Kenan and Kel: Why Did Kenan Make It to 'SNL' While Kel Was Left in the Dust?

We all know Kel's character Ed was the best part of "Good Burger," so why did co-star Kenan make it as an adult comedian and not him as well?

7 Surprising Facts About the U.S. Education System

The OECD released a new report on education, highlighting the ever-widening employment gap between those with high levels of education and those without. The results will shock you.

George Zimmerman Trial: Attorney Don West is Totally Losing It

As the Trayvon Martin case continues in court, Defense Attorney Don West goes from bad to worse by transitioning from knock knock jokes to sensationalism.

8 Things You Never Knew About Betsy Ross

Everyone knows Betsy Ross as the mastermind of the first American flag, but here are eight things you may not know about her.

Why Gun Control is a Feminist Issue

The two most hotly debated topics in U.S. politics today are actually related, so feminist and gun control organizations must acknowledge how similar their struggles are.

Why People Still Don't Use Condoms, Even Though They Know They Should

It's easy to blow off the awkward, potentially mood-killing act of putting on a condom, but better an uncomfortable moment than an unwanted pregnancy or awful infection.

The Best Foreign Policy Is Strong Domestic Policy — It's That Easy

We need to start having intelligent discussions about our foreign policy — about what we can actually accomplish on a global scale.

NYC Pride Parade 2013: Lady Gaga Speaks At Pier 26

"Mother Monster" gives LGBT fans a striking performance at Pier 26 for Pride 2013.

This Surgery-Free Circumcision Will Have You Out the Door in 4 Minutes

A recently approved nonsurgical circumcision device enables men to be nonsurgically circumcised in less than five minutes.

5 Cities Snobbier Than San Francisco

San Fran was recently awarded the title of "snobbiest city" in the country. Here are five other cities that can give the Bay a run for its money.

NSA Surveillance: When the Government Says "Trust Us," Run For the Hills

Faced with a surveillance apparatus in the hands of the NSA, now is the worst time to trust our government.

5 Real World Places That Could Double As 'Game Of Thrones' Settings

What real-world locations would fit in with the universe of HBO's "Game of Thrones?"

5 Things You Missed While You Were Preoccupied With SCOTUS Decisions

With Affirmative Action, the Voting Rights Act, DOMA, and Prop 8 being the main focus of last week, it wouldn't be surprising if these important developments went unnoticed.

This is the Worst Thing Jennifer Lopez Has Ever Done

J. Lo just performed at the birthday party of the oppressive dictator of Turkmenistan, one of the world's top violators of human rights.

BlueLine: Facebook For Cops Coming to a Police Department Near You

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is looking to provide a secure network through which police forces may share information that will make it easier to track and fight crime.

Brazil Protests 2013: Are There Echos Of the Arab Spring In the Brazil Protests?

Social media has been the main tool for the coordination of protests in Brazil, which has seen millions protest against government corruption, the economy, and other social issues.

NYC Pride Parade 2013: Anthony Weiner Shows Up to Celebration

The mayoral candidate popped up at the annual celebration.

NBA Free Agency 2013: 6 Transfer Predictions For Top Targets

Lakers star player Dwight Howard will make a decision on his landing spot by July 10. Where are he and the league's best available players heading this summer? Here are some guesses.

The One Thing That Texas Does REALLY Well

After skyrocketing to progressive celebrity last week, Wendy Davis has launched yet another nationwide debate — how to fix the filibuster.

Awesome Group Creates Atheist Monument, Intolerant Christians Flip Out

An atheist group erected its own monument and others responded by throwing a toilet at it, parading around Confederate flags, and carrying signs with the words, "Yankees Go Home" on them.

DOMA and Voting Rights Act: GOP's Reaction Proves They're Stuck in the Past

Republicans still appear to be largely anti-gay, anti-immigration, and hostile to women.

NYC Pride Parade Route: Track Gay Pride March Here

With the recent SCOTUS ruling on DOMA, the gay pride parade couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Track the NYC march here.

We Need to Cool It With Nostalgia and Live in the Present

I love laughing about old times and childhood movies, but do we really need to obsess over the past this much?

You'll Never Believe the New Republican Anti-Hillary Strategy

Republican strategists have turned to a new tactic: Arguing Hillary Clinton is kind of old.

10 Reasons These Pro-Choicers #Stand4Life

You don't have to want to outlaw abortion to #Stand4Life. Here are ten people who believe that the key to standing for life is ensuring that women and families have access to basic life needs.

7 Things I Never Knew I'd Miss About College Until I Left

There's a lot to miss about university life, but who knew getting free shirts would be at the top of that list?

Why Students Around the World Are Protesting the Gap

After factory fires and the Rana Plaza collapse that killed thousands, students and union members pressure Gap to improve safety conditions.

3 Reasons You Need to Stop Saying "Gay Marriage" Right Now

The term "gay marriage" threatens to keep other LGBT identities in the shadows.

Affirmative Action Ruling: We Need Affirmative Action Now More Than Ever

The SCOTUS ruling may have let affirmative action stand for now, but this is not the last we'll see of this issue. I truly hope the day comes when we no longer need it.

Hey Recent Graduates: You're Nothing Special and That's OK

The world is a hard place after graduation and you should temper your expectations to be more realistic.

3 Mindblowing Random Facts I Learned From Reddit

Need to fill your brain with strange yet fascinating facts? Leave it to the growing Reddit community to assemble a series of bizarre facts that'll blow your mind.

Hey Edward Snowden: Joe Biden's Coming For You

Joe Biden called Ecuador president, Rafael Correa on Friday, hoping to clear the way for Edward Snowden's extradition to America.

NSA Surveillance: Restore the Fourth Group Aims to Get Back Our Fourth Amendment

Looking for a way to take on government surveillance? "Restore the Fourth" is looking to do just that.