5 Reasons Mermaids Are the New Vampires

Vampires may be popular right now, but mermaids are becoming the creature of fascination.

NASA Google Quantum Computer: The World's Most Expensive Computer Thinks Like a Human

With a price tag of $15 million, this computer's no MacBook Pro: By operating at a level smaller than even the most basic binary system, this processor models artificial intelligence.

10 Things Women Are Afraid Of (But Shouldn't Be)

"Lean In" writer Sheryl Sandberg asks "what would you do if you weren't afraid?" Here are some responses to that question.

Istanbul 2020 Olympics: Is the Campaign Doomed By Protests?

As the widespread anti-government protests in Turkey continue, there is speculation as to whether they will, or should, affect Istanbul's bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

'Revenge Wears Prada' Review: Wait For the Film Adaptation

The much-anticipated "Devil Wears Prada" sequel hits bookstores Tuesday, but we'd rather get a film adaptation of the novel.

Jesse Eisenberg 'Now You See Me': Romina Puga Says Actor Was Rude in Promotional Interview

The "Now You See Me" star showed his true colors in an interview with Univision's Romina Puga, reminding "the Carrot Top of interviewers" that, among other things, "you're on my time."

Governor's Ball Lineup 2013: Full List Of Performers Here

Randall’s Island is about to host the Governor’s Ball music festival, which attracts big name musical artists like Kanye, Icona Pop, and more. Here's a full list of performers set to appear.

X-Men Vol. 4 #1: All-Women Comic Bursting With Cleavage, and Maybe Some Depth

The latest "X-Men" comic features an all-women cast but it's not as progressive as we'd hoped for.

India Rape: Gang-Rape Of American Tourist in India Should Remind Us Of the Risks Of Traveling Abroad

An American woman was gang raped in India on Tuesday in what is a tragic reminder of the importance of being aware of the risks when traveling to particular countries.

Supreme Court DNA Ruling: Justice Scalia Mocks His Colleagues in Hilarious Dissent

Monday the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling in Maryland v. King, which Justice Alito called one of the most important law enforcement decisions in decades.

Immigration Reform 2013: So Close, Yet So Far

Don't count on the House to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

5 Graphs That Show Which Cities Like Dunkin' Donuts Or Starbucks More

Starbucks is expanding East and Dunkin' is creeping out West. Will Californians embrace Dunkin' and non-Seattle natives become loyal Starbucks customers?

IRS Video Scandal: Agency Caught Red-Handed With Its Employees in a Dance Video

Evidence of the IRS's wasteful spending was released on Friday when it handed to Congressional leaders a dance video and various other parody videos made with taxpayer money.

Impeach Obama: Half of America Wants to Impeach Obama, Says Poll With Terrible Track Record

A recent poll claims that any one of three scandals could sink Barack Obama's presidency. Is this for real?

Could This Campaign End Domestic Violence In Saudi Arabia?

A new campaign is targetting Saudi men. Will it work?

Pellet Stoves Look Old School, But Are Exactly What You Need

Even though pellet prices have gone up over the past seven years, it's still cheaper to buy one and use biofuel to heat your home than to use oil.

What Will the Republican Party Look Like in 2030? Definitely Not What It Looks Like Today

Does the Republican Party have a chance of winning over a generation they have already begun to lose?

Can Vine Make 5-Second Films Irrelevant?

Are Vine videos, which tend to be very short, better and more effective than 5-Second Films?

To Support and Help Teen Mothers, We Must Stop Shaming Them

Young parents are leading the charge against shame-and-blame campaigns like the Candie's Foundation. But are we listening to what they have to say?

Heath Campbell: Nazi Father Fighting to See His Son

Heath Campbell is battling for the legal right to see his youngest son after losing custody of him. Campbell claims the court is discriminating against him because of his pro-Nazi views.

SpaceX: No, It's Not Insane to Support Moon Colonies

It doesn’t matter who is investing in space technologies, or for what motivation, so long as the public is aware and supports the endeavor.

Brittany Minder: Washington Teen Unwelcome At Prom For Having Large Breasts

When Brittany Minder arrived at prom, she was told she had to cover herself with a shawl in order to stay at the dance. She says the “magic was taken out of the night” and went home.

Our Own Standard For Ideal Beauty Eliminates Us All

A survey found that our ideal woman and man is composed of various features from different people. Why can't we just appreciate who we are?

Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio Does Not Believe Bill Will Pass

Immigration reform is doomed to fail according to one of its leading Republican supporters, Senator Marco Rubio.

Shannon Rogers Guess: Former 'Walking Dead' Actress is Ricin Letters Suspect

Shannon Rogers Guess, a former "Walking Dead" zombie, is a person of interest in the recent ricin letters sent to Bloomberg and Obama.

Kate Middleton Pregnancy: Get Over the Royal Family Already

... Even if Kate Middleton is hot.

Secret Email Accounts: Yet Another Example Of Obama Silencing Freedom Of the Press

According to an Associated Press report released today, the Department of Labor tried to charge AP over $1 million to release information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Marijuana Legalization: 10 States Where the War On Drugs Has Become the War On Color

Americans continue to spend money on convicting citizens for marijuana possession and use, but how targeted are these convictions?

Rob Ford Crack Video: If 'Gawker' Paid Drug Dealers to Get the Video, Does Anyone Care?

Rob Ford's alleged crack video has become international news and Gawker media has successfully raised funds to pay $200,000 to obtain it. But is that the right thing to do?

Joe Biden Beach Party Cancelled: Victim Of a Scandal-Plagued White House?

The last thing the Obama White House wants, in this time of scandal and budget cuts, is Vice President Biden running around with a Super Soaker in front of media elites.

China Iraq Oil: China Wins Big On Iraqi Oil in Wake Of America's $812 Billion War

This is good for Iraq, but reveals China's oil-hungry weakness.

Bradley Manning Trial: What Will His Legacy Be Like?

As Manning's attorney has said, he may be remembered as a naive young man with good intentions who "thought he could make the world a better place."

Bashar Al-Assad: Syria's Civil War Is Becoming a Cold War-Style Proxy Battle

The civil war in Syria is increasingly a proxy war between the U.S. and other Western powers on one side, and Russia on the other, and has taken on Cold War undertones.

Obamacare Backlash: Arkansas Senator Bravely Defends Law That His Constituents Can't Stand

Senator Pryor recently made a huge overreach to justify his pro-Obamacare vote by using his state's anti-Obamacare legislation. Now, many are calling him out.

Occupy Gezi: 240,000-Member Union Joins Protests

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Gay Marriage 2013: Half Of Young Republicans Probably Wouldn't Vote For an Anti-Gay Candidate

GOP Millennial members have begun voicing their support for gay marriage, continuing the steady change of ideals as the Republican Party is put in the hands of younger generations.

New Jersey Special Election 2013: Chris Christie Does What's Right For New Jersey

Chris Christie has set a special election in October to replace the late Senator Frank Lautenberg. It's a smart and calculated move.

Bashar Al-Assad: Same Crew That Advocated Invasion Of Iraq Now Advocating Same Solution in Syria

Condoleezza Rice, John McCain, and a bunch of Congressional war hawks are pushes for action, but just like in Iraq ... intervention could be messy.

Taksim Square Protests: After Blackout, the Turkish Revolution May Not Be Tweeted

With the mainstream Turkish media ignoring Occupy Gezi, a ban on Twitter could mean an even murkier view of what is really going on in Istanbul.

Where Is the Golan Heights? An Inside Look At the Latest Front in Bashar Al-Assad's War

As civil war continues to rage in Syria, Bashar al-Assad may be turning to Israel as his next target over a long contested place called the Golan Heights.

6 Most Memorable Proms Depicted in Pop Culture

Pop culture loves prom. Here’s a comparison of classic and recent movies in three genres to watch when you’re getting ready for the big night or maybe just feeling nostalgic.

Taksim Square Protests: Is Turkey Telling the EU "Thanks But No Thanks"?

After nearly a week of violence, EU membership looks like a distant prospect for Turkey. Does this show Erdogan has turned his back on Europe and the human rights reforms it has demanded?

'Before Midnight' Movie Review: Audiences Finally Get What They Want

"Before Midnight," a follow-up to "Before Sunrise," is about what happens when you get what you've always wanted.

Taksim Square Protest: Will the Turkish Regime Fall?

Erdogan and the Turkish people are fighting it out on the streets of Istanbul, but the way other countries respond to the crisis will also be a signficant factor in how the conflict plays out.

Don't Be Fooled By Recent Data On Female Breadwinners

Pew data claims women are the primary breadwinners in four out of 10 households, but what this really shows is an alarming stratification of women in the workforce.

Nicolas Maduro: The Venezuelan Opposition Plans Its Next Move Against Maduro's Illegitimate Government

In a gathering of Venezuelans in Mexico City, three opposition legislators hint at what's comming for the country.

6 Ways You Can Stop the Spectra Pipeline Construction

On May 12, Con Edison began working on the extension of the Spectra pipeline into the West Village in New York City. However, it is not too late to stop it. Here is what you can do to help.

Google Glass Porn: Google Bans Porn Apps On Device

Google Glass has changed its developer policy to exclude the first pornographic app from their list of approved apps.

North Carolina NAACP Protests: Latest "Moral Mondays" Rally Sees 150 Arrested

As the protests continue to unfold in Turkey, remember that there are also ongoing demonstrations against the government taking place in America, such as 'Moral Mondays' in North Carolina.

Fox News Digs Itself Another Hole By Refusing to Air Ad Criticizing Sexist Comments By Hosts

After having dug itself a hole last week when pundits made blatantly sexist and misogynistic remarks, the Fox Business Network is trying to dig it deeper, refusing to air an ad criticizing them.

'The Internship' Movie: Critics Refused Sneak Preview Of Google Film

Is the studio trying to hide something from movie reviewers: giant plot holes, long stretches of jokelessness, a scene where someone’s pants fall down?

'The Bachelorette' Recap: What Desiree Hartsock Teaches Us About Delusional Love

Week after week, thousands of Americans tune in to programs like 'The Bachelorette,' a show dedicated to helping one lucky young woman find true love, or something along those lines.

Steven Seagal: Actor Goes to Russia With GOP Rep. Who Claims Radical Islam "is At Our Throat"

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was in Moscow this week for security talks. Accompanied by film star Steven Segal, the human rights advocate also suggested allying with the repressive Putin government.

Jack Reed Student Loans: Which Student-Loan Bill Provides the Best Deal For Students?

Both parties recognize the need to keep student-loan interest rates from rising. The question is how it should be done.

Supreme Court DNA Ruling 2013: In Another Blow to Freedom, Court Rules For DNA Searches Without a Warrant

SCOTUS's ruling in Maryland v. King is yet another failure of the government to defend our Constitutional rights. Law enforcement can now collect your DNA without a warrant.

Stock Market News: When the Fed Ends its Bond Buying Program, Invest in Cash Reserves

Major stock market indices are at an all-time high. The Federal Reserve has spurred on the growth with its stimulus efforts, but they're coming to an end. A few precautionary steps are in order.

Are President Obama's Speeches Just ... Tweets?

Yahoo! News analysis suggests that White House speech writers may be crafting the president's statements for public distribution on Twitter. True or not, more people are listening.

Taksim Square Protest: What is the "Menace" the Turkish PM is Blaming the Protests On?

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned ongoing protests blaming social media network Twitter for the demonstrations.

Paycheck Fairness Act: GOP Congresswomen Says Women "Don't Want" Equal Pay Laws

Congresswoman Blackburn claims that women "don't want" more legislation protecting women from workplace discrimination and unequal pay.

A Third Of Recent Married Couples Met Online, So Can the Online Dating Stigma Die Already?

With 35% of recent couples meeting on the internet, perhaps the traditional view of online dating as taboo may shift to become a regular part how we find matchmaking bliss.

Taksim Protests: Is Erdogan a Dicator On the Defense?

Is Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan a beleaguered civil servant or a dictator? Heavy-handed repression of massive protests suggest the latter.

Defund Planned Parenthood: The Supreme Court Says It's Not On the National Agenda

Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal case centering on the use of Medicare funding in Planned Parenthood clinics. Find out why that's good news for pro-choice activists.

N.J. Special Election 2013: Will Newark Mayor Run in the Special Election?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will hold a special election in October to elect a successor to Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who died Monday. If he decides to run, Cory Booker will be the favorite.

Anonymous News Site: Finally, the Renegade Internet Collective Enters the News Business

Anonymous isn't creating a news site. It isn't an organization, just a very successful idea. A news site identifying itself with Anonymous, just shows what a powerful brand it is.

Charleston, South Carolina, Is Awesome

Coastal South Carolina has been in the news lately for it's wild political theater. But there's more to Charleston than Mark Sanford.

40% Of "Breadwinners" Are Women, So Why Don't We Have Paid Maternity Leave Yet?

Four out of ten households are primarily financially supported by women. So why is the U.S. the only country other than Papa New Guinea and Swaziland without paid maternity leave?

Black People Are 7x More Likely to Be Stopped By Police in the UK

For people of color, random searches from the police can be far more common than you think.

IRS Star Trek Parody Video: They Cost How Much, Again?

With government employees parodying popular TV shows in recent training videos, was the expense worth the laughs?

David Petraeus: Turns Out His Forced Resignation Was a Pretty Good Financial Decision

Was Gen. David Petraeu's resignation after his cheating scandal the best decision of his career? Financially, it appears to be so.

Food Stamp Program: Hunger in the U.S. Is Real, and Food Stamps Help Fix It

Eight hundred and seventy million people in the world don't get enough to eat, and it's time to think about ways to change that.

2 Awesome Organizations Fighting the Culture Of Sexual Violence in America

Rights4Girls and FORCE are two dynamic and emerging women's advocacy organizations to keep an eye on.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Do the House and Senate's Immigration Plans Compare?

Individual bills introduced by the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee indicate reconciliation of a comprehensive bill with the Senate bill would be possible.

Steven Seagal: The New Face Of the Russian Arms Industry

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin reportedly wants 80's American action star and black belt in Aikido, Steven Seagal, to become the face of the Russians arms industry.

Obama Email Scandal: Are Secret Email Accounts Obama's Latest Dirty Laundry?

The Associated Press claims the Labor Department tried to charge them $1 million to read public, but secret, email accounts run by Obama appointees. Is this yet another looming scandal?

Arizona Abortion Ban: Gender- and Race-Based Abortion Ban Discriminates, But Against Who?

An ACLU lawsuit challenging Arizona's gender- and race-based abortion ban raises both ethical and legal questions which make any sound conclusion almost impossible. What are your thoughts?

Why is the U.S. So Behind On Crowdfunding Startups?

Europe may be in a severe recession, but they have made it simple for anyone, not only accredited investors, to invest in startups.

Pitchfork Media: Music Site to Review Movies, Which the Film Industry Needs

The music review site will expand its rich critical cast into the world of movies, and movies need this type of critical angle.

Deutsche Bahn Drones: Are Omnipresent Drones Actually a Good Thing?

There's no reason to let the military equipment rust in the shadows of uncertainty. And Germany's doing something about it. Graffiti artists, look out for flying surveillance!

Dartmouth Rape Protest: Punishing the Victims and Ignoring the Victimizers

By tying their protests into a larger national movement against sexual assault, Dartmouth students ensure their voices will stay heard.

Firefox Tablet Price: Probably Cheap, Because It's Made Where Workers Work 300 Hours a Month

The roll-out of a new tablet by Mozilla could be clouded by the human rights record of an Asian company tasked with piecing it together for American consumption.

Are We Leashing Our Wives As Well As Our Pets?

Some people will go to great lengths to control their spouses, but this displays immense lack of trust in the relationship.

Ultraviolet Ad Targeting Fox News Sexism Surprisingly Doesn't Air on Fox News

An ad targetting Lou Dobbs, Erikk Erikson, and Juan Williams for their sexism won't be airing on Fox News anytime soon ... stunning.

Jiah Khan: Bollywood Sweetheart Dead At 25 From Apparent Suicide

Jiah Khan was found dead in what has been ruled a suicide. Her mother found her hanged in her room on Monday night in her home in Mumbai.

Christine Quinn: NYC Mayoral Hopeful Announces Defense Classes for LGBT Safety

Given the recent spate of anti-gay hate crimes in New York, Christine Quinn, who hopes to become the city's first LGBT mayor, announced a series of self-defense classes.

Maryland v. King Ruling: Is the Government Coming For Your DNA?

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision pits modern crime-scene technology against personal privacy.

Taksim Square Protest: Erdogan Needs to Accept Responsibility and Stop Blaming Twitter

A park, a bloody protest, and a prime minister come together to start Turkey's revolution.

What Do JFK, Barack Obama, Ted Cruz Have in Common?

Young people can create change in Washington — they just need to drop the cynicism.

Zach Smith YouTube: Watch High School Football Player's Amazing Long-Snaps

Long snappers rejoice, you're 15 minutes of fame start now!

Does the Press Make Us More Giving and Philanthropic?

When news outlets report on poverty, does anything really happen? Is anybody motivated by these stories to give to the poor?

Can These Developments Make Breast Cancer Non-Existent?

Breast Cancer afflicts more women every year than any other cancer, but these new treatments may ultimately defeat the illness.