring the covers may be, the reading inside is aimed at the intelligentsia of terrorism.

College Republicans Report: Can the GOP Ever Appeal to Young People Again?

The College Republican National Committee released a 95-page report aimed at understanding and repairing the image problems facing today's GOP from the perspective of its younger members.

Americans Want More Religion in Their Lives, and They Need It

A new Gallup survey reveals 77% of Americans believe religion is losing influence in the U.S., but a third of respondents said our country needs more religion.

Taksim Square Protests: Another Arab Spring, Or a Road Bump to Turkey's Growth?

Violent clashes between police and protesters have caught the eyes of international organizations and leaders alike. What does it mean for Turkey's democracy and prospects in the EU?

Student Debt 2013: Can Vocational Education Solve it?

Germany is offering up its vocational education system as a solution to the unemployment crisis in Europe. It may be time for the U.S. to visit the idea of vocational education as well.

Angelina Jolie Mastectomy: Moving Beyond "Save the TaTas"

I learned that I have the BRCA1 mutation when I was 16, just a few short months after my maternal grandmother was the last of her four sisters to pass away from the same awful cancer.

Swiffer's New Ad Actually Tells Rosie the Riveter to Get Back in the Kitchen

If you ever want to take a historically powerful icon of social justice and minority empowerment and then twist its meaning to be the exact opposite, I highly recommend hiring Swiffer.

Fort Hood Trial: Shooter Nidal Hasan to Represent Himself, Cross-Examine His Own Victims

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist who killed 13 at Fort Hood in 2009, will represent himself in his trial set to begin July 1. Some fear he will use it to promote his radical beliefs.

Bradley Manning Trial: Can He Avoid Life Imprisonment?

Bradley Manning has begun his court-martial. He won't avoid life imprisonment.

iPhone 5 Accessories: Kickstarter Introduces Pocket Tripod

The "Pocket Tripod," designed by Geometrical Inc., is smaller than a credit card and has the ability to display an iPhone 5 at nearly any angle, in both portrait and landscape modes.

4 Reasons Social Media Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

It's not that great. But tweet me about this @hysperbole!

Taksim Square Protests: What We Know So Far About the Riots

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Summer Recipies: Stun Your Guests With This Summer Cocktail

Lemon Mint Iced Tea is the perfect thing to serve by the gallon at summer barbecues and cocktail parties. If nothing else, the rum will make you care slightly less about being sweaty in public.

White Virginia Father Wrongly Accused Of Kidnapping Black Daughters

A white father was suspected of kidnapping three black girls he brought into Walmart. They turned out to be his daughters, and the controversy sparked a racism debate, which misses the mark.

Conservatives Must Not Forget About Being Conservationists

When it's time for conservatives to articulate a governing philosophy again, we cannot forget about the environment.

2014 Midterms: Republicans Are Betting Scandal Will Help Them Win, But It's the Economy, Stupid

Benghazi, the IRS and the DOJ scandals will ultimately not matter in the 2014 elections. The economy will.

Camp Bastion Prison: Why the Military Shouldn't Have to Follow Civilian Law

Oversight of military detention procedures is necessary. However, if we try and force them to meet peacetime judicial standards, we will neither be serving our soldiers nor justice.

Teen Wolf Season 3: 11 Werewolves That Became Heartthrobs

Behold the chiseled abs of perfection that have made our hearts race.